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  1. Raw selfishness is what got us here in the first place. Environmental efforts have only been dog shit because of how corporations have been continuously and knowingly standing in the way of all of it. Why? Selfish needs. The survival of the corporation above anything else. How is that mentality going to fix things that need this high level of cooperation? For long amounts of time. It won't. At some level, there will need to be sacrifice. Corporations need to be able to see that infinite profit is not sustainable, for anyone. And no CEO is going to want to do this, ever, unless the collective wakes up to itself and starts demanding it. I don't see how selflessness would stand in the way of any of that? It would only complement it. Radically. All action has intention. And if the intention is to improve life on this planet, how would selfishness serve that? It doesn't care about that at all. It cares only about itself. Its own survival. If anything, we haven't been able to do any of these things literally because businesses don't have any reason to do so. Profit has always been the main driving force, not the wellbeing of the people, nor the state of the environment. So that's entirely expected. And in a way we can't really blame anyone for that. But at some point we're going to have to take a good look at why all this selfishness and corporate greed has been able to run the show for so long. Maybe it's because that is how the system was designed to begin with and we are now seeing how that effects us in the long term. I don't necessarily have all the answers or the specifics as to what a better system should look like, but from a simple, holistic point of view it's clear to me that we as human beings have to transcend our selfish needs and start to start to act on behalf of the whole. And that is something all of us have to do. Not just those in power. And while that might sound unrealistic right now, you'd be surprised by the momentum that generates.
  2. The question is, is it really possible to literally win capitalism, by being the richest guy on the planet, while also saving the planet at the same time? Personally, I think the two are polar opposites. You don't just end up on top of the food chain by caring about your surroundings. The system isn't designed like that. It's survival. To win capitalism, you have to put profit above all else, which is literally the opposite of saving the planet, or putting all else first. And then we look at those people to save us. This is the problem with modern philanthropy. It's only the greediest, most ambitious ones that suddenly find themselves in places of power to produce actual lasting change. And they won't... Time and time again. This is not a coincidence. You can't just shift from egoic greed to selflessness overnight. Yet that's exactly what we expect from people like Bezos or Elon Musk. But they're businessmen, and businessmen first. Otherwise they wouldn't have made it this far. Any other way, the system would have obliterated them. I think looking at these people as the saviours of humanity is a big mistake. The same way looking at presidents to fix all of our problems is. Saving humanity, or rather moving humanity forward, takes heart and actual care. Which takes time, effort and spiritual growth. Lots of it. By all of us. Not just that one rich guy. If we as a collective want to see a more unified planet, we have to stop putting all of our faith in individuals. Sure, they can help. But not by themselves.
  3. Good idea. It's not as "activist" as your examples but I think Pink Floyd's Animals is a great criticism of the modern capitalist system, and how we all play a role in that. The three main songs are called Dogs, Pigs and Sheep. Referring to businessmen, politicians and the people. It's quite a ride, as is to be expected with Pink Floyd. But in terms of quality I think it's up there with their more popular albums. While the album was released in 1977, here's Roger Waters playing the song "Pigs" while not so subtly referring to Trump.
  4. When after your presidency has ended, people are debating wether you were a threat to your own country or not, you probably didn't do very well.
  5. Lose Yourself is the perfect anthem for stage orange.
  6. The thinking mind will never, ever, ever, ever, find an answer to this question. It will only drive you mad. Contemplate why that is, and let that be the starting point of your discovery.
  7. So.... like capitalism?
  8. Thanks! If you have a newer version of Photoshop, click on the brush tool, then on the top middle-right on the little butterfly and have your mind blown.
  9. Been having a lot of fun drawing with Photoshop lately. They're not completely finished but whatever. Enjoy
  10. I love listening to her music. It really opens me up to emotions I've never felt before. Music still has so many places to go. Makes me excited.
  11. As an outsider, this always confused me. The US is and has always been such a deeply conservative country. If anyone needed a middle finger back then it was them and all their billionaire friends. It's remarkable how they played the American people into their hands, by yet again making sure nothing would change. This continuous fight between left and right has been an amazing thing for them. People get so identified with either side that whatever is proposed, there will be equal opposition to it. And so, nothing changes. Nothing ever progresses. Conservatives win. Divide and conquer. That's all 2016 really was. And the democrats, by going with Hillary, made it easy for them too. She was the perfect symbol to point that middle finger to, and Trump of course exploited that every chance he got. Which is a clear stage red characteristic. But what makes it so difficult is that in a way, hating Trump is how Trump wins. The more flak he gets, the more his base, or rather their egos, will feel personally attacked. Any kind of criticism is misconceptualized as "hating," and so they double down and that's how he can get away with almost anything. It's kind of beautiful how perfectly that works out for him every single time. So in the coming years, Trump or no Trump, this is what progressives and stage green+ in general will have to be more and more aware of. To be able to criticise without letting ego take over. Cause whenever ego is involved, opposition is created like that. This is the most important lesson humanity is facing right now. Can we speak our truth, criticise and respond accordingly, instead of reacting purely on an egoic basis. Even when that reaction feels so justified, we have to be able to step outside of it, and respond from our awakened point of view. It'll be liberating. And it's the only way out of this continuous dualistic mud slinging contest. It's so dull and boring. And it accomplishes absolutely nothing. Actual change takes time, effort and great minds working together. Lots of them. You know, those things that only start to become noticeable after decades and decades of working together.