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  1. Wow such beautiful lines...yes I have been. It's Profound. It's Healing. It's Soothing. It's Calming. It's Chilling. It's Inspiring. It's Magical. It's Humongous. It's Powerful. ITS TRUE HAPPINESS🪄♾️🤍🙂 Yes, Love indeed is the supreme reality. In my native language Hindi, love is called "Prem" "प्रेम" which comes from root word "Param" "परम" which means supreme. Basically what it is saying is that love is supreme by definition itself. I will love to share some videos on love by Sandeep Sir, one of my mentor.. You will love them definitely..
  2. Non-Negotiables 1. Trusted source and proper dosage 2. Dedicated day off for tripping and contemplating. 3. Ensuring all basic necessities good food, water, comfortable space are present. You don't feel a need to eat still have some fruits handy. It's a drag thinking of going out to buy anything. Good to have 1. Talking to your partner or friend is also a next level experience especially if you are starting out. 2. Customised tripping playlist 3. Leo's video just before tripping to set the mood of the trip or also you can use it while comedown after the heavy peak to better understand and ground yourself. 4. Somewhere to write your insights Great to have 1. Written list of specific questions beforehand which you seek answer to / specific problems you are looking solution to.. 2. Good prior understanding of metaphysics & epistemology.. questioning mind, open-mindedness, a positive outlook towards life. 3. Nature walks, creative activities such as writing, art to engage with, visioning, imagination. Strict don'ts ❌ Don't do it with bunch of idiots ❌ Don't mix substances which you don't have any idea about what can happen ❌ Don't be in a rush to take high doses. First increase your capacity to handle and master lower doses. ❌ Don't take major decisions and actions about your life path while tripping...you can write it out and also write out how to view it once you come down to your baseline state.
  3. Hello @Colin Williams 👋 It's because Leo and Actualized are different entities. No matter how awake Leo is, when he is interacting with us through Actualized.org, he has to talk to Collective in whichever means works best. Actualized is not just Leo's responsibility. It's also each one of us. How about to show gratitude and reverence to Leo, we triple or quadraple the self-actualization work we do...? How about we all aim to transcend Leo in consciousness..?(which is nearly impossible & I get it's not a race however won't it be interesting to just be able to surpass our master one day and regardless of whether we achieve it, we will grow so much) Basically I am saying he is moving at a very great speed. We all need to shift our gears and move at as much speed as possible.😄 💯 One idea I have for Actualized which I will pitch Leo soon (after considering all the nuances of it and sharing samples) is to start Actualized Hindi channel to cater to Hindi speaking audience who doesn't understand any English at all. I believe no one should be denied this profound wisdom for language barrier. And maybe after that they will be inspired to learn English also but the point is to share his wisdom to maximum people today. I can easily manage to do it on weekends and with AI and stuff it shouldn't be too much. And most importantly in the process I will get revision of all the concepts which in of itself is worth so much. Like this we can come up with so many ideas..I remember someone was saying few weeks ago that the "Start Here" page is a bit old and needs revision. If someone feels that is the case, why not share with Leo, a revised page with reasons of edits ? For the love and wisdom Leo shared and the kind of impact it had on me, I am indebted to him forever...and I am in no way neurotic about it that oh I have to pay off his debt😂 However I naturally want to give as much as I can as per my capacity to him and world because other people and things are Leo/God too.
  4. Thankyou so much😄 @LoneWonderer
  5. This is about cigarettes and marijuana..
  6. These are some images I took Just After Quitting. It Was Really A Great Achievement For Me.
  7. Oh I just Now saw that there is a seperate Section for Addiction and Mental Health. Moderators how do I move this post there?
  8. 🎉🎉😁😁😎😎🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Hello Friends, I am Harsh Bagdia And I Quit Successfully 2-3 months before. I don't have any cravings or urges or any discomfort. And Only Good Things Have Come Since Then. You will really laugh when you finally realize what this addiction and smoking is really about...And it is such a profound healing experience I can't say...Once You Quit You Will Be On A Highway.. Do you know what is behind the surface of all this? Smokers don't have a smoking problem, they have a Purpose Problem. And People Who Tell smokers to Just Quit Don't Help. It Adds to Their Problem. To them those who give such advice, I would like to ask: How much time have you spent studying about addiction, smoking, cigarettes.? Have you ever done that? Do you know how insidious and deceptive it is? If you don't know you can just shut up. If you want to help them then come with a solution. And cold turkey is the worst kind of solution. It is not even a solution. It is the problem. Smokers, I know all this because I was suffering from it😭. I can understand exactly what you are going through. Watch this it will help you..and no I won't talk about negative effects of smoking and blame and guilt you for it. And Do you know What A True Rebellion Is? QUITTING SMOKING IS THE TRUE REBELLION. Majority of society doesn't want you to quit. Because They are benefitting from you. Watch the video it will reveal Everything. I feel so honored to share this video with you. And don't worry, this is the start for something very profound for you. PS- This is for majority of smokers. If you feel like you are so spiritual that you dont care about your body and mind and abuse then this is not for you. But I seriously think that you must consider once again. You can still watch the video and let me know your thoughts on the topic. PPS- To all non-smokers who are reading this, Don't Judge, Blame, Guilt Smokers. Share this video with them.
