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  1. Finances are a bitch aren't they? Maybe stop jerking off and wasting your time and work on developing a life sustaining career? That, or be ok living off of poverty wages and the welfare of others. Life is not about immediately and always doing what you're passionate about. Be smart, do something practical that your parents would approve of like perhaps become a CPA? Because to me it just looks like you just want to perpetually play with your crystals, and do yoga and never actually take responsibility.
  2. Want to date? I think we would be a good match. I'm told I'm very handsome, good in bed, have a great career.
  3. You're ok. I can tell you're a good guy. Don't worry about it. I'm used that kind energy, doesn't bother me one bit and I don't judge you for it.
  4. You're reacting too strong to words on your screen.
  5. The cup being solid is like a visual story or narrative. The solidness of the cup is a verbal description of the nature of that object in 3D space. As in my hand won't phase through it and it won't fall through the floor. It's a description of the supposed physical laws which govern the dream world which seems to follow some universal laws of physics.
  6. Right now I have a calm and soft smile on my face as I read your post. I'm a little over worked though if I could indulge complaining about my life. I'm not triggered. That's the honest truth.
  7. Could you expound on your experiences? I'd love to hear more. 🙂
  8. My weiner is most likely much larger than yours in this life. It's pretty big. Sometimes I buckle from the shear weight of it.
  9. My man, you are completely misinterpreting my response to @Eph75. It was a genuine response from a good place. The guy is well spoken, honest, and clearly means well. I was simply prodding him to share more about how exactly he was perceiving this topic and I was pleased with his responses, even though I feel a cordial sense of disagreement with his perspective. @thepixelmonk Honestly, you react too strongly in opposition to me sometimes on this forum. I wish I could find you in person so I could embarrass you with physical affection. Like hug you sensually and tell you how beautiful you are.
  10. No one is asking you for spiritual guidance in this thread, Moojiji. It's a dumb comment because you presume everyone on the thread doesn't understand the idea of reacting to yourself. It's just a holier than thou statement. You're in the wrong forum section for what you're talking about. Not only that you project and make your own assumptions regarding the state of others consciousness when posting.
  11. @Eph75 And here's the skeptic. Your perspective is welcome and desired. The post you wrote is quite good actually and speaks very well to the common phenomenon of intuition. That is not what is being described in the original post. He is describing the very real phenomenon of telepathy of which your post doesn't address. You're basically dismissing him as being deluded and not describing his experiences correctly. You're being close minded. To post what you did you had to make up some assumptions of delusion on the part of the OP. What say you to this accusation, good fellow?
  12. I think the handkerchief over the ding dong was cowardly to be honest.
  13. You're not very intelligent. Both your posts are simply clever and wordy ways of saying 'you're dumb, and I'm more self-aware than you are.' A blatant display of spiritual and intellectual narcissism.
  14. To understand the topic of this thread, that seems to certainly be the case.
  15. My initial response was well intentioned. Your interpretation of bad faith is a pure construction of your imagination.