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  1. Hello Omni, that piece of yours about micro thinking is useful. Thanks. The second Piece about 'How to work good enough' or 'How to balance work' is not about what i wrote. Example: You are in school in a subject, that you dislike and consider boring. You did literally everything to make it better - nothing helped. Your new goal is to pass with relative little effort. Now you have to write a essay which decides if you pass. You can make it a. just as good to pass with a 6 hours work or you can b. make it as good as possible with 1000 hours work. You choose b? What about your English course? No time left. What about eating? No time left. See the Problem? I try to get free time for longterm important things like thinking, meditating, doing nothing, strategizing or just relaxing. Besides - Excellence in everything is not economic. Now realise that I want just pass in lots of things. I want a technique that helps me pass the things that I have to do, but don't want to. I can't avoid them either. My Technique: - Organize it in Baby-steps - Brute Force That's it. I want to know if there is anything better.. SYY
  2. There are at least two sides. The other is: If a woman wants to have power over men with control over sex, then it is not good if an other woman give it away 'for free'. Think about that. ATTENTION Well, I think we have to distinguish between slut (girl, who sleeps with almost everyone and behave uncivilised) and a relative promiscuous girl (sleeps with some guys every now and then but is civilised) compared to the standart of sleeping with 2 or 4 guys in a LIFETIME. SYY
  3. I'm 26 and have the same problem. My guess is - and that would be really hard - to learn to make business you have to take some money and DO IT. It is a ruff and gritty try and error process. You can read books or hire professionals who do some work to help you - and still: You could do anything 'right' and your business fails at random. BOTTOM LINE: Business may isn't what you think it is. Do, observe, read, rearrange and do again. SYY EDIT: Try to make it little. If you want to make a little diner, than cook for a lot of people. If you want to be a professional musician, then play in the streets. If you want to make statistics, then make useful diagrams to help your mom.
  4. Man the fuck up, son.
  5. Hello Leo, I have two proposals. 1. How to think micro You told us to separate a micro perspective from a macro perspective. The goal is to get the grand picture and the minutiae of live proper, concentrating of what of the two we're lacking. It would be interesting how you plan for the details of blogging or any other product for example. And how do you do the editing process? Did you give it to someone to check it? How do you plan to not forget less important side things? 2. How to work good enough My Problem is that I do 'relative Work' in terms of the result. If a craftsman has do 5 Products of series X, then he knows that he will need 4-6 hours. My work is very relative, because there could be always more text, more data or more presentations. So I can submit the some work in 1 hour, 10 hours or 100 hours. How can I make adequate work in the least time? By adequate or good enough I mean a work that would be considered better than the average and relative flawless. Greetings SYY
  6. It's okay to talk about fears. The fear of not want to grow up is very common, in my social circle. I said to myself as I turned 21, that I would see myself as a Adult at 25. No excuses any more. If it's really not regular then see a Professional. But I think you'll have allow to accept it. Give yourself time to grow. I embrace the process of aging. I'm excited to see body getting older (I'll be better and better due to my training) and of course i want to be as long as possible as healthy as possible. With modern medicine and knowledge you have the years from 20-60 as your prime in health and mind. And as a Bonus you get maybe 20-40 years as a Senior. If you make wise long range decisions, you'll age much less as the typical joe average, I promiss. But you'll age.
  7. Homeostasis and the feeling of a Training-Plateau is back. I tricked myself into thinking that I do growth, but instead I did achievement. In addition to what I wrote on Sunday I've decided to develope productive habits in lieu of some not so productive habits. These are: - Gossip. My strategy is to focus instead on a. my output or in a conversation on b. positive traits of my counterpart . - Coffee. My strategy is to drink green tea and eat a healthy meal (for example fresh vegetable and nuts) in the morning. - Smartphone. My strategy is to turn it of, if I don't use it. - Binge-Reading of useless Texts (=for example learn how the metro of the bigger cities of russia are build... while writing a report on my data-analsys). My Strategy is to read only for the sake of my life purpose (which includes work and studies) except some time in the morning and the evening. My life will change radical over the next months - I feel it. SYY
  8. Appendix: I realised that I got sloppy with the foundational work. That is: - Visualisation, Meditation - Basic Training like learning Vocabulary - Improve my martial arts profile - Go out into the woods to recharge - take some risks and not go for the low-hanging fruit... (yeah, I plan to game again) But, on the other Hand, I've talked myself into an Interview which could lead into a position from there I can build my dreams from. Well, maybe. For the Readers i add some good Videos, that are interesting for everyone. PEACE SYY
  9. Yeah. Been in a comparable situation some years ago there I thought that I that lost my 'freshness'. What I did? - Reframed (NLP) - Sport - Cut negative thoughts and people - took extra B12 and Vitamin D and improved my diet with fresh vegetables Do you know the Video of Leo about Depression? You have to get through you mental winter. I bet you can.
  10. I want to add that you can watch Tyler Durdens youtube Channel. He is all about frame control and being very positive - with excellent results!
  11. Comments to your Answers 1. This is a limiting believe. There are out there; If not at your class then at the campus. If not at the campus then in internet.. 2. Do you have a spiritual understanding of masculinity? Read 'The Way of Man', this'll give your study more depth. In short: Competition is the core of masculinity. 3. Fair enough.
  12. Thank you anyway. That is a very deep quote because it is so damn acurate! You think he has to do new styles of online teaching?
  13. Things shifted. Instead of what I thought that would be my sticking-point I realised that DELIVERY is my sticking point some days ago. I can write and craft the most detailed reports ever - but if now one reads them I won't reach my goal. Got an insight of what my career part of my life-purpose was the whole time: I want to be a negotiator or as you would call it in german: Unterhändler. This is someone who has a whide range of relationships, who brings people together to make business happen and knows reliable sources for goods. A negotiator is also to some degree an entrepreneur, as he invests in or starts new businesses. Literally everything I'd ever done fits know exactly and makes sense, that is how I frame it. I'd even make these activities in the past, without having a umbrella-term for this. What I need for this is - still - money and knowledge of accounting, delivery and what not else. FOCUS. SYY
  14. Leo teached us very useful and important concepts, techniques and insights. I think that seldom someone used the modern media in such effective a way for a special type of people (i can't stereotype 'us' in the forum, but my guess is, that 'we' as group may have more in common as leo as teacher). Leo is getting better and better because he trains the delivery! This is rather unique in this sector. If he goes on like this in the future, he may will achieve his live purpose to help a lot of people find their life purpose and ultimative change the world to the better. The bottom line is: If we win the game, he wins the game. Did he ever said what his book will be about?
  15. - Yeah, i think it is more complicated. Anyway, do you suggest that it is better to get laid often? And I don't think that cold approach is the golden way for a relationship - although it is good for getting laid. That again has some problem, too.