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  1. Those are very good observations, but I do like to comment on the last ideas you mentioned. I don't think enlightenment is only about those qualities. The divine masculine is as important as the divine feminine. It's as important to have the masculine qualities of being able to protect others who are in danger, to speak up with directness through truths that can harm you and others and to logically remove ideas to understand the truth of reality on an intellectual, not just emotional level. The spirituality community, in my opinion, is more likely to be Green based. They tend to value the very feminine qualities of green more -- empathy, peace, and equality. Though part of moving to stage Yellow is to be able to be more masculine again -- but not in the macho "I'm better than everyone and I challenge people to beat me," attitude of Orange, but in the more softened by Green attitude of, "I'll protect those I love and challenge others to do better."
  2. I'm autistic myself and going into yellow, and from what I know about the autistic community is that they vary as much as normal people. Like in most first world societies, most are somewhere between Orange and Green. The neurodiversity movement is a particular expression of Orange and Green opinions. Neurodiversity is the belief that cognitive differences are just differences, and not necessarily disabilites. Autistic people may lack social skills, but they're also more likely according to research to have greater analytic abilities and a much deeper ability to focus on tasks. ADHD people may lack focus, but they're also more likely to be creative and original in adapting to new environments. Orange autistic people often tend to value success, and feel broken at the standards of society of success being outside their cognitive differences. So many of them disagree with the neurodiversity movement -- as they see Green's idealism as something out of emotional overoptimism. Those supporting neurodiversity though, tend to be green, and are trying to promote equality and human rights similar to the LGBT movement. Yes, @Jonatan, Autistic people also lack the ability to see combinations of subjects well, but they often tend to make up for an increased eye for detail in analysis. Systems thinking is not just about connective ideas, but also the root causes of issues itself -- an often very developed skill in autistic people. Yellow is analytic, and this perchant for analysis can serve them well in Yellow.
  3. I'm Green going into Yellow. I've had a lot of practice in learning about Green worldviews by volunteering, but I'm moving out from that. I think all this Green emotionalism is making me too prone to agree with others too much sometimes, and be a little too idealistic in my worldview. Sometimes others' don't change as much as I like, and sometimes some ideas are better than the others. I feel a little shaky with all this change, but I guess it's nice to be more individualistic again -- not sure where it will go though. I notice in my everyday life, I'm more likely to adapt to people's stages. If someone's being too strict and obedience oriented in blue, I try to argue back with the rational thinking of Orange. If someone seems to be feeling down about not being succesful enough, I start opening up my feelings to encourage them to share their own in Green. And recently, I've been getting Green people to actually see more of the root cause of things in Systems like with another forum. I feel a little anxious sometimes about possibly offending others, but I guess that's just Green. I guess I need to learn more about rationality again huh like I did in the Orange stage. Well, oh well. Hope this turns out well.
  4. What traits would make you think he was yellow by the way? I doubt I’m as knowledgable as you in Spiral Dynamics, but I read his entire biography by Walter Isaacson, and he didn’t seem like he even completed his Green development. Sure, he tried alternative practices associated with Green, but it didn’t seem really Green in its core. He was a brilliant man — a visionary of our age, but people wise, he doesn’t seem to have the patience and compassion of Green. He was overly harsh with his employees, asking for extremely high and sometimes impossible standards — that made much of his workplace hate him. Sure, they respected his strategic intelligence, but they certainly didn’t like him. A Yellow person would at the least would be able to disagree with his employees without raging against them, but unfortunately Steve Jobs did not. Reading some of his influences on managers in the Harvard Business Magazine, his story encouraged a lot of Orange managers to be unfortunately too harsh on his employees, and this is the result. Being an innovator does not make you Yellow. The combination of strategy and productivity from Orange and the compassion and acceptance of Green is what makes someone Yellow. And he is not.
