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  1. Would you dare to explicitely share some of these meals which you define as healthy and from what it's made? PS. If your parents make your meals, you are relatively young. Of course you have no problems. PPS. If your parents are that healthy your are priviledged:))
  2. It is cool indeed! Amen! Make the Forum Great Again (With ChatGPT)
  3. hmm you know the problem is not only that people dunno what to cook, but that they just won't cook someone who does not prepare 90% of her meals themself are only waiting to get fucked (healthwise, financially, spirituality...). From the ones preparing their meals still 90% do everything wrong: too much fried, too low quality ingredients, too much of the same, too many meal, too much sugar/alcohol/salt.. I mean only if you wanna live a good n healthy life to at least age 75 with excellent chances to reach age 100 and above^^ Anyone who can cook, that is anyone who is interested in eating to live, can do this task of looking what you can do with your groceries and left overs better than any AI. I'm sure it will be a hit for normies, but they stop cooking quickly.
  4. hey ptg, summarize the forum in several bullet points
  5. they get their props from what I see
  6. Every truth needs a brave person to stand and fall for it. Damn right! Here is your medal of honor.
  7. Isn't it illegal that ChatGPT 'reads' these book or did they bought mass license? What about book by tiny publishers or articles recently published?
  8. I'm triggered by the fact you categorized pork and fish under meat. But also.. good point. I understood that he meant eclusively this new stuff that tastes REALLY like meat due to a food chemistry magic. Tempeh and fermented Tofu is surely superior to meat if eaten in moderation. Jackfruit has basically no Protein, but tastes good. Can't recomment gluten or Soy or cheap Tofu.
  9. Just make your own 'meat', never bother again. Recipe: Find Beans, Oat and a little Onion. Use a blender and add then some hot water and whatever spices you like. Let it sit for 15 minutes. Fry or bake. Tada! You have damn find vegan burgerpatties with no BS added - for 1€ for 12 or so Patties depending on size. Regarding the conversation: Meat: double plus bad, Pseudomeat: less bad but still bad.
  10. Hi Trenton, I conclude: Religions like Christianity access the source of truth indirectly, therefore they get teared apart like in the examples where they, rightfully, give up believes like their standpoint about homosexuality. It's like a conservation of the past, getting destroyed powned by the present. The second point is serious. Are there any larger than life christian saints? Maybe in Africa. To continue Christianity there would need to be at the very least a Jesus 2.0 or something entirely new, the making of a new bible, like maybe the morons have (IDK, don't read it, can be good, can be bad). Other than what I wrote above, IDK. I don't have a agenda, I'm not a Christian I just watch the ship go down and think. Beautiful songs by the way, however I don't like the portrayal of Jesus, it has worth for people who understand it to 'turn the other cheek', for the vast majority of people it leads down the path of mental slavery
  11. @Davidess I experienced this in my development in my skill to present things at work. After 3.5 years of intense angst and stress all of it suddenly...stopped! Presenting became a non-issue, I'm now better with less to no prep due to being more in tune with the people. Funny how that works....
  12. @Eyowey This is a good comment. What means being weird? Being not normal. Odds are you (OP) aren't normal and that's cool. Stand for it.