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  1. On topic: It's not that big of a loss to not read / post in the politics section. I don't want to hurt anyone, but it's clearly not conscious politics and it's by far lowest quality forum here. If there wasn't a rare gem here and there I would have left a long time ago. Off topic: How can a man release such good content but then attract in his forum THIS audience? Not the first time I'm asking myself if I come here to grow or if it's drags me down. The energy that sense here is wild, chaotic, unfocused and it's distracting. I'm leaving again, I'm curious how this'll go
  2. So I tried Kriya after my workour and it was normal, this was my third session of the day. I guess I'd to try it more often to see if it's really more benefitial
  3. @Ry4n The way I learned to do hatha yoga seems to be exactly like this vinyasa. Actually a good idea. It's more like a discharging of bad energy in my book, but yes... this way you get your mind in the right mood to meditate. As I'm just done with my resistance workout I'm curious how a set of Kriya will hit now.This is maybe a worthwhile combination, I try it immediately and report the findings.
  4. @Ry4n I'm two weeks in and I noticed the power immediately. It's thrilling to imagine what this'll accumulate into over time.
  5. @narkuser You gonna make it right, just keep doing and give it some time
  6. @King Merk @Michael569 Where should I start?;) The base contains plastic. Aspartam brings cancer. A lot of Ingredients are linked to bringing cancer, asthma and autoimmune diseases. If you chew a LOT, like I do, this accumulates.. One the one hand I eat clean, on the other I chew on plastic??? Huge disconnect. Here a quick link, there are a lot better if you gid it a little.. @Yarco Thanks, I consider trying that PUR, even though I love Mastix... hehe
  7. I chew a lot. Basically all day. Did you ever read the ingredients of a chewing gum? Yuck. I can't imagine how much waste I consumed in the last 10 years through this alone. So I decided to change my habit. I tried Mastix and Chicle so far, both are rather neutral in taste. Mastix is more expensive, but has also health benefits Chicle is as cheap as normal chewing gum, if you buy a lot even cheaper. Benefits: 1. You need only 1 chewing gum the whole day 2. It's completely natural waste, so you can throw it wherever you want. 3. You can add your own flavor if you want to It's really good. Finally a solution for that nasty problem of mine.
  8. @narkuser Here is the advice you look for: You waste your finite time and you will never get it back.
  9. @IAmReallyImportant The more important point is the imformation organizing, not the tracking aspect. For tracking is a paper notebook plus spreadsheet is simple enough if not better. For organizing many chunks of text a system can be handy, however, with better search tools a sophisticated structure beyond your ongoing projects this becomes not necessary. You can just put hastags in your text and search for it via linux / mac terminal with grep. You can search for whatever phrase you like in all files. However OneNote has a good new feature: You can search machine written text in pictures! That can come in handy, think about it.
  10. What really baffles me is that you can implement most if not all thing he mentions on a regular computer with standard software. Say you use windows, then you invent a order of folders like this and put in files: Notebook |_ notes |_ landing_board.txt |_ projects |_ Project 1 |_ blabla.txt |_ orga |_ goals.docx |_ training_tracking_table.xlsx |_ routines_tracking_table.xlsx You can have links with that, you can do shortcuts, record macros, increase pruductivity with visual basic... you can have it online to access it on your phone... If you need it fancy, you can use OneNote.. Am I missing something? I mean you can't aggregate as easy, but who does it anyway and if you really want to... just use Excel Pivot Tables?
  11. Thanks for sharing! This is v e r y interesting to me, as I scheme to start a business about learning myself. PKM is one of my core focuses, but more the designing and doing aspect and not showing how to use the super subscription based tool X which will cure all you problems. That Channel will be an interesting study subject for me -- and it shows there is a decent customer base. I'm quite baffled at the price of the 12 month online course from August ($1500), now I'm curious how high his profit rate might is.
