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  1. You are FREE to eat and do whatever you want. If you believe eating MEAT is bad, then dont eat. If you believe eating meat is good, then eat. CAREFUL = On a serious path of self-actualization BELIEVING anything is not the way to go. Eat meat for like 2 weeks and contemplate how your body feels, how is your meditation, how is your awareness. Then do another experiment without meat (go vegan) and again, contemplate it ALL. How is your diet affecting/ impacting your practices, your life, your mind, your level of awareness ? If you don't know, then contemplate is a great tool. My personal embodiment of a holistic living implied in conscious eating. What I eat become an organic part of me, of my life, of the energy of my body and impacted deep my meditation practice. I didnt cut out meat for a label or to purify myself. I simply realized meat and vegetarianism no longer 'agreed' with body and with my own values. I think one important question you can ask yourself in order to eat or dont eat meat is ' does it agree with my own values ? ' Analyze deeply all the implications each of your own values has. What does it mean to eat consciously for you ? You can become conscious of any plant being as much alive as the cow or you are.
  2. It makes a lot of difference if the facilitator teaches you how to inhale properly and keep reminding you to hold it. There are breathing exercises you can do before smoking (exhaling all the air out of the lungs) ...
  3. wonderful way to put this out dear soul!
  4. Reiki has being a technique which has helped me to heal my body and open the heart chakra. You can also meditate while doing reiki on yourself or others. Put your intentions straight for what you want of this practice, and go for it - it will give you what you seek!
  5. After a major breakthrough 2 weeks ago, I have a major ego backlash question for you guys who are seriously working with entheogens. No one can verify the experience of being raw reality, however my mind keeps inquiring : 1) what if my experience was just creation of my mind ... creating another state of illusion ? 2) The peak of a 5 - MeO - DMT trip will 'give' me anything but TRUTH ? This moment right here as I write this is TRUTH. What is NOT Truth ? 3) Was my mind and body deconstructed by the entheogen in order to be entirely reconstructed with Truth/ GOD in every single neuron/ molecule/ aspect of it ? In love, in breath, in gratitude.
  6. Entheogen path - https://www.actualized.org/forum/topic/38890-entheogen-path-the-outcome /#comment-487742 A report of 9 months of serious and continuous work with entheogens, mostly Ayahuasca and 5 -MeO- DMT, but also Psilocybe, raw DMT (changa), LSD, raw Ibogaine and Bufotenine.
  7. A report of 9 months of serious and continuous work with entheogens, mostly Ayahuasca and 5 -MeO- DMT, but also Psilocybe, raw DMT (changa), LSD, raw Ibogaine and Bufotenine. Where was I ? I was a seeker. I had the bases of reading hundreds of books of Leo's book list, watched documentaries, meditate, lived at Vipassana centers, did many practices which Leo used to emphasis (self-inquiry, contemplation, kryia yoga), traveled the world seeking to immerse and understand red, blue and orange stages. Internally I was dealing with strong negative emotions, stuck in victimhood and was not aware of Love. I had hundreds of fundamental questions, including but not limited to... Who am I ? What this path will lead me TO ? What is infinity ? How do I know I exist rather then am I a piece of own imagination ? What is LOVE ? What is consciousness ? What/ who is GOD ? WHAT IS THE ULTIMATE, the Absolute, the TOTAL TRUTH ? What is the very essence of reality ? Why does LEO pushes us so much into these questions ? First Ayahuasca trip- The veil was broken. Infinity had no problem to answer directly to my mind. I understood. Extremely shocking, but all my questions were answered. I understood duality. I spoke to God directly. I experienced the full blown nonduality. Magic unfolds - After each trip as I started to embody the I AM, the Creator and the creation, creating itself, for itself, by itself, my life as a human being in duality had a huge shift. On the first months I experience the beginning of the opening of God's heart into my body. Every trip I went deeper and deeper on this opening process. Eventually I reached a point where duality/my mind was able to experience LOVE when/ if it wants. ''I am loving awareness'' exercise became natural. I recognized LOVE as the TRUTH of my heart and its present