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  1. @soos_mite_ah i have to add something first... what happens in what i framed nebulously as 'Green Sociology' (notice that i use the tag, but would struggle to define it as we do so often in praxis.. isn't that from Bourdieu.. using a Word without really knowing it?) is not bad in the long run, but will cause lot of friction in the next decades. I explain in the next bit: I argued: 'Green Sociology gets the Big Picture Analysis' and 'Green Sociology is sloppy in Analysing fine details' and 'Green Sociology can be selfish in Analysis'. The green sociologist thinks her or his thinking is basically right and if someone is against it, they are very misguided. Of course the Green tend to be very high compared to the normal society, but they don't get how lucky they are and that they have to work with the lower stages BECAUSE they are the superior... I certainly would not get this 10 Years ago... so I understand it. But they think they are right BECAUSE they are superior and the others are wrong . And they are in a sense superior. But people won't let them rule over them. This misses the Point. It's not about who is right 60% more, it's about making it better for everyone. Exactly. For sure! It'll yield something useful, but cause trouble in the next time.. maybe it has to be like this. Perfect example! Problem back then, blessing today. Twitter is special in my opinion. It's so toxic and dangerous... but hey, I'm sure it'll be productive in the long run. You are right to say this and I was wrong. More accurate would be that most people in Green (and we can discuss that) are immature Green.
  2. We are then almost on the same page Let me qualify my thoughts: The big picture green sociological analysis is often good, but the fine details of the analysis are too sloppy and even selfish (I don't mean a particular author but how I experience it coming from academia into politics, media and everyday live) Another weak point of green sociology is the attitude that 'things have to change NOW', no matter the costs, because it's 'right'... heared that a lot from the more activist types in my sociology realm The last point i want to mention is the discussion culture, which is at a all time low with the immature greens, which by definition are most undergrads. All of that is a catastrophe for sociology. regards
  3. Seems like most people in the discussion recommend sociology for reasons @Forestluv and@soos_mite_ah pointed out. I studied Sociology and quit my Master to work. I might be biased, but I don't think that it will bring much good in a green society. I think we have to wait until Yellow becomes a much bigger percentage (double digits). Anyone who wants to study it, should be aware of the dangers of green and orange groupthink. Of course there is more to life than work, but if a subject gives you so little leverage to earn money it shouldn't be swept under the rock. Instead one has to actively think about a way to apply it if one does not want to stay in university regards
  4. There is a whole branch of sociology that works mostly with numbers, surveys and statistics. Generally cool and useful. But... They try to make thing measurable which aren't measurable in my humble opinion and try to make sociology in a science like physics. That Phenomenon is called 'physics-envy' _____ Another branch is political people, who justify their bias with science. For example Bourdieu, Marx, Foucault and the Frankfurter Schule will be used for that. That's likely what @TheDao meant
  5. it's a science, but w/ a lot of ideologues.. it's a science largely w/o usecase because no one takes the often deep systemic critique serious. so what is used is superstitious also not the most bright people study it
  6. if;) true, this is the ideal i strieve towards as well:)
  7. You should have at the bare minimum 12 Months wort of Money in your Bankaccount. Subtract that amount from your savings. The Rest is ready to invest. First rule of investing (in yourself, stocks, bitcoin, etfs...): Do NOT invest into what you don't understand. My Advice is to read a few books and to not do any quick moves because someone tells you "That's the chance to make big buck!" - see for yourself instead regards
  8. The bad Thing is that you will run into boss-type persons everywhere (and they are not always wrong just because they tend to disturb the flow). Even as a self-employd person you have clients or partners who fill that role. In my mind one has to learn to handle it and I don't mean accept it. Say it like it is. The good Thing is that thre are pattern of what you can do to increase your chance to become more free in your work: learn what is in demand, hard to understand and not high in supply (math, programming, chemistry...) spend less money or become a minimalist, save and invest work your ass off as you are still young and play later.. (normal people play while they are young and work stupid jobs because they don't know an exit) there are no cheatcodes
  9. you mean 10h? if you sleep 8h, eat for a minimum of 1h and do other stuff like cleaning and hygiene a minimum of 1h.. it's 70% i don't do it unless i'd get much much money or learn important stuff In my Opinion we would generally do better with less busy work and more planning.. but that's a complex issue
  10. @The0Self To me the point is not that people work many hours AND get shit done, the point is that workaholics work STUPID for many hours while achieving not much AND stressing all the people like hell. In my mind this is one prime problem in the work world today. People work too much, get not much done and stressing the adjacent people
  11. @Average Investor on point. Working all day, but for what? A 40h week is more than enough. @Eternal Unity to answer emails and make sport, lol? That's where being self employed or highly skilled (with no supply for your skills on the market) comes in handy. I call it (based on Eckhart Tolle) "The Power of No" , hahaha.. Have a nice day guys
  12. @reves Exactly. I do a more spiritual Hatha* Yoga Style with my addition from whatever I find useful. If I need much relaxation for 1-2 hours. If I'm fine I make only 30 minutes. I don't do yoga very often because I make resistance training as well, which is relaxing too (well, in another way). But it matches very good as a endroutine after a particular stressing day. *Most school I saw that claimed they would teach hatha yoga would actually teach just stretching and breathing. Just words regards
  13. @Jordan94 and @Consilience , thanks for the recommendation of “The Mind Illuminated”, I'll look at it now. Hey @Raptorsin7, for concentration as a skill to get something done I experienced the following as very rewarding: Plan out every detail in you mind before you begin. If you plan repetetive Task this way, you become more focused and effective. Little building blocks one at the time. Stop after some time (like 30 Minutes) and make a short Mediatation. I wrote about the benefits of that in this thread. However, this scope of that thread was more on the getting things done level, so it might not that interesting to you as you seek enlightenment as you told in your first post. regards
  14. Update: I'm still doing my Routine, but now mixed a little Yoga in. It's crazy: I 'lose' maybe 2h a day, but I feel much much better and get greater things accomplished. I now want to pitch Meditation Meetings in the company I work in , because I know Management would likely approve and some people are already into it. Especially if we are back in the Office I wouldn't want to change my Routine because that would mean extra hours, bad results and the grindy normal I experienced before where everyone gets quicker and quicker but not much meaningful work can be done (you need that silence) regards
  15. never thought about it that way. i thought that psychological diseases are a issue seperate from the stage one individual is in, even though I would also say that the trend is higher the stage, the more sane i would guess a individual (other factors unknown) do you think a new sort of psychotherapy could heal all of that after working on these traumas? regards