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  1. Are you trying to escape your job because you don't like what you're doing or because you like it but it gets overwhelming to manage. If it's the former then you should try to escape it, be aware of the suffering, but still plan ahead to finding your life purpose
  2. For me personally, social media is great. I'm a musician and it provides a platform for me to share my art and connect with people. I've had some beautiful conversations with people on there, and I've found other people who are passionate about what they do. Social media is what you make of it,imo. You can find value anywhere. Whether it is necessary or not is a difficult question to answer. I think it is helpful, and the problem lies more with the level of consciousness of the people using it rather than the technology itself
  3. It feels like by reading your posts that inside you have a strong urge to drop out. Personally, I would recommend completing your degree, but sometimes there comes a decision which you have a gut feeling about. In such cases, you know what decision you have to make, but you can't justify it. Now only you know what position are you in and thus can make the best decision. So I would suggest that if you're unclear, give yourself time, as much time as is possible. Our minds have a magical tendency to sort things out with time. And go with your gut feeling