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  1. @Fluran Integration by conteplation or be here more precise with questions?
  2. @Raptorsin7 Are you using psychedelics in such a beautifully liberal country?
  3. @Raptorsin7 I suppose you needed some "guru" or someone who could help you then? Is it still like that?
  4. I usually did not understand what he meant, hard to digest reading. Once I even wrote how it would end for him.
  5. Did anyone submit on vendors wishlists?
  6. Tip. For those who find syringes thick for their anus.
  7. It seems that 5malt works with snorting (instead plugging)
  8. @Raptorsin7 I had a similar case, but I also managed to play with the toy car in the Pulp🤣
  9. Listen to@Breakingthewall better.
  10. What time has pased since plugged to sh/hs?
  11. Do you practice some soft technics?