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  1. A permanent collapse of the I-thought, or put another way, the breakdown of the mental mechanisms that has you identify with concepts of the self, is enlightenment in its most common form. There are many more stages after that. But this is already very good and valuable. Yes it is not the same thing, though a complete crown chakra opening is necessary for unity consciousness, which is several degrees above basic self-realization. However, since you already seem somewhat attuned to chakras, even basic self-realization is likely to be accompanied with at least partial opening of the crown chakra, which will result in bliss and love, and will also show you how to advance further. I do, yes, but at the end of the day, it really is not possible to give any practical advice about the how of it in textual form.
  2. I am not an advocate of drugs because I do not have enough experience with them to give good advice. But if you have experienced a collapse of the I thought, then do whatever that takes you back to that, as long as you are not going to put your body in unnecessary risk. For me, it was Kundalini Yoga, guidance of qualified teachers, and an extremely intense desire for God. I recommend having a qualified IRL teacher the most.
  3. The pleasure of blissful self-realization will supersede all worldly-pleasures initially, so you don't even have the motivation to chase after something else. Eventually, as the bliss stabilizes, you are free to do as you want. Still, excessively chasing worldly pleasures becomes rather moot, since everything is already blissful and you won't have to look anywhere to find it. This bliss results in happiness in the mind as well. Happiness is a state of the mind and can never be permanent. Bliss is not the same thing as happiness, though it can cause it. Still, with self-realization, being happy and not in pain stops being the objectives of life.
  4. You were asking how do i know the end result of kundalini yoga is the same thing. That is how I know, also.
  5. Yes it often is. In God consciousness you might see everything but yourself as divine, which causes deep anguish. It is known as the dark night of the soul by Christian theologians (not the dark night of the mind which is something else). Once the duality between the other-divine and the void-Self collapses, you'll leave God consciousness for unity consciousness.
  6. It makes sense in the context of Sivaist kundalini yoga. The blue being is the avatar of vishnu. In a highly vivid and sensory path such as Kundalini, degrees of enlightenment are accompanied by experiencing spiritual visions, kriyas, etc etc.
  7. @Leo Gura Try for yourself and you'll know. The end result being consciousness infinitely expanding in infinite directions, modalities, and qualities.
  8. It is inherent to the Self. The self is creating the knowledge, and so it knows it.
  9. There is an undercurrent of existential dread in most people who have no connection with spirituality. Keep raising consciousness and it will go away.
  10. @Leo Gura You can. Kundalini is just a very kinetic and blissful way of going on about increasing consciousness. The end result is the same. Though i do think if you are just realizing the Self as void, then you are missing quite a bit.
  11. Kundalini moving upwards in the body corresponds to increase in the levels of consciousness. There won't be raised kundalini without heightened consciousness, if the kundalini is properly directed through the nadi. This is not meant to be understood only as a metaphor though. There is a physical component in which you actually feel the kundalini moving in your spine, upwards towards the head. Once the kundalini gets all the way there, it will leave the body through the "crown chakra" and unity consciousness will manifest.
  12. God realization is the precursor to unity consciousness, where true non-duality manifests, when the void and the creative energy of the Self merge into one. Non-duality in the Spirtual Guru (TM) sense is the realization of the Self as void only.
  13. Thanks yeah, i received some expert advice in the past few days. Asking here was not really the right idea. Happy to hear. It's truly wonderful.