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  1. Turquoise ressources
    Stage Yellow News sources?
    Mostly green, but there are probably also some yellow  and turquise sources, didn't check them all.
    Here's a turquise magazine:

  2. Climate change
    Great video on climate change!
    Remember that people below stage Green don't have much concern for environmental issues because their mind is preoccupied with more selfish things.
    So the root solution to climate change is to raise more people to Green cognitive development. Then, from that, the rest of the external solutions will follow.
    A Green populace will vote for green politicians and green energy.
    Climate change is really a problem of excessive Orange. As we can clearly see with Trump, who is in such denial about it.

  3. I am enlightened. Sincere seekers: ask me anything
    I am enlightened. Sincere seekers: ask me anything
    The recommended technique is Ramana Maharshi's self-inquiry. It's very simple. You know that "I am" right now, right? It's obvious. Well, how do you know it? Where is that feeling coming from? Try to find out where in your experience it is coming from, that certainty that you are. Start in your body. Just like if someone asked you where you were feeling cold, and you searched your experience and said "Oh, my feet are feeling cold." In the same way, ask about the feeling of the "I" that you somehow know with certainty.
    And every time you think you know where it's coming from, the rule is that you must ask yourself if you are aware of that thing which you think is the source of the I. If you are, you haven't found the real source yet. So you keep going
    If, for example, you say "It's coming from my head" -- well, ask yourself "Well, I am aware of the feeling and sight of my head, right?" Notice that. So where is the "I" that is aware of the head? It's not coming from the head -- it is aware of it. So where is the I feeling? It's just like you notice that there is light in a room, and you're looking for the source of the light. Is it coming from this chair? No. The chair is lit up by something else. Is it coming from that table? Same deal. So keep searching until you find the light bulb. You'll know it when you find it.
    As far as psychologists, it's wonderful that you have them as friends, but I'm talking about going into psychoanalytic therapy. It's quite different from normal conversation. Google "psychoanalytic institute" "<your city>" and call them and see if they can give you a referral. PM me if you have questions.
    Unfortunately I can't speak with authority about what will optimize happiness in the short-term. Probably close, empathetic relationships with other people, eating the right food, sleeping right, taking care of your health, getting therapy, participating in art, and so on.

  4. Natural Law
    Natural Law (By Mark Passio)
    Ok so I came across some interesting work by Mark Passio ( which I found quite insightful. He basically talks about "natural law" and other related concepts. Since the video (seminar) is more like a 9 hour session I'll just give you an overview of it so that you know what it is about but I highly encourage you to look into it yourself since this is only an overview. 
    So he starts by saying that there are REQUIREMENTS for everything we desire (love, happiness, peace etc..) in a sense there's a cost attached to everything and therefore educating oneself about these costs is important (obviously). This education or knowledge is what he calls as occult knowledge. (hidden knowledge). This occult knowledge can be divided into two parts: 
    Knowledge of human consciousness (that of human psyche) Knowledge of natural law (that of already existing laws which "govern the consequences of human behaviour") This natural law is given names like consequentialism, karma, moral law etc.  This knowledge is "hidden" in order to create and maintain the hierarchy of power. 
    Next he differentiates between Nescience and Ignorance 
    Nescience: To not know cause knowledge was absent or unattainable Ignorance: is to not know despite the presence of the information since either its wilfully ignored or disregarded.  Our society is Ignorant. We're "asleep" and "hypnotised" (hypnosis: suppression of knowledge)  Steps to Problem solving:
    Recognising that there is a problem: Dealing with fear based denial. (Heart-mind-gut i.e. care enough- to know- and put in action) Treating the cause rather than the symptom by way of knowledge which requires effort and time Action  Coming to truth, its objective and indifferent. It's not based on perceptions. Consciousness is simply one's ability to recognise patterns and meanings with respect to reality, meaning you have an accurate understanding of that which is taking place within and around you. The higher the consciousness, the more accurate is the perception and vice versa. Perception is the filter we use to see reality.
    Next he talks about Solipsism. And then moves to the word "definition" explaining the etymology of it. This is one thing I personally liked about his teaching style, that he break words down and give comprehensive definitions and etymology of it at every stage. 
    (coming to natural law) 
    Natural Law: Law/existing condition that is binding and immutable (cannot be changed) which governs human behaviour. Laws that are inherent; have a base in reality/nature/truth; not made/caused by humankind. Also called "spiritual law" which also manifests itself in the physical domain. Also these laws don't care if you're ignorant/nescient. They are immutable and binding. 
