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  1. For a friend of mine it's the Sahara desert. Unfortunately I've never been there but I bet it must be amazing: Total silence and noone but you and the sand in which you lay. For the same reason my special place is under water.
  2. True, me too! It helps to see it as a process. Lots of things are changing as mankind is becoming more conscious. But it's a slow process...
  3. A religious fundamentalist might say the same thing, "if you take a child to a modern school they will only learn rationality. They are not taught proper religion anymore." For many people, their religion is rationalism. But it's not very different from traditional religion fundamentally. Only the content of their groundless web of beliefs is different.
  4. So, YouTube showed you exactly what you were looking for.
  5. No, but with videos like these you cherry-pick evidence in order to stigmatize them, which is exactly what you accused them of while doing it yourself.
  6. Aren't you doing the exact same thing that you hate about religious people right now? ... except in a different colour.
  7. @7thLetter Thanks for sharing your story. I guess I can understand your motivations to be an entrepreneur rather than an employee as well. Totally makes sense. All the best of luck on your journey
  8. Exactly! I'm thinking, in today's day and age with the internet and smartphones, we are bombarded with so much information that we get lost so easily due to information overload. Navigating confusion well is becoming such a vital skill in nutrition and in the 21st centry at large.
  9. Amen to that. I'm still waiting for you to write a book btw. I love to read your posts. And the world of nutrition could need more people who are not just one way or the another, but are a bit more nuanced and manage to integrate different perspectives.
  10. @7thLetter I'm happy for you that you found a way do make a living while doing something that excites you and gives you the freedom you want. I think there are pros and cons to everything, but it's not that being and entrepreneur is the only way to live a good life. Right now employment offers a lot of opportunity for me to actualize my passion and do something that excites me. Possibly I will sooner or later outgrow it and start my own business. But then entrepreneurship will be a means for me to do more of what I love. I believe we first need to figure out what we like doing and then what is the best way to do that. And that can be entrepreneurship for some people and employment for others. There are even more ways such as activism, supporting and NGO, doing art or being a scientist. I also think that when Leo was talking about wage slavery, he was especially referring to mind-numbing, robotic work just to get a pay-check so you can pay your bills at the end of the month. He probably didn't mean so much the kind of employment where you get a lot of responsibility, freedom to create and contribute to exciting projects that have an impact you really care about. So, I guess it comes down to one's personal capabilities, priorities and individual circumstances. But it's not the case that entrepreneurship or employment is inherently superior.
  11. @7thLetter Two of my colleagues at work and a friend of mine actually do FBA and drop shipping as side businesses. However all of them kept their full-time jobs eventhough their side hustle already generates an above average salary. That's because Amazon FBA can be over any minute, according to them. It's a grow or die system that is extremely competitive. You have to constantly expand your product offering to keep up. And due to that fact that Amazon is quite oversaturated nowadays, the profimargins are getting smaller and smaller. Also they don't want to leave their destiny up to Amazon. If Amazon doesn't like some things you're doing they can penalize you and dramatically impact your sales. You're playing Amazon's game according to Amazon's rules. So while they make good money right now they believe it's too unsafe as single source of income. And don't think you won't have a lot of work or clients doing FBA. My colleagues are working on the side businesses about 4-5 hours daily in the evening. That's a lot less than they work in their normal jobs, but they earn a lot less per hour doing FBA. And once the business is running you will be dealing with complaints, returns, refunds and stuff like that all the time, not to mention suppliers and all the beraucracy of running a business. For me personally I think it's not worth it. I wouldn't feel fulfilled making a living selling overpriced cheap stuff from China. That's not my idea of Life purpose. Maybe for some people it is, just saying there are pros and cons to it.
  12. Maybe. I think for someone who has realized the oneness of existence and that he literally is every other person, it's unlikely that he becomes a rapist. However, I think enlightenment does not dictate behavior. Why would it? Look at enlightened people. They are all quite different, aren't they?
  13. Yes, he can also become a murder, a rapist and a corrupt dictator. Enlightenment is a realization. What you realize is one thing. How you act is another thing.
  14. Quite difficult to achieve especially as an entrepreneur. If you want that kind of freedom employment in a big company offers a lot more of that than being self-employed. As an entrepreneur you have to satisfy your clients, investors and other stakeholders all the time. As an employee you nowadays at least get home office, have flexible work schedule, paid vacations, work only part time, leave early on Fridays and stuff like that, if you have a good employer.
  15. You might like the series Westworld! In the series future humans have developed robots that are indistinguishable from real humans. They created an amusement park where robots live a wild west kinda life. Rich people can go there to play cowboy and do anything they want with the robots. If they want they can murder and rape the robots. Makes you wonder what makes us human and at what point a robot becomes so human-like that you can't even tell a robot and a human apart. Should we then give rights to the robots? In the series the robots are actually made so they feel pain and kind of have free will... And if we give rights to robots, what about animals? Do animals also deserve rights? Quite an interesting topic. I haven't come to a definite conclusion yet.