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  1. meditation in the form of self-inquiry ofc will
  2. @Raptorsin7 no advice here will lead you to happiness / whatever it is / even this if you won't meditate consistently. it's as simple as it sounds but is it? hahaha
  3. Note that the desire for something is something you imagine. You don't know what it is but you want to experience it. Now, what does experience allow?
  4. @Fede83 i think its normal because you are making progress and ego dies.
  5. @halo How about meditation in your place?
  6. @CultivateLove apparently we are the fractal.
  7. Sit pine. The biggest mushroom i found.
  8. @Leo Gura is it descriptable how did you die?
  9. Good. You are very far on your path, probably farther than you think.
  10. @Ross Labby do you have any experience with meditation? If not, you won't know what to do with this tool.
  11. There is probably something like collective consciousness.