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  1. forums is a fine community, and has been instrumental in my learning, but it's time to say goodbye. There'll come a point where you realize all form of 'seeking' is just more noise. And that left to its own devices, life will reveal the bliss you've been chasing for all this time as its inherent quality. So goodbye, and I wish you all well.
  2. @seeking_brilliance One of the reasons i removed it is because it involved pranayama such as this and realized it could be unsafe. These days i don't really need to rely on any specific technique for samadhi purspoes etc. I do plan on writing Fox Yoga 2.0 though
  3. Kriya means involuntary movements. More accurately they are spontaneous bodily movements that are produced as Kundalini energy meets a roadblock in the energy pathways of the body. These movements are both symptoms of such a blockage, and attempts at clearing them away. These involuntary movements are sometimes extreme behavior, and there is no way to know how each individual will respond to a blockage. Kriya Yoga is the ignorant man's version of Kundalini Yoga. It haphazardly throws a bunch of practices and postures together without rhyme and reason, either due to western ignorance, deception or some inane reasoning (eg. it's better if the neophytes don't know about Kundalini because it might put them off due to sounding too mystical etc.). In Kriya Yoga, one chases these spontaneous movements, which is analogues to a person chasing the symptoms of a disease for some twisted reasoning (If only i can somehow develop a stomach ulcer, I will lose weight). When you chase Kriya, that is what you are doing in the spiritual context. From my own extensive analysis of many different Kriya Yoga regiments, i've found them to focus on maximizing release of energy within the body's energetic pathways - therefore involuntarily or sometimes voluntarily - causing Kriyas. That is quite frankly, stupid, as it serves no purpose whatsoever for the purposes of Enlightenment and Lovebliss, and is most definitely dangerous. In fact, I know of a case where the intensity of Kriya was set to be a measure of success with the practices. That is doubly stupid. As such it is my opinion that Kriya Yoga is inefficient, dumb, and downright irresponsible/malicious. I don't care if you are an ardent believe in Kriya Yoga, or you get offended by what I wrote here. You have every right to continue in your folly. This is meant to save people who are on the fence about working with energy and to guide them towards proper Kundalini work UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF A LEGITIMATE TEACHER, rather than following some online blog or Youtube channel. Here's a good test of checking your yoga program: Do you know the EXACT reasoning for doing each individual practice? There should be an answer here.
  4. @Shadowraix Kashmir Sivaism is the prominent spiritual lineage from which most surviving Kundalini knowledge has been passed down. Vijnanabhairava is the most authoritative text when it comes to Kundalini Yoga practices which i have found. It's introductory text regarding the Self and its realization is also incredibly to the point and crystal clear (almost bizarrely so). Other than that, actually getting Kundalini to "activate" properly to result in self-realization is not really something on can do by himself. It almost always requires another person (ie. a Kundalini master) to do it for you. This process is known as Shaktipat.
  5. @SriBhagwanYogi This is by no means safe or gentle. This is the core practice one does to "awaken" Kundalini. You don't do kundalini yoga in preparation for meditation anyways. The former releases lots of energy into your system while the latter requires a stable energy body.
  6. You try to imagine how life would be after self-realization and how 'you' will be like when the whole point is to get rid of the "I-ness". Choice, free will, etc etc. The "I" who you think you are is a thought. The feeling of being a someone or something is a thought. Individuality is a thought. Ignorance is a thought. Choice and free will are thoughts. That something is a thought is itself a thought. Here the logical system begins to break down and show its inherent instabilities. The best thing to do is to not engage in philosophizing and instead bring the mind back into its source (ie. you) again and again until it stops churning. Then all these dilemmas and quandaries disappear.
  7. Only do these practices if you are consciously attempting at working with Kundalini. Otherwise you can unknowingly set things in motion that you might later regret.
  8. How did the rose ever open its heart and give to this world all of its beauty? It felt the encouragement of light against its being, otherwise we all remain too frightened. - Hafiz
  9. @LucyKid I know the answer to this question but i'll only tell you if you get a dog to ask for it.
  10. @Brdman I have no idea. I've lost contact.
  11. Once upon a time there was this guy named Rali. He was a seeker at the time and none of use had any idea what we were doing. I believe Leo knew him or some such because that's how i found out about this forum. He got in touch with Jan Esmann and after a shaktipat session he just disappeared. Never heard from that guy. Anyways, he posted some really dope spiritual rap. Authentic as they came. I can't find them on youtube anymore though. If you are a real internet archaeologist you might search for: "Rali", "Naked Reality", "Rap". I know for a fact that his rap name was not the same as his spiritual name. But anyhow. Godspeed.
  12. Is that going to be called Rise of the Winerknight or simply Winterknight: Origins? Also, does it involve a super-villain called Monkey-Mind? :')
  13. @Pouya Truly self-conscious AI is an impossibility. At best you can produce something that resembles one. AI will never be able to perform true creative work. It can only mix and match already present data and input from sensory observation. This will be quickly obvious once you understand what intuition (source of creativity) and creativity are.
  14. Without lovebliss the picture is incomplete, no matter how convincing it might seem at the time. I remember having this discussion with Leo. He was skeptical but open-minded, and now he's all about it. I encourage everyone to keep an open mind.
  15. Is not the truth. Eternal silence is truthful and love.