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  1. I felt wispered back to this realm, over the past week. First I looked at Leo's blog, & and was elated to see that it's been a decade; freaking phenomenal! (feel free to laugh at / with me)... During the blog absorbtion, I really focused on the repeating pattern, about 40 years of contemplation. I'm stoked to do this with you all, but again, with mindfullness, I found myself so envious of the teens in this community... Luckily, starting this adventure in mid-life, means that I can *likely finish my 40 years of musing within this human experience... @Leo GuraCongrats! Don't worry about our perceptions of your progression I still love your style, even when it's harsh The cocoon metaphor is a really good one, I can visualize that it would be sticky, chaotic, and turbulent in there for sure... as some cells choose to die off, while others transmute to imaginal form... like shedding: limiting beliefs, bad habits, dogmas, etc & while choosing: oneness, limitlessness, love, etc. I've used the butterfly in visual mantra, but tend to neglect the importance of the turbulence & how absolutely magical the chaos of transformation can be... even when it feels uncomfortable... Woah, I just found a "happy-decade-aversary" pic showing a time-lapse inside a cocoon... it's looks more like an energetic flow; more like an Alex Grey painting than the sticky chaotic mess that I was expecting!... it reminds me of similar images showing transformation in the mind with neuroplasticity. The tittle of this image is "metamorphosis revealed" , that really suits Leo's journey, and how it's been is expressed to us over these 10 years
  2. Dr. Wayne Dyer has a great book, "excuses be gone". I feel it's not a one time read, but something to keep on hand, highlighted, lol
  3. Hey Forum, I've missed you all. @Leo Gura, I hope the health of your meat-sack and your infinite vibrations are well. Giant univeral oneness hugs to you all. I slipped down the rabbit hole WAYYYYY back to basic survival last year-ish... when the world went wonky... and I STILL havent found my way out... a bit like a grunting/ frustrated cave-girl meets my old stage green eco beast. The weight of it all... so many beings waiting for a return to "normal" at any cost... somewhere down the line I can see better than normal - normal was always too boring anyway. I "need" to get better at growing food, set up for chickens/ eggs, and stock up on food basics (grocery stores are still running low/ limiting food), have enough firewood, etc. I think its having a child. For myself, I could definately care less about survival. I still pracrice mindfullness and basic higher consciousness goals, morals, and insights... but I find it VERY challenging to keep up with the world, (linked to survival), and then go beyond that here with contemplation etc. I have perpetually moved forward yet severly regressed at the same time... and my time managemet has gone Salvador Dali clock-style... so few creative projects on the go, and just not serving the universe as I could... Then... when I come to the forum now, I am hit with the same societal division online as in person, it is very distracting and very distressing to see the reactions here... yet I miss the growth and collaborations... If you have more ideas to help me contine to actualize, rather than rot as a stagnant survival obsessed cave beast, please share... or if you have a story of overcoming extreme regression/ stagnation that would be rad too. Thanks! This is from the last post I was typing (likely a year ago) before I diapeared for a while: My advice for youth: a) realize early the consequences of actions and inactions b) take the risks you need to, while following the synchronicity and intuition breadcrumbs on life's trails c) stay present d) remember mistakes are for learning from... and once you truly learn, you no longer need to repeat them e) live from your highest vibration possible f) learn to separate from individual identity early h) gratitude, respect, and kindness, are essential and need to be maintained i) this life/ yourself, are not meant to be escaped from, you/ life are meant to be treasured, even when it's most challenging j) breathing is more than you think; it's why turtles live so long
  4. As a female, quite masculine in thought... I can suggest a basic exercise: in situations where this may be of benefit (which there will likely be many): maybe attempt to override mental logic with intuition and its sensations.
  5. I think many would refer you to non-duality research... maybe see Leo's videos on that? and.... for some reason... I suppose because this is in the self-actualizing section, I thought of The Lord of the Rings story (book)... infinity is the meta perspective, all is one, through "humanity" we experience & journey...
  6. I haven't read all of the posts here (vision injury) so please pardon me if this has been said already... I adore this idea... truly.... but with all of the tension at present... when we have attempted to do this, it's often misinterpreted as systemic racism. For example we recieved huge backlash for accidentally playing Brazilan music on Indiginous day at an anti-racism rally (I did not host or arrange the rally only played a small musical part with a band). We've started a new music project in my community where we have people from all cultures involved and sharing that diversity... but I am a little concerned about how we may be recived by the anti-systemic-racism folks, eventhough all cultures enjoy sharing there unique musical styles, instruments, etc... Currently, there appears to be a big push to ignore cultural differences and view all humans as "the same" with no cultural identification... I try so hard to be PC but it seems to change faster than I can keep up with... to me, difference and uniqueness are beauty ... I'm not into "vanilla" western either... My personal cultural genetics includes: Ukranian, Spanish, English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, and Austrian yet I was raised in mostly vanilla-western with the exceptions of music and dance. I've edited this twice; please be kind; if I have accidentally offended anyone that was *not* my intention. Anything "cultural" can be precarious right now and I am admitedly floundering to find my way with my desire to appriciate diversity. My mom did Morris dancing (not with a painted face), and it was her culture/ one of many types of dancing she did, that said, the painted faces can REALLY offend people who believe it is racially motivated, rather than to look like chimney sweeps.
