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  1. I did it unconsciously in high school. Held my hands on the throat and had no idea what i was doing. I just passed out randomly lol but i woke up after 10 sec quickly
  2. It doesnt mean that you cant transcend it. People are usually driven by it but its mostly done unconciously
  3. Even if you get enlightened your problems will still wait for you to fix them. Take your time, make your growth more organic and less moralizing
  4. First trips usually be great and positive just take responsibility
  5. Hey man Ive been contemplating for a long time before i realized that that was contemplation but every time i try to think something geniunely/spontaniously through i get blank and cant even go back to repeat where i came to with my thoughts and i just stop with “i dont really know” and leave it like that but since i was geniunely interested in the question after some time - day, week, month, year it just randomly pops in my head as a real insight in random situations - on a toilet, in a market, while chatting with someone etc. I dont think of myself as a smart guy beacuse i cant concentrate on problem with my logic but i get so many intuitive insights that are really mind bending sometimes. And i dont ever think like “ now im going to contemplate” because my concentration sucks so it has to be geniune and spontanious randomly in the moment. Let the answers come to you, cheers!
  6. So after the course you are prepared to work that kind of job for a company?
  7. You might be overdoing it, make it as much time as it is comfortable for you to stick with it then expand time later. 2 times a day for 30 mins is quite a commitment for beginner tbh. You will cultivate love for metitation over time so you will naturally want to meditate and it wont be a chore. Good luck
  8. 12+7=19, you still have 5 hours left
  9. That's good man. No need to worry about that, it's ego facing the truth. I enjoy when that feeling comes, then I know I only need to surrender to the feeling. I had many times that experience and I could a lot of times fully see what is being talked about, you get faced with possibility that you don't really know anything about life and you start feeling lost. Try to see the feeling as a progress, since you aren't ignorant about big ideas that can shatter your reality completely. Still, don't take anything for granted, see it just as a possibility and have your mind open to that and when you see it on your path you'll know what it is and it will be easier to surrender. All the best
  10. You shouldn't ultimately, but you definetly will. It's not something you can control, ego will do it's job to keep you in place and not "die" even if that means you realizing you are naturally gay but you are scared old you (straight) will die and your self image will crumble and other people won't look you same way. All fears are ultimately fear of death (ego death - your old story or physical death). Keep learning and meditating/contemplating/self inquiry, you will gradualy realize your true nature. Me telling you this or leo or anyone won't release your fear of death but it can help as a guidance where to look and where/how to lead yourself to reach your higher self. peace
  11. I dont see the problem
  12. Brace yourselves spring is coming
  13. Elliot hulse got some similiar exercise on his bioenergetic retreats where he puts 2 random people to stare at each other and yell for hour and a half i think. Seems powerful but I havent done any of those
  14. I had biggest backlashes after biggest improvements. Progress is mostly going two steps ahead one backwards and maybe even three steps backwards. You might feel like everything u did was useless since you failed lower when you started but thats the journey. Take your time when you have to and recommit. Try not to beat yourself up on the backlashes it will just make it bigger and longer