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  1. Do whatever feels good man! Do nothing technique seems just perfect for you. If you get bored after a while, yea, you might try Vipassana or mindfulness with labeling, or whatever other technique you prefer. There really are no rules for it in terms of what technique to use. Whatever soaps your goat buddy! Follow your intuition and don't get distracted I like your name BTW. It's kinda puzzling and hypnotising. Good luck!!
  2. Haha meant to be!! Keep going 🙏❤️
  3. Wait what? I just saw him, at the gas pump!
  4. "Death by astonishment" always cheers me up lol.
  5. You can do it brother @youngshinzen For real, you can do it. And YOU WILL! The last 30 days were the hardest for me too. We're behind you!! 💪💪
  6. My humor gaydar went up, thanks Joseph.
  7. It might work to make a few rules for during these auto pilot moments. Make a rule that everytime you shake your friends hand or hug them, you become present and aware of it. Make a rule that everytime you walk in the bus to greet the bus driver, you become present. Make a rule that everytime you brush your teeth or step into the elevator at your work, you become present. This helped a lot for me. Back this up with Vipassana, breath work, meditation, yoga (and yes, I have to pick some of them up again too ). Keep aligning yourself with being, breath, the present moment and try not to slip back in old (bad) habits. I'ts a slow but fun process. But you'll find yourself become more aware during these auto pilot moments.
  8. Embrace your weirdness man!! In the end we are all a bunch of weird aliens on a round planet somewhere in a galaxy taking selfies and sniffing cane. Let the weird be weird and the ignorant be ignorant for now. It's absolutely fine. Life is weird like that. Acceptance is key!
  9. Day 14
  10. @bejapuskasyea that could very well be. Maybe it's getting too much in my head by writing all these posts. Although I think it's not the main reason for relapsing tho. For me, the main issue is that when I relapse, I'm not in line with my goals and I convince myself that I'll be fine by watching porn. But deep down I know and feel that it's toxic for the mind. I justify it because I feel like I need the quick fix (to reduce stress, headaches, to fall asleep). And then the physical and sensational overload comes and I give into the cravings. Its a damn roller-coaster 😂 I'm thinking of updating this journal maybe once in 5 days instead of daily. Just to slow it down a bit.
  11. Day 1,2,3: 2/10
  12. Day 16: relapse I relapsed after I wrote my last post. The hornyness was just terrible. It lasted about 5 hours (untill 5am) and I finnaly gave in. I just couldn't sleep. I tried every technique but nothing lasted. I was so relieved when I finnaly gave in. This was not healthy.