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  1. Exercise + Good food (but not too much)
  2. Whatever Sadhguru may say about me, I can assure you that I'm not an alien.
  3. There are dozens of definitions. But I really like the following: Ego is that feeling that you are a thing located inside this body looking outward. Ego is fundamental to survival. Without it you wouldn't identify with this body and thus have no need to care for it. Personality is like a mask you put on. It is your values, the way to talk, how you interact with people, your opinions and beliefs etc. You can't have personality without ego, but in theory you could have ego without personality. Regardless of the definitions, however, the key difference is that personality is a much higher order phenomenon than ego.
  4. I think the conclusion should not be to quit your job, but to find joy and fulfillment in whatever it is that your doing. A shift in perspective.
  5. Wouldn't it be amazing to combine this with AI? For example, ecology informed by big data and AI, would be next level ecology. To me this sounds like a fantastic opportunity and for you it would mean that you don't have to do either this or that, but both. As Leo mentioned, the next great discoveries will be probably be made at the intersection of different disciplines.
  6. The following daily routines are extremely simple, but highly effective. 1. Choose when you go to sleep. This allows you to take control of your day before it even starts. If you want to wake up early and be productive in the morning, then you have to be consistent about when you go to sleep. 2. Make your bed in the morning. Every big win in life requires a series of small wins to get there. Success breeds more success. Start each day with a sense of accomplishment by making your bed. 3. Wake up before the sun rises. nothing feels better than know you started your day before the sun is up. You'll be more productive by 10am than most people are all day. 4. Exercise every morning. This one has all kinds of positive benefits. No need to overdo it. it's about taking small, consistent steps forward and doing just enough to cause positive adaptations. 5. Decrease the clutter in your life. When you decrease the clutter at home and at the office, you'll find that the "clutter" in your mind decreases as well, making it easier to think and focus. .. and of course... 6. Meditation I'm still struggling to do #4 consistently, but I try to go for a walk every day and exercise at least twice a week.
  7. Example please. Who lived to 1000 years old? And why would a 1000-yo's advice always be more valuable than a 60-yo's? IMO if someone claims to be 1000 years old, that doesn't make him more trustworthy, I'd be especially careful taking advice from this guy!
  8. I'm no expert, but I know that in Estonia you can get e-residency and start a LTD company with only about 2,000 EUR, completely online and without physically having to be there. I don't know much more about the details or the pros and cons, I just know that a friend of mine did it. So, maybe this could be something for you to read up about? You might want to check this out:
  9. Just bear in mind that this forum has been designed for very specific purposes. This is not reddit where anyone can post anything. If we tolerated everything, this place would soon get cluttered with all kinds of stuff such that it would no longer serve its purpose. If you have an issue with a moderator's decision you can always contact me or anyone of us directly and we'll figure it out together. We aren't perfect and sometimes make bad decisions because we are also just regular people like you trying to self-actualize. We just voluntarily try to keep this forum free from spam, BS and try our best to maintain a good climate so that everyone can enjoy it and get most value from it. And don't worry about the two warning points. No further restrictions were applied. So, it is rather symbolic. It is quite difficult to get banned permanently from this forum.
  10. Doesn't have to be that way. I was in NZ recently. There, starting a small business is almost as easy as sending one email. Also in Germany, my native country, starting a business is a lot easier and better incentiviced than in Spain.
  11. This would be great! Here in Spain we have one of the highest unemployment rates in Europe. At the same time it is very expensive and bureaucratic to start a business. We have almost the least favorable conditions for small businesses in Europe. And then they wonder why there's so much black labor... It's not that the people don't work. They do, but they just don't make it official because for many it wouldn't be worth it.
  12. If it has zero steps, well I guess, I don't have to do anything, right? Easier said than done... Doing nothing while at the same time making progress... Indeed a fascinating paradox. Quite twisted...
  13. I found this poem really inspiring and perspective-changing!