  5. @Arkandeus I agree with you in that there's a way to gather control -- without having to let it go. Letting go is necessary at times, but there's also an alternative way of a more healthy way of gaining control. What is that? it's kindness. If a person who years for power wants to lead, then at least lead with concern for others' well being. If a person wants control of their life, then control it to better yourself as a person. If you're greedy, use that money to donate to charities. If you're gluttonous, find a way to eat delicious healthy food. If you're full of wrath, then stand up for other's safety in the face of danger. If you're envious, then use that to envy your ideal self to become him. I don't believe that we ever lose our internal desires. We just find more healthier ways of dealing with them so it can be satisfied without something done wrong. Not to say that letting go of control and accepting things aren't important too, but so is this. What matters is balance, and that balance can be found in you.
  6. @Mikael89 It's not always the safe bet to be Christian. What if there's another God out there that wants you to know his or her religion? if you can say that there's the tiniest possibility that hell exists, then isn't there the tiniest possibility that being Christian can lead you to the actual hell? Personally, if there's a God out there, I doubt the creator of the entire universe would be that stupid. People do not become kind by fearing punishment, but by genuinely caring for others. People thrown into a hell would more likely start hating God more, than loving him -- as Christianity assumes he wants. I doubt the Creator would have his followers write a Holy Book full of contradictions. If there's a religion out there that's true, I doubt it's Christianity, or at least how many fundamentalists interpret it.
  7. Sure, I'll send you a PM. I'm pretty knowledgable in most of the questions you asked, and would like to invite anyone who wants some questions answered to send me a PM too. Take care.
  8. @Santhiphap Hey, just wanted to say I'm glad you're making progress. I've been in dark places in my self inquiry practices -- very, very dark places, and I know how hard it can be to get out of them. Take care, and I hope you're feeling better.
  9. Haha. It’s not something you “get”. It’s something you practice. It’s the ability to let go of any assumptions and expectations, and just trusting what first comes into your mind.
  10. I guess I could film it, and anyone could say it was a video editing software then. I could physically show it in real life — but some people may think of the computer clicking to certain things as coincidence. I doubt I can get millions with it either. There’s a reason why that prize to prove these abilities haven’t been taken yet — and I doubt the conventional scientific community is as open as you imagine it. I’m fine with no one believing me. I don’t have much need for fame or riches really — I’ll just go on being a mostly normal person.
  11. Haha. I told you — it’s powered by the need to emotionally grow, and I don’t think watching people naked is one of them. Haha.
  12. Haha, I'm not joking. . Though I admit I can't prove it to you. If you can't believe it well -- not much I can do, and it's not much of useful an ability either. I can already google with my hands -- what's the point of doing it with my mind?
  13. It'd be pretty amazing if we can measure that progress with the brain. I hope in the future brain scans would be something you can use at home for our own growth purposes.
  14. I agree with all that. Just wanted to comment there's a lot of depth in MBTI beyond the pop psychology version of it. The more advanced levels of it use something called "cognitive functions", and they're rather complicated to explain in detail here, but it recognizes how people are more on a spectrum than one or another. The truth is we all have introverted/extroverted, intuitive/sensory, thinking/feeling, and perceiving/judging functions. It's just one is stronger than the other, and is expressed in different ways in a type. In cognitive functions, the opposite preference to your own still has effects on you unique to your type. Growth is often made by developing your opposite preferences and learning from them, so people learn to go beyond the boundaries of what is useful for their type. Personality Hacker's a good place to learn about it if you're looking for some. What other models do I like to use? Enneagram is a personality typing that focuses on a person's primary motivations and responses to shame, fear and anger. Each person has a specific type for each of those three emotions -- with one being dominant, one in the middle and one response least used.
  15. I've practiced Reiki for an entire year myself if you want someone to ask. I don't think "feeling" something is that abstract. Is touching a wooden surface with your eyes closed something abstract? It's something you can feel with your sense of touch once you're sensitive to it enough. I notice the air is slightly more tingly around energies in a person's body that are stronger -- takes a little time to notice, but it's there. Might want to go read on pendulums if you need help. You need to be attuned to Reiki if you want to be able to gain its healing abilities to an extent -- this usually requires a human master -- maybe you can find some classes online who can help channel you. I don't know about it personally myself -- the beings who've given me Reiki weren't exactly human, but nah, probably won't believe me.