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  1. When you are not on the spiritual path everything is also blur. It's just that people are ignorant of that.
  2. If you were enlightened this probably wouldn't occur to you. With enlightenment comes the realization that everything is one. When you realize that everything is one, compassion for other people and the state that they are in, is a natural consequence. So, until then, keep being humble you probably also still have a lot of potential for further growth. And when you are at peak consciousness, the questions answers itself. That's at least how I see it. I try to interact normally with everyone regardless of their level of consciousness because I also have a lot of growing to do. Also higher consciousness is not necessarily better than lower consciousness. Maybe some people are kinda destined to remain at a low level in this lifetime, and that is also fine.
  3. You want to gain without the pain. But really the pain is the gain. Embrace the pain and learn to love it. If you can't immerse yourself fully under the cold water yet, start with your feet and move up a little bit every day until you can go head first. I love cold showers. I love the pain also because embracing it makes me feel strong and alive. And actually, you get used to it rather quickly.
  4. I have met some gay people in my life. I never noticed they were gay until the conversation went something like: Me: *telling some story* Gay guy: "Oh, yeah my boyfriend likes to do that, too." Me: "Your what?" Gay guy: " boyfriend" Me: "... so you're..." Gay guy: "yep..." And that was it. They are just normal people, except they like guys. Nothing wrong with that. And actually, nothing you can do about if you happen to be gay.
  5. You can do an online course on udemy that will teach you.
  6. The irony is that a 6 year old probably knows a lot more about it than most adults
  7. Of course, essentially any Spanish city with >100k inhabitants
  8. I guess it's sounds cliche but I think you don't choose that path, the path chooses you
  9. 4h per day is definitely too much. When are you going to implement all that stuff? I find 2h per week is more than enough, so I have the rest of the week to internalize it. If you feel like you have to catch up with all the videos, maybe watch 2 videos per week. But remember what matters in the end is not how many videos you watch, but how much you actually implement in your life.
  10. Studies are generally only interested in averages. Yes maybe to the average girl, looks are the most important thing. But why do you care? You just want that one girl that you think is special anyway, isn't it?
  11. @clouffy As a student of data science, I use statistics to explain or illustrate things or build models to make predictions and classifications. None of this is "real" in the absolute sense and we try to fit some aspect of reality into a simple model. But it works! It works quite well for the purposes that we want to achieve. Personally, I find it fascinating that by looking at some numbers on a screen, you can decide upon a course of action and have good confidence that it's gonna work. Maybe if you start to see your work like that you can reground yourself in it. Biosciences too is a fascinating aspect of reality.
  12. Ignorance is bliss
  13. @Sahil Pandit Can you give an example? Like, if I am ironing my clothes and my little 8-yo cousin is with me in the room, I'd tell her "don't touch the hot iron". What should I say instead?
  14. Thank you guys for your responses and suggestions. A couple more comments and questions: Thank you @Salvijus, I will check that out! I got it from the latest video. The reason for the assumption is that I am god, right? And the only reason I am disconnected from my existence as god is my egoic existence as a human. If this human dies I will again be god, or at leat, that what is in the way of me realzing my true nature is gone. Because there is nowhere else to go for god since it is everything, as soon as we remove me as a human, I must be god only god because the idea that I'm not god hinges upon my human existence. So, inevitably I must become god when I die, which is what you also have to do to realize god: You must become god! Hence, realizing god = becoming god = death. I get that. But how do you become conscious of that 24/7? Right now I'm aware of that maybe 7 seconds in 24 hours (if at all). This is what I try to convince my ego of to keep doing the work It works, but then again it's quite an egoic pursuit to want to realize god for my own personal gain. I have come to understand that ultimately me wanting enlightenment to live a good life, is my biggest obstacle right now. Because that's the ego wanting enlightenment, but of course, the ego can't become enlightened since it is the very thing that's in the way. So, at some point a shift has to happen. That's where I'm lost. What is that shift? Indeed, that would be the fastest way. Don't get me wrong, I'm not suicidal, quite the contrary , but why wouldn't this be viable? Can you please explain? Thanks @Nahm I'm interested in trying it, but I'm facing practical obstacles. I guess I don't know the right people When I'm in Amsterdam next time I promised myself to try something.