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  1. Fuck this shit, I'm back to Cheetos & Game of Thrones.
  2. Take that shit. Apart from jokes: it will open you up in incredible ways. But don't see it as a magic pill for anything. If you're that depressed, consider starting a self-inquiry and meditation habit. Those alone will transform your whole life.
  3. Awareness is the "silence", beneath/between/behind thoughts. You can't really know what awareness is if your mind isn't enough still. Just sitting alone for 20 minutes a day for some months should start revealing what awareness is.
  4. @Thinh Not necessarily, stuff goes very deep don't think about it just do it.
  5. There are contractions that are so deep and painful that will take months or years to dissolve. I'm dissolving lots of them on the solar plexus (it seems the most affected area in my body). And I've been dissolving for months now and it's still very painful. I wish you guys courage and focus to keep on it!
  6. @Annetta I'm glad! If you want more insights I recommend checking the course The Sedona Method and/or the book Letting Go by David Hawkins. Know that you don't need though, it's just if you're interested in a conceptual framework to work on.
  7. Fuck yeah, every single day for fucking 400 days straight!