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  1. @anisshey sup haha I know that sir Leo already replied on this one (so this topic has reached it's purpose, you may close it now, LOL), but nevertheless my advise for a complete newbie would be this: Watch this inspirational Leo's video (I watched it probably more than 5 times, and EVERY FUCKING TIME it brings me to tears, also it reminds you what are you fighting for through your SD journey). Then cut the crap and go with full commitment for LP Course. That's all.
  2. I formulate this idea in more radical form: If you are taking advise from other people - you are likely to achieve no more than those people.
  3. @Peter Zemskov Are you familiar with Campbell's Hero's journey structure? LOTR is about Hero's Journey. And Hero's journey is about enlightenment among other things. It's very easy to spot those stages in LOTR for every major character (Frodo/Sam/Aragorn, also Gandalf to some degree): Call to Adventure Meeting with the Mentor Crossing threshold Temptation Inmost cave and Rebirth Returning with elexir Yet, It is possible that LOTR being about "enlightenment" is just byproduct of using Hero's journey structure.
  4. I wouldn't say it's impossible, may be it works in some way, may be it works on higher stages of development (just trying to stay openminded here). But I certainly wouldn't wright in my goal list smth like "get a car with the help of law of attraction in 3 month". More like "get job in 1 week => get salary for 6 month => get a car".
  5. Hm... fair point. Leo's audience mostly discuss his ideas. Pewd's audience mostly hates and reacts or simply they are having internet trolling fun. We can call it as if youtuber "attracts" his audience. Once you are, let's say, in self development - you'll start to see possibilities for grows everywhere. Once you are in degradation - you'll begin to see miserable sides of all the situations. We can call it as if you "attract" like-minded people/situations. If you are thinking about buying a car - you'll notice every ad about cars, you'll catch up in every conversation about cars. It is not like there were no car ads, or noone discussed cars before. You just ignored all of that stuff, because it was unimportant for you. In other words, you will, yeah, "attract a car". But honestly, I don't see the reason to call all of this stuff as some sacred "law of attraction". It works? In discussed sense - yes. Is it some extraodinary secret? No.
  6. Check Leo's youtube comments. Check PewDiePew's youtube comments. At least in this area "law of attraction" is obvious.
  7. Your beloved 10-year old kid would: ✓ Experience some mystical shit ✗ Be able to understand/integrate his experience ✗ Be able to communicate his knowledge ✗ Be able to keep sane after returning from "insanity border" Leo mentioned couple of times ✗ Be able to have profound trip in the first place. Because people who are not into Self-Development mostly get x100 time less powerfull trips. Unless hi is JFC, of cause. I'm not sure if I got your question right, but desire to know the truth of our existence is not reducible to fear. Those are different kinds of "motivation".
  8. I want that 1000 times more than Enlightenment. Sad part - I'm not joking... LLLLLLOOOOO.... No. Not this time. Not LOL.
  9. Why do you think being aggressive contradicts being self-actualized in the first place? Being actualized/king/loving doesn't mean you can never be aggressive/cruel/etc. Also, there is anime solution for every problem in life. Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi will help you ^__^
  10. It's kind of changes everything, LOL.
  11. VERY relatively you can expect next stepping stones. 10 hours of practice 100 hours of practice 1000 hours of practice 10000 hours of practice (supposedly; never been there) Worked for me with meditation: After first 10 hours - I began to see first obvious improvements in calming mind down. After 100 hours - got better sleep, got stronger routine, 1 hour of meditation is no longer a problem, etc. After that - say hello to very long plato. After 3 years: expeirenced glimpses of Sammadhi, I'm beginning to have psychedelic dreams, 1 hour of SDS is no longer a problem, etc. ??? I AM A GOD
  12. Yeah, let's discredit already discredited psychedelics community by tripping out on planes (if smuggling drugs on the plane is not adventurous enough for you). With some luck you can actually make it into the newspaper! And while you will be enjoing your popularity - you could actually witness all your social fears come up. Hm, sounds like a plan.
  13. @krazzer Yeah, while wondering about young Gangaji I stumbled upon your topic, where I found Rupert Spiras video. I kind of hoped for you to reply, LOL. @Dodo @krazzer The "problem" is that I realized all this shit, but I dreamed how I'll create a topic "Leo, I finally made" but I can't it changed absolutely nothing. Awareness is the same. And it doesn't go deep. It's more like intellectual realization, not "real" experience. AAAAAAnyway... What bothers me - is this question. How high consciousness (the one you get after some medidation) is connected to "real you"/nothingness/infinity? Is it just some nice "thing" to have inside the movie? To get it more streight: can I see myself as infinity while AT THE SAME TIME be in low consciousness state (inside the movie)?
  14. So, I was youtubing around and arived at wondering how hot Gangaji was when she was young popular Rupert Spira video: He uses this analogy. Sences and perceptions - are parts of the movie. The real you - is the screen on which movie is being seen. And your Ego - is main character in this movie. Somewhere during this video I expeirenced smth LOL-like. I created this peace of art to describe my experience: For like 10 minutes there was clear perception of Perceiver (Ego) and the world (with rather arbitrary separation between them). During that time "I" really questioned some of the enlightenment cliches: Why removing the ego is important to see the screen? Does main character of the movie REALLY need to be removed in order to see the screen? Yeah, calm mind wouldn't hurt. But total removing of ego - is it really necessary? Why not wanting the enlightenment is so important? Why removing some part of the movie (wanting) will allow for the screen to be seen? And the most fascinating question. High awareness - isn't it itself a part of the movie? I mean... After some hours of meditation I'm clearly able to perceive movie with more attention. BUT IT IS STILL A MOVIE!! FUCK!!!! P.S. I'm not provoking anyone on anything. I just want to know the truth.