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  1. I've been working with this for over a year and a half. But when it comes to LD, how long did it take you to achieve the results?
  2. Me too, @Inliytened1 is real Godrealizer even though Leo said that no one in this forum is awake. Also, I was awaiting for someone really realized in LD like @The Lucid Dreamer .
  3. But the second situation took place a few days ago also during meditation. This vision was short-lived and concerned a real place (my neighborhood). It was also accompanied by the feeling that this situation had already taken place but at the same time the strong feeling of the present moment was as if this moment existed forever. I really was amazed and I don't know what to think about it. It's like two moments in one. The intense feelings of these two situations give the impression that they exist "forever" / are written somewhere /.
  4. One thing that is certain that it works in getting lucid dreams is practicing mindfulness. I did not have such typical long and controled lucid dreams as you/@The Lucid Dreamer . But the first time in my life I entered a dream I had long ago, which I didn't remember at all. It was like a quick reminder to me of this dream without the physical elapse of time. It impressed me. That was maybe a year ago but already with act.org.
  5. I thought you meant to make highlight reel.
  6. @The Lucid Dreamer thx. Youre really good with this stuff. But this isn't allowed here.
  7. Sorry for my language. I am asking about this feeling of pre-existing environment.
  8. @Galyna As you can see, not only men "do it"...?
  9. Haha, there is nothing like doing each other well.
  10. @The Lucid DreamerCan you say something about the phenomenon of re-experiencing dreams with this difference that this re-experience is conscious?