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  1. I dont know the situation so I won't comment on specifics... I have cherished Leo's list of relationship red flags... it works for new friendships too... to make sure you can find healthy situations from now on... or at least spot unhealthy ones before they fully develop πŸ˜‰
  2. @LfcCharlie4 Things that help me get the energy from better sources: 1. Moringa (in a smoothie) 2. Microgreens (juiced or smoothie) 3. Dancing, or other good energy raising exercise... what ever you like... biking, etc... 4. Energy breath work 5. Nature If you think of anything else... please let me know 😊 That said... my last attempt to get off of caffeine only lasted 4 months... I recently made a snarky comment to a friend (who's not a caffeine addict) about how I believed they were intentionally torturing me because they ordered their drink first... lol...
  3. @Orchid I have a special connection with Sparrows specifically (post tittle caught me). I am grateful for your calm bold action, your story shared, and your dedication. I share your vast appreciation for Leo, and your reasons for intermittent forum visits. Thank you πŸ•Š
  4. @Samsam others point out that an infinite being may be genderless, or an amalgamation of masculine and feminine elements in one endless-entity... that said, the process to actualize is quite different from the grand finale of enlightenment... (if we reach that)... each of us is manifest with our own unique path... I don't see those feminine qualities as inherently immature or negative... *feminine expression can take many forms* (emotion isn't just for childish tantrums... it can be used in creativity and/or serving the universe/ others, etc too)... *there are many feminine qualities which are extremely powerful self-actualization tools*... consider revelling in feminine incarnate... @ @Flowerfaeiry awesome 😊...
  5. A number of spectacular level 7 experiences brought me to a stable level 6 almost 30 years ago now... if you know the secret to sustain level 7 full time please share
  6. 1. Is this video just for wipper-snappers? Or should I watch it too (since I'm middle aged but half granny/ half child)? 2. Will there be more videos for us fogies eventually, or are we finally deemed a lost cause... lol ? 3. My advice for young people: a) realize early the consequences of actions and inactions b) take the risks you need to, while following the synchronicity and intuition breadcrumbs on life's trails c) stay present d) remember mistakes are for learning from... and once you truly learn, you no longer need to repeat them e) live from your highest vibration possible f) learn to separate from individual identity early h) gratitude, respect, and kindness, are essential and need to be maintained i) this life/ yourself, are not meant to be escaped from, you/ life are meant to be treasured, even when it's most challenging j) breathing is more than you think; it's why turtles live so long
  7. I remember Disposable Hero's of Hypocrisy. Sweatshop Union is good too...
  8. @Neuroknot... we need to be careful with fire too, yet isn't it amazing?... and... interesting how children can often understand things "beyond their years", often beyond expected human understanding; through some sort of intuition or resonance ... yet they are so often patronized... and how they crave those PG13 or R-rated movies... if you warn children something is "advanced" they often hunger to learn it, ravenously... so, while I may simply be shovelling more dogma-crispies down my gullet, or viewing Leo as my own anime-enlightenment-warrior... I like to remain receptive to every possibility for comprehension 😊I loved your post @Gnosis
  9. @Akemrelax My answers will be straight up; honest In no particular order (and, although I have extensively evolved, this is could be the same list I might have wrote 5 years ago, only they're to a far lesser degree now, lol): 1. Unrequited passion 2. Perfectionism 3. Procrastination 4. Distraction 5. Limiting Beliefs 6. Attachment to "this reality" 7. Efficacy issues 8. Buckets of various neurosis 9. Fear 10. Survival
  10. @Applegarden Loved all of your responses, wishing you the best too πŸ˜ΊπŸ€—πŸ˜Ί
  11. @DrewNows I couldn't read all of what you wrote in that epic novel (accident = screen/ vision injury), but I loved what I did read, especially the open questioning! Thanks! Somehow it reminds me of a hero's journey... only a "choose your own adventure" version of that journey for each of us, lots of gratitude! I will come back to it πŸ€—
  12. @Flowerfaeiry @DivineSoda, @LfcCharlie4, @TrynaBeTurquoise, etc. It seems there is somewhat of a consensus that the most relevant theories have to do with censorship/ freedom. Though there also appears to be a perceived division here between the spiritual path folks and the freedom/ rights folks... from a meta perspective perhaps they are different views of the same coin/universe. Like various religions, are all ONE LOVE. Perhaps caution is warranted if our ability to undertake our ego smashing rituals and access crucial wisdom may at present be hindered. One thing which keeps coming to mind is Leo's bear hike: be cautious/ prepared not fearful/ in panic. As actualizers, we have the benefit of extensive training in the the overcoming of our fears of death and uncertainty THANKS LEO!!!. So, how does an actualizer remain cautious and prepared, regarding our freedom/ rights, without succoming to fear of oppression, harm, and distraction?
  13. @ all potential leavers, I wish you a beautiful life no matter what, and would respect any choice. I struggle with reading and writing on screens after a car accident (so this is tremendously challenging/ I get it)... that said, it is also a great blessing to have access to the wisdom (mixed in with a bit of trolling etc). Before you may go completely, (maybe?) consider visiting once in a while as I do, at least for the following reasons: 1. The Unity of our individual expressions coming together on the road to consciousness (community) 2. Other perspectives help keep our minds open 3. A great way to serve the universe is by helping other human expressions... and this is an incredible platform for that... most here actually want to evolve 4. You can continue to Journey with Leo, etc
  14. I think I would choose them all: 1. I like to hermit out. I like the "shaken to awaken" philosophy and lean toward optimism. 2. I can see this in a non-dual way, and am in a low impact area where not much has changed on the surface. 3. I enjoy physical touch and close personal heart connections, would like this to return to our culture soon. 4. I only experience this in relation to my daughter, I want her to see both parents... my related fears have been not getting her back with the travel restrictions etc.
  15. @Hugo Oliveira You can evolve to some degree without enlightenment, for some that's as far as they want to go... but with all of that life passion, you may as well aim for the stars! Please, don't procrastinate your evolution! I've always had an intense passion too, but decades of conceding to my neurosis (perfectionism, etc, I have em all) has only put up stronger self-inflicted-roadblocks. If you are young, as the other member guessed, use that! You have more time to jump feet first into passion. Once the neurosis are engrained for further decades, actualizing is not impossible, but it becomes a lot more challenging. Whatever it is, do it now, and work on yourself along the way use the force