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  1. leonardo da gura - part 2. @zenjen
  2. you're a rock? cool. I have a confession to make. I'm not... that... interested in enlightenment. Frankly, I think the concept is kind of boring and kind of an ego trip. It's like... you're playing The Legend of Zelda, and you're fully identified with Link on-screen... until he dies from a drugged-up deku scrub and then you realize that you're the immortal player of the game. Okay. So it's just a game, and what you are is the witness that has no quality whatsoever. La-dee-frickin'-da. On the other hand, there's a huge entertaining world to explore, with "other people", shiny treasure chests, rupees, and hidden nooks. You can spend thousands of hours (for instance) staring at a wall and chanting syllables in order to realize and embody the fact that you're not Link... or you can explore said world. It's like... if enlightenment is the realization that you're a rock. Ohhhhhhhkay, so you're a rock. Now what? Talk about your smooth and jagged qualities? Help other people realize their igneous nature? Or maybe roll around in mud, finally reveling in the most anticlimactically ordinary realization of your rocky life? Look. I get that raising consciousness is the name of the human game. I just think that talking about the nature of reality is kind of bland. The world in which we live is infinitely more interesting. I also see that heavy-duty spiritual practice and turning inward is not my priority because I have smaller fish to fry. How can I reach enlightenment if I'm too afraid to initiate on a date? How can I clear my nadi's if I still struggle with money management? How can I meditate effectively if I still have vasanas? If enlightenment is about expanding consciousness until there are no boundaries, then all boundaries must be transcended, even the so-called "unspiritual" ones. I realized this after a few years of partaking in the spiritual ego olympics. (Not-so-fun times. I totally failed on the om-shanti shot-put.) It's funny. I used to make the distinction between spiritual and unspiritual. I used to think that I shouldn't hang out with people doing "low consciousness" stuff, that I should meditate instead, that I should do my practices diligently, be a strategic motherfucker and plan out my sagely life. But now, I could care less. I see it's all spiritual if I choose to look at everything through that lens. I see that transcending the little fears is precisely what I need to do right now in order to transcend the bigger ones. And I see that's why I'm not interested in hardcore enlightenment stuff right now...and instead choose to make fun of it. So what's the conclusion to this scatter-brained babble? In the end, everything leads to enlightenment. Yes, everything - even taking a dump. Even the human game stuff. Consciousness always wants to expand. If we care to listen, our innate Intelligence leads us to the places we need to be in order to transcend our boundaries. Even if we don't listen, eventually we run out of distractions and coping mechanisms, and we're forced to face our fears anyway (whether in this lifetime or the next). Warning: NSFW. Swiggity swooty...
  3. I experienced something similar a couple days ago! After helping out a local farmer, I picked and ate some of his spinach directly. I could almost taste the qi... Also kind of random, but I also noticed recently the difference between satiation and fullness. Eating a high-nutrient-dense meal like a fresh salad is incredibly satiating, but not filling. Conversely, eating a ton of cooked food is nice and filling, but not as satiating. @moon777light Another idea for you is the salad-in-the-mason-jar trick. Basically, stack greens and chopped vegetables in layers in a mason jar, and top it off with a lemon or lime. Put dressing in a separate jar, and add it when you're ready to eat. They last for around three days in the fridge, so you'd only need to do two batches per week. You can do the same thing with oats - stick them in the fridge overnight with some water, raw apple cider vinegar, and toppings of choice, and you have yourself an instant breakfast in the morning.