    Next he talks about Discovery vs belief; the word "absolute" quoting that "Humanity's greatest fear is that the truth is absolute" 
    Coming to Consciousness, It has 3 expressions- 
    Thoughts: creative force which is the expression of consciousness within the individual (mind component) Emotions: The feminine aspect- internal expression Actions: The masculine aspect- interacts with the physical world.  A marriage between your thoughts and emotions give rise to action. 
    Brain structure and behaviour 
    The triune brain model: (worth reading: about left/right brain dominance and the problems it leads to) 
    Mental Schism 
    Left brain dominance leads to: Rigid scepticism, scientism, atheism, solipsism, authoritarianism etc. Right brain dominance leads to: Naiveté, blind belief, religious extremism etc. He also talks about worldview schism for being either too masculine or too feminine. 
    How our reality is built
    Knowledge: Available info which may be gathered, processed, understood and acted upon Decision making: Understanding- which depends upon the available info Wisdom: Human behaviour- knowledge and understanding that has been "Applied". Wisdom=action Generated result: Manifested reality  PRINCIPLES OF NATURAL LAWS
    (this is the core of his work)
    Principle of mentalism: states that everything in creation is a manifestation of mind i.e. everything that exists physically has to have a mental creation in the beginning. Thoughts leads to this manifestation. Therefore be responsible for everything you create by being responsible for everything you think. Changing reality requires changing thoughts. Principle of correspondence: That which is above is similar to that which is below.  The macrocosm (the very large; totality) and the microcosm (very small; individual units that comprise the whole) are mere reflections of each other. The universe is like an individual and the individual is like the universe so the knowledge of the working of the individual will lead to the understanding of the macrocosmic laws and vice versa. (Movie suggestion: So the universe is holographic (whole contained in parts and vice versa) and also self similar.   Principle of vibration: states that nothing called "rest" or "dead motion" exists. Death in a sense is an illusion since that would be cessation of all motion and energy. Nothing rests. Everything moves at the fundamental level, everything at its core comprises of pure vibratory energy manifesting itself in different forms. Principle of polarity: States that everything has a dual nature to it, everything has poles, its pair of opposites. These opposites are identical in nature but different in degrees. Eg. Hot and cold are seen as opposites but they can be seen as absence and presence of heat energy (cold and hot resp.) Presence changes our perspective but at the core they're the same. Another eg. might be yin-yang  Principle of rhythm: Everything flows, out and in. Everything has its tide. All things rise and fall. The "pendulum swing" manifests itself in everything. Eg- the stronger the tide, more the effort to row the boat Principle of cause and effect: Every cause has an effect and vice versa. There is however a time gap between the cause and the effect. Humanity as a whole remains ignorant of the underlying causes which leads to self inflicted suffering. (this is in much depth in the video) Principle of gender: Everything has a masculine and a feminine aspect to it be it mental world, or phy or spiritual. Eg. Mental Gender: co existence b/w masculine (left brain) aspect and the feminine (right brain) aspects of the mind. Principle of Care: (Generative principle): what are you giving your attention to/focusing upon.  Care: what matters to you; different from compassion or love. That which you put your time in. (Heart-mind-gut i.e. care enough- to know- and put in action) Spiritual currencies: Time and attention. What you "spend" your time in and what you "pay" attention to. 
    Expressions of natural law.
    This part I believe is very important whereby he mentions how these natural laws actually express themselves. Its given in a chart form and therefore I'll just attach the pictures of my notes. There's a positive and a negative manifestation which leads to the next expression of it. This I found (regardless of the natural law) can be applied to one's own personal development. Also the stages cannot be skipped and are unilateral.
    I couldn't keep up with his 3rd video since he went into Anarchy and government and mind control. I understand a bit of it but it didn't interest me much. He also talks about "right and wrong", morality and the skills needed to bring change (marketing and promotion; organisational skills; courage and persistence etc.)
    Please keep in mind that this is just an overview, a summary of an extended 9 hour seminar. I personally gained a lot from his content, but again there were places I couldn't agree to and that is ok. Also avoid skipping the instructions he provide in the beginning of his 1st video. His teaching style might come across as rigid and opinionated, just try balancing between skepticism and being open minded. The seminar's divided in 3 parts:
    Also I have attached the notes related to Expression of natural laws. 
