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  1. @fridjonk thanks, will try this.
  2. I have developed an interest in web development/design, and have been absorbing content/info like crazy for the past few weeks/months. My job has been occupying (and still is) most of my headspace though. How do I tip the scale?
  3. @Serotoninluv you just lost me. I will contemplate. Thank you.
  4. @Serotoninluv what seperates belief and action? It just seems as if belief is action without movement. It is someting being done; Unconsciously, but still.
  5. @wavydude negative beliefs, safe from negative action, has a negative effect on the body?
  6. @Serotoninluv interrelated, how?
  7. @Serotoninluv Belief: identification with thought. Action: the doing of things, to put it simple.
  8. Meaning depression and suicidal thoughts can kill without you actually committing suicide? The act. @wavydude
  9. Can an idea without any action kill you? And secondly, is belief an action?
  10. Everything is the most beautiful thing.
  11. WHAT IS CHANGE? ...and why do I want it? Why am I seeking it? Is it an inward or outward moving force? Can it be controlled? Or guided? How does it manifest? Is it even a thing? If it's not a thing, then why are no two moments the same? If it is a thing, where does the driving force come from? What is pushing change along? Or is change just the result of some other force? What would this other force be? ______________ I believe I need to be someone else. My current self is just not coping. Change is co-operative, or rather it can be cooperated with. Is this true? It just happens. How and why can be known. I don't know now. But I can. I'm afraid of what that would entail. I'm afraid of the responsibility. What might be asked of me. This puts me in a rather peculiar position; one where I'm actively looking for change but not willing to accept and embrace it. I'm tired of the stories.
  12. FEAR, DEVELOPMENT, CHANGE I have a visceral aversion to change and development. Just visiting the Toastmasters website induces stress, judged sensations, and memory recall. I cannot go further than that. I recently went through a whole process of researching the best martial arts places, found one I would like to go to, and nothing happened. It's just hanging there now. But at least it's hanging there right? I don't know. I had the idea that I have changed. But the idea of change is not change itself.
  13. I have experienced this in a trip. The story/thought and result/manifestation is immediate. It happens at the same time. I don't how to get back there. May just be my imagination.
  14. COLOURS Colours is a concept. Not colour itself, but the categorisation of it. No that's incorrect, colour is a concept. It doesn't exist. The tree in my backyard does not have a definite colour. It has no colour. It is what it is at that exact moment. Nothing less, nothing more. Yet all I can see is a tree. PS: Spiral Dynamics takes advantage of the fact that we have these colours within our awareness. It highjacks the meaning and inserts a new meaning on top of it. Ingenious really.
  15. KNOWING PEOPLE Is this even possible? If every person is as deep as you are, how can you ever expect to get to know them? The best you can do is to slap labels onto them. Yup, that's who they are. But of course, that's not who they are. Maybe that label was accurate in the moment, in order for you to make sense of that moment, but what about the next moment?