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  1. If the function of urinating is to rid the body of excess minerals, and toxins, won't there be adverse effects if you reintroduce those toxins?
  2. @CharlotteWhat dosage do you take, and how often?
  3. I feel like a prisoner in this world. I assume this is the reason why some choose to commit suicide. To escape the matrix. As the ultimate fuck you to whoever placed us here. I am not suicidal, nor depressed, but I admit that I do recognise some aspects of these conditions within me. I have adopted a non-seeking behaviour (or perhaps a passive-seeking behaviour). Why do I need to perform all these practices to realise something I didn't ask for? Why do I need to wake up everyday in a reality I didn't ask to be in, to follow a sequence of events that I don't believe in? It feels like groundhog day, except very very real. But I do admit I don't really know what real means. I don't have anything to compare it to. This realness just doesn't seem to give a fuck. It's indifferent. And for that reason I don't give a fuck about it... At times. At other times it seem to be one hell of an interesting place to be in, beyond beautiful. But this view is not pervasive. Is this an egoic mechanism at work, me trying to attack God, but only hurting myself in the process? Probably, but I can't seem to escape it. This perspective is persistent. The doubt and lack of trust I've experienced from the start of this journey has increased. It's like I'm trying to keep myself from knowing. Whenever I start to make progress in any practice, be it breathing exercises, Samadhi meditation, or psychedelic breakthroughs, I just seem to be pulled? back into complacency and homeostasis. It seems like I'm worse off than I was at the beginning. The frustration, wanting, needing, craving, desire is overwhelming. It makes my mind uneasy. Meditation does not help to lessen the uneasiness I'm experiencing. Neither does introspection. It makes it worse. For that reason I have considered giving up, or at the very least taking a break from all this. But I can't do that either. Not while I know that this path could lead to salvation. I'm feeling kinda lost at the moment, because I have no freaking clue what's going on, or what to do.
  4. Join a political forum.
  5. Sadhguru, is that you?
  6. You seem very emotionally intelligent. You're aware of your emotions as they arise, and analyzing them. You understand yourself. It's not that important for others to understand you imo. You should have a laugh at the way you operate as an organism. It's interesting and beautiful. ☮️
  7. Dear Ego. I can feel your love for me. I can see why you are protecting me. I apologise for not appreciating you. You are needed. You are definitely needed. You are beautiful. That being said, I implore you to let go of your iron grip. I am stronger now. If I fall, I will get back up. When I fail, I will learn in the process. I am not asking you to leave me. I am asking you to assist me in my endeavours. I am asking you to be awesome alongside me. For you are awesomeness defined. Thank you. I love you.
  8. Our existence is surreal, but I obviously don't have to tell you that.
  9. We are aliens. I don't care what they confirm.
  10. Attacking the ruling systems will cause unknown havoc, but it will have to happen eventually. Simply manipulating the system is not enough, because this implies that those less able/unwilling of manipulation are destined for a mediocre life filled with stress. I don't wish this on anyone. The system is not necessary anymore. Way too many people are tired of this system. It is time to adopt a new one. But the ruling systems will not allow this. We have to fight back. We have to fight back in a civilised manner.
  11. My Current Information Intake: The Yoga Sutras The Headless Way The Deconstruction of Buddhism Knowledge of Higher Worlds and it's Attainment The Universal Laws Laws of the universe Mind your Reality Audio books, Podcasts & Ebooks: The Human Machine: Arnold Bennett The Power of Concentration: Theron Q Dumont The Psychology of Man's Possible Evolution: Pyotr Ouspenski Jordan Peterson: Personality and it's Transformations Barry Long Talks Alan Watts Talks Jocko Willink Podcast Sam Harris Podcast Actualized.org, Wikipedia and other webpages where I get answers to specific questions. Daily Process, Practices & Positive Habits: Cold showers, twice a day (with stretches and push-ups before second shower) Take in The Information every free moment I get. Train journeys (about two hours a day) Lunch hour. As well as breaks while working Before affirmations, after meditation Concetration meditation (breath, sometimes with binaural beats or solfeggio frequencies) Affirmations (right before meditation practice) I am aware when my surroundings are illusions I am capable to to perceive the inner self of myself and others I am aware when people are being insincere I can see through the illusion of reality I am able to realize and understand myself and reality Nothing is hidden Nothing is elsewhere This moment right now is Infinity I can see through the solidity of reality I will awaken from the dream of reality I will be patient in my approach to enlightenment. I will attain enlightenment. I love you/Ek is lief vir jou I am sorry/Ek is jammer Please forgive me/Vergewe my asseblief Thank you/Dankie I am power. I am life. I am energy. I am fearless. I am strong. I am free. I am success. I am well. I shall be guided. I shall be given wisdom. I shall triumph Visualizations. Not daily. Concrete life purpose is fuzzy as a result. Will be taking the life purpose course, but I fear the guy is in my head too much already. He is sneaky. Known Negative Habits Judgements towards others Mislabeled self-esteem Porn (~twice weekly) Masturbation (~twice monthly) Internet/information attachment (My phone) Negative thoughts/associations/labelling (work in progress) TV (I watch one or two episodes of a sitcom after my nightly shower) Pirated movies (usually in the background while I'm reading)
  12. We can see the Pareto Principle at work in the rise of Bitcoin. This got me thinking about the evolution of man, and how we're in the infant stages of our evolution. We're about to hit the curve, probably already have. I'm just not sure about what's at the end of the curve. I have had three conversations about enlightenment after my enlightenment experience. Of course they did not know that we were conversing about it. It is safe to say that all three of them thought that we're heading for/at darkness. That world war three is at the end of the curve. They used religion (god is dead/does not care), the unknown exponential rise of Bitcoin, and the common mindset of mankind as examples. They see the world as negative. If these are the kind of thoughts that people are having than we're most likely headed for darkness. But I refuse to believe this, because more and more people are realising that they are missing something about/in life, that something is just not quite right, and are as a consequence wittingly and unwittingly going in the direction of spirituality. This gives me hope that we're headed in the direction of Utopia. I feel love in this forum. Please take this love and make it part of your reality.
  13. No Lyrics. I usually listen to these songs when I'm struggling to see the beauty in life. They make it easier for me to let go. Just close your eyes and enjoy.
  14. What are you talking about? Don't sell yourself short. You will make the most beautiful music that will expand consciousness. Do not compare. Please consider sharing your creation here. I would like to experience it. Seriously.
  15. The enlightened ones have made University obsolete. We don't need it anymore. Soon we will not need money anymore. This is my belief. This is my desire. Please adopt this desire, for we are life. We are the architects of every system in existence. We can get rid of it if we choose to do so (with respect of course).