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  1. If you understand what it really is, there's not much to believe. It's a rather common-sensical phenomenon. The problem is just that the word "karma" is extremely contaminated with all kinds of silly notions.
  2. Just because you should supplement, doesn't mean it's not ideal. Animals don't produce B12 and neither do plants. It's made by certain microbes. But in the sterile environments we live in today we're no longer confronted with these bacteria, which is good because there are many harmful bacteria as well that we're no longer confronted with. In the past, we probably got all the B12 we needed just from drinking water out of some mountain stream. Today we chlorinate our water to kill all the bacteria. In today's sterile world, you have to get that B12 from somewhere else if you don't want to eat bacteria laden animal products. The safest way to get it is from B12 supplements and B12 fortified foods.
  3. Unfortunately, I sometimes forget it's just a rope
  4. BTW I don't like this. I feel like by replying to this post I'm indirectly saying that I am "awakened". Just to be clear: I'm not
  5. Perhaps, now is a good time to do a little bit less enlightenment work for a little while. You could run the risk of turning enlightenment work into a distraction and by that actually moving further away from it. Maybe just "distract" yourself with some mainstream pleasures and find some joy in these for a little while. Just to regain perspective. Then continue the kundalini journey PS: I don't know you, so my advice is based only on what I read. I hope that I interpret your situation correctly and that my advice applies to you.
  6. When I was still a teen I used to play this video game. I had trouble concentrating on school and other things for some time because I was thinking about the game all the time. Is your problem like that or is it different?
  7. @egoless Do you exercise? I get very tried at work right after lunch, normally. For a couple of weeks now I take the stairs to get back from the canteen to the office. I work on the 8th floor. Just this little exercise after lunch makes a huge difference for my energy levels for the rest of the work day.
  8. To try shrooms while I was still studying in the Netherlands
  9. I love that you're treating it like an experiment! And because of that I'd recommend you to not supplement anything. We worry way to much about deficiency and way too little about excess. Honestly, I have not seen one person in my entire life who was protein-deficient or anything like that. However, I have seen many obese people who had way too much. Since you want to see how it will effect your system, take a blood test after 6-months or so. You will see exactly what you colesterol is, your vitamins etc. If you notice a deficiency then, you might want to consider supplementing. I've been a vegetarian for about 3 years now. I take a blood test once a year and I never had any deficiency. The only thing I have is high colesterol, but that's genetic. Almost everybody in my family has that. But that's just one more reason to not eat meat for me.
  10. Do you know those nights when you had a drink too much and you did all kinds of things you wouldn't normally do? The next day you usually regret what you did. I guess we all know those nights. That's basically what god does. You are god, very literally. Me too btw. But we are remarkably ignorant. So ignorant that we don't even know what we are and what we are doing. It's almost as if the creator was drunk. So if he wakes up one day and realizes what he was doing all the time... well, maybe he'd feel sorry.
  11. I wouldn't conclude that we cannot know yet. Maybe we can... Personally, I don't know if we can know or not (yet). But I don't want to leave any opportunity unexplored. Before I have not tried everything, I won't conclude that we cannot know reality.
  12. I didn't say there's an illusion. You say there's an illusion I'm not believing or disbelieving anything. Psychedelics may not exist in an external world independent of you, just like anything else. But maybe they do. We don't know for now. Nevertheless they change your perception. All I'm saying is there's a potential that can be explored. I'm not saying that anything you experience on psychedelics is true or truer than regular experience. However, first person experience is all you have. Psychedelics can alter this experience, which is why they can potentially contribute to deepen your understanding of reality.
  13. Actually, not at all! Science is highly biased by culture and many other things. Additionally, there are countless studies on the same topic that contradict each other. And above all, objective does not exist. Objective is fundamentally subjective. If you conduct a scientific experiment, the entire experiment takes place in your own, first-person experience, from it's design to it's conclusion. Objectivity is a sub-domain of subjectivity! It is an artificial concept. You have nothing but your own first-person experience. You cannot verify if anything outside it exists at all.
  14. @Brandon Nankivell Chakras are labels. They point to a certain reality or phenomenon. If someone believes that he'll find chakras by cutting open a body, that's BS. But certain phenomena can be well explained by Chakras. So, do they exist or not? - It doesn't matter! If someone tells you your orange charka is out of balance and you do something to fix it and it works, what's the problem? It doesn't matter if you talk in terms of heart, liver, kidney or in terms of Chakras, as long as the solution works, right?