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  1. @OneLittleHumanMindI If u look into your conscious experience that is made up of thoughts, emotions and perceptions. You will see that although the self "appears" to be a isolated and separate entity harbouring a existence all on its own, a second look may well reveal that the self experience is entirely depentant on other. Not only to know were it sits in relation to others but also to exist! Peter Ralston gave the analogy that by drawing a circle simultaneously you create the inside of the circle and the outside. By defining self you also define not self. Now there is nothing wrong with intimate relationships and by becoming more conscious in a social context you may well find yourself being able to be much more effective, honest, authentic and genuine in your relationships. Without needing to manipulate others minds in seeing you the way you desire or giving a front or adopting a inauthentic persona. After investigation it becomes clear that as a self in a social context we tend to be dishonest in some areas, hide aspects of ourselves or promote the perceived strengths of oneself to get approval. This may seem like a fruitful endeavor at first glance but is actually a prison. Because we are social animals a large part of ours energies go into obsessing over other peoples perception of us. Whether we care to admit it or not our "collective mind" is very much concerned with others "view" of us. This of course relates to our social survival and is a strong force but not impossible to transend. Comparing, contrasting and competing are a part of this social context in our culture. And so collective ways of thinking, values, beliefs and assumptions are as if inherited from the moment we start being raised in this world. That's why we need to question everything from scratch in order to start to make sense of this reality in a accurate way. What do u think?
  2. @Joseph Maynor @Dodo You guys can get involved into these contemplations we are having if you want, I know you two did have some valid things to say before.
  3. @OneLittleHumanMind You brought up some interesting points. 1. The self-mind is always future oriented, its function seems to be a constant projecting into possible threat or dissolution. I can spot this in my self as well. 2. The fusion between imagination and perception (example- conceptual image of moving face, body ect) it may be the case that in a social world we need these kind of subjective feedback images to inform us during our interactions with others. If we didn't have some sort of feedback about when we smile, frown, and all the subtle facial cues that are valid during our social interactions we wouldn't be able to interact as effectively? Really all the self images and subjective feedback can all be boiled down to the term "self conscious" ever noticed when your deeply ingrossed in a entertaining movie not much of that feedback is obvious, now contrast that with walking into a room full of strangers looking at you and the "Self consciousness" is abundant! Interesting. What do you want to enquire into next?
  4. @OneLittleHumanMind @OneLittleHumanMind If we look at survival as a principle. And understand that by necessity all organisms from simple to complex have the drive to survive & persist. And that your emotions, social concerns and management and so on are all in service to this purpose. If you could look at life like its a game, you see that its a open world full of infinite possibilities. But beyond that consideration, also consider that nature although beautiful and awe inspiring, is dangerous and full of potential threat. Consider that your mind has developed in such a way that your very perception itself is not a true reflection of reality but is in service to your survival and needs. And that your mind is a information processing machine. And is the way in which you know the world. Consider also that your very perception right now is what I am talking about. That perception itself is in service to the one you are and your needs. But that may be difficult to become conscious of. Would need further contemplation. Consider also that what you experience as yourself is a distinction, that the very feeling/ image sense you have of yourself is conceptual in nature. And that its possible to go beyond this by first becoming aware of it. If you move your lips, raise your eyebrows, turn your head can you spot that when you do these activities you also have the sense of you doing them, almost like a movie of you doing these activities, although intimate and familiar can you desern that they are conceptual? Its almost like your mind has the quality of reflecting your faceback at you. And gives you a sense of what your face looks like when you do these movements, take a look. That's the distinction Self I am referring too. Hence no mind no self.
  5. @OneLittleHumanMind I would like you to consider that I feel no sense of separatness "AT ALL" with you. That in some inconceivable way right now I am in the very same place as you right now! If thats the case then really grasp the magnitude of what I am saying! Like yeah its that crazy! Your sense of separation is because you experience yourself as a entity and so do I, BUT this very experience it needs to be understood and very carefully considered. The self, by its very nature is a isolated phenomenon. Living inside its own internal walls, separate, isolated and self oriented. That's its job, it runs on the principle of survival and that's another thing we should into, what is survival??? Let's really look into this together As if for the first time right now. Let's really get into it for real now.
  6. @OneLittleHumanMind I like your approach, what would you like to contemplate?
