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  1. @Thetruthseeker Leo clearly and (for the most part) accurately explains the Spiral Dynamics theory in layman's terms. He also gives it his own twist. But much of what he's done with SD doesn't belong to him – it's not his theory. A lot of SD isn't even original itself. The stages came from Graves' original research, for example. You should always cite if it's not your work. If not, you're taking advantage of the people the work belongs to. Your audience could then lose trust in you. If you're using one of Leo's original insights in your videos, you should cite him. But for the basic theory itself you should cite the SD resource you're using, whether it's Beck, Cowan, Tadarovic, or even Graves himself. I'd also say in passing that Leo leaves a lot out. If you want to really understand SD you have to go all the way back to Graves' original work. I've noticed that when I get too attached to a teacher/coach (or a friend, girlfriend or family member for that matter) it's because I either don't realise my own potential, I have fears and limiting beliefs, or I have a skewed opinion of the person I'm attached to.
  2. I fucking love this thread. I've been in a solid relationship for three years and right now could never do what you do. Kudos. I hope you strike gold!
  3. @Flyboy I think it would be naive to say that as a rule people with a deep spiritual connection aren't judgemental. I would actually say that many of these people nowadays are at Green and use their spiritual awareness to back up their postmodernism.
  4. My Yellow downside (at least I think this is a problem from the Yellow altitude) is that I can see how partial other, less inclusive Views are, which leads me to mindlessly criticising people who hold them. When I see I'm criticising them, I can then step back and really ask why they see the world as they do, taking into account the relevant social, psychological, historical and personal factors (which is true Integral thinking). But often my first reaction is just to mentally criticise. Another of mine is getting too caught up in categorising people and theorising about their worldview rather than really listening to what they're saying. I think this is possible at many other stages but when at Yellow you can intuit other people's level of consciousness and can see vMemes "talking through" them, this theorising is much more potent. Can be useful, can also be harmful. I think I have more work to do on my social and emotional intelligences!
  5. @Mighty Mouse well, I will be surrounded by woods
  6. Hello folks. I am going on a week-long solo retreat starting tomorrow - my longest solo retreat yet. It's in a small cabin in the grounds of a mansion run by a non-dual community. No electricity and little technology. Pretty excited. I intend to do 8+ hours of meditation per day, mainly from Shinzen Young's UM system. I'm going primarily to deepen my practice. Any tips and advice you can give me? Experiences you've had on solo retreat you'd like to share? Please do I would love to know how I can optimise this opportunity.
  7. @HII Check out the book "Spiral Dynamics" by Beck and Cohen.
  8. Look inward for the solution. The phone is not the issue, it's you. If you're addicted there's work to do on yourself. There's years of programming to be undone. Contemplate why you became addicted, what things you feel compulsed to do while on it etc. Notice how you feel while using it. Once you've worked through the addiction, you can then contemplate if it's useful to use the phone. If you ditched the phone completely now it would likely make your predicament worse because you are dodging the core issue. A healthy place to be is being able to use this wonderful technology for practical effectiveness and enjoyment while being detached to it - not needing it.
  9. Enlightenment has no end. One thinking they have reached it is just another realisation along an infinite plumbline. Our separate identities are very strong. So strong that I think only a few people are 100% free of self, to the point that they could be hung drawn and quartered alive and feel no pain. So, some identification will remain. I find it's a mixture of both of those things you mentioned in the OP. There will be cliff-like falls where identity is torn away from you. You look around and suddenly realise there is no self, nothing outside of self, your true nature is God but you've disguised this, etc. There will be gradual sliding and falling away. You'll realise that the identity has fallen away, but not dramatically. Slowly it has slipped away, like ice melting overnight, invisibly while you sleep. But this is along a never ending downward, outward, inward plummet to God, nothingness, empty source. Imagine a never ending ski slope. You never reach the end because the end doesn't exist. You are on the never ending ski slope.
  10. @cena655 Meditation is not all singing and dancing. It is a deep psychological and physical cleansing machine at work. Expect a jagged, erratic trajectory as you slowly clean out the body-mind system. But of course, celebrate the good times.
  11. Depends on the user. Someone with awareness will see the beauty in all of the "low-consciousness" material around him. He comes from a place of value, of purpose, of meaning, of abundance. Sheer enjoyment without the need for externals to achieve that. Someone without awareness will be lost and dependant upon that material for happiness, coming from a needy perspective. A need to be excited, entertained, stuffed with knowledge and the opinions of others. This is delivered to them in a very quick and unfulfilling way. Since the majority of the population are not aware, yes, I say that it's a double edged sword. Those without awareness seek technological stimulation, which (usually) makes them less aware. However if you consider spiral dynamics, it's clear that one must realise that dependence on this external stuff is antithetical to happiness. Technology saturation is indeed part of the evolutionary process both individually and collectively. Post technology dependence, individual and collective use of technology will be solely for spiritual growth and development of one and all. Even while watching a film, one can have incredible insights about reality and life. @YaNanNallari yes. These children, if they heed the call to growth, will all realise that they are miserable and will sacrifice their technological addiction in search of true happiness.
