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  1. Day 13: relapse I relapsed in the middle of the night. I couldn't sleep, so I used fapping as an excuse to fall asleep. It worked tho, but of course I gave into the craving and watched porn for waaaay too long. Like I said a few posts back, it's time to restructure my life again. I got so much spare time to do good stuff. The last few days I've been painting like crazy and it feels awesome. But I'm still waking up way too late, I'm watching movies, series and basically wasting my time. using this opportunity to get rid of my internet addiction. Not just porn, but also YouTube, Netflix and this forum. It's time to reboot the system. For 10 days I'm not using any form of digital entertainment, except for listening to music while doing my hobbys. And: - Boost meditation from 30 minutes daily to 2hrs daily - 1hr daily nature walk - 1hr of reading Lets start with this. I'm also continuing to fight the nofap beast. I'm shutting my phone off for 10 days, only before bed I'm checking for mails and messages. During my solo retreat this worked out fine so I'm confident it's not going to be a distraction. Time to take action. See ya'll on the other side!
  2. Day 12: 3/10
  3. Day 11: 1/10
  4. Thanks bruv! 🙏
  5. Day 10: 2/10 The sexual thoughts are there, but no arousal or anything. Seems like the mind isn't done with fapping, but the body is? By the way, I just graduated so this means I can restructure my life again. And I got big plans! It's time to boost my spiritual practices and creativity.
  6. Day 9: 2/10
  7. Day 8: 1/10
  8. Day 7: 4/10 I was alone for the whole day, but managed to keep my eyes on the work. Tomorrow is my final graduation presentation so then I'll know If I graduated
  9. Yes, don't force it on them. Inspire them, show them ideas, examples. Trying to convince them works counter productive. Be the example yourself and they'll become naturally more interested. Or not.
  10. Day 6: 2/10
  11. Day 5: 1/10
  12. Thanks for sharing everyone, this thread makes me happy There are so many great experienced I wish to share. I think the biggest one was the realisation that I could literally take off all my clothes and run around naked in the streets and not give a flying f*uck. There was no ego for a moment. Mind you, this was during a peak LSD experience I've never felt so free in my life. I seemed to last for ages, for infinity. Untill the peak was over QQ And also music. When your connect very deeply with a song. Man. @NoSelfSelf I second this!
  13. Appreciate it man, tnx! ❤️
  14. Day 4: 1/10
  15. @rounder @EvilAngel It does! Spiral dynamics is very useful for me too. I think the important message here is to not turn these models into an ideology or absolute truth.