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  1. @BlessedLion I decided I'm out too. I'm done with the Forum. I've seen all tge development towards wackness too, you nailed it in your text. At this point I visited the Forum only for cringe. Time for something new. @all poka poka
  2. Blyad, you are truely an idiot who thinks he is clever
  3. Amen. Just what I pointed out one year ago. The higher the monkey climbs, the more it shows it's tail.
  4. Just look at how much you post here and you have your answer. Take it as a wake up call. Gura is right, which University is not as important as skill -- and most you can and need to learn on you own. Don't cope - Feel the embarassment and let it fuel you on the way up.
  5. Don't listen to the other guy. Accept your desire to want to talk to these girls and what else not. If you feel like you need to be better for doing that, then improve. What it is you find out in overcoming the problem. Don't make it harder as it is.
  6. @Spiral Wizard bra, consider "doing shit like this" is rediculous -- and you are cheering to this nonesense
  7. I know the pain. Just don't let them do it. Undermine their action until they are halfway reasonable. If they want to leave you pressure them to go even quicker, then walk in front of the pack... Ohhh wait, I have forgotten something.. you get the idea. Or you play into their fear and make them go even earlier. Make only sure you don't come with them. WHAT you are ONLY 8h before departure at the airport? Oookay, if you feel comfortable with it... Haha. Have fun.
  8. please don't infer from you to others I would change the forum rules, to prevent such nonsense threads in the future
  9. You read this "wisdom" in a Pickup Forum from the early 2000s? Instruction unclear, I ignore 99.9% of women, but get no results. Please give more Insights.
  10. Wow. This is all hard. You do so good, but cannot earn a decent living?! Is it like this: Younger people compete over the rare good jobs? Reminds me of India, only India is even harder.. People with a masters degree in CS can hold a job. Meanwhile in Germany people hire anyone who can code hello world - Love to hear that!))
  11. Happy to hear that! Only one thing: A Psychiatrist is someone who gives you drugs. I recommend you to see a Psychotherapist and talk it all through. Maybe even join a group therapy. It may seems tedious, but it's the real deal. Drugs are not the real deal. They can help in very severe conditions as a first aid to get you going wirt therapy - that's it. Every treadment has it's place.
  12. ... which developed because of biological differences. I hear this all the time, but I still don't understand it. Spectrum - doesn't that simply mean do what you want? And I don't see even Conservatives in the West holding anyone back. You might don't call yourself non-binary, you are just a dominant Woman in her relationship.. Instead of just doing what everyone desires for themself they talk abstract ideology from Universities they have not studied deeply..
  13. I had to smile at the part with the Patriarchy. Ahaha
  14. @CARDOZZO Brat, I praise you for your posts cuz you share worthwhile stuff. Let's talk about specifics. The biggest learning for me is to let women be how they are. To not want to change / improve them. They will grow on their own with love. Also, a woman may has different goals and viewpoints than the man in a romantic relationship. This is not wrong, it has to be that way. Why fight against reality? I found even if I succeeded in making her improve I drove her away, and rightfully so, I'm so happy I finally learned the lesson. An important corolary rule. Without boundaries the whole relations would not work. A woman wants EVERYTHING of a man. Time, Attention - but the man has to have an Agenda so the woman feel valued if she get's some of it. If the woman get's everything very easily, you drive her away and it's right cuz she needs someone with a purpose, not a slave pet human. Law of attraction?