  12. Sorry folks not been on the forum in a while. @Pure Imagination it is a game, it's a beautiful game. We are beautiful creatures endowed with incredible capabilities. Enjoy and cherish your humanity. @Black Flag Yes, the tabs are 150ug, and I did half of one, so 75ug. In my house, alone, quiet. Having done shrooms I wanted to try LSD for months, my attempts were thwarted. But grace found me so I took the opportunity. If you'd like some more advice PM me. @snowleopard These are all available through meditation, spiritual work, consciousness work. It just takes a lot longer. Psychedelics are a god-send, literally. They send you to God. @Joseph Maynor Yeah, I think I'm sensitive to them. I've detoxed my life a lot in the last 18 months.
  13. Hey all This is a report from an LSD trip I did on Saturday, last week I tripped and did report #1 - take a look: I do not come to brag. In fact, I found the exact opposite is what is required for true growth. The LSD humbled me so bad that I realised how much of a selfish fucker I really am at times, and how lucky I am to have this life. It was shocking to see. Really, really painful. But I also saw the potential for growth that we all share. It is incredible and you will become a divine human being if you continue with this work. A life truly worth living. I'll give some insights without going into depth about the trip itself. Insights: you've not had a true psychedelic trip until you get your ass completely handed to you. You'll know when you have. If you have the urge to come bragging on about your amazing trips, you have further to go. You have to have an excrutiatingly awful trip at some point to really grow. It will be so worth it though. in my view, Leo, sometimes implicitly, demonises thinking and emotions and memory and compassion in many of the videos. I find his approach quite cynical, although recently he has softened up somewhat. This is nonsense in my view. These amazing things are what makes us such whole, beautiful, capable beings. This PD work maximises all of our incredible human capacities and cleans out all of the cultural poison from them. On this path, you are not transcending being human. You are transcending suffering. You are becoming the best human being you can be, but knowing that your true nature is beyond this universe. notice when you judge others, and turn all of that back onto your own psyche. Judgement is so unnecessary, and is just a phase. Look Inward. You can find the truth of You at the very very deepest level. In fact, this is why you're here. Do so, and you will live a life so beautiful that you would take a day of it over anything else. Enlightenment is the only way to truly undo all of the cultural influences and programming that you have so that you can live a true human life. preaching will not get you anywhere. Nowhere. To help, you must guide, lead by example, be the driving force. When you do this, you will deeply touch people. awakening others and sharing joy with everyone around is probably the best thing you can do as a human. If you have been given a gift (like meditation, PD, healthy eating etc), you need to give it back to others, or use the fruits they yield to give to others more effectively. meditation is an incredible tool. If you are meditating, my goodness me, what a life you will have if you really take it seriously. This is the key to God. Looking inward is the most difficult but the most rewarding thing you can do for yourself. Many people don't, but those who do will find jewels and treasures that nobody else can access. You need to get all of the shit from the past out of your body-mind system to get anywhere in this work. Personal takeaways from the trip I am considering becoming a monk. I tasted so deeply and so beautifully who I Am that pursuing anything else just looks ridiculous in comparison. I also feel that to fully realise my LP I need to learn from spiritual masters for a few years My life will be a life of spiritual realisation and then sharing the fruits that yields with others. I feel so profoundly lucky to have found and meditation. I feel blessed. So blessed that I need to give everything I get back to humanity for creating this world and creating me. Graves model has helped me so much on this journey. I felt like I was living in Turquoise while in non-dual mode. It was like being reborn from the ashes as a spiritual being. Graves is very powerful for personal growth, and as a model for humanity in general. My passion for meditation has been rocket boosted to the moon. My passion for healthy diet and looking after my body has been rocket boosted to the moon. You really need to realise for yourself how precious the body and mind is before you take this stuff seriously. Advice about LSD: if you take half a tab, you'll probably be functional for the most part - able to tell the time, eat, walk, think, remember. If you do a tab, don't be surprised if you're unable to do this until around 6 hours after you took the tab. It also lasts a long time. It didn't fully wear off for me until about 14 hours after I took it. don't have any pressing time issues. I had to keep checking my watch which distracted me a little, for example if you need to go to sleep by a certain time. You need a full day where you have absolutely nothing on. I just want to end by saying that a good psychedelic trip will change your life forever. It helps you tap right into God's wisdom, you will gain wisdom and understanding that most people you meet will never come close to in their lifetime. I can't explain it, you need to see it yourself. Thank you all and happy tripping
  14. The hero always stumbles around, frightened to take his journey.
  15. @pfletcha Keep going you selfish son of a god damn bitch. You didn't see enough.