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  1. Why you? Why you are what you are?
  2. @Someone here PS. If you want something to give you more anxiety, read this *not for the weak heart tho
  3. Lol, I feel you bro. That's why it is recommended to start deprogramming your mind via meditation and other relaxation techniques. Too much information could drive you crazy and intellectual/rational mind is too rigid to understand reality. Everything should be done in steps, not overnight. The biggest mistake is to become too attached to various concepts as it only bring more disappointment if you will realize that you have been wrong all along. As for the solipsism dilemma, my theory for now is that reality is subjective. But I might be wrong. Will see what the future will reveal
  4. Dunno bro, I'm still tripping balls on brain chemicals lol so I'm just a beginner But to me reality looks like a wild beast that needs to be tamed and it feels wrong to just wait to get sucked into that black hole at the end of the trip that we call life. So from my POV, the ego dies for the true you to be born and conquer death as God, not to die once again like a pathetic human being
  5. Get inside the animals Gord
  6. One step further is learning how to manipulate reality just like you manipulate your body... that's the future of your 4D mind
  7. Are you sure that your reasoning is not based on your arrogance aka ego? Because I can see a huge ego right there.
  8. What's good for? You still come back to this reality and experience everything with your "meaty brain". How does that change THIS reality?
  9. How do you know that you will die? Because you see decaying matter and corpses and you convince yourself that's going to happen? All that we see is a projection of our minds. Death is a state of mind.
  10. The universe doesn't give a bleep about you if you don't realize that YOU are the universe. I don't need Jesus, Buddha, Leo or science to save me. And all that they tell you is to die before you die and prepare you for death (since you were born), so that you actually believe it. Death is nothing but a state of mind. See "The Matrix" to understand what I'm talking about.
  11. You try DMT but then come back to this reality. You are here to learn something, not to get used by it.
  12. Facts are bullshit, people tell you that this and that happened and you start to identify with their stories and think "yeah, that's it, it makes sense". Then it doesn't make sense anymore. I could tell you to look deep inside you but that already a cliche. What I know for sure is that you can't escape from you. You are here for a reason.
  13. I don't know 'how' because I'm still searching for it but I used to believe that we have no free will = we're just machines, everything is all there is, infinite consciousness. I want to change that and start believing in myself again. I guess that's the purpose of faith.
  14. @Someone here you have the power to change the future.