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  1. @Javfly33 Hey, thanks for the interest. You did the smart move : you learned everything, got your self identified flaws corrected and moved on. That's cool. But a lot of people would get stuck in the Pickup paradigm with successive worse effects over time. Pickup is from a architectural perspective a flawed attempt to give the unskilled individual a set of rules to be somewhat effective in the realm of dating. It was developed 20+ years ago and we have better Theories. But sure, you get results with pickup : Numbers, date, kisses and so on. After some time this will be seriously limit you ability to grow as person. This is not good. Why will it limit the pickup practitioner? On one hand if you do it too sloppy you will be recognize as the weirdo, because you make detailed strategies about manipulating women into dating you. People don't like that. Rightfully so? You choose. On the other hand your pickups will be most likely plastic successes, just not the real deal you search. Like a real handmade Italian Pizza versus a 0.99€ Supermarket Pizza made in the microwave because it's quicker. Sure, you can eat the latter pizza, but it is fucking unhealthy. Imagine you eat that every day. Imagine Pickup has 2 times the bad effects to your spiritual and mental health. (Read Neil Strauss, everyone in 'The Game' is a wreck and goes down a downwards spiral for a reason) On the third hand it's not really important (I suppose) after you date like 3 women and maybe had a relationship (if you want). It is paradox: If you don't need a woman you will be more likely to have success with some women. You get less dates, but meet more quality women. The Dreyfus Model explains that very well. Look it up. The rules gets you in the game, but you outgrow them. You can read 'The Game' from Neil Strauss and his follow up book 'The Truth' as a study about the limits of Pickup. However, I've never been on a seminar. I've just watched a lot on youtube and read a lot lot of books on the subject. Have a nice day
  2. @Javfly33 While its beneficial for the curing of social anxiety to meet new people and, yes, maybe even get laid I would strongly propose that pickup is generally not good for people with social anxiety. But then again it depends on what you exactly mean by 'pickup'.
  3. Write important things down. I do Accounting to control my spending. I have digital & physical notebooks for ideas or impulses. The habit of writing down helps me to concentrate, because I can focus on the most important thing without loosing the spontaneous ideas which is very powerful in the long run. And I have a Whiteboard i my flat, that is very helpful Yes, find a Mentor if you are ready. I have a Mentor in my work, but It was a more spontaneous development. Have short time goals (up to 1 Month) mid time goals ( 1 Month to 1 year or so) and long term goals (1-5 years) AND an overall direction, an end point if you will. Review as often as you have to. Strategize often. Before go into action mode, be quite and ask yourself what could go wrong, alternatives and what you need. This saves you lots of time (although it seems like you are lazy, which is the opposite of the truth) One has to check if the expectations of your strategy are realistic. You can do way too much for some years before you are burn out, but that doesn't make it good until it stops working. Usually there are signs that you are to enthusiastic. Like your pain to meditate 45 Minutes EVERY DAY at fucking 5 o' clock - while you are the kind of person who naturally sleeps until 7 or 8 o'clock AND you hate meditating in Zazen. Maybe is walking meditation more effective... That is the tricky thing about 'keeping track of yourself' : deciding what is worth to get tracked & which direction you want to develop
  4. Well, this escalated quickly...
  5. @AwakenedSoul444 What do you want to hear? I don't think this is a good idea. Weak soldiers get killed. But the aspect about acting is a very good idea. However, I would choose martial arts plus some kind of profession instead. Get your finances right, work out and learn to have a spine... The army is not required
  6. @Moreira You are right with every word in my opinion.
  7. Yes, in the sense that this brings more balance and peace to the World:) I like that!
  8. That and that: is the essence of healthy Yellow and early Turquoise. The opposite is true. There is a point to talk to them, you answer reciprocal. They are kind and friendly, you are kind of friendly. BUT! They try to force their believes on you, you stay friendly and may tell them that you disagree. If they continue to push, you answer with the same force. Or you go with the flow, because you can't argue with ignorance. Akido Communication Style. Normally will this not be an issue, because that are glimpses of ignorance. If you wait until they become back to consciousness, everything will work out smoothly - Without any further manipulation on your part. Just wait until it's over and you'll see how it'll get better over the years with you relation to certain individuals. With the default verbal aggressive ones it's sometimes a big mistake to be to patient, because they take it a weakness... But double check if it is someone like that... ussually they have a reputation for being rude. But pleeeease do not be default aggressive to people you expect to be in blue or lower I was certainly at that point to be verbal passive aggressive to lower stage people and - guss what - it caused tremendous suffering on my part.. This is the whole 'woke people' in green against ignorance fight you see in the media.. That is so right! But do not let them compromise your own values. Well written! That is the hardest part. Yeah. Spiral Dynamics becomes counterproductive for us to get to higher stages, but it can be a key to raise lower stages. If one is so high he or she can take on the mission to make a new model. Haha. Well, at some point will models not be very useful any more. But we are faaaaar from that. Mhh, is the absence of empathy, patience and compassion a indicator for lower stages or is it a different line of developement?
