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  1. Life is a maze was a good one. I think its great video for opening people up to possibility that there is much more. Part when he said that you dont really need to know how, you just have to be open always and you will eventualy figure it out almost brought me to tears since Im always looking for more to understand and sometimes period comes when you are fully in the unknown, i got a big feeling of security and that im safe in this world, just have faith in yourself and life
  2. Just keep being honest like that with yourself More you see yourself, more you understand
  3. Can someone explain me what kind of intuition is talked about here? I always thought that intuition is only happening before big life changes when it calls you to do something scary but where you will grow a lot
  4. Maybe try to find seasonal job or something. Ive been stuggling for 2 years with will power and discipline and felt almost same way as you. Im working now for the first time in my life every day for 9 hours for month now. Ive changed tremendously and I still have 3 months to work. Until last week ive been struggling with myself unbelievably, my mind was crazy like never before resisting change like never and i wanted to quit everything multiple times. I feel incredible after month of struggle and i expect more challenges but im much more confident in myself and im doing work much easier (im a dishwasher for 9h). I feel like im growing unbeliavably fast now. Thats my recommendation - you get money for practicing discipline. But if you feel like army could help you it can be really good experience as well and can prepare you for life but the thing is also that you have to internally want to change and accept all the challenges as yours and not something “life forces you to do so”. Real growth happens only inside
  5. @Quanty but what tells which are good or bad, people do bad things to feel more safe because of lack in consciusnes so they are trapped. What makes them bad if thats the only thing they know
  6. @Star Net Thank you man for the nice response. Still figuring myself out
  7. Is the way to not deal with karma is to not take credit for anything that happens to you?
  8. Yo so im in a house with 3 friends who dont trust easily im kinde of naive with trusting because i trust almost anyone so two or my friends think that the other guy is not trust worthy that he will do something bad to us but i dont see him as any threat he seems like a cool guy and ive spend quite some time with him he seems really nice guy but he is weak with women he will fall for their words easily (i would too almost xd) so are these just projectons of us onto him or is there some truth that i will find if i trust my two friends about him and try to find it in him or to believe he is scam?
  9. I did it unconsciously in high school. Held my hands on the throat and had no idea what i was doing. I just passed out randomly lol but i woke up after 10 sec quickly
  10. It doesnt mean that you cant transcend it. People are usually driven by it but its mostly done unconciously
  11. Even if you get enlightened your problems will still wait for you to fix them. Take your time, make your growth more organic and less moralizing
  12. First trips usually be great and positive just take responsibility
  13. Hey man Ive been contemplating for a long time before i realized that that was contemplation but every time i try to think something geniunely/spontaniously through i get blank and cant even go back to repeat where i came to with my thoughts and i just stop with “i dont really know” and leave it like that but since i was geniunely interested in the question after some time - day, week, month, year it just randomly pops in my head as a real insight in random situations - on a toilet, in a market, while chatting with someone etc. I dont think of myself as a smart guy beacuse i cant concentrate on problem with my logic but i get so many intuitive insights that are really mind bending sometimes. And i dont ever think like “ now im going to contemplate” because my concentration sucks so it has to be geniune and spontanious randomly in the moment. Let the answers come to you, cheers!
  14. So after the course you are prepared to work that kind of job for a company?