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  1. @Identity How much time do you spend sitting? How often do you exercise or do sports?
  2. You can be meditative doing anything. However we usually practice meditation in silence because it's easier when there are no distractions.
  3. A friend of mine from Finland recently: "I hate my ancestors. Who the F had the terrible idea to settle here? It's cold, wet, first we don't get any sun for 6 months, then we get only sun for 6 months. Humans really should be here." Ok, this wasn't meant to be serious of him, but what is true apparently is that they have more issues with depression, alcoholism and suicides.
  4. That's great! It's actually very interesting that people report great results on all kinds of diets. I think that any diet that brings people away from junk food and highly processed foods, will be beneficial for one's health.
  5. @Moreira I sense a lot of fear, frustration and anger towards certain people in your response. As followers we know that the way we see reality is colored and shaped to a large extent by our emotions. Sometimes we project them outward and start seeing things that aren't really there. Really look at it objectively: Do you have any legitimate evidence that what you're saying is actually true? And I don't mean some random guy's conspiracy video on YouTube... Or could it be that you want to see that? Like who exactly are you talking about? Which bank owner is pushing "the vegan agenda" (whatever that is) while eating high quality meat? Sorry, I'm saying things you probably don't wanna hear and I don't mean to turn this into a debate. If you think there's value in getting to know a different perspective, you can watch the film, otherwise leave it, that's also fine.
  6. Good stuff! Everything one needs to know in a nutshell. Also I focus on earning more instead of spending less, despite most money gurus telling you the opposite. I don't usually spend money on useless stuff, but I like to eat out, live in a nice apartment and wear high quality clothes. In fact, eating out, for example, with the right people is crucial to create opportunities. For me personally, it has been working much better to spend my energy on earning more rather than saving.
  7. Who are these elites exactly? Why do they want to push veganism? If an elite is being threatened here, it's the dairy, meat and egg companies. So they produce ads and studies to confuse people because confusion leads to inaction. In contrast, I've never seen a single study or ad funded by the broccoli industry This is a stereotype that would be corrected by watching the documentary. If you eat meat chances are that even you get your B12 from a supplement, if you like it or not, as explained in the film...
  8. Sounds interesting. Where did you hear about it?
  9. Fun fact: It has been shown that people who take vitamin supplements actually die sooner on average. Why? - Well, not necessarily because of the supplements, but because they often focus so much on the vitamins that they neglect a proper diet and other factors. I'm not saying don't take them. Just pay attention to how you feel, don't neglect other aspects of health and remember that too much of a good thing can sometimes become a bad thing.
  10. I would say that it depends a lot on the person, individual and lifestyle. You can certainly eat meat every day and be healthy. The only question is whether it is really necessary to eat meat every day given that today we have so many great alternatives.
  11. I found it very inspiring and insightful, and I think I will change a couple of things as a result. So, I thought it's worth sharing here. Enjoy! They say it's also going to be available on Netflix soon. So, if you have Netfelix, you might wanna wait instead of pay to watch it now.
  12. Then don't eat it?! If you already believe that meat is terrible, then this is like asking, "how many cigarettes per week are ok?" - well, of course, none at all if possible...
  13. I highly recommend the new documentary "The Game Changers"!