  4. If you're a full-time student and have never done raw vegan before, you may be overwhelmed; same goes for OMAD. Best to stay flexible for your circumstances. Here are some other options: Sweet potatoes keep in the fridge for up to a week. You can batch cook a bunch on Sundays and snag a couple on the go. Along with the host of other nutrients, cold sweet potatoes have good resistant starch for the gut. The same thing can be done with squash. Be sure to sprinkle some ceylon cinnamon on them for the blood sugar hackz. Rice and beans. If you have an Instant Pot, you can also batch cook tons of rice/millet/amaranth/quinoa/potatoes/etc. in a matter of minutes. Combine it with a can or two of beans, or you can also pressure cook beans separately in the Instant Pot. Mix in some salsa, assorted steamed vegetables, spices, or any sauce that suits your fancy. And voila - the ultimate lazy person's lunch. Animal protein's a little trickier since it doesn't keep in the fridge as long - and quite frankly, you probably don't want to eat it more than once a day. Canned sardines (the Wild Planet kind) would be a decent occasional topping for salad if you're really craving the denser protein. If you like pasta, there are plenty of gluten-free varieties at your local health food store. On occasion I like the red lentil variety. Tons of protein. Add some nooch and tomato sauce and you'll be good to go. If you're digging the fat: Fire Ants on a Log. Celery ribs smothered in the nut butter of your choice, topped with goji berries. Or if you're not cool enough, you can go for normal ants on a log. Packing a lunch is easy if you do batch cooking. Otherwise, spending too much time deciding tomorrow's lunch can induce decision fatigue and affect your stress levels, especially if you're a full-time student. Best of luck on your whole foods journey!
  5. sweating for the first time during kriya yoga.
  6. belligerent belly-breathing babies eat beans. What do babies, beans, bellies, breathing, and belligerence have in common? Besides the obvious fact that they all start with a "b," not much. Not much at all. So let's create some commonalities. Also, I'm kind of bored and have that extra creative itch today. Don't worry, it's not a tick bite. I realized recently through manual labor, qigong, and yoga that while I think I breathe properly, I don't. I unconsciously tuck my navel and breathe through the chest. I think I've been doing this for years. I notice I am more belligerent and anxious when I breathe in this manner; body says, "Wegottagetoutofhereanddosomethingorelseyou'renotgoodenoughcan'tyouseeeveryone'swatchingyouwhatareyoudoingwithyourlife!????!!??111" We're never taught how to breathe in the Wild West. We assume we already know. Add to that the vanity factor - we tuck in our bellies to show how thin we are. So there we go, walking around like we have sticks up our asses (some of us probably do), breathing as shallow as our lives. Our lack of breath follows our lack of feeling complete, which follows our inability to quiet the mind, which follows our inability to relax, which follows our anxiety, which follows our erroneous need to fill gaping emotional holes in our perceived-to-be drab existence. Babies are excellent teachers of breath. Since they are not their names yet, they embody Source fully. They are in a state of complete surrender, as demonstrated through their perfectly deep belly breathing. Anyone have a baby I can borrow for a couple hours? I'm more vain than I thought. I actually prefer not to breathe through the belly because it makes me look fat when I do. But I'm not actually fat - I just eat lots of fiber (like beans) that bloats the belly. Then again, when I do consciously breathe through the belly, the effect is immediate: instant relaxation. That feeling of centeredness - like you have your shit handled because shit has always been handled. The Universe has handled shit for millenia and will continue to do so. Look thin but feel worse, or look fat but feel better? The struggle continues. "The Fiber Song" (To the tune of "The Dreidel Song") Fiber, fiber, fiber You're the hit sensation You satiate my hunger And cure my constipation Fiber, fiber, fiber Your awesomeness is noted Except for one thing only: You make me fucking bloated!
  7. leonardo da gura - part 1.
  8. @Michael569 I second this! The book's by Anodea Judith. It's an excellent intro to the chakras. It even relates the chakras to Reichian bioenergetic character structures, i.e. the way you hold your musculature.
  9. seeking enlightenment.
