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  1. Keep in mind that entrepreneurship is a means to an end, not an end by itself. Your points on control and autonomy are definitely correct. This can be both a pro and a con. Some people might benefit from the security and stability that employment provides as they pursue their LP. Others might feel limited by that and need more freedom. Ultimately you have to decide for yourself what is the best way to realize your LP.
  2. If I'd always trust what feels good without thinking, I'd likely be a cocaine addict. Luckily I know logically that cocaine isn't good for me. Feeling can be as deluded as thinking. On a particular diet it is possible that one can feel great while blood values go to hell.
  3. If you are afraid that people will judge you, they should actually be grateful because you're leaving more of what they want to them since you're not hunting in their forest.
  4. Absolutely! We need a lot less protein than we think we need. As long as you eat whole plants and meet your required calorie intake it's actually very difficult not to get enough protein. It's true though that soy has particularly high protein content, but so do beans, lentils, whole grains, chick peas, seitan, quinoa, brown rice etc.
  5. There's no reason why a vegan should be eating soy, I've personally done quite a bit of research into soy because there are all kinds of myths around it and upon closer investigation I couldn't find a good reason not to consume it.
  6. @Rasheed People say all sorts of things. I think there comes a point where more research becomes counterproductive. Instead I think you need to apply more and also learn from experience. Remember that it's important to balance theory and practice.
  7. There's no one size fits all. Depending on the type of athletics, your particular body and its individual needs you need a specific diet. If you're interested in building muscle, check out Frank Medrano. It seems to work for him and he offers meal plans on his website. John Venus also seems to be quite successful.
  8. Go on Google and look for "Dr. Gregor's daily dozen". Eating roughly that is a good way to make sure you don't miss any essential nutrients.
  9. @Rasheed You could debunk Joe Rogan again. Some people do that, they debunk the debunkers But I think watching that is not a very good source of knowledge. It's always very one-sided and the business model is essentially polarization and dogma. So, this is not going to get us very far. It is true that meat can sustain you longer than broccoli, which is probably why humans had to eat meat to survive during though times to survive. But that's not the situation most of us are in today. Today it's largely a question of choice, even for athletes. It doesn't really matter if they have always been vegan or not. They have shown that you can increase your performance even on a vegan diet as an athlete. However, if that's important to you, they also showed a vegan bodybuilder who hasn't ever eaten meat, he was raised vegan.
  10. You cannot reduce high consciousness Vs low consciousness down to a single factor. It's not that if you do X, suddenly your consciousness drops by 10 points. That's not how it works. There a also different ways to eat meat. You can consume it recklessly or you can consume it consciously. Also some people have to eat meat out of necessity, they don't have a choice. In order to survive we always have to kill. Even if you don't eat meat, plants are also living creatures that would prefer not to die. They are just simpler creatures. The question is, do you kill consciously with minimum impact, just for your own survival? Or do kill recklessly, just because you like the taste, for pleasure? I would argue that most people are simply ignorant. They are not conscious of the suffering their choice for pleasure is causing and that what they're eating came from an animal concentration camp. I think if people were conscious of that they would naturally stop eating meat. It should ring a bell for us knowing that so many gurus, yogis and sages are vegetarians. But I would also argue that you can be ignorant in this particular area, but highly conscious in other areas, so you can still be very conscious overall.
  11. "The China Study" and "Whole" both by Colin Campbell are quite eye opening
  12. This guy doesn't understand what he is presenting. He debunks himself by showing evidence against his own argument and misinterpreting it as evidence supporting his argument. Look at the China mortality graph for example (about 11:00). In the graph, mortality rates actually go up after 2005, which makes sense because you don't drop dead instantly after eating an egg. Yes, egg consumption increased dramatically during 1980 and 2005 in China, but of course the consequences of that come later, which is exactly what you can see in that graph... Think twice before you trust some kid on the internet. Just because he has followers and shows you images of a random papers doesn't mean that what he is saying actually makes sense.
  13. I don't consider myself a vegan, but I haven't touched a piece of meat in 5+ years and barely eat any dairy products. I have a job that requires me to be mentally sharp and alert every day and I'm also quite active physically in my free time doing Muay Thai. As far as I can tell I'm still alive and function very well and without any compromise in these areas so I can assure you that it is definitely possible to live well without consuming any meat. It's not always easy because as with everything there's a learning curve. How far you wanna take it and whether you want to quit animal products entirely at some point is something everyone has to decide for himself based on one's own experience IMO. Best of luck
  14. @Samuel11 What else do you do in your life apart from watching porn? Probably the more stuff you've got going on and the busier you are the harder it is to relapse.