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  1. He publishes a new full-length audiobook almost every week.
  2. Just be genuinely interested in other people's opinions. Never criticize! Instead find common ground and collaborate to find a solution. An argument arises as soon as one person feels that their world view is being attacked and thus needs to be defended. There's a whole chapter on why you shouldn't ever criticize in the famous book "how to win friends and influence people"
  3. I don't see how this "unmasks" Leo. Leo is presenting you a possibility. As far as we are concerned, maybe he's just talking shit all day long. But maybe he has stumbled upon something really awesome that could transform our lives forever. Whether you are willing to take that leap of faith or not, is up to you. So, if you don't like Leo's content, fine, I understand. But please see that it works extremely well for a lot of people. Why do you want to ruin it for them?
  4. In theory yes and I'm sure it works well in many companies. In practice however, at least in my experience, scrum often leads to lack of vision and short-term orientation, which ultimately ends up causing the very problem it's supposed to fix.
  5. In a conscious software development company they would try to move away from scrum as a project management philosophy, I think. Scrum is great, but IMO it often results in lower quality products that just deliver the minimum features to make an extra dollar rather than create real value and solve the user's fundamental problems.
  6. They clearly have no idea what self-actualisation is. It doesn't surprise me though. Because in order to really understand what self-actualisation is you have to have done a good amount of self-actualisation first. And most people don't even think it could be worthwhile to start.
  7. I think that's true, and I also think that it is not optional to be mindful of one's individual impact if one wants to be politically involved. If you demand for change politically but you yourself drive a Hummer privately, people will call you a hypocrite.
  8. I agree. But who said you can't do both? One can get involved in politics and also be more environmentally conscious of one's own impact at the same time. Most of the ways we can reduce our impact on an individual level are extremely simple and don't cost a lot of money or energy
  9. Of course. Every creature needs ego to stay alive. If you cannot even distinguish between "you" and "other" how would you know what to keep alive? So, fundamentally animals are not much different from us. Maybe some are less complex beings than humans, but same at the core.
  10. - Buy less clothes - Use reusable products and containers and avoid one-way products as much as possible - Take public transport - Eat less meat - Take the train instead of flying if possible - Buy higher quality products that last longer - Avoid products containing unnecessary harmful chemicals, e.g. body hygiene products - Buy higher quality food eventhough it costs more (for one's own good and the environment) Theses are some really simple ways we can contribute that would already help quite a lot if more people did them.
  11. I haven't looked into specific programs, but I've studied in NL myself and I was surprised by how advanced the universities were compared to German and Spanish one's. Definitely stage green education. If I was interested right now, I'd look at the university of Amsterdam and Delft first.
  12. Don't know to what extent you are open to relocation, but Dutch universities tend to be quite advanced and open to new fields. They only have 14 or so and to my knowledge they are all really good. Also studying in English is no problem in the Netherlands.
  13. Yes, I think there's an element of coincidence to it. But you can definitely increase your chances of it happening kinda like you can buy multiple lottery tickets.
  14. As a billionaire you can do more profitable things with your time and money than politics. However, those things don't give you as much power and influence and you won't be remembered as the president of the United States.