  7. @Gustav those other 2 course ideas sound absolutely perfect for us!!! @Leo Gura I'm so sorry to hear that your health is holding you back on a physical level. I truly believe that you can tap into the energetic healing that you mentioned having glimpses of. If you haven't tried adaptogenic medicines, herbs, and fungi like turkeytails that's my suggestion. They have done tests where the components of herbs were administered energetically and they provided the same healing, that said... regardless of which forms they take, energy or "matter" the healing power of Nature/ fungi is undeniable. I feel strange that I care so much, I have never met you in person, but with the years of wisdom and assistance I have recieved, you are as dear to my heart as an old friend; I'm sending true caring and golden light from my spirit form to yours (p.s. I will go sustainably pick turkeytails from the forest here and mail them, if that's allowed, just ask)
  8. @aurum@EternalForest It's a totally slippery (rockslide/avalanche) slope!!! I seem to avoid backsliding with things like Leo/ TEDtalks but all media can be addictive. I have experienced first hand the insidious power of (especially fiction) TV to teleport me into a "reality" which allows me to breifly escape my "world", thoughts, and emotions. It's the cognitive equivalent of being a crack-head for me, without the physical side effects *except perhaps withdrawl*! With these sites like Netflix aimed to keep you hooked show after show, all re-starting up on their own, in full automation where one doesnt even have to lift a finger for the next episode to begin, it's far too easy to fall down the TV rabbit hole... and I wont get into how this could progress with VR... FUCK... TV can be scary, dangerous shit! I just thought of a bizarre correlation between a TV episode, and emotional episode... emotional is usually panic, mania, or depression, while TV can seem to hold similar intensity on the surface, but, over all... it's an "episode" of numbing, docile inducing, placating, distraction.... lol
  9. Super cool, I really enjoyed it I can't say I fully got all of the sub-text and rationale. If I made a shadow battle story, it would be quite different... I used to work in animation and love independant projects, especially ethereal/ metaphysical/ trippy stuff like you made, it's awesome
  10. @Flowerfaeiry You may never know for certain about the cheating... so maybe leave for you... so you won't be held back... you are omnipotent/ infinitely powerful, you just forgot even if you dont have typical "violence" there seems to be a betrayal of your intimate life... so, in theory, unless they are strict in your community, you should be able to call a safe house and at least do safety planning to get out of the relationship... if you need support, talking over how to get out, and/ or a temporary place to stay if you live together, this can really help.
  11. @Lyubov I felt some pressure from my young daughter breifly.. but when I saw how easy it is to find unhealthy dysfunction, the pressure subsided quickly and was replaced with the joy common sense, single appreciation, and trust in the universe/ acceptance
  12. Is anyone else watching the 5G summit discussions? Or has anyone taken any legal/ local action on 5G in their communities? We are looking at fiber optics for my community. I couldn't believe the Senate footage which showed not a single dollar has been spent to test if 5G is safe for humans/animals/bees... plus, that none of the big insurance companies will insure for 5G harm (specifically 5G too) is a huge red flag. Thoughts? The next paragraph is on a different subject ...it was never posted, but was saved from a while ago... a post I started... I guess when people were first asked to hide in their homes: I was meditating on this strange feeling... so much of the world/ human manifestations are in a strange energetic place... I saw an image of a crab under a rock... I contemplated... it's somewhat "safe" but the weight/ pressure of it can't be ignored, no matter how tough we are, plus the confinement can be so oppressive...
  13. I am having such deja-va... I dont know if this is the second, third, fourth time I've posted this response... but Ganga Giri's " dont follow the guru, you are the guru" song always answers this question better than my words could... must be the dance-beat... lol...
  14. @Leo Gura Leo, I think you are saying.... in our infinite form we are limitless, but in our human form we are limited to our particular experience, to some extent.... but I dont know... For the 2 forms of genius that I mentioned above...#1. born with super intellect & # 2. born with a percieved deficit which can make one area excell beyond expected human potential ... in those 2 types, I believe the theory that humans are limited.... *but* when we look at genius type #3... the seemingly "typical" or sub-par individual that can out of the blue create genius level music, inventions, etc through what appears to be universal source channelling then I see a glimpse of the real human potential... Yes, we are what we are... also, we can be what we COULD be... and the closer we get to that source, and our true purpose here, the more we can unlock that potential...
  15. @Itsokimok you've recieved some amazing answers; what an incredibly supportive & uplifting community/ mentors! I dont have have the same blunt yet empowering type of response for you, but I do have empathy. Some people have a single trauma, such as a rape, where the ripples of that event pervade every aspect of their life even decades later. For people with one, to a few traumas, all of the techniques mentioned above could be very helpful. For me, traumatic events had been like the ensless ocean, perpetually crashing in like waves, between the calm bliss. So, with back to back to back to back (etc traumas), I can relate. Maybe I'm only still doing PD work to spit in the face of comments like: "those with *too much* trauma may be beyond actualizing"... I like to push limits... lol I am far from actualized, but I can offer some tips that help me: 1. Even the worst traumas can teach us 2. We can become stronger/ more powerful and resilient 3. When we are most in resonance, trauma is less likely to find us 4. Drama can = trauma (avoid drama situations and people) 5. Triggers are teachers too, pay attention to body sensations 6. Nature and silence can be amazing healing tools