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  1. @Stefano Provenzi Perhaps, this is overkill, but if you don't want to fuck around - there is a long and hard (but also rewarding) way. Study 3 classical university textbooks on: History (well.. I don't know english history books) Economics (McConnell) Politics (Heywood) Or just economics textbook at least. But I can't imagine how to acquire big picture understanding of economics without having background in history.
  2. @PetarKa Hey. About Free Will I had your depression since Leo launched his big video about Free Will. After a YEAR I finally got straight with it: To me Leo's video is THE ONLY source of idea of "no free will", where I truly beileved in this idea. But to be honest with myself - in my experience Leo is just WRONG about free will. Also, our local star Martin Ball doesn't share this idea AFAIK. So, why should I trust Leo's words over my own experience? Despite of that, my current state of being is a bit more flexible: On the practical level there definitely IS free will. Because WTF, man? Seriously? WTF??????? On the other hand, the world is unknown! I honestly don't know if there is free will. May be there is free will, may be there is not. May be Leo is right, may be he isn't. That's the point! Let's be open to any possibility and let's go and INVESTIGATE it for ourselves, meanwhile enjoying whole journey to the truth! About good/evil Look. If there is no good and evil - it doesn't mean you don't suffer. It doesn't mean you are enjoying all your states. You DO still suffer, you do hate, you do experience "negative" emotions. You just... don't see the problem. Yeah, I hate myself, I don't have money, girls say I'm weird... so what? This is life. This is just the way it is. I even don't have need to enjoy it. I'll just simply... BE (but it doesn't mean I won't try to change it). Tl;dr: Yes, this right now is indeed hell for you. Just be OK with this "hell" state.
  3. Hey, @Shin .
  4. I never imagined I'd say smth like this, but some of you people are so lack of compassion here. @hirax Look. This is very simple. If you socialize with 10 guys - 4 of them will like you and 1 or 2 will eventually ask you. Well... If you are cute enough, sorry. There lot's of ways to socialize, that are just extension of your ordinary life: Do you workout? Don't workout at home or with ladies only - go to crouded stadium or crossfit gym. Do you meditate? Visit NON-SILENT retreats to meat spiritual guys; this is the best possibly immaginable setup for socializing. Do you play musical instruments? Don't study at home only. Visit some teaching GROUP (guitar for example). ARE YOU AN MECHANICAL ENGINEER??? Don't study at home only, visit conferences you like and join projects you like!
  5. OK, guys. Thanks for awnsering! To smoke weed after shrooms seams more reasonable to me too (because weed hits faster, thus making trip more controlled). Right now I have a choice: either double my last shroom dose, or mix my typical shroom dose with weed. I make such a big point from it, because I don't even try to do psychedelics more ofthen than once every 3 month (integration really takes time). I wonder about combining, because with weed by itself I got not only stronger "geometry" and revalations about my personal life. I also discovered a proper method to do self inquiry Meditation. Not to mention it happened in COMPLETELY wrong and unprepared environment, while all my shroomanazing were always preceded by at least 10h of meditation, several days of vegan diet and planned postponing of real life problems. That's why the choice is not that obvious to me. Well, I'm grounded enough to do some pioneering in that field. I can manage bad experiences, if it comes to that.
  6. Since you specifically mentioned that... Am I right to assume that those are the words of a person, who is like... CONSTANTLY exposed to weed? I wonder why sir Mckenna said in your video "you can JACK OUT of place you don't like with the cannabis puff". Doesn't it INCREASE your trip instead? The thing is... I smoked weed, perhaps, less times than I shroomed. Perhaps, it acts in different way in my situation.
  7. So, I smoked some weed, expecting leazure time with my weed-friends, but accidentally I got x3 times more powerfull shroom trip, than the strongest trip I ever had with pure shrooms. I haven't expeirenced psychedelics in 4 month and weed in 3 years, BTW. Oh, dear God. The things I saw that day - they transcend your very underst... OK, OK. It's not trip report. Since I witnessed real shroom-potential in weed - I'm wondering now about combining it with shrooms. And the question goes like this: In order to increase power of my shroom trip - should I first smoke weed and then eat shrooms, or should I first eat shrooms and then smoke weed?
