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  1. @Basegodmike @dorg @SOUL @Joseph Maynor @Nahm @Charlotte @Artaemis Thanks everyone for taking your time to reply. I'll take my time to contemplate it. The breathing technique seems the most accessible right now for me. I recently returned from a solo retreat and I can see how much work there has to be done. It's unbelievable to see how asleep I actually am. Though it's so interesting to see the mind fall back in its old habits, even after a week of the retreat. And I feel that work and other activities are causing this. Oh man, the mind loves to be distracted Thanks again everyone. This made me laugh out loud, tnx <3
  2. There is concentration, yes. But the activity itself is not observed. This is only realised when it's passed. That's why I feel like I'm lost in monkey mind and not present during these moments. For me, that's not meditation and staying mindful.
  3. I'd like to have some guidance in this. I lose myself every time when I get too engaged in an activity (socialising, studying, work stuff). I fall right back asleep. Only when the activity is over I can observe and meditate again.
  4. @Faceless Nah, not at all. Quite the opposite really @Salcedoop Thanks for the advice! It doesn't hurt, so good to know i'm fine I'm planning to attend yoga classes in the future. For now, i'm exploring different styles and poses to learn the basics. I think I resonate the most with Kundalini now
  5. Sometimes when I do a body stretch (standing with shoulders backwards, chest/stomach inwards, with hands behind my back and neck turned backwards) I hear this loud snap (or crack, click?) in the heart/solar plexus area. I gradually stretch my body from the base of the spine to the top and at this particular area I hear this snap sound. It's nothing compared to the usual, subtle stretching sounds I hear. I feel really comfortable afterwards and sometimes even zone out for a bit after a long sit. My question is, is this loud snapping or clicking normal? What does it mean, or do? I'm new to yoga poses and stretching exercises, so I don't even know if this body stretch exercise is safe Thanks!
  6. @Leo Gura My advice: - Remove ranks - Remove reputation count - Remove content count next to avatar Butttt: * Keep content count only on someones profile page, or add a "years of service" kinda thing so you can see how much someone has contributed (or is involved with) the forum. Imo this is less 'jugemental' than seeing ones reputation count combined with his total posts. * Allow reputation only for posts or replies, without adding to ones reputation count. I think it's still important to filter out quality posts or replies. In this way reputation only becomes relevant in the context of it's post or reply. Option 2: - Keep reputation count, keep content count only visible on your profile page, not on the fast view or post/reply page. Edit: it's all relative anyway
  7. I mean, what exactly is your problem here? You're feeling good doing what you do, so it seems. Why seek justification? When you truly feel something is True for you, you don't need different opinions or point of views. Be confident about your views. The rest is just masturbation. You're making things way too complicated in your head, my friend. The mind is only tricky when you make it tricky.
  8. Isolation is not okay. Avoid it at all costs.
  9. Do you have any idea for when your next (solo) retreat is planned? Thanks!
  10. @rorghee Yes! Welcome to the plateau of boredome. It's a phase you have to go through. Unfortunately, growth is not linear. Live with it. As long as you're sitting, you're making progress. Know this. And double up your meditation time! Meditate 20 minutes in the morning and 20 in the evening. BAM! 40 minutes total. Work your way up from there. Also, try strong determination sits. These really boosted my meditations. Try one our sits. Sometimes one has to experience extreme boredom and physical uncomfort to train meditation muscles. Your mind is taking you over and you are giving into it. You're creating excuses. Just sit and shut up. Bite the bullet. Real growth comes when you pass the threshold. And this one:
  11. Sometimes a particular scene or moment can cause a bad trip. For me this was on a psytrance festival. It was a 5 day festival. I was with 2 other friends there. The 3th night we decided to go to bed early, listen to some music in the tent and meditate. But things started to get really dark. Our tent was located in these park bushes, surrounded by trees. It looked pretty awesome and cosy. It became dark outside and the festival music also became faster and darker. At least, thats how we perceived it. Insects started crawling in our tent. Normally we wouldn't mind, but this time it just got scary. We could see the insects breathing and we thought they wanted to attack us. I remember looking up to the towels we hanged there to dry. I somehow became very annoyed and even scared by the way they were hanging. I felt like a lost heroin addict. I took a few breaths in and reminded myself i'm okay. That helped for a moment. We started hearing laughter and whisperings outside our tent. I heard search helicopters. They were looking for us. I also heard trains passing by very loudly. At this point the whole situation just became funny, for me. I told my friends that we should just go outside for a walk, because sitting here in the tent wasn't gonna solve anything. We needed to change the setting. They agreed. We talked a bit and joked around. Was it bad LSD? Nah. It was the setting for sure. It's interesting how something really small can flip the trip around pretty quick. And also, I wouldn't suggest taking these drugs in a festival setting. We wanted to test it out for ourselves. We had lots of fun of course, but the thing is, you are way more sensitive and vulnurable when there are so many people around and with music. This was definately a good lesson for me. Trip by yourself or with a tripsitter for sure. This is much more profound (duh)
  12. Which Now are you? Is there a difference?
  13. Yes. Simple things make life beautiful !
  14. @Shin