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  1. @Matt8800 What is your opinion about the existence of life in the universe?
  2. @Angelite ...and prophet is a byproduct of what?
  3. Very nice, I see it as a looping. I mean that if only you could question Yourself /duality, material paradigm\ long enough /keep being in a heightened awareness\ something could happen.
  4. That extasy I would call a glimpse@Inliytened1.
  5. @Truth Addict Continuous sinking into this mindfulness is somehow a questioning of duality and this is a retreat.
  6. @Truth Addict now you have a glimps to what elevating awareness is 😁.
  7. @Truth Addict love wants to be taught about her and not about her absence.
  8. @Meditationdude Dude, try to elevate Your awareness, just question Yourself as strongest as You can.
  9. @Arhattobe prompt: duality /you now/ -> looping /paradoxes/ -> Nonduality /infinity/
  10. @Jacobsrw It is really good practice. I used to contemplate present being /llife/ with 'notion' from before it /birth/. Now I try conteplate what emotions are in general and this is deeeep.