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  1. Do you want to talk about the process of integrating yellow? The struggles? You are welcome. I look for yellow people who are willing to exchange insights about the experience:):) Introduction. I study the Spiral Dynamics videos. Read an additional book. From what I gather I'm at entry yellow. I get pulled back into lesser stages... Or is this already spiral wizardry? I think not. It is not helpful to integrate yellow fully. I want mindfulness, mastery and awareness. I value my social and economic environment and aim to help. But it's no longer self-destructive. I want to be a better spiral wizard. There are not many people in yellow to talk to as equals, but I found maybe a new friend lately. At university are many yellow people, even though they are the teachers - so I can't be equal with them within the system... But what about my old friends, who are stuck in Orange or early Green? We may have nothing in common in 2 years. It starts already. What about family? What about work? Do you guys experience the same? Feel free to tell anecdotes:)
  2. @Your place at Heart Thank you for sharing this video:) I learn Chinese for 2 semesters, but I had too much going on with the exam. Time to start a habit!
  3. @Shroomdoctor Yes, this legit. But I would suggest you practice more in everyday life. As you know attraction means not necessary hook up. To get quick rapport with people can be an important skill. And it is based on your good reputation. So I would suggest you do everything to be not associated as 'the pick-up guy'. Unless you feel very confident and want to deal with confrontational people... Who judge you based on a buzzword I feel we are basically on the same side:)
  4. @Shroomdoctor I've never been a friend to cold-approach (day or night). It's scary and highly (!) ineffective. Let me show you. Let us take a PUA. We take 3 Variables: IQ, Spiral-Dynamics-Stage, Spiritual: Yes/No. It would be desired that her and your values roughly match. Pua: IQ: 120, SDS: Green, Spiritual: yes The population has: IQ 120 +/- 10: ~12,5%, SDS: Green: 15 %, Spiritual: yes: we have no number but I would guess less than 15% Let's assume that intelligence and green correlate for the sake of the argument. You then got at best 12,5% girls in the goldy locks zone. You get 4 percent a close if you stay like this: 12,5 / 00.4: 0,5%. 0,5% of the women are desired AND respond to you. But you don't know who the undesired are - and you got 4 closes by 100 numbers... The good women are maybe the most uninteresting girls on the street. And we'are on even in the dangers of dating like STDs or Drama. I think it's also likely that lower stage women respond to pick up better. I think it is true to say that cold approach is a highly bad technique. If you go to a gathering of a subject of your interest you will improve your odds madly. Give up on Pick Up will also help. @Hello from Russia Word. @SFRL You wrote it. It's hard at the moment to get up and say the truth, but it's even harder to live a lie. But in PU it depends highly on your approach (mindset, not technique). With the wrong mindset, you do double down on a wrong path...
  5. @Serotoninluv Yeah, I already had to acknowledge that no one is really that rational. And yes, I would say that I had many direct post-rational experiences. You go through streets you've seen a thousand times, but suddenly there is magic in everything. You are right. I experienced that chemistry example quite often and I wrote on one experience in another thread. Maybe you gathered it from there?:) Being with her was like spiritual yoga... 2 hours were gone in the wink of an eye. I fucked it up, though. Everyone wanted to know how it is to be with her. This brought me out of the moment. It was not like I wanted her for myself (ok, a little), but it was that talking destroyed everything. Now, this is what you call post-rational, aren't you?
  6. I did and didn't understand it more than what I showed. I think I need books and experience to go any further. Is this common in this journey? Because I think it is. I passed many lesser points of no return and it was just like you described it.
  7. @Serotoninluv You made some interesting points. Do you have some literature or videos to go deeper (honestly)? And... If you are enlighted... how can you know that you are not just insane? I mean you can achieve higher states of consciousness through meditation, psychedelics, and yoga. But can it be that we are as an ego just too limited to awake fully? And is that even necessary? If you are yellow with a little purpose you have already almost now one that can relate to you. What can you do to help others find the way? I see no way in the current society to live without a materialist mindset. At all. You can do what you want at home. But as soon as you go out - it's done. So even if you are right in everything.... why the fuck should be anyone impressed? I guess I have to find an enlightened master in real life...
