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  1. The more I grow, the more I get outcast
    The more I grow, the more I get outcast
    I'm not really the best person to ask because I'm quite reclusive. I don't socialize much.
    But if I were in your shoes, I would expose myself to more of the right environments.
    Join yoga classes, move to a hip city like Austin, join meditation centers, go to seminars, go to satsangs, etc.
    If you go to a Tony Robbin's seminar -- for example -- you'll probably meet a lot of cool people there.
    You can even meet girls at Wholefoods. They are into health.
    Here's a biz idea: Tinder for conscious people

  2. Confusions About Creating A Good Life
    Confusions About Creating A Good Life
    There's nothing wrong with focusing on getting your life together.
    Just keep your meditation practice going. It's not a big weight. Plenty of people manage to run their life and meditate an hour a day.
    Kriya yoga, for example, was designed to only take about 1 hour per day. The instruction was: spend 1 hour per day on yoga and enlightenment, and the rest of your day handling your business and family obligations.
    You do not need to become an ascetic to become enlightened.
    Just do your practices more diligently. Quality > quantity.
    I know people who do 2-3 hours per day of yoga and still manage to run a busy life.
    A very effective structure is this: 1-2 hours per day of inquiry + four 10-day solo retreats per year. The rest of the time, do whatever business you got.
    Another option is: take 3 months off and go balls-to-the-wall with inquiry. 24/7. Get your awakening breakthrough and then return to ordinary life, deepening your realization with 1 hour per day of meditation/yoga.

  3. Confusions About Creating A Good Life
    Confusions About Creating A Good Life
    Spirituality needs to be balanced with mastery of the mundane world. Unless your plan is to live in a cave.
    Navigating ordinary life requires constant learning and growing. Survival is a tricky business, and it's best when you teach yourself how to do it artfully -- given as how you're here surviving 24/7 until your death.
    People who become too mystical, too spiritual without grounding themselves in mundane reality have money problems, relationship problems, housing problems, family problems, etc. That's not how you want to be.
    A decent guru will refuse to teach you spirituality until he sees that you have managed to handle ordinary life well. If you cannot pay your bills, what chance do you have at enlightenment? Learn to walk before you fly.

  4. What rituals (if any) do you do before a trip?
    What rituals (if any) do you do before a trip?
    Over time, as my tripping technique has refined, I've found that the only thing really necessary is:
    Totally quiet & safe setting, zero obligations, empty stomach, courage, and after you take the substance: sit perfectly still, concentrate on the present moment, and surrender.
    Always start each new substance at a lose dose.
    Meditating before-hand helps to prepare the mind. You want to get all your personal stuff out of the way so you can go deep into existential questioning.
    If the trip starts to get hairy, just remind yourself to surrender and get more curious about reality rather than your petty personal issues or feelings.

  5. Dealing with Ego backlash
    Dealing with Ego backlash
    1) It will happen, just accept it. This journey is often 2 steps forward, 1 step backward. Sometimes 2 steps backward. Sometimes 3 steps backward. The key is to just keep going and re-commit yourself every new day.
    2) Have a strong vision and think about it frequently. So you have some noble beckoning you.
    3) Pace yourself intelligently. If you bite off too much too fast, you're actually slow down your progress. You need to learn -- through trial and error -- just how much change you're able to stomach in a given week, month, year. The more noble and compelling your vision, the more change you will be able to stomach. When my vision is really HOT, I find myself able to make lots of changes and they stick pretty well. When my vision is weak, I find myself backsliding a lot.
    4) Learn to be your own cheerleader. When you fail and backslide, learn how to console yourself, reassure yourself, and cheer-lead your spirits back up. Learn positive self-talk rather than dumping all over yourself.
    5) Mindfulness is huge
    6) Psychedelics are huge. I've found that nothing gets me in touch with my authentic motivations better than psychedelics. They clear out all the extraneous materialistic crap. Although they too can have their own backlashes.

  6. Questions about the power of homeostasis
    Questions about the power of homeostasis
    @Steph1988 Moving out and become self-sufficient is a huge step forward for anyone in their 20s.
    It will be tough to do serious development work while living with your family. They will suck you back into your own patterns. They will be threatened by changes you're making. So it's best to do that on your own.
    Your mind will entrain to your family's level of consciousness.
    You also feel a sense of power and autonomy when you're not beholden to someone else paying your bills or providing you a roof. You want to become independent so you can set your own healthy standards and not have to put up with low consciousness crap from other people.
    If it takes you a few years to establish this level of autonomy, it will be worth it. I'd consider it a foundation for all future personal development work.
    Then again, if you're stuck living with your folks for the next year or two, don't make that into an excuse not do the work. You can still grow enormously if you apply yourself. And since you're young, you've got a lot of energy to invent into this.
    So really, it's good both ways.
    The more toxic your family is, the faster you should be aiming to move out. To be financially independent feels so GOOD!

  7. How do you visualize?
    How do you visualize?
    You want to form as clear a mental image or movie as possible of your goal already obtained or being completed.
    For instance, if I was a boxer, I might visualize the entire fight. Then I'd visualize how I'd knock out my opponent in the end and having the crowd go wild.
    You also want to add as much positive emotion as possible. Feel love, gratitude and like you want to celebrate for what you've accomplished. That pushes it deeper into your subconscious.
    The way you train visualization is just by practicing daily and improving your concentration skills. The more you can concentrate and flow energy into your vision, the better.
    I've never heard that first person or third person matters. I find myself doing both.

