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  1. @Ibn Sina those are all beliefs. Being authentic many times comes with a price. Sometimes even death or being burned at the stake. Pick your poison. Being fake and getting ridiculed or stuffing down and feeling shit and dying a slow death. Maybe watch practice "not caring" or watch Leo's video on not caring a few or ten times.
  2. Everything you think about who you are is almost like faithfully following a religion blindly because that's all you've ever known. I journaled on this after I read your post because it resonates with something I was thinking about--- Lisa Nichols says (sloppily quoting from memory), "Most people get stuck being who they've always been, which stops them from being who they want to become." Ego IS who you have been conditioned to believe you are and without question. The ego/beliefs about who you are basically dictate your life and every expression. Leo mentioned this yesterday in that video when he talked about belief systems being you. Did you watch that? He also has a good video on self image, maybe you can watch that too. Great question.
  3. I have a lot of favorites-- the things going full circle episode is a favorite AND that first awakening video, very liberating. The video on his blog a few days ago is one I will watch again. Also liberating.
  4. @Antonius Neville is one of my favorites --πŸ”₯he disects scriptures like mofo boss and he just doesn't care. I think he was kinda O.G. with truly understanding biblical truths almost Like a Joseph Campbell but he didn't have a shiny education or degree, so got shunned (by Aldous Huxley at least). @Leo Gura Something so liberating about this particular video. I had to listen twice because I love some of the clumping of stuff-- consciousness, understanding and love being one thing. Very content rich. Hope you continue to share even though we are you he he.
  5. Interesting thread lol. This guide looks legit too. Sounds like he is recommending intermittent fasting and I concur. I see it as wise energy conservation... Most people spend a lot of energy digesting food-- over fed and malnourished.
  6. @ExodiaGearCEO then raise kids who also work jobs to pay bills while hating life... At some point you have to ask what's the point? For what? At every angle seems like suicide. Actually for me I enjoy what I do but just feels like it's not IT.
  7. @Shiva Great share-- the part about going to church to be happy at death was profound. It's so true, it's the "heaven" bamboozle lol. I literally lol'd.
  8. @see_on_see with YouTube you kinda have to upload weekly/ regulalrly and some people just enjoy creating. Not fair to impose your needs/ preferences on someone else's art work. Some days the sun shines too bright & hot for me and I can just go in doors, others might prefer it that way. We can't can't tell others to slow down for us.
  9. @Leo Gura thanks always for telling us. Excited for the conscious politics to come and hope you will be sharing some awakening tid bits on your blog.
  10. Excited about this-- I got into politics more when Obama was elected like a lot of black people he he. Would be curious about a conscious perspective. I kinda feel like you could do almost any topic and we would dig it because of your conscious perspective. Leo for president πŸ˜‚
  11. @Shiva love thisss-- real talk. I just look at the list and want to read all the books at once lol. But yea... i don't have to he he.
  12. @John Lula @Quaker Good ideas-- worth a try.
  13. @mandyjw Hiya-- I got it last year (after that yoga video) but I just looked at the newly added books today-- A couple I have read but that's a tiny dent lol. Super duper curious to know what you are reading he he. I started reading an old one from the list today that is totes blowing my mind gahhh. I think I used to read stuff faster. Wondering if there was a short cut.
  14. So many books, so little time... I'm half jealous, half in disbelief-- who else reads this fast? Give me some tips so I too can have ALL the knowledge. I think I stop and ponder too much while reading lol.
  15. Love that angelic Leo photo to pieces 😍😍😍 lol.