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  1. Haha. April fool's day. There is no "I" to be enlightened.
  2. Then, you got to watch john wick.
  3. Speak only when asked about the subject matter or else they will not listen.
  4. The power of now.
  5. @aurum For her it was not a big of a deal..actually now i think its not. She just wanted to know whether the office is closed or not which she could not do it herself and only she knows the reasons why and i can only guess. The issue of the matter is should i have made the call or not? @Matt23 thank you for the insight man. That is really helpful. @Loving Radiance she did not want to go all the way there and return for nothing if the office was closed.
  6. Waking up at 4 am. Drink water. 1 hour vipassana meditation. 20 minutes bathroom break. 45 minutes exercise. 1 hour read/study. 7:30 breakfast.
  7. What questions?? Wrong post alert!!
  8. @Opo As if she is going to abandon her beliefs,reasons,dogmas,conditionings, prejudices,culture,religion, philosophy, etc. after telling her to grow up. ???
  9. Thank you @Dancer and @Preety_India She is not controlling,although it seems sometimes she is but i try to be mindful regarding that. Now i feel that i should have done it without moralizing.
  10. @Preety_IndiaShe does not want to be the one who calls as they would recognize her voice and ask to come to the office i guess. She often does not tell the exact reason.
  11. My mom asked me to call her office pretending to be a office staff because they would recognize her voice. I did not agree saying that lying is not good(as learned from many spiritual teachings). She did not convince me in doing that,so i should be happy,proud and not thinking about that stuff because i did not lie but it was quite opposite. Many thoughts were coming what if it was my personal gain or what if my family member needed a kidney and would be possible to save life only getting it illegally. Would i lie at that moment? Later my mind rationalized that it was not a selfish motive. It would not have been a lie if i had done it for my mom. I would just be helping her. (tricky mind) I guess i am just moralizing that i should not lie. How will i know when is it allright to lie or not? Or is it not good to lie at all? I am really confused.
  12. After coming back from 10 days vipassana retreat i have started waking up at 4 am. There i had to wake up at 4 but it's a choice now that i have to make whether to wake up or not.