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  1. And what happens when you get kids without the license? Will you go to jail? Pay a huge fine? In this case what happens to the kid? If a politician seriously proposed this, I'm afraid people would throw shoes...
  2. I believe that you get the greatest joy from finding your "why", your reason to get up in the morning and be able to align your actions with that, out-weights any amount of money. As long as I get to do what I believe in, money is secondary. For this reason I quit a well-paying corporate job. What is important for me though is to own things of value such as stocks and real estate, and not just consume stuff. So, I focus on that rather than on money. When the next crisis hits, I will buy a small apartment, live there for a while and furnish it nicely. Then I am going to rent it out and either buy another bigger apartment or rent a new place. When I'm old I want to own multiple flats, stocks and the like because when I'm still young these things will give me a lot of freedom and when I'm old retirement. A friend of mine is just 24, has a very low paying job, but bought a small apartment. He has a tenant in that apartment giving him some additional income and paying the loan. At the same time he is renting an apartment, which he shares with other people. These subtenants pay for the entire rent. So basically he lives for free and owns an apartment. This is an extremely comfortable situation that will serve him for the rest of his live. In the end I think such a situation is even better than earning a lot of money.
  3. "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." - Albert Einstein
  4. True! What gets you to Yellow tough is when you start caring about a spider or a worm as much as about a cute little puppy. What gets you to Turquoise is when you start caring about a spider or a worm as much as about your mum.
  5. When you are sharing your vision with blind people don't be disappointed when they can't see it.
  6. Yes, there have been climate changes throughout the history of the planet, but how do you know this one that we are facing right now is inevitable? Evidence suggests that we are very much responsible and as such digging our own grave. If that is so, we might as well stop digging, isn't it? True, but this doesn't mean we should stop all efforts. It means that in addition to the climate change efforts we need to do something about over-population also. I read somewhere that the UN estimated that if we wanted to provide the standard of living an average American enjoys, we would need about 4 times the earth's resources. So, we already don't have enough for everybody and with every new human being the piece of cake everyone gets becomes smaller and smaller. I hate to say it, but it seems that sooner or later we will have to regulate birth rates, if we want to continue to live well on this planet.
  7. @Butters Does this include all animals, like insects, fish and spiders, too? If not, why not?
  8. The question is, what is "better"? Better or worse are not objective judgements. If you think you have become "better", another person might think you have actually become worse, and vice versa. In that sense perfection is also subjective. This leads to the philosophical question, "what is good and bad? " My recommendation is to drop all ideas of good vs. bad especially when judging yourself because these are just labels. At the end of the day, what matters is whether you are becoming more conscious or less conscious. Because your level of consciousness is directly proportional to the levels of fulfilment and happiness accessible to you.
  9. @Charlotte congrats, good to hear
  10. Considering that consuming a lot of animal products is society's default position, wouldn't the counter-intuitive thing rather be to not consume too much animal products?
  11. @AMSThese points are highly controversial and by far not as clear as you present them. There are other at least as valid arguments for the except opposite such as that humans are in fact herbivores. If you want to broaden your understanding I think you should consider some non-pro-meat perspectives as well.
  12. @SgtPepper Yes it includes fish, mussels, milk and eggs except on rare occasions. But I eat cheese occasionally, when I can get very good quality, but it's too expensive for me to eat it on a daily basis. I'm by no means a nutrition expert, so honestly I don't know some of the nutrients on this list. But regarding some I do know, my understanding is quite different. For example, When heart disease is the #1 killer in the west, why would you want to consume additional cholesterol besides what your body is producing? Plants logically don't contain saturated animal fat and animal bacteria, but what would you need them for? What kind of hormones are in animal products and only in animals products that you really need? Isn't the problem rather that animal products are so full growth hormones to make them grow quicker that we consume these hormones as a byproduct, which causes all kinds of problems? You get vitamin D from the sun, not from animals or plants. B12 is also not made by animals, but by microbes that we are killing by sanitizing our environment. So, it makes sense to supplement it. Please add to my current understanding if you know more.
  13. Such as? I haven't eaten meat in 5 years and my blood values have barely changed. They are neither better nor worse, only blood pressure overall went down and B vitamins are lower, but still good.
  14. Well, if you want a mainstream girlfriend, you should be doing mainstream things. But if you want an unconventional girlfriend, you should be doing unconventional things. If you are a non-mainstream person, but you want a mainstream girl, this will lead to problems.