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  1. @Preetom Have you reached the point where consciousness begins to be self-aware?
  2. There is something in talking about killing, perhaps too often an example. I had a murder in the dream last night😰
  3. @Inliytened1 did you have any signs or feelings before enlightenment (did you notice something unusual)?
  4. @Javfly33 so you can say that you are treating spirituality with spirituality?
  5. @Inliytened1 how reliable this perspective is?
  6. I even got enlightenment in tonight dream. So I think it's time to rest like:
  7. @GreenWoods because it does not matter the quantity but the quality?
  8. Take it on hold. Retreats are enough after a few hours a day with breaks.
  9. @Inliytened1 ...but he really begins to melt.
  10. @Leo Gura are you currently having any plans for actualized.org when you do not care anymore?
  11. @Inliytened1 One thing, did you wonder what would happen if you took 5 meo?