  12. Hello @StarStruck you described concerns I have as well as I work also in IT. You need to work harder to flee the plantation, but you can only work a certain number of hours. You can only level up via learning, meaning real quality study time. Even then the odds are not too good that you make more and very unconvincing that you make enough to get out of the whole game in, lets say, 5 years. Paul Graham wrote in an Essay (idk which) that to get rich you need to compress the work of 20 Years into 2 Years. You do this by work insane long hours and by being more effective. However, in many companies that's already kind of expected and you won't get rich from it as you need to spend more. Recently a colleague asked me why I would not wear a suit all the time. I mean I could, but it would cost more than the cloths. You need to iron the shirts, go to the dry cleaner... and buy more suits. Younger people in my company start this trend to buy E-Bikes and E-Cars and fancy houses. And I? I live still like a student, except that I afford to eat much better and buy better/more learning material. What I want to say is this: It's cool where I'm at, but I won't be financially free even if I would work the insane hours and skill up. And I'm still 3+ Years from being skilled enough to do freelancing, then I would need to do that for some years... what if the opportunity to build a business slips by? If it becomes too comfy to leave? Scary. I honestly can't sleep some nights because it freaks me out, the idea to become a fat man in a SUV, who hates live. You get me?
  13. Skills: Programming, Understand Learning LP: Build a successful E-Learning business (I'm protyping right now) Time-horizon: 10-15 years until freedom day lol
  14. Please Mods, close this thread.
  15. 7 Pages - That escalated quickly. I can only think about the a phrase from Niklas Luhmann to Systems Theory 'As Systems grow, they tend to more and more self-referential' - the last weeks might be a milestone in the development of this forum. I'm curious if this forum goes underground some day or if it will be shutdown in the near future. I can see that happen.. @Nahm acted more and more erratic in the last weeks, but why he is away is beyond me.. I read more pages of this drama^^
  16. @Yarco our man yarco is on fire at his post. We all can improve by drinking our own juice and JUST put it the work.
  17. haha^^ since the anouncement people seem to be even worse. Maybe to check out what will happen?
  18. The way this forum is run by you is a art in itself. There is a lot one can learn from observing your actions. Like this: I mean everyone knows kind of that's the point of a tyranny, but it's interesting to be in the midst of chaos instead observing passively.
  19. not even a day after the announcement that the forum should be more serious, lil rascals. well, well. but i have to give @captainamerica props for finding that sample.. not gonna lie that was very funny
  20. 'More quality' / deeper topics on the forum is just what I've asked for multiple times. I will miss the chaos, but if that really improves the quality I can see the value. Let's see how this will work, I take it as a challenge. If it's not good I leave.
  21. Hey guys, I decided to go on a vacation to Egypt, the first in years and the first to Africa. I didn't traveled very much and all vacations I had where like reading a bunch of books in Denmark or Bavaria. Time to make a new experience! Can you help me? A lot of nice hotels seem to be on the red sea coast, but isn't that all-inclusive stuff too dull, basically just mindless tourist junk? I decide on a place at the end of the week and research everywhere. Maybe someone here is knowledgeable and willing to share some insights To those who been there (or even live there!) : - What should I visit or experience aside from the stereotypical pyramids of Gizeh and Sphynx? - What should I eat (as a vegetarian) ? - What should I be aware of? I want to go to a Basar, but aside from that I'm so clueless. To be honest I'm more a cold climate lover, so that will be new for me (I have to try everything to not get burned as I'm pale as fuck lol) I want mainly chill, but also explore a little, learn bits of the language and culture. I'm just there for 10 days, so two or three things are probably enough.
  22. @Terell Kirby awesome. Can you showcase what you teach? As you know I'm interested in E-Learning, so we might as well chat about this
  23. good idea
  24. Thanks for your reply. You are on to something, that Udemy course idea is a hustle I should experiment with as soon as possible. I realized that I described my ambition at the begin of this thread not enough as several people thought I want to wait 15 years to earn any money (which is silly); I want to build a business in next 15 years with great e-learning product AND I also want to earn money right from the beginning. How can I know otherwise that I'm onto something? Sounds interesting, especially the part about creating a educational system. My products should be all about giving people the ability to learn; At best people who doing bad in a conventional school. Can you please tell something about your experience with siddhis?