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  1. Good idea. It's not as "activist" as your examples but I think Pink Floyd's Animals is a great criticism of the modern capitalist system, and how we all play a role in that. The three main songs are called Dogs, Pigs and Sheep. Referring to businessmen, politicians and the people. It's quite a ride, as is to be expected with Pink Floyd. But in terms of quality I think it's up there with their more popular albums. While the album was released in 1977, here's Roger Waters playing the song "Pigs" while not so subtly referring to Trump.
  2. When after your presidency has ended, people are debating wether you were a threat to your own country or not, you probably didn't do very well.
  3. The thinking mind will never, ever, ever, ever, find an answer to this question. It will only drive you mad. Contemplate why that is, and let that be the starting point of your discovery.
  4. Thanks! If you have a newer version of Photoshop, click on the brush tool, then on the top middle-right on the little butterfly and have your mind blown.
  5. Been having a lot of fun drawing with Photoshop lately. They're not completely finished but whatever. Enjoy
  6. I love listening to her music. It really opens me up to emotions I've never felt before. Music still has so many places to go. Makes me excited.
  7. Some of you should for one week or so try to remove the words "democrats" and "media" from your vocabulary. See what that does for you. It'll be liberating.
  8. Questions like these are the exact reason people are and should be protesting. A lot of people still have no idea whatsoever about the reality some groups are dealing with. This is not about a single incident. It never was. Maybe the best thing about all of this, which at the same time is a terrible thing, are all the videos that are surfacing on social media right now. Some of that shit is as sickening as it gets, and it makes you grasp how big of a problem this actually is. Especially considering most of it is never captured on camera at all. Awareness is always the catalyst for change, and right now in the US, but also across the globe, people are starting to really see what's happening and has been happening all along. So no, this isn't an overreaction. If anything, this has been long overdue. And it's probably going to get a lot worse before it gets better. But it's always been like that, only now it's visible at surface level. It's quite exciting, really.
  9. You don't even notice how dogmatic and religious people can be about eating meat because it's so ingrained in our culture. Yet a lot of times I tell someone I don't eat meat they get very, very defensive. As if I have to explain myself to them. Or that I shouldn't feel better than them. Which I never said I did. Of course that creates a counter culture. Yet its veganism/vegetarianism that constantly gets called out on that which a lot of meat eaters do all the time, feeling better than the other. Funny how that works. But that's all just surface level. As expected. Ego's are on all sides of the spectrum. Don't worry about that. On topic: For me, it was a very natural transition. It felt like a choice was made for me in my past that really didn't resonate with me anymore. I would never kill an animal, so why let someone else do it for me behind closed doors, day after day after day? It made me feel like a coward to not own up to that fact, and so I made my choice. But it was more like an intuitive thing. Like a falling away of something that didn't feel original to me, and I still enjoy that decision every single day.
  10. Masturbation without any imagination at all. Now that's where the magic happens