  8. Surely My LP Is Just My Mind Deceiving Me????
    Surely My LP Is Just My Mind Deceiving Me????
    You can't. That's the point.
    Knowledge is a nontrivial thing. Investigation is required to separate the fake from the genuine. You cannot know a priori.
    So maybe rather than being so insistent that all your knowledge be 100% correct, you loosen that requirement and bask a bit with the uncertainty, and the possibility that some of the things governing you could be wrong/deceptions. And be okay with that.
    The goal isn't perfection (that's a self-deception mechanism) but gradual improvement.
    This work of personal development is all about working with imperfect information. You have to get good with handling doubt and uncertainty. You have to be comfortable navigating with imperfect maps. Trust that things will gel over time as you do the work and follow the right principles. LP is one of those right principles. How can you know it's right? Well, technically you can't know. But you can feel or intuit it. And there is always the option of dropping it later on if you find it too limiting.

  9. How to heal emotional suffering from a break up which happened 2 years back ?
    How to heal emotional suffering from a break up which happened 2 years back ?
    Bring it on I love pain Pain sets me free (The Tools by Phil Stutz & Barry Michels; chapter 2)

  10. How to heal emotional suffering from a break up which happened 2 years back ?
    How to heal emotional suffering from a break up which happened 2 years back ?
    Exactly what's preventing you from moving on. You need to feel the pain until it subsides and evaporates. You can't do this with the conscious idea of wanting to get rid of it either. The best thing to do is become conscious of the pain, and when it comes up, don't reject it and feel it with curiosity. In the end it's just intense energy moving through us that wants to become free, but we put the label "pain" on it and are conditioned to repress it, which is exactly what prevents it from leaving us.

  11. Had a taste of ego death, is enlightment worth it?
    Had a taste of ego death, is enlightment worth it?
    Consciousness makes everything better.
    Including women.
    You haven't really lived yet until you've experienced conscious living.
    Enlightenment doesn't rob you of anything but your illusions. You can still have sex and play video games after enlightenment. Whether you will still want to or not, is another matter.
    Don't think too far ahead in this work. Just trust that pursuing the Truth is best strategy, and it will be.
    When an enlightened yogi stops having sex, it's because he gets way bigger orgasms from his meditation than from sex. Samadhi is way better than sex.

  12. Ranking Self Help Theorys!
    Ranking Self Help Theorys!
    That's not going to work because techniques are designed to address different problems for different people.
    You have to tailor them to fit your needs. Everyone has different needs at different times in their life.
    Pickup might be useless to one person, but life-saving to another. Etc.
    You should take an experimenter's approach, where you play around with different methods and theories and stick with the ones that resonate with you.
    This field is much more broad and complex than the mind initially expects. There are hundreds of highly useful theories and techniques. Like a good handyman, your toolbox will have hundreds of tools, not just 2 or 3.

  13. Spiral Dynamics: Do Turquoises exist?
    Spiral Dynamics: Do Turquoises exist?
    @Mighty Mouse Sure
    But stunting growth is a tricky issue. Growth isn't always linear, and maximum truth doesn't always grow people as might be expected. The wrong pace of growth will backfire and lead to regression or stunting. Skipping stages often backfires.
    A crack addict is not ready to hear about Enlightenment.
    The Spiral Dynamics stages are a useful model. Not Absolute Truth. And it's important for people not get ahead of themselves. Seeing a stage Turquoise person face to face can be an important step towards ultimately realizing the Absolute. It's a motivational thing more than anything. It's inspiring. It shows you who you can become, and what the possibilities are.
    Of course all models have their limitations and will ultimately be abandoned after they've served their purpose.

  14. Raising your consciousness
    Raising your consciousness
    The clearest way to get a feel for what raising of consciousness is like, is by taking a psychedelic. Within 30 minutes you experience your consciousness raised to ungodly levels. It's quite astouding. You'll struggle to believe it even as it is happening to you.
    You can literally become conscious of how existence came into being and why it exists, for example.
    A more conventional way to feel a rise in consciousness is to compare yourself when you're foggy or horny or sleepy versus when you're sober and clear-minded. It's a pretty big difference.

  15. amazing LP
    Pick One? Or create a life around multiple passions
    If you can think of a way to blend all your passions together cohesively, then that is fine. That will be your singular purpose.
    But otherwise, you need to focus and specialize. Success comes from specialization. You can always branch out later once you've nailed one thing well.
    If you are being indecisive, that itself speaks of a larger problem: you are unclear, confused about what you want from life.
    And so that is exactly what you will get from life: a muddy, confused mess.
    The whole point of finding your LP is so that you don't have doubts any more about your core direction in life. That doubt and indecision kills your ability to master anything. You want to be able to wake up every morning and know exactly what you're working towards, without seconding-guessing yourself.
    By not making the hard choice, you've made a choice to be mediocre.

  16. Words of encouragement from Nahm about depression and future
    I would really love to someone help with this part of my life
    @Marks199 choose meditation, twice a day, 30 minutes.   Everything else can wait. None of this is urgent, though I understand it feels like it is. It’s not. Relax. A lot of people spend a lifetime searching for love, never discovering they are it. Your energy has served you well, 5 languages- that’s impressive! Imagine if you hone and harness that energy, with meditation, and begin to imagine the life you want. The past is gone. Gone. Don’t resurrect it anymore.