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  1. Free will vs determinism ?does free will exist? Summary please.
  2. Kathmandu,Nepal
  3. I had weed for 3 years straight and enjoyed it everyday. It made the environment fun and i liked to talk during the high,sometimes funny things and sometimes deep. And sometimes it would cause fear if triggered and it would not go,no matter how much i tried,rather increased the anxiety. It used to be a horrible experience-which is not worth it. Then i started taking it in controlled way being aware and not thinking about anything,being in the present. This helped a lot but sometimes again the fear would arise may be my office or girlfriend called on my phone. The intensity of the panic was less and overcame quickly than before,nevertheless the fear was there which was again not worth it. Later my friends asked the reason behind the quitting i told them that if i sit with friends having that thing for 1 hour and in the 55th minute the fear arises due to any reason(the fear might not come though), the fun i had until 54 minutes would not be worth it.So i quit and now whenever i feel like having it i tell myself this and the craving goes away.
  4. I have finished watching and is hoping for a second season.
  5. Name: Saugat Mainali Age: 31 Gender: Male Location: Kathmandu,Nepal Occupation: Doctor Marital Status: Married Kids: No Hobbies: Reading self help books, playing guitar,watching movies. I got into personal development in 2019. I was afraid,overthinking everything, regretting what i said the previous day or thinking jealous with my colleagues,stressed about my studies, worrying about presentation, shy with people,thinking what people thought about me, wished people listened to my advice,becoming unncessarily angry.I was so angry even in small things with my mother,wife and friends. Also when was i younger i used to be angry but more afraid. In January 2019 i started watching video on " how to not get angry" videos on youtube which did not help much. Then i searched for best audiobooks online and downloaded 4 books not knowing how those were. I finished the book by Stephen Covey and one day randomly i heard the 'ting' sound from my earphone and rest is history. I found 'The Power of Now' which changed my life. I listened to other audiobooks too. I also started meditating. l watched videos of Eckhart Tolle and Mooji on youtube.Then one day I found this great channel '' which was mind bending and took my personal development to the next level. Personal challenges I've overcome: Used to be angry most of the time and in unnecessary matters. Was afraid of people asking me questions. Worried what people thought about me. Did not talk to my wife after a fight. Felt sad if people did not take my advice and even got angry sometimes. Stopped drinking and smoking. Used to speak quickly and stumble. Used to be very anxious and stressful most of the time. Had less self confidence. Had not so exciting sex life. I used to give less thought while speaking. Less confident while giving presentation. Used to get increased heartbeat sometimes without any reason. What I'm working on now: Working on enlightenment Working on improving my health & diet. Working on improving my reaction to people and loving them fully. Working on going deep into self development. Working on discovering my full potential.
  6. I do this transcendental meditation since 4 months where we repeat mantra (word) for 20 minute. Many thoughts arise everytime. I have enjoyed the 20 minutes session only few times. I have started to think enough is enough...i have to try something else. But i dont know what to try. May be if i have patience in the long run i might be thought free. I dont want to have thoughts arising everytime but instead i need empty space which i have experienced few times. I might me aiming for that due to which i am frustrated every time i dont attain it.
  7. I wonder sometimes listening to eckhart tolle,Mooji etc that is it easy for them to stay spiritually aware and naturally stay away from the materialistic environment without stress and thoughts all the time. A working person as i am suffered a lot before and chose this path but in everyday life there is something needed in work,worries about money,workplace stresses etc.As i am a doctor i have to face the worldly changes everyday i sometimes go back to thoughts and stress. And all these spiritual teachers don't have to. So,i was wondering that this journey-is it easier for the ones who is not working 10 to 5 jobs or rephrasing the question-does it take more time for the working guy to get enlightened compared to these already spiritual people??
  8. It is said that drinking alcohol takes you into the state of lower consciousness than you normally are. So i am worried that even if i drink occasionally it might take me to the lower states of consciousness. I am really focused on my self development. In the past i have drank a lot and have really bad experiences and good ones too at that moment. And now i have sometimes have to face peer pressure and also want to drink socially but i am afraid that it will be bad for me. I don't know if i will drink next time or not and, if i drink,i wonder if it hampers my personal growth,and all the work i am doing for it will go into vain-not completely but may be negate some of the progress i have had till now.