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  1. Good video. Reminds me of that In Shadow animation that was posted on here recently. Sometimes its good to remind yourself of the fearful ways the ego manifests itself in society and in you. I love how it ends with asking you to subscribe to their Facebook and Instagram channel though.
  2. It doesn’t have to be. Contemplate the substance of sound, of harmony, of melody. Of laws, order. The structure within a song. What is that? Its the same kind of intelligent design you see all around you, condensed into a 4 minute piece. What is Rhythm? And why does it speak to particular parts of the body. Why does the body feel the need to move/dance. What is dancing, really? What is dancing in a non-dual way? Without a trace of ego. Try it out. Why do certain sounds lift you up, and then others calm you down. What the fuck is sound anyway? What’s the difference between sound and sight? Is there a difference at all? Or is it all one? There’s so much music can teach you. Each song is like this mini-universe with its own laws. Quite phenomenal. Im a musician though, so it might be more interesting to me since I end up using the things I learn in my own work. But really, the right kind of music can guide you straight to the deepest corners of your being. Dont underestimate it. Its the essence of art in general. And tripping takes that essence straight to the foreground for you to explore. To really understand what creation/art is all about, and where that intelligence is coming from, so you can start to utilise it yourself. That’s what most of my trips look like in a nutshell. And I highly recommend it.
  3. I only did shrooms, but listening to Tycho albums is godlike. Feels like they were specifically designed to awaken you. Its hard to describe. Other than that, anything Pink Floyd really. If you’re into that. There’s so much to choose from. Dark Side of the Moon in particular is a good one for tripping. Really takes you for a ride.
  4. Me in front of the mirror Genuine smiling is great. Cant really force it though. Meditation usually makes me smile. Or even laugh out loud without a reason.
  5. For an ego, life is a very serious thing. A problem to be solved. A game to be won. But if you are able to reach beyond all that, to truly become selfless. Like Being. It becomes effortless. Light. Fulfilled. Always enjoying itself. That's when growth turns out to be the inevitable.
  6. From a place of no desire, no wanting, no need for anything or anyone to change... an absolute fulfillment can be felt almost instantly and starts to manifest itself all around. Can you feel it? That is all the wisdom you'll ever need. All of it is contained within this joy of being absolutely desireless. Right here. Now. Thanks for reminding us @Sparkist <3
  7. That's why you need to become selfless. Simply report the truth and move on. Do you honestly think Eckhart Tolle would lose a single minute of sleep if the entire world disagreed with him? Of course not. There's no one there to care. Truth is not a system. Its being. And being is fine the way it is, without your effort. Or mine. Realising that is the only way to manifest change on a relative level. Selflessly.
  8. And paradoxically, all improvement comes forth from the knowing that there's nothing to improve. That's the joke. Spiritual teachers aren't teaching you anything. They're not pointing you to things that need improvement. They're just showing you what's true. There's no effort in that. No need to persuade. Simply a one to one translation of reality as they experience it. And it turns out, that which is True, is always evolving. So in the simple act of sharing Truth, things start 'improving' automatically. Or evolving. That's how something that is already perfect can continuously 'improve' itself. But it's never better or worse.
  9. @Surfingthewave Awesome! Enjoy
  10. That strength is no longer only found within oneself. Its more of a universal strength. Like nature. Which you are increasingly conscious of being a part of. At this point you no longer care about being masculine or not. For someone at stage blue that may seem weak. But thats because being masculinity (or a false sense of it) is very important in that particular stage. But not caring at all about being masculine is probably the most masculine thing you can do. But that will only get clear when you enter stage green. So in a sense, stage green might be the first stage where actual masculinity finally starts to shine. Embraced in the feminine. So yeah. Stage green is only a weird/weak stage when looked at from stages blue and orange. But the thing is, people in stage green have long moved on from that simplistic way of looking at things. That's why the endless debating you see nowadays is going nowhere. Its really difficult for the two stages to really understand eachother. They're competing in completely different games.
  11. Yep, that's what you get. The way he describes it is pretty awesome though. Can recommend watching the video. The way he speaks about those infinite loops is terrifying. Its exactly what Ive experienced a couple of years ago in my bad trip. Its hell beyond even the worst ideas of hell. The feeling that you fucked up big time and its killing you for the rest of infinity. Whew. I hope he can use this towards his own growth. Sounds like some of the concepts of ego and infinity are not new to him, even though he was constantly fighting his ego death.
  12. I didn't know there were rules. Im just sharing my own experiences.
  13. @Mikael89 Is it seperate from it?
  14. @Pernani More like contemplating without using words all that much. Ask questions, and let meditation guide you to the answers. Which can be either conceptual or experiental. For example, asking the question: Who am I? And experiencing the answer in the silence of meditation.
  15. Your idea that meditation has to be comfortable is keeping you from experiencing what is. What if this resistance is the one thing you're overlooking? This resistance is you, resisting. Why? Follow it and let it guide you through this seperation within you. What are you resisting? Really feel it out. When there's resistance in meditation it doesnt mean the meditation failed. A meditation is the oppurtunity to meet this resistance head on. There's something that you are not allowing right now in this moment. What is that? Try to really, really get to the bottom of it. Hope that helps. If it doesnt work. Just keep meditating. When the mind is empty, resistance is faced without you even noticing.