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  1. Eben Pagan's Advanced Learning & Teaching seminar with Wyatt Woodsmall is great. It talks about the limitations of the education system, different types of learners, how you haven't actually learned something unless your behavior is changed, etc. Very fundamental material. This guy has some notes on it: http://mynotetakingnerd.com/blog/personal-improvement-notes-from-eben-pagan-and-wyatt-woodsmalls-advanced-learning-and-teaching-seminar/
  2. Edward de Bono - the man who coined the terms Lateral thinking and Parallel thinking.
  3. @seeking_brilliance I would love to do a guided meditation on inner integration - integrating and aligning all seeming fragments within into one unified whole. Integration of individual will with Divine Will, and becoming a force of Nature. This as well.
  4. Since one of the most popular personality type here (after INTP and INFP) are INFJ, and I have been studying this material for a long time, so I thought.. Why not compile the best stuff for my fellow INFJs? Before getting into it, understand that Cognitive Functions are the first principles on which all the different models (MBTI, Socionics, Objective Personality System, etc) are based on. If you get the distinctions between Cognitive functions right, you can play with these models to see what makes sense and is useful to you. One simplistic way of looking at cognitive functions is: Intuition and Sensing are what you TRUST when it comes to new information: Do you trust abstract principles (Intuition) or Do you trust physical-sensory input? (No wonder Actualized.org is porn for Intuition-dominant people.) Thinking and Feeling are how you decide which information to keep and which not to: Does it work? (Thinking) or Do I like it? (Feeling) The typical cognitive function stack for INFJs is Introverted Intuition > Extraverted Feeling > Introverted Thinking > Extraverted Sensing. And since most people die without properly developing their fourth function, that means INFJ have SINGLE observer ('Addicted' to Introverted Intuition - "What are the patterns?") and DOUBLE deciders (Extraverted Feeling - "Do other people like it?" AND Introverted Thinking - "Does it work for me?"). To put that in perspective: INTP have SINGLE decider ('Addicted' to Introverted Thinking - Does it make sense to me? Does it work for me?) and DOUBLE observers (Intuition AND Sensing) INFP have SINGLE decider ('Addicted' to Introverted Feeling - Do I like it? Does it align with my core beliefs and values?) and DOUBLE observers (Intuition AND Sensing) With that, here are the most useful resources I have found from the perspective of understanding and personal growth: Over-developed Extraverted Feeling / Empath: Not directly relevant, but because she has a soothing voice and gives her own spin to Leo's video on Judgement (also an INFJ Ni-Ti): Every individual is unique and if you want a perfect description of each one of those, it would take 7.8 million profiles. Thankfully there are patterns and wise men who identified those patterns wrote about them. But it is still a model and only as intelligent as the person using them.
  5. Thank you for sharing this. Carolyn hits it right on the head. I started reading the book a couple of days back (after reading your review) . There is a lot more to work through than I initially expected. Recommended for anyone who lacks effectiveness (aren't getting the results they want) cause they have their own Will turning against themselves. If you resonate with being an Intuitive Feeler (NF), this may be a goldmine. She weird tho.
  6. MBTI is a model, and all models are limited by definition. It is useful where it applies, and useless / misleading where it does not apply. @Carl-RichardDon't share information you don't trust yourself.
  7. Almost everyone is out of balance / fragmented from the whole and MBTI tells you where your imbalance lies. Sadhguru has transcended the dichotomies laid down by MBTI. He is an example of Wholeness embodied. He is strong at both Intuition (big-picture thinking, connecting diverse dots) and Sensing (is known for his driving skills and knows how to fly a helicopter) The classic definitions of Introvert and Extrovert do not apply to an enlightened person. What is within and what is without? @Carl-Richard Don't trust everything you read on the Internet.
  8. @mandyjw that's an unusual one. Thanks I'm going through Jordan Peterson's Past Authoring program and I'd recommend it for shadow work. It allows you to walk through significant events in your past and resolve unfinished matters. This goes very well with Ken Wilber's observation that: As you evolve, your past subjective self becomes an object to your present subjective self. Writing gives you an opportunity to objectify your past and analyze it with detachment.
  9. @Matt23Thanks for sharing this. It seems promising. I've been looking into the work of Gabor Maté and it's similar to what you have mentioned.
