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  1. @Elephant Obviously, high dosage weed can freak you out 100 times more, than low dosage LSD, still most safe progression line looks like this: 1) Weed 2) MDMA; 2CB 3) Shrooms or LSD; *Mescaline; *May be Salvia 4) N,N-DMT or Aywasca; Ibogaine 5) And at the top of psychedelics food chain... BEHOLD!!! Our beloved 5-LOL-DMT.
  2. @Key Elements Literally ALL the "wealthy" people I know personally - they are not as they are often described in spiritual circles: like "wealthy people are fancy outside and rotten inside".
  3. C'mon, folks. Someone, please say smth like "You are already enlightened, you just don't know it yet". C'mon. Yeah. Say it. Just SAY IT!!!
  4. @Charlotte I feel the same from time to time (when I'm in horizontal position mostly). But eventually I don't think It means anything, especially if you are hoping for some mystical breakthrough. Perhaps, your sense of balance just destabilizes for whatever reason. You can go deep in that experience just out of curiosity, but I don't think you'll find anything except, well.. experience of loosing sense of balance, LOL. Nothing fancy really. I'm also having my eyes spontaneously blinking with high freqency almost every 5th meditation session. Once again, it lead me nowhere concirning spirituality (when it happend for the first time - I thought I'm going to be enlightened in 1min, LOL). Perhaps, it is just a way for my eyes to relax after staring continously at computer at my work.
  5. Hey, guys. Is that a good way of description how 5-Meo feels like? I know, this video meant to be just a joke, but the first second after cat gets flower is indescribable in it's power! I mean... Like BAM!! And just in one sec you are expeirencing whole Universe.
  6. I understood nothing.
  7. I like Ken Wilbers view on that point. First of all, "male" and "female" are biological sex, while Masculine and Feminine are major drives in person, which doesn't necessarily coincide with biological sex. So, every system (like society, one particular human or even bacteria colony) has 4 main drives: Vertical drives: ↑ Eros (Growth, Progress, Evolution, Transcendence) ↓ Agape (Inclusion, Unity, Embodiment) Horizontal drives: →← Agency (Autonomy, Individualization) ←→ Communion (Join and connect with others, be part of a group) Mainly, masculine principle is Eros and Agency. Feminine is Agape and Communion.
  8. Yeah, inner child and stuff is a psychological issue dealing with your personality/identity. On the enlightenment scale of things it is probably just "another illusionary self".
  9. @Nahm Yeah, I shroominize sometime, but last time was several months ago. Simple weed became very "shroomy" since.
  10. Yeah, I'm just fooling around with that. Untill it'll go too far. IDK, ordinary mushroom soup may be... Not sure what that was about, LOL.
  11. @Anakin Please, also inform us if/when she will join Leo cult, LOL.
  12. I just went back from deep weed trip and there is one psychological discovery I want to share. Background First of all, I use weed not as a "party drug", but as "enhancer" of self inquiry meditation and inner work in general. So, I became somewhat lazy for several last months. Like watching youtube, skipping workouts and meditation sessions, devouring excessive amounts of junk food, etc. And I finally started to wonder how to fix this part of my life. It's just laziness in pure form, not some hardcore addiction stuff. Recent times things escalated to hating myself for wasting so much time. And dealing with this shit suddenly became main theme of my trip. Trip report Part 1. Facing the dilemma After 2 hours of trip (it was about self inquery at that time, nothing fancy to share) I became very hungry and I faced next dilemma: Should I stop weed-meditation and enjoy food with weed-trip enhanced flavours, which meant wasting 2 more possible hours of deep meditation Or should I continue self inquery for 2 more hours, while being really hungry? Stakes were higher than it might seem, because in order to have deep weed trip - I can do it only once 2..3 weeks (tolerance effect). I was becoming really frustrated, because both options were not the case for me. And as I was doubting about this choice, it just happened... I suddenly felt myself as a 2 years old baby, begging "mommy, I'm sooo hungry, please, I want to eat, please, mommy!". I literally cried my ass off as a deeply offended and resented child. Like... I am what? I am a 2 years old child! I literraly LIVE TO EAT!!! I have nothing more to do. That's my nature. How can I be anything more than I am? I want to eat and that's all I can and all I care. WHY should I care about meditation or other stupid shit? I'm just a child!!! I LIVE TO EAT!!! After letting this whole experience in, I felt another dynamics starting to rise. This time it was extremely strict adult who was judging this child like: "you lazy fuck, I hate you so much, you will shut the fuck up and do SDS meditation for 4h, I won't let you eat, I won't let you sleep, you will shut up and meditate, you lazy piece of shit". Then for some time I was moving back and forth: from hungry child to strict adult, from strict adult to hungry child. Part 2. Fixing child-adult relationships At some point as I was moving back and forth, my "inner adult" stopped hating my "inner child". And it finished like this. Adult: "hey, my sweety, sorry, but we can't eat right now, mommy needs to meditate right now, we will meditate 2h more and then eat as much as you want". Child: "but mommy... no... I want to eat now... YOU STUPID BITCH!! NOW!!". Adult: "OK, 1h of meditation". Child: "OK... deal". (I'm not a woman BTW, LOL) Both child and adult were still a bit offended on each other, but child was calm during 1h of meditation and adult wasn't interfering when child enjoyed food after meditation. After trip insights By "Inner child" I mean part of you, who wants all of the things right now. They are not necessary "childish" things. They can be: Mommy, I want that girl love me right now I want that stupid person DEAD right now Or any other... By "Inner adult" I mean part of you, who doesn't really care about your needs or emotions once you "know what has to be done". More like analytical and controlling part. BOTH ARE EQUALLY IMPORTANT: Adult won't care about hunger or disease if you "need to work". Child won't let him starve you to death. When child plays - let it loose, don't bring your adult here. If your adult will let your child eat all he wants - your child will eat some sweet poison eventually. If your adult will let your child eat whenever it wants - you won't be able to be strategic about anything in your life. Tl;dr: How your inner child and inner adult should interact: respect your inner child needs, but if he wants smth bad - offer him smth healthy instead.
  13. @Max_V Ergh... may be not. Some people find strive to be "real" more sincere rather than strive to be "happy". And I guess they are not the same.
  14. I'd probable be robbed or even killed (or at least I'd be crooked by some Investment advisor), because I'm too small and too weak to withhold that amount of money. Positive thinking everyone.