in every little cell in the universe. I no longer needed to seek for LOVE or God. Contemplation became an expression of Love which Creation did for love, out of love, to love and TO ME. Creation gifted ME in many ways, by creating trees for example, as a way to express RAW LOVE. As my heart was opening I realized my mind is not fully purified. There is a state of unconditional love but I still have many impurity coming from the dual-mind. In my personal life it all became extremely intense, I am still getting used to experience ALL feelings and sensations at the same time. I became authentic, brave, joyful,sensitive and intuitive. I can see exactly where I am going and how it will unfold by having perseverance and focus on my assignment as a human being. I am learning how to be an example of a conscious citizen of Earth. I am learning how to apply ALL MY VALUES through my daily life in all actions I do. Mostly I now can affirm I am no longer a seeker, I have found ALL I have ever looked for. I was looking for TRUTH and I found LOVE! There is so much love in every cell of my body, in every atom I am experiencing, in every action of my life, in every corner of my house, in every word of the company I work for... often seems like I WILL EXPLODE OUT OF LOVE. I live in duality, and in duality I learned how to play the game. Ask and its given. Put your intention out there - especially before a trip and it will give to you! YESSSS INDEED YOU ARE GOD and GOD LOVES ITSELF and ALL you ever wanted this personification of YOU, will give to the YOU. Intensity - My last 5 - MeO- DMT trip 4 days ago was so shocking, so radical, so destroying, so full of GODhood... today I am in eternal gratitude to be recognizing myself in duality as a human being experiencing the Oneness from a small perspective. Thats the beauty of LIFE. Like hundreds before me and after me, we affirm THIS IS THE ONLY PATH. A seeker who has found its treasures will affirm to all humanity that this is the PATH. I have experienced every pain, sorrow, fear, hate, love, agony, BEAUTY, joy your mind can ever grasp through my past trips. And I can affirm again, THIS IS THE ONLY PATH. Final outcome - Serious practices and working with potent entheogens has transformed my life in degrees unimaginable. Within the period of 9 months I have accomplished everything I have intent for since my first trip. That's the amazing power of psychedelics. The medicine will give you what your intentions are. SEEK, knock, walk the path UNTIL you realize the way. Today I celebrate life as a simple human being who often forgets I am GOD in order to experience duality exactly as its! I AM. I am aware I am Love. I am aware I am GOD having a human experience. The point of no return has been reached - I vow to be in service of the entire planet. I vow to myself to keep focused on my assignments, to have the discipline to embody and apply the insights and teachings I have received through the use of the entheogens. My heart is overwhelmed with gratitude. Leo, thank you for being one of the most important elements of my path. If I can name some master who has pointed the way, its you Leo. I am thankful, my mind and heart has pure direct love for your being. Thanks all of you actualized.org community for reading and if you make this choice, to walk the path with plants and TOAD medicine, I am with you, I am in you. I am ABSOLUTE LOVE. Enjoy what you are. In love, In gratitude, in service. ''Live up to understand the Zen''
  8. Interesting. Keep up the work, more and more insights will come ?
  9. @JustinS Thanks whats fake and whats real @Rilles ? @d0ornokey yes haha
  10. and declare this is a mere photomontage. All the ones present at the moment of this picture can testify the legitimacy of it. Our life and death is literally a joke! OBS = No physical photos were taken. The post has only entertainment purpose
  11. @StardewValley You are failing to see that you are NOT supposed to be in pain. Just because most of people experience pain, not fall into ''I am supposed to''. No, there is no supposed to look or feel anything during meditation. Just go with it. If you are experiencing bliss or balance (back pain + bliss elsewhere) I would suggest to keep the going, observing the pain - bliss sensation, and Keep going and going and going to start seeing the 'bottom' of it.
  12. @abrakamowse the question is not if Brahma is nature. What I am curious to know is why Leo dosen't mention the art of contemplating nature, the wisdom of nature. Sure he talks about being ecological conscious but that's it ?