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  1. @Mu_ Thanks, Mu
  2. Interesting YouTube channel about channeling, numbers and syncronisities!
  3. @Litaken You're amazing, come give me a hug ❤️🙏 @Nahm Means a lot Nahm 🙏
  4. Hi @Litaken, thank you for your response. After contemplating what you've said this restlessness made a lot more sense. I realised that I have to surrender the need for needing, because it is ego driven. Even the wanting to be at peace in awareness is ego driven!
  5. Heya, I don't know how to put this. For the past few weeks i've been feeling something that i call 'energetic restlessness'. My body is tired and wants to fall to the ground. I FEEL energetic, but I have no actual energy to do anything. It's kinda like being drunk actually. There are periods where i feel completely in peace and surrendered to this present moment while at the same time having no interest in doing anything. The joy is then gone. Not even painting and drawing, which is my passion. I don't even want to lie down. I just want to stare into that void and be completely at peace. I want to be alone. This 'state' can be very emotional at times, too. Often times there is some tention in the chest. Like something wants to get out. Because of this, my meditations have become VERY wild. Physically wild. I feel as though energy is releasing in my body and I get all these spasms and twists all over my body. Sometimes I talk weird languages, like shamanic languages (I think?). These spasms have been going on for a few months, but just recently they've become more wild. I don't force anything, it just happens and it is seen. Intuitively I feel and know that im all right. There are no negative associations with these experiences. But something tells me I need to be reassured that i'm all right. I'm venturing in the depths and I need some guidance. Someone that knows what's going on, and can reassure me that im all right. Thanks for reading! Wesley
  6. Well done my dude!!! 🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏
  7. Infrared space salamander
  8. Do whatever feels good man! Do nothing technique seems just perfect for you. If you get bored after a while, yea, you might try Vipassana or mindfulness with labeling, or whatever other technique you prefer. There really are no rules for it in terms of what technique to use. Whatever soaps your goat buddy! Follow your intuition and don't get distracted I like your name BTW. It's kinda puzzling and hypnotising. Good luck!!
  9. Haha meant to be!! Keep going 🙏❤️
  10. Wait what? I just saw him, at the gas pump!
  11. "Death by astonishment" always cheers me up lol.
  12. You can do it brother @youngshinzen For real, you can do it. And YOU WILL! The last 30 days were the hardest for me too. We're behind you!! 💪💪