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  1. @Danioover9000 connect/ converse with your friends that smoke weed or other drugs or people into Terrance McKenna. You could also speak your intention aloud (alone) into the Universe with gratitude.
  2. so far LOVE! he he, so glad I saw this :-) Nice background to life music. I love lofi hip hop beats too.
  3. Congratulations! The GOAT of Personal Development. Imagine if you were actually on other social media platforms.
  4. You are so close to a milli 999k today! I already posted a question earlier but worth a shot: Can you pretty PLEASE say some things in Russian for us? Maybe just a couple sentences in the near future, even if it doesn't make the video. THANKS.
  5. @GroovyGuru It's a good call to protect your energy & trust your gut. You're allowed to have standards. It doesn't make sense to force yourself to hang out with people who make you feel awful. You don't have to be friends with everyone.
  6. Yay a million subs whilst keeping it real. What’s your human design, are you a projector? What do you think of personality test type stuff in advanced personal development?
  7. Maybe try meditating in nature or after a vigorous walk. Or maybe do it in shorter spurts. It's okay to find your way. Good luck.
  8. Maybe an east coast tour... Doing only videos for 7 years could be hard for anyone.
  9. We'll live... Til next week.
  10. Getting a life will help you be less needy— get some fun hobbies, work on your personal development and just do some things you really want to do in life. Ironically this will also help you to be more attractive to your girl friend. Long term attraction is directly connected with seeing your partner in different ways, so develop yourself. Good Luck & have fun.
  11. Some of MIndfulAttraction2.0 for women and MindfulAttraction.org for men but some not.... some of his older stuff talks a lot about presence and he even uses Leo’s “look at your hand”. He veers off into game playing which is sometimes overboard but life is very game-like ultimately. I get some good stuff from his channel but also because I have actualized.org as a base for why some stuff is very true on that channel. Real authenticity has been key for me in relationship and not the “needy” culture induced version of authentic.
  12. Uh so funny he he. Basically whatever's "got you by the short and curlies" is your religion according to Ralston lol. Even if you're mad at him calling it out.
  13. @Clearheaded My absolute fave on structuring writing IS: 1. Tell them what you're going to tell them (intro-- entertaining/ catchy/ funny amd one main point to prove/disprove) 2. Tell them (usually 3-5 points around who, what, where, when, why it even matters) 3. Tell them what you told them (closing-- main thing to remember) Good luck!!
  14. I watched his one on infrastructure the other day and it was super helpful-- I feel like watching the new content THEN revisting old content is a good combo for deep understanding actually.
  15. @Ibn Sina those are all beliefs. Being authentic many times comes with a price. Sometimes even death or being burned at the stake. Pick your poison. Being fake and getting ridiculed or stuffing down and feeling shit and dying a slow death. Maybe watch practice "not caring" or watch Leo's video on not caring a few or ten times.