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  1. @CuriousTraveller
  2. Your spiritual practices, no matter what they are, must result in the realization that there is no "you" behind "your" eyes. If you keep believing you are the ego and the body, and feed them non-duality concepts and theories, you'll eventually come to the realization that life is pointless and meaningless. If you hold such a belief for long enough, you'll be depressed/suicidal. That would be missing the point entirely. So follow these steps: Calm the fuck down. Take a few deep breaths. Focus on anything but your mind to take the energy away from your head. Calm down the mind with any method that works best for you. There are thousands of methods. Become aware of the fact that you are aware, and explore that experience. Whenever ANY thoughts arise that try to explain your experience, shut them down. Don't even entertain concepts. Don't ask yourself questions, don't look for answers. Just explore. Don't expect realization to come in words. ABOVE ALL ELSE, don't believe in your own nonesense about how life is meaningless, or pointless. That is still a concept. That concept is what is pointless.
  3. @Aeris Become aware that there is not actually someone who chooses. That's liberation. That's why choice is a total illusion. Your example is only a play with the concepts of probability and uncertainty, which themselves are inaccurate representations of the real thing.
  4. Timeless - Consciousness. Turn awareness on awareness. Become free of Karma.
  5. @Seththomas Attempts at objectifying consciousness will invariably miss the mark. It just can't be done. Consciousness is synonymous with God, the Self, Shiva, Allah etc. and who can truly say they can describe what God is with words? The way to know consciousness is to be consciousness. Of course, being consciousness already, you can't help but to know it. The problem is that we then try to objectify God and that leads to all sorts of misconceptions. We then go and write books about to perpetuate the ignorance. There is really no such thing as high or low consciousness. Consciousness does not have intrinsic qualities. It is the emptiness that allows everything to flow within it, like how the ocean allows for fish. What is called "high" consciousness is just the Self with less and less concepts covering it. If you are interested in knowing consciousness, stop trapping it with your logic and concepts. Allow it to flourish of its own accord. That is the only real knowledge.
  6. @kieranperez Ah Akashic records... It's a fascinating thing isn't it? I have some insight about this. Not exactly easy or even comfortable to share them though. It all depends. How long can you stay as pure awareness?
  7. @yangmilun Being comes first. Ego appears within being.
  8. @Preetom This is good insight. The difficulty in following this technique is to not allow the mind to want to objectify the 'I' as an object. Keep awareness on awareness and you gain clarity. Bring your assumptions in this new light and the falsehood will burn away. What remains is your true self.
  9. @Cameron You assume that the "enlightened persons" act with personal intention, but that is not the case. "God acting through the enlightened person" is a better explanation although even that falls short of the truth still. Also, life being meaningless is just an assumption. It is not true.
  10. @Jack River Yes but such an absolutist perspective will not be of much use to the average person who is wholly attached to the body Different strokes for different folks.
  11. @Aakash Because at some point you will have to stand up and follow your urges. Just sitting and doing nothing can only be done for so long. After a while you have to deal with your urges for eating, sleeping, moving, etc. and maybe follow desires such as being loved or a good laugh or mental stimulation. Only by realizing the truth of your existence, as a field of awareness rather than a localized ego, can you truly be desireless. That is, existing forever without desire emerging, ever. The best you can achieve with meditation are brief experiences of desirelessness. With realization, you will be permanently merged with your true being which is blissful, eternal, and desireless.