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  1. Hello folks, i'd said some bold things in the past in this forum about what I would and what not. It went not so good. Life Purpose: Build a community with real estate property and it's own economy of teachings and goods. Some kind of a village for artists, that inspires to great work, but also a healthy environment for our future kids. I've basically four sticking points: - finish university (brute force on some papers) - earn a constant income with my skills, which include webdesign, illustration, writing, statistic data analyse, rap, kung fu and yoga. - choose two or three of the above skills to acchieve mastery - and learn every day - create a healthier social circle Question: How can I destroy my distractions? This Journey is so far off from mainstream, that NO ONE of my peers or family gets what I want to create. Greeting SYY PS My Distraction are mostly Internet (Netflix , HBO, Youtube, Music), toxic relationsships or bad habits (alcohol, talk too much - do too little, gossip, read a bunch of books). Basicly not doing the right thing at the right time. I need desperatly a big win
  2. LP: Launch official community in some years, which will last for some generations. Why? I want my future family and friends families to have a strong group we belong to and land we own together. Like a modern Tribe with *DRUMROLL* ... at least a dozen side businesses! That's right. A network of businesses. Some examples: Some can work as nursery-school teacher for the groups childs Others offer some sort of craft like carpenter or mason Then some of them give yoga and meditation classes for everyone plus outsiders some kind of motel for people who want to relax and meditate/ practise yoga Another group can offer graphic design and programming - and so on. But how can I start this? I think about launching a business, but I desperately need experience (which I'll get until summer). What do you think about that? Be ruthless. And yes, I know that this is a risky endeavor. I have to convince my fellows, but i really think that would be good for everyone involved.. Greetings SYY
  3. I would say that the use of reputation and rank system is the result of our nature as humans. If you, Leo, would remove it, we would find other ways to categorize each other.. To be honest I wanted to ask about this since i started writing here. On the one hand we want to develop to our highest self, on the hand we crave for upvotes. Paradox. But at the end I say that removing something entirely would not change shit. But thanks for asking.
  4. My Strategy worked! Aim high - and you achieve at least 60%. I had a productive day - and this will be part 2. It'll be a hard-knock-training Day.
  5. Hello fella, TRUE. What do you mean by that (honest question)? Let my try to make a comprehension of your post. You told us about being socially awkward, using tinder and lack of results. So I guess that you want you f*** girls and/or find somone for a relationship. My experience is that dating apps make dating not easier - I mean you can approach more girls, but then you meet in meatspace and realise that you don't feel you opponent.. And you have a filter-bubble, because there are most likely people that are not capable to find someone in reallife.. My Advice: Focus on something you want to practise and meet people over it. That is the best way to find over the years(!!!) the most finest girlsfriends or friendships.. But that is a by-product.. main-focus is your practise Peace
  6. Guess what - this day is dedicated for my work. make the web design of my little website responsive double the pages of my statistic-report No Distraction, no other 'big' goals until I'm trough. No People. Only me, beatz & my coffee. I start this in 10 Minutes. CYA
  7. Trained. Ate Clean (Tofu, Rice, Vegetables, Quinoa, Nuts and Joghurt). Meditated. Worked (could have worked a little harder) on my brand. However, got out of bed to late.. so I decided to focus on my goals. If it support my goals, then I'll get up early.
  8. I believe that is not true. My Hypothesis is that you develop a taste, but there is no correlation with healthy eating. My proof would be that most people eat what they consider good - with the given results that I would label as 'not so good'. But proof me wrong. Do you have a source (honest question)?
  9. Word. Not if you have a bad eating habit.. Really nice. I'm a vegetarian but think about eating fish.. What kind of fish is that?
  10. You got me. I didn't posted yesterday, because I a girlfriend stayed over night. While it was real fun and so on I am guilty to break my vow to write every day on the first fucking day. DAMN! This day I meditated, ate clean and trained (all of this kinda sloppy, there is potencial for growth). The evening is free to build my brand (write on my website and for my job expose), go into nature and mediate while doing it. I'm guilty to not get up at 6 a' clock and I think if it is really that important as long as I have no appointments before 11 a' clock... cya tomorrow
  11. YES SIR! My greatest book (= the book that most changed me to the better) for a 20 year olf men would be 'The Game'. Even though that most of the book are stupid failures in a row, there was a message in that. I think it was like that: You can chase relationships, sex and money but if you are not fulfilled on the inside.. that's nothing. And I'm not even into cold approach Pickup, because of the warnings in this book. Also there where a lot of tips for studies, for example the new Tyler Durden or Tony Robbins or the Tao te King. The book takes a topic (getting laid) that most uncessful, miserable men are interested in and helps them to change them for the better.. The next book 'The Truth' is about open Relationships and again If you are not fulfilled on the inside.. that's nothing. Word. Really?
  12. And this is why you actively have to develop your social environment too... or what do you think @Leo Gura does with his work (besides of make some bread)? For example if you meditate and realise that everyone is just to mindless.. You maybe can't change your work or school, but you can choose you future work or school. Make it happen, my friend.
  13. Hallo Joseph, from what you wrote I had almost the exact same experience last week. The answer - for me - is to be a little more authentic/integer/honest - even if it hurts people. Another vision is to buy a house near a forest... and live there for some years just with the bare essentials to meditate, work, train and learn... And then come back hard as steel. Maybe one could do this instead of vacations for some months a year.. What makes life with people so brutal?
  14. I'm thru with the plan. Results are: Duration: 4 months (until my birthday) - install a strictly daily meditation habit - eat way cleaner.. Specifications: Raw vegetables to every meal, no industrial sugar, no alcohol in the weed, less processed food. And also I want to eat less in quantity. This will take a lot of study i guess, but I have the opportunity to get local, organic vegetables in a weekly abo. Good to start with.. - train my body with a.) a little daily schedule every morning, which will raise eventually get harder (20 fist-push-ups, 20 leopard-push-ups, 5 chin-ups, 20 one-leg-squat, 100 cross-punch-cycling) b.) 2 times at our public martial arts training and c.) 1-2 time alone to really focus on my technique. All in all about 10 hours of Sport every week. - build my brand.. which will include a weekly information providing blog and commercial e-books on social studies, novels and meta-information. Deadline: 01.02.18 - sleep a. less (only about 7 hours) and b. earlier (around 11pm). This entitles me to get up at least at 6 a clock - take the edge off once a week - and I don't even mean to binge drink. No. Only eat as much as I want even if it is junk and have some easy fun, for example in my rpg group or on a rap concert. If I do good for 6 Days in a row, I deserve a sinful day which fuels my art.. Otherwise it won't work on the level I'am at now My Strategies: 1. A Mark on my Hand to remind me during the day 2. Plan success, but expect homeostasis 3. write daily and weekly one line reviews here Alright... I'm off to meditate and train.. Cya tomorrow
  15. I want to say something positive in this thread. I've done NoFap several times for about a month. The reason was that I felt weak and NF seemed to be a something to start with. We, in western societies, live in a constant stream of comfort. But we don't think about it as comfort, because we're born into this world. This is rather new - and we live still in the wrong paradigma. Only THREE GENERATIONS ago the people lived in Europe with the ups and downs of nature. In the summer you get fat - in the winter is scarcity. Everyday life is routine (boring, you may call it) - but every year there is carnival. Now is Summer and Carnival all year. We live in a absurd cargo-cult of work & play. This is there NoFap is obviously handy. You get sober of some things and decide if you like them really that much. WHAT I DON'T LIKE ABOUT NOFAP is, that some people make it a sacred way of life. But to me NoFap is one tool. Not more, not less. Thank you very much.