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  1. Amazing video, so simple and direct. 1. Select the domain/task you want to get effective in. 2. Discover the maximum yield technique in that domain. 3. Practice it consistently without fail. It's so simple yet very profound. Thanks @Leo Gura. This post is about my commitment towards my goals and how I will apply this formula in my life. I have modified this formula & instead of using one high yield technique I will use two high yield techniques. Goal- To be fit, healthy and full of vitality, losing my bellyfat Techniques- 1. Have a Sattvic, raw food vegan diet (I have experimented with this before and it works for sure for better energy levels and aid weight loss, I am planning to eat two raw meals and one cooked meal in a day, with time I will go 100% raw) 2. Cycling daily Goal- Improve meditation and encounter Truth Techniques- 1. Iawake meditation audios ( Infinity lambda and heartwave are my favorites, my monkey mind easily shuts off during these audios & I am able to stay much more aware & see the illusory nature of thoughts very clearly, with regular practice I think I can breakthrough) 2. Shambhavi Mahamudra by Sadhguru ( I recently completed Sadhguru's Inner engineering completion program & it's powerful) Goal- To manifest my desires related to success and business into reality Techniques- 1. Consuming high quality content related to manifestation and law of attraction ( I am looking for a change in paradigm/ mindset/ perspective. Best resources which I found out are-Conversations with God, Bashar, Abraham Hicks, Neville Goddard. For this year I will study the relevant material of these people very religiously) 2. Learning and Practicing Digital Marketing Skills ( I have to set a foundation for my life purpose to actualize, & for that I have to make some money, I am researching about Amazon KDP & Affiliate marketing, these seems promising) I can see how all these techniques and practices are interrelated & will fuel each other & produce great results. Like learning law of attraction will be helpful for manifesting other desires & overall happiness. Meditation will make me more conscious. I will also be using Psychedelics from time to time to skyrocket my growth. I am inspired to implement all this and commit to follow this formula for this whole year. Thanks for reading. All comments, advices, discussions are welcome.
  2. Reading uptil this part already shifted something within me. I had a similar realization where I became conscious that there's no stuff behind the scenes and no mechanics. Any mechanics we imagine are just that, imagination in now. I completely resonate with your post. It's just I see less people talking about it so directly, so I thought maybe I am yet to know deeper truths but you gave me a whole paradigm shift through this post, Thankyou. THIS is already beyond space & time. What can happen in this? Anything. What about liberation? You are already free. Appearance IS Reality.
  3. Which one according to you is the better strategy to living an extraordinary life? (If one's goal is to be financially independent (lots &lots of money) & also exploring the most radical states of consciousness) 1. Identification with thoughts, thinking in order to build pride and earn lots of money & fulfill ones dreams and then after that dis-identification with them in order to realize that there never was a self. 2. First dis-identification with mind and ego in order to understand basic nature or reality, life and one's self and then acting according to that perspective.
  4. According to you, 1. WHAT IS THE MOST STRAIGHTFORWARD & DIRECT WAY OF REALIZING LOVE? 2. HOW TO BE MORE & MORE LOVING TOWARDS EVERYTHING THAT IS? (not just people but also animals and objects?
  5. When you take Psychedelics for the first time and see your reality getting fucked up. When you try to put awakening into words. When you realize that everything that happened, all the people, experiences led to Awakening.
  6. @freeman194673 yes you are thinking of God as some religious God. YOU ARE GOD. Drop all your ideas about God and LOVE. IT'S YOU WHO KNOWS WHAT'S IN YOUR HEAD, AND IF YOU ARE ENOUGH EMPATHETIC YOU WILL KNOW HOW CHILD IS FEELING. If you have a problem with a child getting raped, go create some conscious policies by getting into politics to eliminate rape. Join some community, make a support group, make people aware of their ignorance and give to society tools for psychological growth. ACT. Don't be caught up in theories about God. If God would have been seperate from you, then God couldn't see you suffer. But the thing is, YOU ARE GOD. You suffer because of YOUR IGNORANCE. You choose to suffer. You have control over your actions so do whatever you feel GOD would do in the situation you are facing. It's as simple as that.
  7. There's no hurry. Focus on complete financial independence and understanding personal psychology- What is thought? What is thinking? What is mind? What are emotions-fear, anger, happiness etc.? How does mind work? how society works? How my body works? Not by reading a book but by direct experience and understanding. After all this, naturally a question will arise, "Who am I?" And it will bother you so much that it would be good enough reason for your way towards Spirituality. If you aren't asking yourself who am I, then you are just trying to pursue this because it seems so cool. Sri Ramakrishna said: “Do not seek illumination unless you seek it as a man whose hair is on fire seeks a pond.” But yeah Psychedelics can show you glimpses of it without going through earlier stages of financial independence and understanding of mind which can then lead you towards this path which happened with me. Lastly I will like to add what Leo says, Pursue Truth for truth's sake.
  8. @assx95 don't you wanna know your true existential nature? It's bigger than a experience. It's a knowing. It makes you still. It makes you feel fearless. It makes you feel like a new born child ready to explore the world. Yes sure this urge to know comes at different times to different people. You can give yourself sometime before you jump into it, but when you do there's nothing more important for you than this. This is not some aspect of life but rather this is about the very basis, the very fundamentals of life. And yes you don't know where you will end up but that's the beauty of it not a flaw.