  8. There was this beautiful girl I dated, people on the street watch her in awe. She had to go usually early. In this case, I could not sleep all night. One time was like that: I read one book to the end. Grabbed the next. Decided to go jogging and run 1+ hour straight (which I don't do usually). Cleaned the whole flat... The odd thing was that I wasn't in love. It was more like I received mass tons of energy from her. Pure magic. I think the lesson is that life is precious. Sounds basic, but I deeply understand it at that time. She was chaotic, fun and good to have around. Do you know Momo from Michael Ende? Like that. She was friends with my roommate...
  9. @sarapr @Serotoninluv @Outer @Joseph Maynor We have to go way deeper into Epistemology and Ontology. Of course from a perspective of an ego, because everything beyond would be senseless. 1. Is there some reality to observe? (I would say yes) 2. Can we observe it as real as it is? (I would say no, but we can observe it to different degrees) If you say No/No I would like to ask you about this: How is it possible to write a sentence on a piece of paper, drop it and go away... AND someone you did not know find it and read what you wrote?
  10. @Marinus I tell you what. I'm the same. One on One is my style of communication. The more people, the less clever is the conversation usually. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. There are Teams that are kind AND effective. But that is not normal. Most of the time it's more about who is who in the hierarchy and not about getting shit down. It appears that I'm more sensitive or driven. If there are too many people I shut off for protection. The school was obviously not easy for me... I thought that I was the odd one. If someone had told me I could have trained to cope with that years ago... Because this was what I did later. I went in demanding social situations. Now I can tolerate it, but it drains my energy so I try to sneak around meetings (monthly work meetings are the worst). This is what you should aim for: A little better every week.
  11. @brugluiz Hello brugluiz. Before start I would advice you to pursue something else as a business. I would also drop cold-approach because it does not work. You still want it? Let's dive in. There are some things that I can tell you now -- and you don't want to hear them:) 0. You practice the cold-approach. While it's a useful technique to learn, it's hard and brutal. That is the equivalent of a huntsman back in the days who hunts the prey down - and even he wouldn't do this every day. And as the huntsmen had the chance he dropped the spear and the bow and did something more save. You do it because you have absolutely no other options. What do you think about this metaphor? I frame it as a bad mindset. Think about it. There is a deep truth in this. 1. Let's think about your future success. You rocked a approach with some canned material a 10 HB and you got laid (too much slang:D). Everything is perfect. I guarantee you right now you have to pay for it. Money, Time, Nerves or Health. Nothing comes for free. Be prepared. You'll face serious problems:) (For further understanding Read 'Way of the superior man' from Richard Deida) 2. Pick-Up Artists rule at approach, ONS and STR. They tend to suck in the LTR. Why is that? All the wrong girls will respond to your techniques. I assume because you're here in this forum that you're more interested in sophisticated topics. While I don't know nothing about you, me and my friends don't want to go to the club or some shallow art-crap with our GFs every week to show off. But you attract mostly that girls that want shallow action with that technique. You'll have to pay your dues. It's maybe interesting in the short run, but you'll get exhausted as a books-person. That's why it is likely not a good way to create a LTR for you. And your clients. Even if you get a LTR it is likely to be not one that is suited for your needs. You ape a different personality... (Read 'The Truth' from Style a.k.a. Neil Strauss) 3. You said that you are often in your mind, which you can cure to some degree with sport, healthy food and meditation. But did you ever considered that this is a feature and not a bug? I can't be in a club without a good dose of alcohol, but this may differ according to your location. This is why I don't go there. I find that night clubs are temples for unhealty habits of all kinds. You'll meet unhealthy people who will advocate that their bad lifestyle is cool. Everything is upside down. This is how it has to be in order to make fun, but they'll assimilate you like the Borg if you let your guard down. You are maybe one from a different kind. I say socialize more to make yourself (and your students better), but focused highly on study and career (see also point 4 and 5). You'll thank me later:) 4. Whatever you want to do - learn a real craft besides it. A real craft is anything that is very hard to learn and maybe boring and that is guaranteed to bring you money in the mundane world. You wanna be a PUA? Do it. But learn to make your own website, accounting, social media advertising. You can make a apprenticeship in the health industry (teach your clients what they should eat and why). All of this can rescue you when your business is down. Bottom Line: Everyone want to be a Artist