    Would love to hear your opinion on this. 

  5. Alan Watts
    An Excerpt From The Book "on The Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are" By Alan Watts
    When children ask me those fundamental metaphysical questions which come so readily to their minds --  “Where did the world come from?” “Why did God make the world?” “Where was I before I was born?” “Where do people go when they die?”  -- again and again I have found that they seem to be satisfied with a simple and very ancient story, which goes something like this:
          “There was never a time when the world began, because it goes round and round like a circle, and there is no place on a circle where it begins. Look at my watch, which tells the time; it goes round, and so the world repeats itself again and again. But just as the hour-hand of the watch goes up to twelve and down to six, so, too, there is day and night, waking and sleeping, living and dying, summer and winter. You can’t have any one of these without the other, because you wouldn’t be able to know what black is without white, or white unless side-by-side with black.
          “In the same way, there are times when the world is, and times when it isn’t, for if the world went on and on without rest for ever and ever, it would get horribly tired of itself. It comes and it goes. Now you see it; now you don’t. So because it doesn’t get tired of itself, it always comes back again after it disappears. It’s like your breath: it goes in and out, in and out, and if you try to hold it in all the time you feel terrible. It’s also like the game of hide-and-seek, because it’s always fun to find new ways of hiding, and to seek for someone who doesn’t always hide in the same place.
          “God also likes to play hide-and-seek, but because there is nothing outside of God, he has no one but himself to play with. But he gets over this difficulty by pretending that he is not himself. This is his way of hiding from himself. He pretends that he is you and I and all the people in the world, all the animals, all the plants, all the rocks, and all the stars. In this way he has strange and wonderful adventures, some of which are terrible and frightening. But these are just like bad dreams, for when he wakes up they will disappear.
          “Now when God plays hide and pretends that he is you and I, he does it so well that it takes him a long time to remember where and how he hid himself. But that’s the whole fun of it -- just what he wanted to do. He doesn’t want to find himself too quickly, for that would spoil the game. That is why it is so difficult for you and me to find out that we are God in disguise, pretending not to be himself. But when the game has gone on long enough, all of us will wake up, stop pretending, and remember that we are all one single Self -- the God who is all that there is and who lives for ever and ever.
          “Of course you must remember that God isn’t shaped like a person. People have skins and there is always something outside our skins. If there weren’t, we wouldn’t know the difference between what is inside and outside our bodies. But God has no skin and no shape because there isn’t any outside to him. The inside and outside of God are the same. And though I have been talking about God as ‘he’ and not ‘she,’ God isn’t a man or a woman. I didn’t say ‘it’ because we usually say ‘it’ for things that aren’t alive.
          “God is the Self of the world, but you can’t see God for the same reason that, without a mirror, you can’t see your own eyes, and you certainly can’t bite your own teeth or look inside your head. Your self is that cleverly hidden because it is God hiding.
          “You may ask why God sometimes hides in the form of horrible people, or pretends to be people who suffer great disease and pain. Remember, first, that he isn’t really doing this to anyone but himself. Remember, too, that in almost all the stories you enjoy there have to be bad people as well as good people, for the thrill of the tale is to find out how the good people will get the better of the bad. It’s the same as when we play cards. At the beginning of the game we shuffle them all into a mess, which is like the bad things in the world, but the point of the game is to put the mess into good order, and the one who does it best is the winner. Then we shuffle the cards once more and play again, and so it goes with the world.”

  6. Maslow's Sixth Step In The Hierarchy Of Needs
    Maslow's Sixth Step In The Hierarchy Of Needs
    Abraham Maslow died before he could get a lot of people focused on the sixth step of the hierarchy of needs: the need for transcendence.
    For a few months I thought a lot about what that step would look like practically, but nothing stood out.
    Then I read a book about the relationship between vulnerability and attracting hot women called Models.  
    The next morning I woke up with the realization that transcendence would be the entire hierarchy flipped upon itself, wherein one does the opposite of what they did to climb up the hierarchy.
    What you end up with is a roadmap to personal liberation. 
    Essentially we find that people climb up the hierarchy, strengthening the ego and strengthening their external influence. At every step, it seems like that step is the most important thing in the world. At the top of what we typically think of as the hierarchy, one may realize that there is no where else to go unless one looks for something other than the self. The process of becoming more vulnerable and loving then takes place. By the end, one goes as far as even giving one's life fully to the world through action (Be careful: I'm not necessarily talking about martyring oneself!)
