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  1. @Princess Arabia Its understanding Im lacking right now, how is your humour biased? in what sense?
  2. @Princess Arabia Care too elaborate? not sure what you mean by that
  3. @Princess Arabia correct you do have manners and etiquette. But not much of a sense of humour.
  4. @Princess Arabia I agree with you, but I would say it’s around 2 years old that a sense of self has fully formed, but certainly a baby has no self sense when first born
  5. @Princess Arabia I Am starting too... might have to to take this somewhere more private perhaps
  6. @Breakingthewall sounds like I’m in the right place then ?
  7. Likes: suffering hates: pleasure suck on that.
  8. @StarStruck When You accept death, you simultaneously accept all of life when you accept your terrified and don’t resist, the fear turns into metaphysical love when you surrender to God, he shows you that he is you and you are him and then he shows you that all of life is yours forever And then you get on with the rest of your human life because the show must go on...
  9. As many will know, get the audio versions on audible, more bang for your buck.
  10. @Paul Boldyrev You can control the porn, stop touching your dick and get busy doing productive shit, its that simple mate why would you want to think any other way? Addiction really? or are you just letting yourself off too much for these little "slip ups" you keep doing. Be a man and grow up. We all run out off time eventually. Use your sexuality more intelligently, use it as a power force to help elevate you to a higher plane of living. I think deep down you have a fear of not being more, fulfilling more of your potential, expanding your life. That's a natural feeling that a lot of people have but never take action on. And that is the way you should feel, your life is too important to you to be giving your self any more excuses. Do the basics well and start heading the momentum in the right direction MAKE MONEY GET UP EARLIER PHYSICAL ACTIVITY/ TRAINING SPARTAN LIKE DISCIPLINE STUDY/ LEARNING/ DEVELOPING SKILLS You could be doing those things instead and pushing into a new direction of a life unimaginable right now thats way better down the line, its not what you do once but what is done consistently. Wish you all the best my friend
  11. Its a absolute honour to share this reality with all of you This ultimate truth in its higher states completely reconciles everything within itself, it completely loves all of itself with no fear because it is untouchable. There is only its self in the end, its complete, its perfect, its whole, its love. Live this human life with boldness Keep going, be strong, be a good person as much as you can, and try your best. Om shanti Buddha
  12. I dont smoke weed anymore because I eventually abused it. Few years back now I would have enlightenment experiences every time I would smoke weed, I would sit on my balcony with a straight up spine completely still trying not to move, then after a while of doing that I would have to go back inside and start walking around to distract my self because the absolute just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger When death is close, love is never far behind