nowadays, so where do you would assume the most competition? Mark Twain once said if you are on the side of the majority, that you are likely to be wrong. If you do the hard tasks you'll get no fame but a lot of money, which means that you can save a lot to boost you 'real business' idea. Everyone loves the people which do the obligatory boring tasks efficient. You are guaranteed to get a job - even in a serious crisis. (I took most of it from Aaron Clarey) 5. Be on the run. Miles Davis survived 30+ years in the jazz world (normal was 5), because he changed every 3 years. Adapt to changes and change you style constantly to what is working. Look at the Zeitgeist. Don't stick to what sounds nice. (I took all of that from Robert Greene) 6. You have to make everything in your interaction as organic as possible to make any interaction work (i.e. be fun and / or effective). 7. You'll cause trouble as a side effect of you mission. Try to reduce it as much, but don't compromise the mission. If you want great attraction you'll have to handle strong rejection. This is a law in human relationships. Note: A hookup is not your mission. I mean the pursue of Truth.. cya
  12. @ajasatya Boy, I achieved Enlightenment the hard way. I had to go like 7 times a week to the china restaurant to get enough fortune cookies. And now you shit on me as I point out the real and only way? "Be on the lookout for coming events; They cast their shadows beforehand." "You will marry your loved one." "A good way to keep healthy is to eat more Chinese food." "If winter comes, can spring be far behind?" You see. Thats just the tip of the iceberg!! lol.
  13. @Marinus No. I and maybe you think too much. And too quick. People tend to don't understand my thought process well because they a. haven't had the same experience and b. are unfocused. For you is it stupid obvious stuff that 1+1=2. Sometimes it helps to dumb yourself down when you are with people... You have to adapt to your circumstances. On the other hand you can take it literally. Many people are just bored and like to make some fun.. @Charlotte I disagree. Maybe it's like that for you, but not for me. @ajasatya While it's true, it's so wack to spit out these wise one-liners. You waste your talent. Go write fortune-cookies @Shin This is gold. @Psyche_92 It's not that great if you have no choice. If he goes now straight to loneliness he's likely to get bitter and resentful. But I agree that solitude is so good.
  14. My friend, you seem to make yourself a lot of pressure, which is normal. Most people DON'T get to know new people, because they stay with the old friends. This is a real skill to develop. This was a big problem for me. I was into reading books about all kind of things - starting with 1000+ pages fantasy novels. I don't know anything about your school, but back then was 'Harry Potter', 'Star Wars' and 'Lord of the Ring' very unpopular. Everyone even the teachers thought reading and fantasy especially was crazy. To them I was crazy. Every time I was bored, which was constantly, I grabbed a book. I read in school between classes. In class I read all books no matter what subject it was because I was so bored. I read at the family party. I read on the run. It was my kind of self-defense. I had always friends, but I was the silent freak in public. I talked to a therapist years later and he, a well read, direct and very intelligent person, told me that I should be ready for a life like that. No one to talk to about what you really care about. With the growing Internet culture it's way better, but in general you may don't have people to talk to in your life. But he gave me some cheat codes, which I want to share with you. 1. That I should listen to podcasts, to substitute worthy conversation. 2. That I generally should bond with people in events (hiking, in class, help someone move to an other flat, protest, make money, do sports). 3. Go find a club. 4. Now the biggest: Talk about stupid shit. That's right. For example your GF takes you to her new friends house. You go like: "Wow, you more like the artist type. I really like that furniture. There is it from?" or you say obvious stuff like "We need an other chair" or "We are 4 people, so we should get comfy in the car". Verbalizes some thoughts.. 5. Don't take everyday conversation serious. If someone asks what was your day like, you DON'T tell him about you reading on this topic. Rant about that your internet connection is too slow or something, show a little bit of emotion. 6. There is a time for anything. Don't be too smart on a party where everyone makes consciously stupid jokes. The reality seems to be that most people want just to goof off, nothing inherently wrong about it, but this is not my way. So it COULD be that one part of your alienation is that you are just not like other people (too intelligent, too introverted, to much social anxiety, whatever), but If you acknowledge that.. you do better because you have different demands on you. Less Pressure. Generally is socializing a strange thing. You loose money, time and nerves. But you need it from time to time and it gives you some of the most precious moments in life. Laughing. Meet a really interesting person who is a friend friends brother. Different world views. After all very rewarding I have to say.
  15. Don't stress yourself.