    Which answers what had confused me about transcendence: it's not like you totally stop doing whatever it is that you do in every day life -- its more about letting go of the attachment to perfection, outcomes, and the neediness for which you take actions. "Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood carry water."
    I made sure to include a special note about how enlightenment (a.k.a. non-dual awareness) is always available from the very beginning, although our concerns with other needs may cloud that fact. Even if one were to become enlightened at a 'lower' level on the hierarchy, one could still proceed forward in the dream-known-as-reality by learning how to work through each level and make a big impact.
    For example, Eckhart Tolle was pretty depressed before he had his enlightenment, but once he was enlightened he still had to figure out how to write millions of best-selling books -- and that takes a lot of courage.  
    If you are wondering where you are on the map, ask yourself what you struggle with. Be honest about it. Look at what you get pissed off at. Look at what you judge others for.   
    Finally, be careful not to confuse the map with the territory. It's not like you can stare at this and recognize your godly nature. There is a ton of experience to gain. 
    I hope this helps you on your Hero's journey!

  7. 2017 in review, or why I no longer need
    2017 in review, or why I no longer need
    5-MeO will help someone move from the unexperienced questioning of Yellow to the experienced understanding of Turquoise.
    Absolute Truth goes beyond all philosophy, all description, and all conversation - and 5-MeO shows you that real quick. 
    But the more important thing about 5-MeO was the disappointment I felt from realizing that it does jack shit for helping you get to the next level of life. That is, its most useful aspect was the feeling of 'okay, so I've gone to the ends of the Kosmos within and I still have all this bullshit to take care of -- let's stop fucking around with drugs and lets do something with our lives.' 
    I kept denying the fact that no normal person understands the importance of 5-MeO because, to them, its just another kid taking drugs except now that kid has a huge spiritual ego who thinks it makes him a superhuman god and all he has to show for it is repeating the phrase "you don't understand -- it's infinite, you're infinite, we're infinite! It's all a Cosmic game!'
    And look, I get that they're largely unawakened and don't understand the history of psychedelics in personal development, but they do have a point - if you're useless before 5-MeO, you're still useless after 5-MeO unless you take total responsibility 
    Another way to put it is that, I realized that the difference between Turquoise and Coral is the difference between talking Truth (using one's voice as a way to inspire people at higher levels who already get it anyway) vs embodying Truth (using one's life to inspire people at all levels). As Frank Zane might put it, making one's outside as beautiful as one's inside and vice versa.
    Again, 5-MeO will get someone to want to talk Truth -- but the only people who will understand what you're saying already understand what you are saying. 
    Embodying Truth physically will inspire Truth in people at all levels. 
    How many people on this forum need several years of study before they even begin to understand Eckhart Tolle? Mooji? Ramana Maharshi? It's not that what these guys are saying is wrong per se, but why is it that it takes so many people so many years to get it? They use the wrong medium, as talk is useless when it comes to Truth. 
    How many people on this forum need several seconds to understand Bruce Lee? Ido Portal? Rickson Gracie? Laird Hamilton? For these guys living their life is itself a form of True Art - an expression of Truth meant to inspire others. Anyone who watches 5 seconds of these guys feels inspired in the same way that it might take the so-called spiritual masters 5 hours (if you buy their $600 DVD set). Thats the difference. 
    The fact that first question you ask after reading the above list is the role of 5-meo, and not the role of any of the other things I did shows me you are asking the wrong damn questions. 
    Ask about the role of discipline.
    Ask about the role of accountability.
    Ask about the role of quitting my addictions.
    Ask about the role of finding a reality check mirror.
    Ask about the importance of death as a physical practice. 
    Psychedelics, NDEs, Holotropic Breathing - those forms of death are for babies.
    If 5-MeO got me to where I'm at, then I would stop everything I'm doing, start selling 5-MeO and become the richest man to have ever lived in all times.
    The MINDBODYSOUL will unlock its true potential only when pushed to its fucking limit in a real life situation that requires complex action for a simple solution, from one's own volition. It makes perfect sense from an evolutionary perspective, as animals only have to put in as much energy as necessary.
