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  1. I understand your reasoning (and I used to think the same, ha) but the police and court system are represented by people as well, which many times are corrupt and can be easily manipulated by those with more influence. Believe it or not but these things happen and the police is often involved.
  2. It sounds cute but when we are dealing with high level of corruption, only the crowd can make a positive change. Police is many times involved and it's naive to think that they are always just and punish criminals. Honestly, I don't care much either but I don't want to live in a corrupt, dysfunctional society with crazy folks lurking around every corner.
  3. @Leo Gura I have no doubt that wanting is important but how can you know what you want without knowing yourself? People have different wants and needs but it takes a great effort to understand what drives them. Deconstructing the false self is not a matter of wanting imo, as most of people don't even bother thinking about ego death. As for arguing, I'm only seeing things from a different perspective and everybody is free to see things as they are on that level of awakening.
  4. Agree that dysfunctional families are more prevalent in lower classes where most of the abuses happen BUT this doesn't make the situation less serious. I would suggest you to watch the first clip and then we can talk.
  5. About MJ being a molester, it doesn't surprises me and makes the conspiracy theorists look not so crazy. Elijah Wood says pedophilia is a reality in Hollywood - source But it seems that this phenomenon extends far beyond.... which is pretty fucked up.
  6. You're just lying to yourself. Tattoos are merely show off and have nothing to do with serious spirituality.
  7. This is not the first time the American police abuses its power.