  7. @Dodo @Joseph Maynor Thankyou for your contributions. And my apologies to the few who bookmarked this post, indicating that they too were interested in the "open contemplations" post. But after logging on I feel that the post has already been contaminated by other peoples projections, so I will leave it there. I was hoping for a more direct, specific, and constructive questioning. But instead I am getting told I am lonely, and this is nothing more than mental masterbation. Joseph I would say to your question that absolute truth is beyond meaning, language and thought. And that if meaning, language, thought was to all be eliminated from reality the truth would still be the truth. Truth is inherent in the thing itself, that why its different from opinions, beliefs, words. If you wana carry this topic on another time feel free to message me. Cheers. Dodo, it seems your having a pretty tough time with it at the moment, if you want to talk about it further, feel free to message me sometime and we can look into the stuff your going through. Cheers
  8. This post I'm calling " open contemplation " It's a chance to make this forum less about telling each other about how things are, and more about some deep collective introspection right now. So anyone is welcome to comment. The aim of this is something similar to a consciousness workshop. Where a group of people get together and start questioning there own experience. This is for people who have the intelligence to realise that they are deeply ignorant and do not know! And from there we have the space to actually look. If there is a specific experience or distinction you want to look into here I am happy to contamplate with you here and see if we can both come to some sort of genuine insight or realisation together. If you want to get involved but don't have anything in particular that you want to contemplate here, then have a look at the suggestions for topics of contemplation below. This post may be your chance to actually contemplate for yourself, in your own experience, without any authority from anyone. Your shooting for direct evidence. Buddha can't help you here, Jesus can't save you now. YOU contemplate, YOU desern YOU find for yourself what's true. To help people to be more effective in there contemplations I have outlined some guiding principles. Pre contemplation components 1. Presence: Put your attention on the present moment. 2. Clarity: clarify what you are going to contemplate. 3. Possibility: hold that it is possible to become conscious of whatever it is you are contemplating. contemplation components: Intention: intend, right now, to become conscious of the truth. openess: Allow yourself to deeply not know, and be open to whatever may be true. Focus: keep all your attention on your subject; when you wander off, immediately bring your attention back. Question: Truly wonder; keep a steady questioning that's related to your intent. So let's get started suggested topics of contemplation- what is a distinction? What is self? what are emotions, why do they exist? For what purpose? what is self image? what is thinking? What is separation? How does space exist in your self experience? how are you stuck in time? What does it mean to be timeless? fear & desire? what is authority? what is a person? what is culture? What assumptions, beliefs and ideas has culture got? and so on.
  9. @Empty try it and find out, could be useless for you or it could assist you! Only you can find out for yourself. Don't except anyone elses authority, because they might not know either. But one thing you can be sure of, everyone is a philosopher of some sort. YOU find out yourself.
  10. Gautama Siddhartha ( Buddha ) Jesus Christ Huinyeng Bodhidharma Sadhguru The supreme zen masters- Soooo...
  11. 11. Osho 12. George gurdjieff 13. Rumi 14. Adyashanti 15. Ramana Maharashi 16. Mahavira 17. Lao tzu 18. Nisargadatta maharaj 19. Mooji 20. Rupert spira Also there is a hardcore yogi! "Govind lama" The mountain yogi. There is a documentry about him called the mountain yogi Govind lama. Write it into youtube to watch it if you want. He is truely enlightened!
  12. MYSTICS & SAGES Creating a list of the mystics you know & love would be beneficial for everyone who is interested in studying these fascinating human beings further. It would be great if you could contribute any to this post, and perhaps help people find Masters that they may not be exposed to otherwise. I will start it off with the first 10. 1. Sri Ramakrishna 2. Thomas Merton 3. Meister Eckhart 4. Chuang tzu 5. Dogen 6. Lieh ztu 7. Jiddu krishnamurti 8. Peter Ralston 9. Eckhart tolle 10. Shunyamurti Any others that you can list are more than welcome, the less heard of they are the better!
  13. @electroBeam I recommend reading both translations. The technique explained in much detail in these books will guide you in circulation of the light. It will help you.
  14. @electroBeam Osho has a book called the secret of secrets. In the book he is explaining and commenting on the book I am talking about. I am talking about the actual book The secret of The golden flower.
  15. @electroBeam Study and learn about the Secret of the golden flower, its a book you should get it. Ancient book, its material was written by Masters. And the method has been around for thousands of years. That will guide you to go further.