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  1. Poo smells cats meow cows go moo
  2. Leos grace is there don't you worry about it, authenticity too. Not to blow sunshine up his ass but, he's probably one of the geniuses of his day. Not a bad combination.
  3. @ilja If only the shoe was on the other foot, and humans had to endure it instead, stopping it would somehow seem less extreme dont ya think
  4. @ilja The way Veganism is always portrayed as extreme is a defence mechanism for the extreme injustice going on right now to every creature on the human menu.
  5. Pig slaughtered at the end of video ( brutal) Just looked it up on "Uk animal kill clock" This year already nearly 11 million pigs have been slaughtered like the ones in this short video, Nearly 3 million cattle, and if you wana know how many chickens in the uk alone its over a billion And yet I am given a warning on this forum for using the term " cold fucks" before. Well what would you call it?
  6. @Arcangelo Appreciate your transparency, at least you can recognise the injustice involved, a lot of folks couldn't even get to that point because it would put one on serious shaky ground when it comes to there sense of being a "good person/ animal lover" We are living in this world at this time, its all legal worldwide, everyone else around you is doing it so I can hardly blame you can I.
  7. @Thought Art Absolutely! They have plant based alternatives that are brilliant. Its amazing theres replacements for everything nowadays... Butter, Icecream, custard, yogurts, eggs, mock meats. Some are better than others, so its always good to try out a few to see what you like. I noticed you used the term " devil like" I concur, no point in beating around the bush anymore
  8. @Philipp It doesn't seem fair because what humans do to other animals isn't fair is it? In fact what's being done to them on mass scale is far worse than being unfair. I appreciate your prospective on the cow creature, certainly physically big and powerful but also gentle and caring. They are intelligent with good brain capacity, but beyond that they are also a spiritual being, more connected with God then most humans I believe.
  9. @Leo Gura Coconut and almond milk I've tried them both, not too shabby tbh Agreed cheese and milk is tasty, dairy has been the hardest one to give up for me personally I'm reminded of what you said in one of your recent videos just now, about dealing with your cravings, leaders like yourself and myself must be able to lead from the front, by example or words hold no weight, dont get me wrong no conversion/manipulation intended. I will love you either way, you've been there for me in my life This video above shows standard stuff, its horrific shit
  10. @Chives99 Crying out for 5 day says it all
  11. @intotheblack Sounds yummy, running awesome for you aswell, ( fellow runner here) Keep up the good work
  12. @artcastle Thanks for your input, you sound like a compassionate human being. I know were you coming from that stuff is hard to watch, let alone experience first hand. Dairy has got to go. Be a vegan Goddess once more..
  13. @intotheblack I know what you mean
  14. @ilja I think more education is needed, then maybe more empathy and compassion will come about through that.
  15. @UDT Agreed. Milk is for babies.