  9. I see...I now define Enlightenment for myself as enlightening others or simply shining/radiating my light of awareness to it's maximum🌟 So rather than making it an one time achievement, I am making it a continuous series of daily achievements. And I will know if I reached a high degree of Enlightenment when others think and say that I am enlightened. The word will lose its value if I only claim my enlightenment. (but I will internally say it to myself and ofcourse also act as such😁😁) Doesn't it makes sense? and you don't need to validate me; I am happy to know the limitations in my thought process. so according to me, your trip report was pretty enlightening😃 Yes..I am now able to see ego minds tricks and not get influenced by them. It feels like a stubborn kid who thinks he knows what is best for him and I am like a strict father as well as a loving mother who knows what is actually best for him.(which is me😆😂😂) ( I know that I and ego are one but ego doesn't know it..) SO YES Sadhana, practice and listening to masters, contemplating is very crucial I understand. how beautiful is this..you can see the highest in them when they themselves can't see it🙏 You know just a while back I was looking at a cat directly into her eyes. I could see who's looking through her eyes🐱 And she got all relaxed and Zen like in the moment. It was so profound. Amazing...I want to experience this too..actually I have..I just understood it now when you mentioned this. When I visited my ashram last time, one woman was smiling looking at me and not just smiling..as you said they look at you different and act different..as if they are a bit stoned but deeply conscious..there's a sense of judgementlessness and fearlessness around them. Oh God why didn't I talk to her🥲 I could see the 'Real Her' and I thought also that she saw Me..but then I distracted myself😅 anyways next time for sure. Mahadev😇❤️🙏 हर हर महादेव। शंभो। ॐ नमः शिवाय। नमस्ते। Har har Mahadev, Shambho, Aum Namah Shivaya, Namaste all these are used in similar way..and you know in Hindi language we refer Shiva as Mahadev.. Shiva is Devo Ke Dev(God of Gods), Mahadev(The One) We can also call it Infinity of Infinities, Absolute Infinity..🙌🤍 It was great talking to you brother..I will DM you if I have any major doubts about Yoga, is that ok? Namaste.
  10. I love your answer💙 and I too want to dive deeper into this... And I don't want to take any positions about Mahasamadhi currently because I believe there must be some truth to it...ancient yogis who invented the idea weren't stupid...maybe majority of people misinterpret it...I don't know..I will just keep exploring.. doing yoga, psychs, and contemplate.. Hey when I think deeply about your statement that all Enlightenment and Mahasamadhi is a sham... Can we say that We are already Enlightened/ Mahasamadhied. ? You know what, I realised that subconsciously I was denying that I was God even after awakening to it many times. But truth is truth and I accept it fully now. I Am God🥹🤩🌟🪄🤍 And you too are God, Woah...😁😁 And you also realize it??? 🤝😇😉 This human body and this mind is truly a wonderful creation..we shall honor it more... Thanks for triggering this Awakening into me...🙏 And now I Understand the depth of this... God Is Endless......
  11. Seems great..I too want to achieve Mahasamadhi sometime...it seems like what you are calling Mahasamadhi, Leo calls Godhead. But what after Mahasamadhi? Consciousness will again find some form of expression.. You do realise that THIS is endless, don't you? Which is what makes reality so mysterious and sometimes so overwhelming and alien👽
  12. It's great to know that you overcame this trap.✌️ and thanks for this post, this gives me an opportunity to share my thoughts on this topic. I also went into a kind of similar phase as you. It was disempowering and felt very off. Yep not only ego is bad or evil and to be ashamed of, something to get rid of, it is to be grown, evolved and feel proud about. The idea of surrender is not so much about giving up ourselves but about embracing ourselves totally..which includes accepting our desires & creating our dream life and it fits perfectly with God-Realisation. Leo shared this in Ultimate Structure of Reality video that God is nudging us to realize itself through our desires. As we evolve ourselves, our desires become more God-like. God is not someone who will award us for being good and for sacrificing ourselves😂😂😂 In God's view everything is good. Infact God wants us to be as much ourselves as possible. God is actualizing itself through us. Everyone, we seriously need to look God as our equal partner/friend. Not hold God as superior because then we fall into victim mentality and lose touch with ourself. I am proud of myself for where I am currently in my journey and I completely accept my desires how much ever lowly they may be in someone else's opinion. And I love fulfilling my desires and each desire brings me closer and closer to God my ultimate self. People use the word ego in such a variety of ways that I have stopped using it for myself. I like to keep it simple. I am Harsh Bagdia and I hold all responsibility for all actions performed by my body and my mind. And being on the path of awakening, I am day by day realizing more and more how everything is interconnected and how I and Others & Universe are One in essence. 😇
  13. I see...still it means yogic practices do work..I will continue doing it... how can one reach Mahasamadhi? First of all what is it? Birth-death cycle?? Okay so I take it back then?🤔 Just joking...glad that you shared your experience..have a good day