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  1. Interesting. Keep up the work, more and more insights will come 😌
  2. @JustinS Thanks whats fake and whats real @Rilles ? @d0ornokey yes haha
  3. and declare this is a mere photomontage. All the ones present at the moment of this picture can testify the legitimacy of it. Our life and death is literally a joke! OBS = No physical photos were taken. The post has only entertainment purpose
  4. @StardewValley You are failing to see that you are NOT supposed to be in pain. Just because most of people experience pain, not fall into ''I am supposed to''. No, there is no supposed to look or feel anything during meditation. Just go with it. If you are experiencing bliss or balance (back pain + bliss elsewhere) I would suggest to keep the going, observing the pain - bliss sensation, and Keep going and going and going to start seeing the 'bottom' of it.
  5. @abrakamowse the question is not if Brahma is nature. What I am curious to know is why Leo dosen't mention the art of contemplating nature, the wisdom of nature. Sure he talks about being ecological conscious but that's it 🤔
  6. OMG Dinner with Leo My reality is breaking down. My mind major desire in the past years might become true very soon There we have a meet and greet, workshop followed by dinner, then enhance our practices with the one and only, exclusive, finite but infinite LEO. Tell me the schedule and I am packing
  7. @EmptinessDncing My favorite one is When the Impossible Happens wonderful work of over 50 years of research and self-exploration is reported on this book and 2# The adventure of self discovery If you read let me know your thoughts about it =) I am a big fan of his work and started joining the Holotrophic breathwork workshop after reading his books =)
  8. Wonderful post @MsNobody I have been receiving the wisdom of Nature (Earth itself, Gaia) and wonder myself why Leo hasnt talked on his last video (65 Core Principles Of Living The Good Life) the importance to 'tap in' into deeper levels of interconnectedness that nature can give to humankind. During my last mushroom trip I Integrated the male and female energy by being the subject of the Sun and the Moon, the dark and light, the yin and yang, the warm and the cold simultaneously.
  9. @Hello from Russia Hey! My personal experience is that once you go through what is the emotionally difficult you get out of your comfort zone and YES, it allows you to move towards a better version of yourself. Stop TRYING. Allow the emotions to fully go through you. It takes practice. Orange stage is all about suppressing our emotions, so it will be helpful to simply experience what is emotionally difficult... keep going, you might go full circle and perhaps (maybe within a few years) get to a 'break point'. It is a process. I watched this video a while ago and started applying it in my life and it has put my mind - ideas - beliefs- comfort upside down (so to speak) and its allowing me to keep growing in a personal and spiritual level =)
  10. 1) What was your age when you began meditating? 25. 2) What were your top 3 original motivations for beginning this practice? 1. Be more grounded and balanced Clear the thoughts running on my mind 3) What are your top 3 current motivations for continuing this practice? Keep growing on the spiritual path
  11. @Hero in progress thanks for this
  12. @Annetta you are not in trouble Its a fine quote to me and I felt like sharing if it isn't applicable we can just ignore it
  13. "People have their prejudices, their ideas. Rather than seeing into reality, rather than looking into an enlightened man, they come ready with so many concepts, and unless he fits them he is not enlightened. And let me tell you, no enlightened person is going to fit with your unenlightened prejudices; it is impossible." Osho