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  1. Who cares what others say, this is about you. With every piece of meat you eat, ask the question: Would I have been able to look this animal in they eye before killing it? If yes, enjoy your meal. If not, enjoy your meal, but know that you're bullshitting yourself by letting someone else do it for you every day behind closed doors so that you dont have to suffer the reality of it. And that's okay too. Thats your choice Just be honest with yourself. Conscious bullshit is already a lot better than unconscious bullshit. Animals suffer every day because of your need to satisfy your taste buds. Theres no need for this, yet you do it anyway. Face this fully and then see what comes up. Really feel it out. If you're okay with it, then again, enjoy your meal. This is not about right or wrong. Its about your ability to be truthful with yourself. Most people never even contemplate these ideas and so they get defensive when they are confronted with the outcomes of this unconscious behaviour. And eating meat doesnt have to be unconscious behaviour at all. A hunter knows what he's eating. Its all about the way you are relating to it. Don't even think about enlightenment when you can't be honest to yourself about simple things like this. It gets a lot harder
  2. You can just play any of these and your trip will turn into absolute magic. Best listened to in one go. Great for dancing and letting go completely. Haven't done a trip without listening to at least one of these. This one's very calm / beautiful / surreal. Works great if you want to explore those peak emotions. Not your typical tripping music but I put this one on during my last trip and it was fucking amazing. Really coloured the atmosphere. Like entering a different world. And of course Pink Floyd. All of it.
  3. Keep meditating and meditating until these "states" become so normal that your mind won't even bother to notice it anymore.
  4. You have it all backwards. Imagine becoming so masculine that you stop giving a shit about needing to be masculine, and thus you are now finally able to embrace your feminine side at last. This is stage green.
  5. What is the point? What is, is the point.
  6. I didn't know about Alex Grey before this thread. Thanks a lot. That really resonated. What he does with his art, I want to do exactly that but with (instrumental) music. Art that mirrors Truth. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»
  7. The day I stopped eating meat was the day I stopped being depressed. Which came as a huge surprise. I anticipated an impact on the body, but it also had a huuge impact on the mind. Which I never hear people talk about. Its a very personal thing though. For me, it was simply a realigning to my own resonance. A very natural transition. For you it might be different. Try it out and see for yourself.
  8. Nothing compares to that first ever mindfuck. Before you even knew what a mindfuck meant. For me it was Shutter's Island. Fucking hell man.
  9. Passion / creativity is your compass towards self-realisation.
  10. I get bombarded with 222 and 2222. It's always quite magical. Don't get too hung up on the meanings of these events though. That's ego land. Focus on that feeling of being connected to Truth and move on.
  11. Don't let awakening be an obstacle that keeps you from living life fully. How can you be an activist if you aren't actively participating in life? Keep following your resonance to Truth. Learn to trust it more and more, and you will start to speak and act from that place. In that way, spirituality becomes your form of activism. But you'll never feel the need to change anything. It happens spontaneously. Joyously. There's no traps there.
  12. Because you want to get rid of the thought. But that is just another thought. And that's how you create this negative feedback loop. In other words resistance to what is. Thoughts are harmless if you see them for what they are. Simple movement. Just let them be. They'll come and go. Look for that which doesn't come and go and stay with it without trying to get rid of anything. Sometimes when you're stuck in such a pattern of thought it can really help to simply state: "I don't care." Not in a denying way. Just simply allow yourself to let go. See where those words lead you.
  13. The ego is a mechanism that's all about identity and security. So when things start changing too fast it starts to feel frightened because it's losing either one of those. And so, there's ego backlash. A clinging to the old ways which seemed so comfortable. Yes, but this suffering is then the teacher that will relieve this person from his/her shadow. It's all part of the journey. Even figuring out you've been bullshitting yourself for years is growth. The question is, how long will you postpone this realisation/growth? So I don't think it's a bad thing if your intentions are egoic. That's simply the frequency you're operating from. It's better to be honest about it. But if you keep your mind open to being wrong, that will get corrected along the way.
  14. What do you hope love will give you that peace doesn't already have?