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  1. It's so amazing there's so much stuff to Life. Dimensions, vibrational energies, energy and synchronies, psychedelics, spirituality, Absolute Infinity, Nothingness, No-Self, auras, holographic universe, consciousness. It makes me want to penetrate Life's vagina and have a cosmic orgasm! It's so greaaaat, how could we have missed all of this before? This is AMAZING, this is Life! And still many people spend lives scratching their nuts and smelling their own shit (I know I did).
  2. Sounds intense. Why would you want to do it? According to your extensive research, is there any valid reason to do Salvia? Other than curiosity and entertainment... @Leo Gura
  3. How can I give you healthy food if your mouth is full of shit? Spit it out first! Belief systems block true understanding. Look every ordinary man has his whole world figured out. But is that so? Empty your cup as to remove mere beliefs and ideas and see what's left! Empty your cup first so as to give space for new understanding to arise.
  4. Feel the Is-ness, Spaciousness, Beingness, Background Awareness, Great Silence, the space between thoughts. Feel the "I am". That's all you have to do... Come back to it all the time everyday every single moment. Every thought is a resistance. Stay as the silence beneath. If you take this guidance your Ego has its days counted. Peace.
  5. Beautiful! This is soo similar to my Bufo Trip (with a shaman also). The difference was that I screamed for a good 10 seconds and when true surrender happened, I got super energetic, crazy humorous and a bit annoying. It's like you go from 20/20 vision to 1000000/1000000. I also love that you bowed in the end. It's like you truly see how powerful God is!
  6. thinking is for pussies live on emptiness
  7. And it dawns upon us how weird it was to assume there is a center called "I" There's just experiencing!
  8. So... I'm having an ego backlash that's why i'm writing this otherwise I wouldn't give a fuck. Met a girl at Mooji. She introduced me to a shaman who was available to do a ceremony with me, yesterday. First, I inhaled Bufo's Venom vaporised. Then, the body starting screaming Oh my god, wholy fuuuuuck and then surrender happened. Afterwards, my body started doing crazy shit laughing, dancing, jumping around and telling jokes, kissing the shaman beard, screaming We're fucking one. There was the recognition that experience was all that is, everything is NOW. Everything is empty, like everything comes from nowhere. Nothing's solid. Concepts about concepts were put in the traaaash. Hard to put it into words. Words like absolute infinity don't tell me anything, so maybe there is some deeper type of recognition? Would be great to listen to you guys!
  9. Had 2 weeks of really strong negative emotions. They're gone. Keep surrendering peeps, let it all go!