    Of course you don't know enlightenment or ultimate power because you of course don't need it. you don't need enlightenment to sit around answering forum questions. you don't need enlightenment to make videos. you don't need enlightenment to fill out forms at a desk all day. So why the fuck unlock that power? 
    What makes Ralston different from other teachers is not his ability to pontificate about nothing, but the fact that he participated in bloodsport of his own volition.
    I'm talking about pushing yourself to the type of death that no one can question, from all angles, from one's own volition.
    Most people can easily question psychedelic death. Most people can question holotropic breathe death. And most NDEs come as a result of an accident or someone making a mistake.
    No one can question a rear-naked choke. No one can question drowning in a 50-ft wave. No one can question climbing Mt. Everest Shirtless - you chose that shit.
    I am one of the few people who've tried both forms of death approach and I can tell you that there is a huge difference that goes beyond all philosophy, all argument, and all discussion - just fucking do it and you will see.
    But as long as one sits there searching for an answer by isolating oneself or sitting around staring at a wall or imbibing yet another psychedelic, there's really no reason for the body to unlock itself. 
    I will know you got unstuck the moment you start showing your self outside, moving, interacting, doing, and not just talking in your videos. I will know you got unstuck the moment we see you physically tackling your fears and getting yourself into the shape of a warrior. I will know you got unstuck the moment you stop treating physical play like just another thing and you start emphasizing it as one of the ultimate foundations of human development. 
    Until then, you shall remain stuck. Worse, your life purpose will be capped off at level turquoise, which sucks because the world really doesn't need yet another turquoise mouth-yapper. And I say that in the most loving way because I feel genuinely helped by you and now I genuinely want to help you. There's literally no one else who is going to tell you that because no one else is aware enough and cares enough. 
    So, for Everyone reading this, here's the shit that I did with my life that is way more important than 5-meo ever will be:
    Quitting the PMO cycle Quitting Sugar Quitting all drugs, all alcohol, all junk entertainment Exploring new exercise regimens, culminating in the following schedule Monday - Powerlifting  Tuesday - Jiu Jitsu Wednesday - Acroyoga Thursday - Capoeira  Friday - Calisthenics & Sprints Saturday - Hiking Committing to wake up before 9 AM every morning like an adult Writing quality works. Not just journaling. Not just sketching ideas. Not just writing stream-of-conscisouness articles.  Making something that might become a perennial hit every time you sit down to write. Notice that my upvotes per post on this forum is the highest out of anyone with more than 100 posts - even Leo himself. That's not a coincidence. Quality writing is quality thinking - the process of editing for good and bad sentences is itself editing for good and bad ideas.  Put it this way, I wouldn't tackle a difficult mathematics problem without writing down the variables on paper. So, why would contemplating a life problem be any different? Life's problems have far more variables than mathematics problems. Write down your best ideas on the nature of love, the nature of life, the nature of consciousness. Edit them so that no one can touch your arguments when it comes to communication - then you will see that no one can touch you when it comes to dominating life.  Reading quality material, not random listicles Cultivating quality relationships, excising any and all people who hold me back from higher potential. Making sure my top 5 people will leave legacies - anyone that you know will not leave a legacy must be excised, no exceptions if you don't have 5 people like this in your life, find them. Your lack of people to trust is not a sign that you're an enlightened genius, but a sign that you're a boring asshole. Only you can stop you from being an asshole. So stop letting yourself be so lonely - start being the type of person who provides so much value, others come along. For real, the isolation I see around here is unacceptable bullshit. Wake up and provide value. Period. Getting a reality-check mirror - someone interested in self-actualization at my same level who could help me iron out self-derived principles Refusing to date anyone who does not meet the Trinity rule  If I see myself as badass as Neo, then I will only date someone as badass as Trinity. If I am not as badass as Neo, then I will make sure I am so that I am ready for my trinity.  Taking 100% responsibility for my life Writing down a vision for what could go right in my life as well as a vision for the chaos and misery that will ensue if I don't take action. Do this stuff before taking 5-MeO and you will be ready to take 5-MeO. Do this stuff after 5-MeO and you will unlock the most amazing life imaginable. 
    5-MeO is an excuse to say you've gone as far as possible with psychedelics so you can move on with your life. Because if that couldn't save you, then life really is all about taking ownership. But it will be the direct proof of this fact that will help you. 
    So, to be clear, I highly highly recommend people take 5-MeO. Just don't think it will ever replace the other stuff.

