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  1. That's it. Cheeky, cunning thing Mr. Ego is
  2. I sense a vicious, sarcastic tone to imply that I must be stupid - is this true? To brainstorm: thank you for clarifying - If you're open to further questioning, I am wondering why you've chosen to publicise your brainstorming, as opposed to doing it in private? Making it public tells me that one possibility may be that you are seeking help in some way. Is this true? If so, what help specifically are you looking for? If you aren't seeking help, what are you seeking here?
  3. Thank you for your input 🙏 Right, there's no jump. If I understand correctly, the screen we are reading this on is rapidly turning off and on at about 60 times a minute (60hz). The off setting is just a black screen. In reality, there is no black screen. It's just ON > ON > ON > ON ... But each ON is a slightly different scene to the one before it, creating the appearance of motion. It still seems there are 'jumps'. But instead of jumping from ON to OFF (black screen), reality jumps immediately to the next scene. Why is it not true that there are jumps? How does the soup just change like fluid? It still seems the changing of fluid requires a transition of some sort.
  5. Short and to the point. Very hard not to breakthrough if you be committed, persistent, and have a natural inclination for this type of meditation.
  6. This one is absolute Gold as you are having or immediately after a no-self awakening: The key is to realize the whole point is to dissolve the sense of separation by expanding your identity. Stages 2-4 are basically the same because there is still an identity (subject/object). Don't make the mistake of thinking it takes years to go from stage 2 no-self to stage 3 infinity. Don't pedestal Fronk as if its impossible for you to achieve stage 5 natty state. Listen until you experientally comprehend it right now!
  7. Use discernment. It's not black or white.
  8. The scenario I'm looking up at a ceiling fan. I perceive the motion of the fan blades spinning. The problem If the present moment and everything in it is ONE 'snapshot in timelessness' then shouldn't I just be perceiving a still snapshot, for eternity? Like this: Instead, I perceive movement. Like this: Even in a state of no-self / non-duality, this is perceived. But movement requires time, and ONENESS / The NOW implies timelesness, right? So how is it possible to perceive motion? My speculation A thought arising as a memory of the past position of the fan blade, and then the moment changing from this memory to perceiving the present moment in which the fan blade is now in a new position (1mm further than the past memory). And it goes like now > memory > now > memory > now > memory. Like a film strip at 60 frames per second (picture ON, picture OFF, picture ON, picture OFF, etc...) But if the present moment is ONENESS, and there is no separation OR time, then how is it that I can perceive motion/animation/change? Shouldn't I just be eternally perceiving a boring, motionless, static snapshot, and basically have 'eternal amnesia' of ever having seen a different snapshot to the one I am perceiving right NOW? Maybe this is already happening, but I still don't understand why there is the appearance of motion/change. Thoughts? 🧐
  9. In Bliss. *** I'm 28. It doesn't make sense to me to plan deeply about something that is that far away. I love what Jesus says in Matthew 6:34 "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself." And Baba Neem Karoli. If I focus daily on understanding my True Self, shedding desires, and cultivating the qualities of kindness, discernment, sincerity - I believe that will solve 95% of issues I'd have at age 40. Second to that I focus daily on building my financial competence, social skills, problem-solving skills, health, self-sufficiency skills (growing food, construction, electricity, plumbing, permaculture, sewing).
  10. Follow your passion. Enjoy it! Even if it is easy! If you're passionate, you've made it 🕊️ Life will present with you challenges that will push you into emotional labour anyhow, so respond to them in the moment. 🕉️
  11. Anger = Response to an unfulfilled desire. What do you desire that isn't being fullfilled? Could you let go of that desire being fulfilled? Would you let go of that desire being fulfilled? *** It is the nature of anger to make you feel justified! Righteous! Pseudo-POWERFUL! You may tell yourself you want to be happy, but in Truth, you don't want to, otherwise you'd choose to be happy. But you stay angry. There is a justification holding it in tact. What is that SHOULD you described? Why SHOULD you be angry? Why do you love anger? 🕉️
  12. I have a pattern of beating myself up. Calling myself dumb over what I assume to be something simple like knowing how to use an electric power drill without much experience. Stuff like that. It's improving with the continual catching myself and reminding myself that its nonsensical to make assumptions about how long it should take for something to learn, to assume I should know how to X based on Y, Z etc... Expectation = Suffering! -Buddha I say routine affirmations like I acceot myself as I am, I am compassionate towards myself etc.
  13. Questions you could reflect on deeply: Why does the motive exist to share that within the friendship group? Is it necessary to share your view in your friendship group? Secondary questions: If you were to share your view, what place is it coming from? A need to prove something? A genuine answer of your preferences because you were asked for your view? If they were to shout down your view, what would be the issue? You could accept that you have no control over their response. Are you afraid they won't be pleased with your views and therefore you might lose 'friends'? Specifically, what are you afraid of and why? 🕉️
  14. What are you looking for by making this thread? 🕉️
  15. By seeing the benefit it will bring you to decide to sit down and do it. If you don't see the benefit, you won't do it! 🕉️