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  1. If your interested in body awareness and essentially making your body feel better bioenergetics is maybe something to Google. Thanks for mentioning that Leo on the episode about the different fields of self actualization. The most convenient (easily accessible) source I have found is a guy going by the name of Devaraj. Seems like a cool guy, he has his own YouTube channel, and he has loads of videos, with a diverse range of different techniques and videos. Check it out if you like. Body based therapy with Devaraj And I also have another recommendation on YouTube. This young fella seems like a cool guy too, he goes by the name "Master of earth" and although he hasn't posted for a fair amount of time the videos that are still up could be of interest. He posted a lot of techniques, and information you might not find easily elsewhere, so check him out too if you like. PS Thankyou to whoever recommended him before on this very forum. And finally A book recommendation that you might not be exposed to otherwise. Its called natural Perfection by Keith dowman its a English translation of a Tibetan monk "longchenpa" who lived hundreds of years ago. Its free as a downloadable PDF. Just type it in, I tryed to attach it to this post but the file was too large. Hope this helps out all those non dual actualizers in there. Love you
  2. I thought I would share this because its such a lovely picture. Look at how attentive and loving eckart is looking at the dalai lama.. Beautiful.
  3. @Shin Well because I wrote things like " the sooner humans are wiped out the better" and I regret that, I love humans, I just want all beings to be happy.
  4. @SgtPepper I know, my post was just a reaction rather than well thought through notions about this topic. I apologize.
  5. @Arthur You make some very good points, many distinctions or experiences couldn't occur without humans in existence. Language, jokes, poetry, music, all the amazing inventions ect ect. I love humans really they have so much potential, my post was just a temporary reactive state. Like I said before if I could take the post down I would.
  6. @Rilles I get what your saying, and I will try my best to help contribute to this painful evolution we are all going though. Peace.
  7. @CreamCat I don't want to kill the humans, just click my fingers and they disappear there's a difference lol Don't take what I wrote seriously it was just a unproductive reaction.
  8. @CreamCat what do you mean by "why don't you kill lions too" I don't want to kill anyone.
  9. @Rilles Have you got any ideas about how to do that? Because it seems hopeless, its on such a large scale and this is big business for people, and peoples livelihood and people tend not to react very well when you try and mess with there survival. It would take everyone to make this change and people just won't do. I guess I could work on trying to create some sort sanctuary for animals like a farm that has the purpose of caring for animals instead of butchering them, but again that takes a lot of money. And even you if could do that its still on such a small scale maybe 100 animals and what's that compared to the billions of animals that are killed for human consumption on a yearly basis. Maybe a more effective way to go about that is to assist in transforming the human Psyche to a point were eating animals is no longer an option, but again that requires a complete transformation in myself first which is no easy feat, that would take a lifetime of disciplined work and then you have the issue of trying to help others which would be just as hard. Look at krishnamurti he spent his whole life trying to do just that and failed, not long before he died he felt great sadness about it all that it never made a difference. People just don't care enough, there consciousness is so involed with there own survival and agenda, this is the self minds job. To quote krishnamurti " there's no sanity in the world" @Rilles
  10. @Shin I identified my self with the poor animals and disidentified myself with the humans that eat them. The embarrassment is akin to something like when your on a night out and your drunk and make a fool of yourself and the next morning your like "oh shit" what did I say/do last night and then its regretted. Well I was drunk on pain & sadness earlier, but that's subsided now. Now I'm thinking abit more clearly about it, and realise me reacting and expressing it on this forum doesn't do shit, it doesn't solve anything at all. If I could take the post down I would.
  11. I wana apologize for this post, I was quite hysterical earlier, I was crying while writing the whole thing, and it was basically a pain body reaction on my part. But as you know emotions, moods, attitudes change like the weather. I am in a more calm & collected state now and as a result I feel abit embarrassed about it. The number was so huge and deeply thinking about it got me into a sort state of fuck the human race sort of thing. I'm sorry.
  12. I know that sounds syndical, but from who's perspective? The humans perspective! You might wonder what is he talking about. Well let me tell you... The next time your munching on a big Mac, think about this. Firstly I want give you a sense of how much a billion is. Well put it this way if started counting to a billion right now, and let's assume i can count in perfect rhythm one number each second. And I didn't need to sleep, eat, go to toilet and basically live. It would take over 31 years. Think about that! Well the reason for me bringing that up is to try to give you a bit of perspective on what I am about to say next. Over 56 BILLION! farm animals are killed A YEAR by human beings And that is not even including all of the fish and sea creatures who's death is so large that it is only measured in tonnes. That is fucking awful!! I'm crying right now. And its not even like the poor living sentient beings are even killed with compassion! Like the quickest most painless death possible. No! That would cost to much money! Wouldn't it. Instead ive seen pigs lined up and kicked on there backs and stabbed in the neck with machetes, they cry in agony!!!! And this is happening all the time! And i hear fucking people talk like this when on this subject " oh it taste to good" What the fuck are we doing!!! This is like a fucking nightmare we are creating endlessly. Absolute misery! Honestly If I had the power to click my fingers and that would make all the humans disappear including myself I really really would! In a fucking heartbeat and leave these poor creatures and this beautiful earth in peace. God gave everything to us! A Paradise and we have created a fucking hell realm not only for all the innocent beings of this earth but for ourselves as well. For what!! Money is not fucking real! Its paper and numbers! Seriously its paper and numbers! There are people starving, poverty, gun violence, trillions of dollars, pounds ect spent on army's and weapons! What the fuck are we doing! We are a cancer!! If you don't stop now and be part the solution then your part of the problem! And if so I say to you.. GO FUCK YOURSELF!! And I know in leos LOVE video he said to love everything including all the shit stuff that's the real test, well to that I say poppycock, I will love those animals, I will love the beautiful earth! And will love the compassionate humans, I will not accept the ruthless and evil human race, I will not love them. Lock this post if you want I couldn't give a shit!
  13. @Mezanti @Mezanti We'll firstly there is no1 here more spiritually advanced than you, I am addicted to cigarettes, I can lose my temper, i have negative thoughts sometimes and I suffer the experience of self survival just like everyone else. That's the truth. But... The one that knows all that, but does not know or perceive itself is formless and infinite and I don't mean that to sound so romantic its just what's absolutely so.
  14. @Mezanti Self survival is properly a more appropriate term than ego. There is no ego.... Opps did I just give it away Your post is great really, it addresses self survival. Social self survival, which to survival is just as important & attention grabbing as a physical threat. We live a vast complex social context, this dominates our thinking proccess, and actually if you really wana go deep, its all a complete fucking illusion. Theres no1 here!!! Hello? Anyone out there?? No1 wrote this post, even if you think off course someone wrote this another ego... Tut tut tut... Your still not getting it. Mindfuck