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  1. Yo im getting back on topic. I had lsd experience where there was a gap bettween me and floor, there was additional layer. I was confused since i was expecting oneness and that was wierd. I contemplated about non duality and is life is a dream and i had some really shaky ego experiences. Weeks after going through contemplation leo put out a video and i was high on cannabis and could easy go with what he says. Then I "realized" that the gap was nothingness. Still no sure if its true experience but Im open towards deeper experience of it. It can be easy to trick yourslef into believing that but the only thing you can do is open yourself to a possibility that it can be true.
  2. @TimStr he said in leo or naked reality interview that he experiences symetry and his body starts to do those kind of things
  3. @Joseph Maynor niiice. Same question as charlotte? Do you remeber the insights and how did it help you?
  4. Im really rare alchohol drinker (once in two months aprox) but every time i get drunk i get real insights about reality and truth. Is it even possible? I know nobody talks about it so im not so sure if its real or not? Any similar experiences?
  5. To live from your core being
  6. If you know what you would like to do and know a way to do it then there is no need. for example im going on design of interactive media because i was told i will learn how to draw there but the subject that emphasizes that is only once a week and in my case i haven't learned anything useful because group is too big and the professor is lazy (depends also on professor) so i took online courses for myself to practice drawing and that's the only thing i would like to do and with that i can go broader, like concept art, illustrations, graphic design (sorta helps but i will learn it alone at some point), 2d animations and the key is to learn how to draw. i spend a lot of my precious time learning history, english, typography etc. which i cant really use pretty much at all because i dont have the basis (classes are useful but not right now because i have a priority, then i will learn more by myself if i see that i can benefit from it). if i knew already how to draw then i might go to broad my perspective. and the drawing is priority right now, so i will drop out after i finish first year (in case i want to get back, but i doubt it and its kinda also because of my parents, to "respect" them in a sense). I know what i need to do and what is the process to achieve my goal, so if you have that you don't need it. Also going in college for social activities, finding friends etc. i dont find very useful, there are plenty other ways to do that. don't do the thing because you just should. I'm not saying anything bad about college, its just that in my current situation it isn't worth it. hope you feel your intuition and do what will most benefit you, whatever the choice. Cheers
  7. @Thanatos13 lol man, it seems you are on a mission on this forum
  8. do you fully experience day to day what you are trying to convey to others?
  9. Read Mastery by George Leonard. I guess you hit a plateau with music and biggest breaking point for you to advance more. If it was once a passion, if you stick with it even with resistance and when you break your comfort zone with music, the love will come back. What I wrote is much more detailed in the book. At least give it a try. Basically anything you think fill fullfil you will have many breaking points which can be looked as test from the universe if you are "worthy enough" Good luck
  10. Thats great but dont try to just learn jokes and then tell them because you think they are funny, put an emotion while telling them, its mostly about emotions. I'm considered as funny guy and all i do is tell random shit that comes in my mind but i present them in funny manner because i find nonsense funny. hope i didn't put this too abstract but emotion is key. it might take some time to get into the flow when you dont think about it but it will be worth. Also try to see what is funny about anything you or any other people find funny. good luck
  11. @tecladocasio so how do you know he is on drugs if its just a screen
  12. @Psyche_92 What do you mean? @haai14 I went to sleep last night hyped up about today and woke up in 7 am hyped up again and instead i did the dishes, laundry, cleaning house and took a cold shower then i sat down to "rest" from all that and started playing skyrim "for a little bit" and i started doing repetitive quests for some guild to return it to its former glory and got bored fast but my mind told me to stay commited and dont give up when things get boring (xD), so i finished 25 quests after 2+ hours then i sat to do the work but i got tired and went to sleep for 20 mins then alarm came and i thought i wasn't sleeping i was mostly thinking, added 10 minutes, woke up, thought its not enough to do the work and woke up 6 hours later. fml there is mastermind villian in me so basically i did everything else instead of what i really need to do because i was hyped how this day will be productive af, instead i deceived myself abnormally
  13. @student Thanks man, that response helped me a lot
  14. So, last few days I feel this is the biggest backlash I had so far. Basically I've created a lot of shoulds, musts, etc. for myself and my biggest priority right now is to finish college exams on time. I had to let myself drop everything in order to do that, so when I'm not studying I'm playing video games, watching tv shows, skipping gym and eating junk food. I've also first time intentionally dropped meditation habit and I had 1+year every day in a row (99% of days actually). I'm kinda conscious of my unconsciousness if that makes sense, but backlash is so overwhelming I can't get myself for example to have appreciation for drinking clean water when I try to consciously enjoy it, I'm fully sucked into mechanism. I plan to go back on track slowly after I finish my exams, but the questions is - Is there a proper way to deal with backlash, should I just continue meditating, going to gym etc. even if it's huge drag right now to overcome this emotional labor or I just need to wait for backlash to go away and continue then?