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  1. @Joel3102 I tried Holosync for a couple of times, but it takes the same amount of time to get the same amount of awareness (compared to regular SDS meditation). Well, to me at least. This is exactly my point. Am I really doomed to be unconsciousness, when there is no way to sleep properly? I'll look into breathing medi you proposed and report after some expeirements. Just from despare, LOL.
  2. C'mon this list had to be finished this way: ... and CuteCornDog is banned from
  3. Intro As I mentioned approximately 1'000'000 times on this forum, I meditated 1h a day for over some years. But for the last month I happen to be in states, where I had only 4h of sleep for 3..4 days straight (while I need 8h of sleep). And medidating while being very sleepy doesn't seem to be possible. Yeah, I can meditate for 10 minutes and then Hey! Look at me! I'm asleep, while sitting... The same problem goes in a bootcamp (or smth like that), where there is literally no possibility to sit and meditate. And the functioning without meditation is a fucking disaster!! I become easily irritated, unfocused. dissatisfied and overally unproductive. Yes, I can raise some awareness during lunch and while walking, but compared to sitting meditation it doesn't work like AT ALL. When I'm ALREADY highly aware - yeah, I can meditate during lunch or whatever with some good results. But when I'm deeply unaware - only sitting meditation seems to work. Question Is there a QUICK (may be even extreme) way to raise conciousness (over 5..10 minutes) for an intermidiate meditator? I need a materialistic SOLUTION here (if it even exists ofcause). Because you cannot afford to go spiritual all over the place with a stuff like "just accept your unawareness" while your future straightforwardly depends on your concentration during those hard days.
  4. @John Hey. I sometimes feel almost like I'm doing smth immoral when people see me meditating in the nature during sunset. Why? Well, someday (OK-OK, some SHROOM day) I realised the very core of this twisted behavior. And the scale of it's retardiness is fucking unbelievable! So... Guess, what? I'm trully REMARKABLE, and I afraid to admit it to myself.
  5. OK, that's what we are gonna do. I designed TOTALLY scientifically accurate experiement, which will prove us your spiritual skills. First, you need to dig 15m deep and 10m radius hole in the ground (because why not?). Second, you build steel mast 15m height in the center of this hole. Then, while nobody waching you simply levitate on the tip of the mast as you always do. And finally, several minutes later all the forum will gather up to witness your greatness, since noway you would climb that mast without levitating!! Check and mate, unphysical reality!
  6. @Weltschmerz TV series Black Sails is definitely must see for you. It's main character is military leader "in such an ultra masculine environment", while at the same time being... OOOOOKKKKKK, I'm not gonna say it, but you know what it is about. Also, these series themselfs are very inspiring about warfare domain.
  7. I agree, to watch 2015 videos after 2017 is a big "meh" concirning production quality. But to neglect a piece of really valuable knowledge just because it's cover is not pretty enough (by your current standarts) is a faaaar bigger "meh". Tl;dr: Buy the course and after 2 or 3 first videos you'll forget about production quality everything in the world.
  8. I had the deepest mystical experience of my life with weed, which included all in one trip: Deep nonduality (melting my ass into outer world) Roughly x10 time deceleration Expeirencing inside the "emptiness" of my body from another dimension Splitting of sensors: vision, sounds and tactile feelings were seperated into disjoint dimensions Blooming my entire body as some divine celestial garden, while my breathing felt like river flow Shooting out some white energy (kundalini may be?) over my spine into the top of my skull (which felt like the sky) Some indescribable twists with my consciousness (like becoming spherical + containing in one moment all the beauty of my childhood) Truly remarkable feeling of dropping all my masks and becoming REAL grounded me - like savage tameless force of nature BTW, the guy who I was weeding with had no unusal experience with several times more stronger dosage (LOL, I was SOOOOOOOOOO proud of myself with that). So, obviously it strongly depends on: Sort of weed Your tolerance and usage frequency Setup and most of all - Your self-development background
  9. Yeah, when my father first saw me meditating - he gave me classical "my son became a fa****" look.
  10. If you happen to visit youtube - you know it's full of retarded videos like "how to make a volcano from cola and mentos". Those disasters of a video are erupted from within 15..16 years old brains. Some days ago I stumbled upon another 13 year old video "how to make a Kalimba". My original "meh" was quickly replaced by "hell, this dude knows what he is doing"! LONG STORY SHORT, there is sure a believe that "19 y.o. are too young", but there are some people who are able too look over it, since you prove them that you can give them what they need.
  11. Well, it do sounds stupid without proper context, LOL. I'd personally would like to suggest you to orchestrate a greate scheme of making your parents not only to buy you this list, but to make them actually believe that it is THEM who wanted this list in the first place. Who knows, may be they will even begin to medit... OK, OK. There is more direct solution. Look. Book list is so valuable, because it says what books are actually worth reading. The knowing of what book you should read often costs you A LOT more than actual book itself. Wouldn't this rather strong argument be enough to make your parents change their mind?
  12. Wrong person to ask I'm struggling through cleaning up my diet myself. KFC is like the best thing I ever expeirenced in life, definitely waaaaaaaay better than glimpses of nonduality. Ah... problems of modern era men.
  13. @lukmi Yeah, Wasavi seems to work with, LOL. It'll be also be nice for some other people to share their methods of notes taking, BTW.
  14. This topic is so retarded.
  15. Nah, sorry. I studied all the theory in Russian. But you can start with Allen Carr's easyway (about smoking addiction). Porn addiction is a bit more complicated, but core principles are the same.