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  1. Man, that sounds intense. Yet also very exciting. Thanks for sharing. 🙏🏻
  2. @Leo Gura What do you think of the distinction between the words nothingness and no-thingness? As in, one pointing to the absence of anything altogether and the other pointing to the absence of "things" and objects. Rupert Spira for example says; It's not a thing, but it's not nothing. Would you agree with that?
  3. Look at it like this. Most ordinary people wouldn't look for a video by Adyashanti, even though he speaks directly from non-dual understanding. That's his form of art. It's the exact same thing for music. There's artists out there that write from higher states of being, but the masses won't be able to hear it. They're in a completely different frequency, and so their music won't resonate with them at all. As a musician it's something I've been contemplating a lot. I too feel the desire to evolve humanity through music and art. But it's naive to think our ego driven society wants exactly that. If you really want to bring God to the masses, you have to package it in a certain way so that people may actually bite. Almost like a magic trick, you fool the listener into being. To me, the real art isn't the artwork itself. It's the persuasion of an audience into a higher frequency without them ever noticing it. I think that's the purpose of art in the modern world. Otherwise, it's impossible. Writing music from a higher state of being for ego's isn't just gonna catch on like that. So, like a balance act you try to craft the perfect ingredients for your song. For instance, like how some people are unable to face certain emotions. But then when they're out walking in the street, suddenly they hear this song that speaks directly to that part of them, and now they are willingly feeling it. That's how great music can heal our shadow.
  4. They're simply aspects of the same Oneness, and they all point to the same thing. We're all just using the words that resonate the most with our experience. It's True and therefor It's Present and therefor It's Infinite and tefefor It's Abundant and therefor It's Loving and therefor It's ... So why not just call it Presence or Truth? I could ask you the same about Love and Abundance. Use the word Truth when referring to it's truthfulness. Use the word Love when referring to it's lovingness.
  5. What if you were? Who would care? Who would care that they'd care? Who is making these rules? Can you see how you're still answering to your own projections of an abusive narcicist? You're free of that now. It's okay to be a total idiot. We all are. Those who can laugh about themselves the most will have the easiest time in a conversation. So loosen up a bit. Break all the rules you thougt were so important. See what happens.
  6. Dang, that's exactly where I live Both fully booked though.
  7. If you are unable to handle simple signs of love and affection, you will definitely be unable to see all things as one. If you want to lose yourself completely in this moment, and I mean completely, there has to be a radical unconditional love for this moment. Otherwise you will keep resenting it. No-self is unconditional love. Any expression of love, when authentic, even an expression of jumping around in rainbows and butterflies, makes it easier for the ego to drop itself and go with whatever is presented. And that is the wisdom stage Green, even in excess forms, can teach us, and is trying to teach the 'lower' stages. Every time you feel resentment towards that you are being shown that there's resistance in you towards a love that is all encompassing. Oneness. You don't necessarily see guru's acting like that on the outside, but you can clearly see that this love is present in every word they say and every action they take. In a way, they tamed this radical force and made it their own. So, nothing wrong with going overboard with love from time to time, as long as it's able to create a stable balance within you.
  8. Mostly an example of an ever-growing ego.
  9. @Dogsbestfriend Or you know... Test it for yourself. Why be so dependent on others? There's endless resources for you to delve into. Do you want to experience it directly or do you want some dude in a white labcoat to tell you that its real or not? And since the chakra's make no sense whatsoever in the materialist paradigm, I can already tell you the answer you're gonna get.
  10. Chakra's are simply ways to describe certain systems of energy patterns either internally or externally. Its not that hard to find out for yourself. Don't look for chakra's like actual physical objects. Or even as energy fields. Look for them by investigating their patterns and outcomes. Their like the current in a stream of water. There's no actual thing called a "current," yet you can locate it by looking at the way the water flows. So the only way to be able to "see" chakra energy in action is by looking at their particular patterns and outcomes. Just like a system, there's many, many elements which all influence eachother. But to be able to locate the system itself, you first have to connect the dots for the framework to become visible. Before that there are no chakra's. Like Spiral Dynamics, you need to develop a certain taste to be able to recognise them. Closed mindedness is not that. Read a lot of books about them, meditate on their specific properties and at some point they will become very noticable in every facet of your life. And most importantly, you'll easily be able to pinpoint where there is resistance and why some of those resisting patterns keep returning. It's quite empowering.
  11. Oneness Love Creation Creativity Exploration Expression Joy Life Being These words come to mind when thinking of sex in its most authentic form. They basically all point to the same beingness of it. The desire for sex a lot of times can be very egoic though. Just another object to bring you happiness and fulfilment.