  8. chart
    Spiral Dynamics - green, yellow and turquoise
    Just to note: I am a noob, I've never tripped and I'm far from comprehension or enlightenment. I also speak from a Materialist view. (Materialism is all I know from exp)
    Beige is basic and automatic but in a lizard/primal sense. Not in an empathetic/loving Human/Buddha/Turquoise sense. We don't want to skip stages, one can't anyhow, we can only travel up through the stages, learning and developing as we go. Each stage being vital to gaining the knowledge acquired to transcend itself and go up. 
    I don't think it is a full circle / strange loop back to Beige. Back Down to Beige. Ultimately one is Awake the whole time as they learn and move upwards, but only by the latter stages do we become conscious of this. I see it as one becomes more conscious as they go up through the stages (gaining knowledge is becoming more conscious/aware of the workings of everything) 
    Leo spoke of killing the knowledge graph to see/find the truth of reality. But one doesn't want to destroy/lose all their knowledge . . . Like @Nahm said Spiral Dynamics is just a model to understand the patterns of human consciousness growth allowing one to guide themselves through their journey. Monkey language is extremely limited and one can't comprehend reality with such limited knowledge, which is what science and philosophy attempt. Most insights are a Feeling/Knowing. Feeling is knowing. Labels don't and can't do reality justice. One cannot count to God because God isn't a number.
    I think one can learn to Be and be at peace by not understanding, by lacking knowledge. But one needs knowledge to get to the stages of true comprehension. We are conceptual creatures and to transcend that we have to use concepts . .  right? I think it is probably rare for one to go into Being without first reading or hearing about it somewhere. I haven't done any psychedelics so I unno  
    From my materialist view point I see it as important not to simply Be Enlightened and stuck at a stage. Otherwise one isn't going to be able to grow and help other sentient beings with their suffering. Yellow and eventually Turquoise is the goal for Intelligent Life on Earth. I'm pretty sure Turquoise would be labelled as Full on Buddha Bro   
    Anyone wants to school me . . please do  
    @CharlotteYeeeeeaah Girl  

  9. Kriya Yoga Mega-Thread
    Kriya Yoga Mega-Thread
    For those of you into Kriya, I would highly recommend that in addition to reading the original Kriya book I suggested, you also read the books of Santata Gamana. I now prefer his more simplified techniques. It's a much more streamlined version of Kriya which I think will be even more effective. I found too much needless complexity and variety in the other way.
    Right now my technique stack is very simple:
    Mahamudra x3 Kriya Pranayama x24 Kriya Supreme Fire x3 One-pointed Concentration for 5 mins Eventually, with lots of practice, you should aim for something like the following stack:
    Mahamudra x3 Kriya Pranayama x36-x72 Kriya Supreme Fire for 10-20 mins One-pointed Concentration for 10-20 mins (Bonus: Yoni Mudra x3) (Bonus: Kechari mudra) EDIT: ideally, do this stack twice per day. But if you don't have that much time, at least once per day.
    Don't attempt to do this second stack right off the bat. It will not be sustainable. You need to gradually build up to it, like with heavy weightlifting.
    I think the original book I recommended is still very good as an introduction and foundation because Gamana's books are so short and thin that they do not provide enough information about Kriya to a total newbie. They are aimed at people who have already been initiated in one school or another.
    If you are strictly following the original book, that is okay. You can keep doing that if you want. Or you could switch to this more streamlined version like I decided to do. I don't like learning too many complicated techniques. But that's just me. Both ways should work in the end. It's mostly a matter of style. Although I actually think the streamlined version will end up to be more effective because it concentrates your limited time on the most powerful techniques, and less time is wasted on learning new complex techniques.

  10. The Most Remarkable Spiritual Teacher
    The Most Remarkable Spiritual Teacher
    I find Shunryu Suzuki to be quite a champion in communicating the whole way how to approach spirituality and integrate it in your life. There are a lot of great examples throughout time who where possible to spread the word. In modern times one of the ones that helped me quite a bit is Rupert Spira. His analogies and intellectual ability is extraordinary.

  11. Anyone In German And Interested About Self-actualizing?
    Anyone In German And Interested About Self-actualizing?
    @Leo GuraFirst of all, thanks for sharing your work and this platform. How is work going?
    Is anyone else here from germany, or speaking german, - who are interested in self-actualizing and growing as a person?
    + interested in enlightenment??