  10. Ever since I was a kid, the overarching theme of my life has been to understand 'Why people are the way they are?' and 'What is the peak of Human Development?' Apart from being a peoplewatcher all my life, I quenched my curiosity with books on Astrology, Jung, self-help, biographies of great men and from the past few years, Personality types systems (Jungian model, Freudian model, Myers Briggs, Objective Personality System, Enneagram, Big 5) and Developmental models (Self-Actualization, Spiral Dynamics, Piaget, Hero's journey, etc.) It is clear to me that while each individual has a unique genius, strengths, challenges, and blindspots; there are identifiable patterns to one's journey and the awareness of those patterns alone could rapidly accelerate one's growth in all domains of life. I have decided to dedicate a good part of my life identifying and drawing those patterns, or 'Archetypal paths of Growth', and offer them to the public in an accessible, implementable format. My job is that of a Cartographer. I explore the terrain, evaluate where the landmines and the oases are, and design custom maps - so that everyone who takes the journey spends less time walking in circles (or getting blown up) and more time climbing. This journal is a scrapbook for quotes, bad diagrams, half-baked wisdom and insights, and interesting tidbits I find on the internet.
  11. This is beautiful! Keep going.
  12. Is the future predictable? To what extent and how? Does Consciousness = Free will? In the sense that higher consciousness = more free will. This might require a whole video in itself Why don't you appear in interviews except for a couple of relatively lesser-known YouTubers? Do you have any future projects planned to build and maintain the Actualized.org community? How do you plan to ensure that YOUR work, like most teachers, is not twisted, misinterpreted, and used for selfish means after you die / leave your body consciously? Well deserved 1M subs! Thank you Leo.. You continue to be an inspiration.
  13. How to pick the right books, read them slowly and get the most juice out of them.
  14. Uhuh.
  15. Universal / inclusive design -
  16. Wow, that's relatable. Be gentle with yourself. Give yourself space. You did the best of what you knew at that moment. Congratulate yourself on having the ability to look back and evaluate your past self. You have levelled up. It's okay to feel ashamed. Its a sign of growing sensitivity. But shame creates shadow. Instead, bring the light in. Take your time. Let shame dissolve. You don't grow by dissociating from your past self, but by fully accepting and integrating it. Shame is the roadblock. Accept it and let it go. Instead, focus on building healthy social bonds. Allow yourself to be accepted as you are. Examine your beliefs around sexuality. Update them. Examine your judgements of other people. Let go of them. Examine your judgements of yourself. Let go of them.
  17. There is some research around that. I guessed about the nootropics part though. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/does-brain-size-matter1/
  18. Don't imitate, create. Watch your judgments. Society is asleep, so are you. Everything can be understood. Learn from everyone. Believe no one. Go out and find high-quality teachers and mentors. The default is spoonfed bullshit.
  19. Your body-mind adapts to the degree of challenges it has to face every day. If you increase the challenge, you increase their capability. If you keep seeking novel experiences and keep pushing the limits of your body-mind.. keep exploring new ways of thinking, feeling, and being.. You will keep growing. As someone else pointed out, if you don't step out of the house after you are 18, you have hit a plateau. The thing is.. the collective drag of culture to settle is huge - and you have to proactively work against it. Also, bigger, denser brain = high conceptual capacity. There are nootropics for just that.
  20. As I'm uncovering how deeply programmed I have been and how easily I am being programmed everyday in subtle ways by everything I'm exposed to.. In a span of one year, I have noticed dramatic shifts in how I think, feel and act.. 80% of that, I'd say, is from just changing my environment and the information I consume on a daily basis. I'm starting to wonder.. What is the authentic self after all? If I can model people who are wildly different from the current 'me' and integrate them into myself.. and think, feel and act in ways dramatically different from how I do now.. Will that still be me? Is there some indestructible sense of 'me-ness' that will be saved? Is there anything to save at all? If not, what is authenticity? What is Authenticity for you?
  21. That's fair. I am also finding that the more I act, feel, and behave in the ways that are not 'me', the more detached I am from any particular way of being. It's like being an actor in a theatre being able to play a bunch of different characters as and when required. This detachment from any particular way of being has also freed me to deeply empathize and take very diverse perspectives without a lot of internal resistance. In a way, there is an 'authentic' me but it is getting lighter and lighter, devoid of identifiable traits as such.
  22. Thank you Google Ads.
  23. Early Rap / Marshall Mathers / Old-school Eminem
  24. In the recent video on Spiral Dynamics - Stage Red, Leo mentions multiple times that Stage Red is Intuitive. Is he confusing intuition with instincts, or does he mean something else?