  9. @WaveInTheOcean thankyou very much. Those words just hit me right in the feels. After that trip, day by day my sense of wonder is increasing and I feel like I know so less, desire to understand has skyrocketed. I have gotten much more aware about the fact that language, thoughts, thinking are second order phenomenon and Pure Consciousness is fundamental which cannot be named, symbolised or spoken of.
  10. @knakoo Thankyou, I will surely try this during my next trip. I heard the samples of both the tracks & found them very meditative. Wow that's wonderful. Do you use this for regular meditation also, when you aren't tripping?
  11. I see. Earlier I used to think that TRUTH was some kind of special experience/state. Now I get that it is a meta-understanding. Thankyou so much Leo for the work you do. I have grown so much since I started watching your videos. You are such an inspiration. @Leo Gurawhat is the most important quality needed for getting to the deepest levels and staying committed to the path?(apart from open-mindedness)
  12. I get it now. Me. Ego. All the beliefs. All this needs to go. This is really about removing the layers which I have put forth on the "rawness". Thanks. Thankyou @Moon It will be the most wonderful experience/state of being you will ever have. It will bring you tears of joy and a laugh for which other people will call you insane.
  13. Thankyou. I only do few of them- Isha Kriya by Sadhguru Meditation, Mindfulness AUM chanting, Brahmanand Swaroopa chant Contemplation Psychedelics is most direct and straightforward for this work according to me.
  14. This was the first time I did LSD in a proper setting in my room(earlier did it at parties & with toxic friends), a week before. I watched Leo's "What is Actuality" video just before the trip. It was midnight. 30 mins into the trip, power cut happened and the air cooler in the room started sounding loud, making unusual sounds. That's when the effects kicked in. I experienced sudden rush of fear as the inverter at our home couldn't have handled the load of 3 rooms for a long time. There was a possibility that my brother and my parents could have come to my room. In 10-15 minutes power came back but that sure felt like half hour or so. Thoughts were minimal. Sense of time was distorted. Awe & wonder rose. Played some songs. Reality was kind of flowing, I was no longer controlling things. Music radically deepened my experience. For the first time I was FEELING REALITY in such a deep way. In 5 minutes I danced on 3 different kinds of music. Here are some things I wrote, Raw experience is Reality. Is this what realness feel like, is this what depersonalization feels like? Man I feel so real. Shit is just floating. (Then I drew some random stuff and labelled it as ART) I am feeling complete. I don't need anything. There's only one thing that exists 'BEAUTY'. Concept can never be Actual. This is Actual. RAW.REAL.COMPLETE. Authentic Self Expression. Fully. There's no reason to not to be true to yourself. There's no RIGHT or WRONG. Everything is so ALIVE. I looked at a spider and a mosquito for quite a while and was so lost in their beauty. Simple task like drinking water was such a beautiful experience. I observed my hand and it was no more "MY" hand it was something else. As I was in bathing in the bathtub I tried to explain what is happening and as soon as I tried to think or explain, I laughed. I laughed crazily for a good 5-10 minutes. After this again I took my book, Exploration of the self is the only thing to do. There's nothing to fear. Everything is so crystal clear. It's like rebirth. It's funny how we are caught up in petty human issues. There's so much to this. It is so so so amazing. Reality is nothing but one who is in absolute love with itself. what is internal? what is external? why do I choose to do one action over another action? I feel very new. Surrounding is me. I am reality. Judgement is foolish. Good, bad is foolish. I am foolish too with lots of other things I am. This is it. GOD- Welcome Harsh , To the 2nd chapter of your life. God & I am literally one. I cant stop my laughter. Everything is me. Every other word is equal to every other word. The point is it. There's no other point. There's no need for me to explain my origin. My life will never be the same again. Consciousness is fundamental. LEO FUCKING GURA. YOU & I ARE ONE. HAHAHAHA ONENESS. REALITY IS INFINITE. I AM THE BODY AND I AM ALSO NOT THE BODY. Then I watched Leo's "What is Reality" video and it blew me, I felt that this episode was designed perfectly to suit this moment. It felt like Leo is welcoming me to the other side as my elder brother. I contemplated about my career which is about becoming psychedelic therapist & also about things I will be taking back with me after the trip- GOD IS. STAY SANE, Explore Psychedelics deeply. Speak less. I AM LIFE. Do not be attached to your goals. LIVE TOTALLY. YOU HAVE TO UNDERSTAND THAT YOUR VERY NATURE IS HAPPINESS. ONLY ME. THERE'S ONLY ME HERE. ONLY ME. ONLY ME. MIND, BODY is tool for exploration you idiot. You self deceptive fucker. Understanding of self. Mind is nothing but you talking to yourself. Use it when you need to communicate. It's enough for today. Sleep. I LOVE YOU(myself) Still I wasn't able to sleep. I meditated for a while, it was morning. Then had breakfast and I could feel the food in my body. watched some hot Indian models. Finally slept and after waking up I was much more aware than usual. Contemplated about the trip for 3-4 days. Meditation has improved. One thing that I know is that I don't know a thing about reality. I am much more aware now of what is a belief or a concept & fears.But I am back to normal. I feel I was not able to integrate the experience properly. How do you guys integrate any profound experience that you have? Thanks for staying till the end, I feel so lucky to have found Actualized.org and this forum and this life that I am living. Love you all!