  10. Yes, apathy is/was an excellent defense mechanism for us highly sensitive folk - especially in childhood, when we didn't have the tools that we do now. What you say reminds me of that Tibetan Buddhist meditation where you breathe in the pain of others and breathe out compassion. Forgot what it's called though Thanks for sharing
  11. trust (non)issues. I've reached a point in my development where I'm learning to trust myself. No more answers from the outside. No more looking for the perfect guru or the perfect book or the perfect diet or the perfect this or the perfect that. No more trying to emulate a so-called authority like Leo. (I still love you, you big bald Buddha ) No more following strict regimens. No more restricting myself. I feel the ebbs and flows of my energy, and I align with that, because it feels good. Simple as that. The body has an amazing intelligence that knows things directly, with little need for intervention from Mind. Whenever I try to brute force things with Mind, life begins to feel Sisyphean and burdensome. I think about the past year and my desire to "heal" as quickly as possible. I tried nearly every technique in the self-help catalogue and still fell flat. That's because I wasn't aligned. I was in a state of fear - fear of failing, of not being good enough, et cetera. It's the state of "this-moment-is-not-right-and-I-need-to-get-somewhere". It's also the state in which I hate myself, because no matter how hard I try, I never "get there," so I beat myself up for that. But now that I'm learning to trust myself and the intelligence within, things are unfolding more naturally. I'm beginning to view things from the perspective that everything is right, and all "I" need to do is slow the fuck down and relax into it. The synchronicities have been uncanny as a result. Ego loves to misinterpret the Law of Attraction. It loves to think that it can acquire the objects of its desire (which are really emotional holes it's trying to fill) by simply thinking them into existence. But it's only when you release the need to have anything that you get everything - because then you are aligned. At that point, getting what you want feels more like icing on the cake. I'm nowhere near perfect at this (Haaaaaa...see what I did there!?), but I'm glad that I rediscovered my inner compass over the past few months.
  12. donald trump tremendous. Hot damn, I've been an emotional pancake lately. After helping my dad move something, he said, "Boy, I don't like getting older. Normally I would have been able to do this alone. But my back is killing me." I had to go back into my room and cry my guts out. Why the hell would I cry about that? Because I feel his pain (also because I've been a dick, but that's a story for another day). I'm not going to disclose too much, but let's say he suffers on so many different levels and doesn't even realize. Most people who don't develop themselves psychologically do. They accept the world in which they came without an inkling of suspicion that there may be something better or beyond. They react emotionally and deny their emotions, fish for validation, fight change, defend their rigid beliefs, and create more separation. It's sad, because deep down they want the same things that we all do - happiness, peace, joy, truth, love. They just have no idea that they're actively sabotaging themselves. And there's no way I could tell them, "Hey...you know you don't have to feel X anymore, right? Like, there's this thing called the Internet, and it has a lot of information on X and lifestyle choices you can make to mitigate it...and maybe if you were just a smidgeon more open-minded and a tad more motivated..." Because their life is their life. But their ignorance is destroying the planet! Grr! But then again, why do I care so much about ignorance? Aren't I the one who said "in God's time, not mine"? Who am I to call other people ignorant, when I am probably the most ignorant motherfucker out there? There are probably a million-and-one things I do every day that promote separation and help destroy the planet. I mean, fuck, just being a human being has a negative environmental impact. Sneaky sneaky, slimy psyche. #stagegreen Anyway. From my experience, I'm convinced that true change - true conscious expansion - requires tremendous pain. I'm talkin' Donald Trump tremendous, folks. And the sad truth is, most haven't experienced tremendous pain. The flames in their office building haven't grown enough for them to get uncomfortably sweaty and whip out the extinguisher. Life is always the greatest teacher for everyone. I can shine my light, but I can also hold love and compassion - just like the ones who have held space for me. We're all at different places. And I really just wish the best for my close relationships. I really wish for them to be happy.
  13. the ultimate alchemist. Now I finally see the emotional hyperbole. "I've always felt this way - you never gave me the time of day." "Well you never listen to me," she replies, "And I gave you many tries." Now I finally see the diagnostic dogma decree. "This was the single cause after all - Now everyone must hear my call!" "But what of this or that?" she replies, "Surely there are other ties?" I like to believe that mind knows best - Yet another circular trick from the ultimate alchemist.
  14. Yeah... I think we all have to push through that Jed McKenna/Steven Norquist/Thomas Ligotti/Rust Cohle phase at some point in our spiritual journey. Nihilism is excellent birch bark for a spiritual fire...but it doesn't last very long. Life, on the other hand, is excellent firewood. Thank you for sharing