  9. Yeah, that's puzzle thing is not cool. But hey, I'm really good at it now. Training;) How good is that brave browser? BTW I use Firefox plus an external VPN Program. I would like to have secure as standart, not as special like it is now: 'why would he like to be so anonymous? what kind of shady business is he doing?' But lets be real: It's also a key technology for revolutionaries, protesters and criminals. But that is a tiny fraction, well, we'll see how that plays out. Sidenote: 1. Do you use Whatsapp? I'm thinking about switching to Signal / Threema, but I would have to make a pitch to everyone at work, in my family and in my social circle. Eeeeeh..! That is the problem with 'social networks'! If many are there it's a disadvantage not to be there. And many think like that, so nothing happens. And what if 'my' secure messenger will not be popular? 2. Do you know that there is a alternative to Android / IOS with a pure Linux Phone ? That's right, you can use it like a normal computer with bluetooth mouse, keyboard and Screen. The only problem is the price of the hardware (like 650$ or 700€). I think in some years we'll have normal OS' on our mobile, but right now it's not yet here... I would really like linux on blackberry-like hardware with a physical keyboard;) 3. The real secure phone (by Edward Snowden) : You take a normal new smartphone (Android, IOS or whatever). You open it and take all Cameras and Microphons out. If you want to take or make a call, you use a headset. A little bit extreme though and you need some skills to play with a 700$+ device;D Idk what is with location tracking issues and if you can take out a unit like a microphone.. This'll be a propblem a long as we need real mobile number for mobile internet..
  10. Hello, my brave fellow carpetbagger. I present you stage yellow crack, not kidding. You certainly know Youtube. You know that it has Algoryhtms that determine which videos you get. This can be a advantage or a disadvantage, mostly a disadvantage. It keeps people stuck in a bubble. And lastly you know VPN Clients. I give you the recipe to use VPNs for research. But 'Why would I want to do that?' you may ask. I plea you to find the answer for yourself;) Recipe: You need a VPN and a group you want to research. For example Christians in the rural parts of US and we search on Youtube. 1. Make a connection with a server in the US 2. Go in with a blank browser with no cookies or other history or Ad-Blocker (you want to see the ads!) 3. Go to youtube and type in a phrase that is typical for your group. For our example with the formula US-State + Christian activity -> North-Dakota Curch Choir 4. Look at the results. You want people that speak their mind as little youtubers (<50.000 subs) or Celebrity of the target group that speak on an event. If you find nothing, then return to 3. 5. Watch some Videos, makes notes, whatever. Click like crazy. 6. Go to the Home side of youtube an see what video are presented to you - TADA! 7. You can use whatever other Website you want - but attention! As soon as you are out your 'persona' is gone (of course!). Have fun
  11. I haven't read the book, but I know the phenomenon. What do you think about this? You can't remove welfare and charity at this point without provoking violence. The people are dependend, because it's kind of easy in the present, but horrible in the long run. It's like not going to the dentist. Some day you have to go and sacrifice more teeth compared to if you went there on a regular basis ( took advice etc).
  12. Thanks everyone, I forgot about that lecture.
  13. I'd like to go meta on this discussion. 1. Firstly we need to clear that we understood each other : @Sizeable Oof, you meant finding our trigger points in politics would help us to get over them or tackle them healthy, right? If roughly true, go to 2, but If wrong we need to clarify this. 2. My Theory is that our childhood upbringing and development from then on relative to where we are from highly influences our trigger point. For example if you are coming from a all blue/orange community you are likely at best green in your teenage years. If you went abroad or to college you encounter many oranges, greens and some yellows. Relative to your old setting this seems fresh and new. This is all that 'Come home to Christmas / Thanks Giving Dinner and hear you relatives talk racist shit' posts on vice et al. Now consider a second path. You grow up in a green community with strong spiritual ways, which is weak in making money. Maybe you go beyond green or you go down into orange to make a decent living. Now you get triggered by you hippie elders and their unpractical ways. Here a interpretation alternative: Maybe you go along with the hippie parents and choose to go into a green movement, that happens to get you in jail for a political action. You surrender and call in at Stefan Molyneux' show to tell everyone about 'your sick left wing past'. Or you go to jail, but stay to true to your values. Now you are triggered by 'the facist state' and so on.. See? Here is my formula: Interpretation of your developement relative to your developementhistory determines your trigger points
  14. @Umar I don't know the Author, not even listen to an interview or something like that. Why do you think he's in Green? I don't find green values in the stories, even though the Orm obviously flew through the author.