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  1. Maslow forgot WiFi as one of the basic needs
  2. You call it a "fact". Please let's look at it sincerely: How do you know you will die? Have you ever died? You believe that you will die. It's not a fact. If you are really sincere, you must admit that you really don't know what's gonna happen.
  3. He's a role model for me when it comes to charisma
  4. No it's not, I stole it. I'm one of the fake-indians
  5. Same here If you don't have your why yet, make it your purpose to find your why. Why? Because you want to make the most of this precious life, isn't it? So that's your why for now.
  6. I find these Indian-sounding names quite lame when you're not actually Indian
  7. A lucid dream is a particular type of dream, a dream in which you are aware of the fact that you are dreaming. This is not enlightenment. In a lucid dream you gernerally still believe that you are dreaming and when you wake up, you'll be back in the "real world". Realizing that you're in a dream so deeply that you actually awaken from it, that's enlightenment. But lucid dreams are cool to play with. I think they can even be a powerful tool to become enlightened.
  8. Of course!
  9. @Thanatos13 That's true skepticism. It's not really "true" if you question everything but not your own skepticism.
  10. Above all, be skeptical about your own skepticism
  11. Sorry man, I forgot
  12. Perhaps this is a foolish question, but isn't suicide then the fastest way to enlightenment?
  13. It might because of less distractions. But it might as well kill you (see the story of "into the wild")