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  1. Good luck on your journey man! Just out of curiosity for your perspective, how is masturbation low consciousness behaviour?
  2. Wednesday, 30 minutes, 1 break Friday, 30 minutes, 0 breaks It feels good to run back on schedule. I will try to aim for 1 hour and keep that as a max. This will also be my last post here in this journal because I have build the internal motivation to keep running at least 2 times a week. Bye bye and enjoy year breakfast tomorrow!
  3. Monday 30 minutes, 1 break
  4. Wednesday 40 minutes, 1 break
  5. Saturday 30 minute run, 2 breaks
  6. Monday 45 minute run, 2 breaks
  7. Update: I did a 4km run yesterday, no pain. This monday i'll start running 3 times a week and see how far I can go. Cant wait to go back to my old schedule ♥️
  8. Update: I ran twice this week, very slow tempo and not more than a few minutes of continuous running. The first run I did feel my upper leg a bit but it was more of a 'lazy' leg. Today I finished my second run and I was able to do a faster phase. Very carefully. Wednesday i'll do another short run.
  9. Cool composition with the tree trunk in the foreground
  10. It looks like my leg is fully healed. Im actually very very happy to get back in my running routine because i've noticed that my eating and sleeping habits have worsen. I go to bed later, I make less healthy food choices. And the mornings feel less productive. So let's go. I will start running (slowly) starting this monday and see how far I come and when I can continue with the schedule I was following.
  11. Week 11 day 1 (Monday) 60 minute run, medium tempo I hurt my right leg this Monday. It might have been overused last weekend. Barely any rest and hard physical work in our garden and I'm afraid it's not the last day. Didn't run today too. It's frustrating but I have to get over it. We'll see how Friday goes. Otherwise no run and extra rest in the weekend. ??????
  12. Week 10 Day 2&3 (Wednesday/Sunday) Interval, 7x5 minute sprint (2min. breaks in between) 60 minutes, slow tempo
  13. Week 10 Day 1 (monday) 75 minutes, medium tempo I skipped the 3th day of week 9 because I was too lazy and had too many excuses. THAT AIN'T HAPPENING NO MORE! This run went great tho. 13,6km in one take. That makes me happy again
  14. Week 9 Day 1&2 (monday, Wednesday) 70 minutes, medium tempo 70 minutes, fast tempo (2x 5 min. break)