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  1. @Michael569 don't be so cruel to yourself^^
  2. i can understand your points on the forum, while I do not agree on them but vote for trump? he is incompetent as fuck.
  3. the golden way in programming goes like this according to paul graham: 1. get money, 2. do something good you should read this essays: and his interview with Robert Greene this could be a beginning
  4. isn't that what the last third is about?
  5. I'm confused.. the Course is all about this - and you you did it.. Okay you don't know. I would say explore the world... Do things you normally wouldn't do. Go to a new Restaurant, watch new Movies, read different Books .... dang read books you think you will dislike to see if your intuition is right.. make the MBTI Test.. go deeper on any topic you like, make field studies... schau einfach, du hast ja jetzt zeit aber ich würde erstmal einen Job suchen und in der Freizeit suchen.. dann kannst du auch Geld sparen
  6. @Michael569 dang, I found this funier than it would be appropriatexD
  7. @Nahm Interesting, it sometimes seems for me like like everyone does these flashy things like a (by default) Revolutionary Tech Startup, which goes statistically down in 9 out of 10 cases in a year or two. The normal things can be very rewarding in that regard i guess... less competition and happy clients.
  8. Quite understandable, but intriguing at the same time.
  9. @WDK I consider to book her as a consultant after I'm through the Course:
  10. lol:D I meant would you tell us the names of your million dollar companies, please?
  11. @Sareth Den Post kann ich sicherlich zielführend beantworten. ---> below are hints of how to find reason in a programmer job Hey Sareth, I'm at a comparable level in my career as a sap developer (aren't hiring right how, but...^^ ). I didn't study CS, I learned to Code on the side. The Golden Rule is to learn something in CS that is needed but few are willing to do. I would do Backend. I foresee packs of people who come into Frontend because its easier.. like you. Make like 1 Udemy Backend Course, read a Book and you are good. You are basicly like the beautiful Girl in a Club as a Programmer, everyone wants your work. I guess that we'll have a break for like 2 Months until the Shutdown comes back to Germany. Get a Job until then.. you will be paid zo learn. --> Give 10% to a Charity Organization, Code in Open Source, engage in political debate in the ccc, read a lot of books on the subject like those of Victor Frankl, yeah you could buy LP course but I would recommend get work first!!!
  12. @Nahm Lets say its true, that would be amazing because you are living the dream and that would mean you would be able to give legit advice to the people. Could you name the companies?
  13. Dude, you help people the most if you are competent. We don't need 6 Million Self Help Youtubers. So get more competent, earn money, save money - repeat. Then move the fuck out from home. Save more money and get more competent and come up with a plan that is a little bit more sophisticated than 'yo i wanna help peeepl so I become a coach'^^ no front though, i'm happy that you want more from life. that's cool.
  14. I'm a real rap fan, I listen very diverse rap from gangsta over political rap to even queer rap. The 5 % Supreme Understanding, although being at stage blue / orange, seen that trend 15 years ago. In his book 'How to Hustle and Win 1' he wrote about this something like: 'since when it's cool to be stupid?'. This is what I think generally about many rappers. 69 even beyond stupid, he is actively evil. So thx because now I have reasons why I intuively disliked him although I hardly heard 2 Full Tracks of him. It's shocking that so many pay him and know what he did, but then again you Americans voted Trump into Office... i have a strong cringe when i see these new face tattooed rappers - they are exactly what S.U. meant: they make being stupid cool. soooo many of them die from drug overdosis.. lil peep, XXXTentacion, Juice Wrld, Mac Miller... many other rappers... to many to care... this is just the Symptom of how sick the US really is (especially the US but it's also bad in the rest of the World)
  15. And please do not forget that the trend goes to let low level programming get done by programs & algorhythms, you want to write such programs and maintain them. You want not do the drudgery of centering a 100ß divs (if you don't get this, you'll soon^^) yeah this'll mean you need to get into a field there it's too messy for a standart algorythms or, brave yourself, you have to learn --- math (aaah) ^^