  8. May be you have limiting belief, that "the only possible way to get ahead - is to be immoral"? Or even like "to take what I want - is immoral"? Just suggesting.
  9. To be smart - is one thing. To be hard working and productive - is another thing. To be ahead in the corporate world - is completely anothe thing. They are mostly NOT connected to each other, while many people are too afraid to acknowledge that fact. Because you can always crowl to your mother and whine: "oh, the world is so unfair, why I'm so super smart and noone want's to promote me, so unfair, so unfair". This is also common for guys to whine like: "I'm so smart, girls should like me, but they don't, why? WHY?". It is VERY convinient to think that making yourself smart is somehow connected to success with opposite sex. Well, Surprise! Being just smart is not enough. Oh, BTW. I wouldn't call a person "smart" if he is incapable of reaching corporate position he desires. Or at least realizing that he doesn't need one.
  10. You need to get inspired by what is possible to achive by meditation. Raw time of sitting freaking matters! Try to meditate 1h a day for at least 3..4 days streight and you'll get new state of everyday consciousness (in my experience it requires 3..4 days for changes to take place). Once you reached this new state - you will decide whether to keep 1h meditation, or get back to 30m meditation. Paradoxically, SDS meditations will come to you in a sence WAY more easier, then regular meditation. And the difference between SDS-medi and regular-medi is of the same scale as the difference between regular-medi and not meditating at all. Honestly, if you are not doing SDS after 4 years of medi - you are probably wasting your time. And as far as I know - SDS is combined with any meditation (except dynamic meditation, LOL). You have no choice but to meditate all day long once you are taking retreat. But the real trick is that right AFTER the retreat it is ridiculously easy to increase your time of everyday meditation. That might be a good plan. Try to use 2 different techniques. I do [1h of Self Inq.] + [1h of Vipassana] when I need extra concentration and I'm bored to do [2h of Self Inq.].
  11. Imagine someone else actually revolutionized our world and solved our corruption problems. Imagine that THERE IS REAL PERSON who managed to accomplish such a noble deed. And that person WAS NOT YOU. Would you feel that you wasted your life then? Would you feel that you lost an opportunity to be a part of great dream? The obvious first step to take is to study how society works. Some questions to be asked: How money (economics) works on large and small scale? Why do we have goverment? What are relations between people and goverment? How society is rulled politically? What are relations between different countries? What is corruption? Why does it exist? When and where does it thrive? Is corruption a part of "human nature"? Is it a part of our culture? Is it a part of political system? May be, our education is to blame? May be you are interested in these questions so they can push you out of bed? For overall picture, start here: Then I recommend you to study classical university texbook "Politics" by Andrew Heywood. Well... I personally am DYING to know how society works. ARE THOSE STORIES OF ILLUMINATY/CONSPIRACY REAL? Who rules our planet (if any)? How does it work? How I can influence on this process?
  12. C'mon. This paradox of "desire is the root of all suffer" vs "i have a dream" is not that hard to solve. If you don't have desires (to some degree at least) - that doesn't mean you cannot have some specific direction to your life. The problem begins only when you are CRAVING for achieving your goal and you beilive that you are unhappy right now because you haven't achieved it. P.S. With all the reactions you are getting here on your statements I'm trying to think you are just trolling us, LOL. As of original topic, I find it more genuine to have ABSTRACT life objective. All the tactical aims should be done with S.M.A.R.T. criteria. But ultimate life goal to me is smth like "to be master in my field". Yes, it is unmeasurable, but this way it's more inspiring and it doesn't make me neurotic about achieving it.
  13. @Life Coach Yeah, we kind of got it by this time, LOL.