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  1. Its not enjoyable because there is a self that needs to be entertained. What would this moment look like if it didn't need to live up to someones standards? Does it always have to be about you? Can the moment just be fine as is? You say there's nothing you actively want, yet you want to escape limbo / boredom. You want the present moment to be enjoyable. This constant wanting is the cause of boredom. Its what creates an idea of lack. And this lack is what creates a self that needs to be entertained. Lack in search of abundance. Its the most liberating thing to become aware of the fact that theres no need to entertain anyone. Its fine the way it is. And that's where boredom turns into enjoyment. Freedom.
  2. Yes! Creativity is an infinite resource. And art in all its diversity its inevitable result. Art therefor, is an absolute. There's only one author. Only one work of art. And its You. Simultaneously creating and admiring your creation. Falling in love.
  3. Being objective, or meta, doesn't mean excluding oneself from the view. You are always at the center of it, wether you like it or not. In the same way, being anti-culture doesn't mean you are no longer part of culture. It just means you choose to be on the bitter side of it. Culture is everywhere. You can't escape it, nor do you have to. You can however be a lot more conscious of how it tends to move and how it influences you and your surroundings. The greatest artists, for example, are the ones that are able to freely manipulate all the different facets and colors of culture at will, and use it in their work. And because of this, they can eventually transcend it. And transcendence simply means understanding it, not being a slave to it. You make your own conscious choices, which can then in turn influence culture in a positive way. Culture is a work in progress, and it needs participation to grow. Neglecting it won't work, because you'd be neglecting yourself along with it.
  4. Detaching and accepting what is, litteraly means being able to feel. When you detach from emotion, feelings can then finally be felt fully, instead of pushed away all the time. Emotion is the clinging to ones feelings, and letting go of emotion is the letting go of this clinging. Feelings will always be there. Its part of being human. The aim therefor is not to get rid of them, but to let them flow, without ever being held up. Without stagnation. Without causing emotional reactions. So, its not a celebration of weakness. Its an allowing of whatever we label as weakness to come forth, and see it as an illusion. A mere story we choose to believe in. And with that, we no longer need to push the accompanying feelings away, what would be the point? And so they can be experienced as they are. Every feeling is neutral. And emotions are the labels we give to the feelings, and with that we judge them as either good or bad. Pleasant or unpleasant, whatever. And so they seem to lose their neutrality, when in fact they never did.
  5. What's more advanced than to just sit in silence and smile?
  6. There's probably a part of you that feels it needs to control the breathe all the time. Even when sober. Mushrooms can show you how this is no longer serving you, by greatly enhancing the illusion and then putting a spotlight on it. So to speak. Sit with this in meditation to see where you are still holding on, and let go.
  7. We'll see. It all really depends on the democratic candidate. But Trump couldn't even win the popular vote against Hillary, and I don't know any democrat that actually liked Hillary, lol. Then again, he's a nice representation of what a huge chunk of the US is all about. So it wouldn't be too bad to let them have another good look at themselves for four more years. That might be the only way to get people fed up with all the polarisation and childish left-right politics. Real possibility for radical systemic change should hopefully be the result of all this. Or it could all backfire even more. It's hard to say.
  8. You can only experience the answer to this question by admitting that the one that's searching for an answer can't possibly ever know. "I don't know." That's the closest you'll get. And it's the most satisfying statement there is. It frees you up of any preconceived notions, and so now this exploration can truly begin. Not in search of any symbolic meaning, but to simply admire that which is. Deeply falling in love with the mystery. Over and over and over again. The exploration of this question never ends. And so, neither do you. You are the questioner, you are the answer. Simultaneously. Like a cat chasing its tail.
  9. He has been impeached already.
  10. You don't need to be gifted to simply be. It's who you are. It's who you were before you were born, and still are. There's no effort there. We all share this gift. To think you need to be gifted, or special, is to not recognise the gift that's already here. Whatever amazing states are possible, none of them compare to simply being able to sit in the silent pressence of meditation. Because that is behind all of it. That is who you are. No further questions, no need for anything else. That's it right there. It is the ground of all states. Contentment. Meditation is the essence. All other methods are just ways to strengthen that knowing. To be able to stay with the recognition.
  11. I haven't found many teachers that embody his way of speaking. It's almost art-like. Like poetry. As if you were listening to a musical composition. The intensity of his voice starts to gradually increase during the talk, and there's always some kind of pay off, if you stick with it 'til the end. Brings me right into that zone.
  12. When your claim is "everybody else is wrong but me", then maybe there's a possibility you are the one that's wrong.
  13. Even when I try to meditate for 30 mins, I love it so much I don't want to stop.
  14. When it happens naturally. Without effort.