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  1. Buy-buy baby-baby buy baby-baby buy-buy!
  2. Breath is all we need to be... Isn't it? Pew!
  3. When people have pneumonia their lips and fingernails can turn blue due to lack of oxygen... Good news! Thanks
  4. Old but gold:
  5. Since last April I've been regularly jogging and encountered the winter problem soon. We've got 6 months long winters. Jogging in winter sucks, I've tried it several times before. I used to do various exercises at home with an interval timer before, but quite frankly I hate it. All that push-ups, squats and shit. So in the beginning of this winter I've taken some very potent psychedelic substances got desperate for jogging and tried running at place at home with music. After some attempts I realized that it's almost impossible to get as tired with this exercise even if you shake it off really fast for as much time as I do outside. Then I've increased the dose of substances tried raising my hands up in opposition to my landing feet. And it worked! Now I can proudly brag that I've been regularly shaking like an idiot for half a year. Although now, after several months or regular psychedelic 30-minute seizure it takes much faster movements to pump the blood in my veins effectively. As my body learns these movements it grows in accuracy and naturally makes it very easy and effective. At first this tempo felt really difficult. Now I can seizure in this tempo for all half an hour and it's still not enough. Goddamn quarantine.
  6. Lots of memories are triggered. When I was 14 I still mostly played soccer with friends outside, swam a lot in the local river and the lakes in the city suburbs. I was still a fisher at that time as far as I can recall, it was a passion of mine for several years. Sometimes I was waking up at 4 and going fishing before school just to catch a bigger one because that fish was only easy to catch in the late spring early in the morning. Then a bit later I got a guitar teacher, started writing electronic music and playing in a band which was non-metal. Metal came around the age of 16: Slipknot, Metallica and alike. Although my first attempt to write it has the file creation date of 2009, dunno really, maybe it was because of Rammstein when I was 15. Since that time metal is the primary music I've been listening to, but I never identified with the subculture, I only visited a couple of metal gigs. I'm pretty much melomaniac and always was, whatever catches my ear - the genre doesn't matter. Hehehe! Did you paint all around your eyes with that pencil? Oh boy... There's a whole series of vids like that on YT. Enjoy
  7. It's on the second one! Meshuggah at 14, damn, you're scary.