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  1. Practice: I suggest you don't try to fix anything, or change anything. Just let it be. Allow yourself to feel everything as it is without trying to get away from it. All emotions, including fear, will surface up in meditation. Go through it. Intellectual understanding: Probably that "presence" you're talking about is your projected anxiety and fear. This means that you're not allowing yourself to fully feel these emotions and so you are making it seem they're outside you. Therefore, you might feel that something is wrong or something's happening outside of you which is not supposed to. My experience: I also got these feelings when I started meditation and while hanging out in the dark. As my practice evolved, these feelings are no longer there and when they are, I just let them be. I noticed that most of the feelings stemmed from horror movies and media I used to watch when I was a kid. And also projected fear and anxiety.
  2. @Leo Gura Hello, I've been pushing my concentration practices and meditation practices but some doubts arose: You say concentration practice has a synergetic effect on meditation. But by concentrating on an object, we're forcing our minds to be still and not letting everything be as it is. Meditation, on the other hand, is about letting of control and manipulation. If I'm doing concentration followed by meditation, isn't the synergetic effect an illusion? Isn't it because our mind is very tight and controlled by our previous concentration practice? Isn't this the very opposite of what should happen in meditation? Teachers like Rupert Spira, Mooji and Adyashanti indeed don't talk about concentration practices. Why is this so? What happens when prolonged meditation starts giving you huge headaches? The more I meditate the more intense headaches I have. I want to meditate for hours and hours, and I'm pretty comfortable doing it from the neck down. From the neck up it's an entire different story. I've tried changing my posture (laying down usually helps). But is this recommended? Thank you
  3. All that is shit. It's a made-up resistance. It doesn't exist. Yeah, even that special unique issue that only you out of the 7 billion of us have. Even that is shit. The question is: Are you conscious enough to see it? All if fine, all is well.
  4. I started Nofap like 25 days and for the first 2 weeks it was very difficult but then the cravings started becoming less and less. Now I'm horny as fuck. I'm very energetically sexual and for the past week all my dreams involved girls. The decision not to masturbate/watch porn came after getting rid of other addictions (coffee and nervous tics). It was not a really bad addiction but I still felt the need when experiencing boredom or anxiety. Great stuff, keep it up!
  5. I'm still not disciplined with Self-Inquiry. I do meditate everyday but aren't willing yet to do +30 minutes of Self-Inquiry everyday. I have some days where I do it hours on end, other days where I don't do it...
  6. yeah guys, great stuff .... bring the coke
  7. Thanks guys. I'll take a time off my schedule to study your answers.
  8. I'm doing a lot of exercises to release pockets of energy related to craving and fear. I notice that the theme comes up again and again: wanting social-approval. It goes like this: lack of social-approval -> loneliness -> death? Relating this craving to childhood has done very little to vanish this nagging tendency completely. I know that by meditating more and more and just letting go of what I'm feeling right now, I'll eventually dissolve these pockets of energy. Nevertheless, it would be useful to speed up this process so I can prevent suffering and constant automatic thoughts about how others are perceiving me or what they might be thinking/saying about me. Does anyone know of a good exercise to address this issue or to go to the deep root of the problem? I've thought about Leo's solo retreat, but I'm not able to spend 10 days alone in my current life-situation, nor do I think that only 10 days will fix the root issue. I've also watched the video of "not caring about others' opinions" which did little to nothing to me. Thanks!