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  1. It is interesting how human centric these perspectives are. In the eyes of the native animals outside of africa, all humans were invaders, including those we call native to the land. And unlike humans, we do not respect the true natives whatsoever. We do not give them rights to their lands, let alone rights to their lifes, because we do not care about them. We are selfish even in our compassion.
  2. Spirituality is basically just impatience. If you want to be selfless, there are much faster ways to get to it than any practice or any tripping. So, basically, what you actually want to do when you do spirituality is just appreciate life, before it is replaced by the Ultimate. You will get the Ultimate anyways, there is no avoiding it, even if you tried! That's the funny thing about this. You couldn't avoid the highest stage of consciousness even if you tried your hardest at it, for your entire life. It will come, it is inevitable. Infact, all of you are actively avoiding it! So what are you actually doing here? You are playing a game, or a drama, or a horroshow, and that's what it is about. And Leo, you are playing a particular game, much like many others, feeling it to be more special than the other games that are being played. And even better, you already are the Ultimate. And you did this, from that position. You are literally chasing the tail you are have created for yourself so you can end up creating it again.
  3. Yes, and conversly, that awakening is nothing compared to actual death. Ultimate Understanding awaits us all, and no 5-MeO will get close to it. You wouldn't be here talking to us if you reached the "highest levels of consciousness". And don't be arrogant, there a trillions of beings who reach the highest states of consciousness every single moment of existence, while you are here playing with 5-MeO pretending it's the shit because you can't let go fully. You are playing the same game as everyone else, desperately holding onto survival. I mean look at the comedy of this. You are going to death, and then you come back with it so you can tell everyone about how cool death is so you can avoid it and talk about how you reached the highest levels humanely possible. Well, good for you Leo, but it's not special. It never was, it never will be, you only imagine it to be. The ant across the street will go beyond all of that when someone steps on it. Fundamentally, you do not pursuit understanding. You pursuit talking about understanding. You know this yourself. I am not judgmental about this, but let us be clear that it is the same game as everyone else is playing. Delaying it just as much as those who meditate. You are exactly the same. You are so human, you just do this out of enjoyment basically. That's it. The same as the meditators do when they avoid psychedelics. You enjoy it this way, and that's why you do it. Nothing more to it. Again, you are no better than the ant, and the ant will get to the Ultimate much faster than you are. I would say their methodology is more effective than yours, and man, the depths, you have no idea! That level of consciousness you will not reach until you do the same as the ant does.
  4. If you want a solid stage yellow perspective on this follow Destiny's commentary, he does a good job revealing stage green biases and bringing it to systems thinking.
  5. That which resists the ego, is the ego. That which condemns, is the condemner. This is why Love is so effective as a practice. Because, the ego is that which is in control. If it fears itself, then that will simply create more ego. If it loves itself, the ego must let go of itself, to love. The issue here is, you have only one vehicle as an ego, and that is the ego. You can use it to drive towards Love or Fear. So, the practise doesn't have to be anything but love.
  6. But this is what we do as a society. We test it on others, those who fear, those who cannot make the choice consciously. We ought to make the choice ourselves, it will cause less suffering, and it will cause growth.
  7. Is it better to test the chemicals on someone other than yourself?
  8. Be careful that you do not fall into the trap of wanting to make your fear of fear go away. "I do not want to be so afraid of the miseries of life! I want it to go away!". See, that very fear, that very suffering created by the attempt to run away, that is what can be accepted. You accept your vulnerability completely, that misery might come to you, and that it is okay to fear it, that it is okay to feel terror in the face of your Creation. That when you are tortured, it is okay to lose your mind, to be in agony, to be not okay with it. However, you have already accepted it. That is fundamental. You have already accepted all of this suffering fully, and your current experience is evidence of that. Your acceptence was so great and ultimate, that you would forget your own acceptance of it, so that the acceptance could be complete. Your shock, your fear, your suffering, that is your acceptance. See, it is both counter intuitive. Because to escape suffering, you must accept it. But when you accept suffering completely, you will completely surrender to it, as you already have. There is no beginning, there is no end.
  9. You cannot escape Suffering by attempting to run away from it. There is no liberation. Forget about it. The only thing there is, is acceptance. See, in your liberated state, free of suffering, free of everything, you looked at reality, and you said "I will embrace suffering.". And then you made yourself suffer, as you are now. This suffering, this is your surrender. That is what acceptance means. Recognize this. This, all of this, all of the misery that you experience, that is ultimate acceptance. You accepted that fact that you would run away from your suffering, causing you more suffering. That you would seek liberation, resist reality, and suffer more. Nothing will ever work, because everything is the way it is supposed to be. There is no escape. You must LOVE this suffering, you must ACCEPT it. Then, the suffering will be a problem that you do not view as a problem. But you cannot ever solve this by viewing the problem as a problem, it will only cause more and more problems.
  10. This is your sacrifice brother, your Love. You have put yourself to the cross. You were so fearless, that you accepted all of this. Every bit of suffering, the terror, the fear, the misery, the agony. Your heart was so open to every bit of Creation, that you said "Yes, I will Love this. and to Love it, I must experience it fully.". You have forgotten that you are untouchable, and that is part of your sacrifice. The illusion that all of this is touching you, yes the reality that it is touching you, that fear, that suffering, it is your seflessness. But the Truth is, nothing can touch you. No amount of Suffering can harm you, no amount of Misery can change you. You can endure it all, even the unendurable, you endure. What does too much mean? That you will lose your mind? And what then, what happens when you lose your mind? More suffering? And what then? More suffering? And what then? What could all of this suffering possibly do to you? You can resist your suffering, your resistance can be endless. But what would happen if it was too much suffering for you to resist? What would happen if it was so much that you could no longer resist, so much that resistance itself broke into it's pieces. What would that mean for suffering?
  11. You underestimate God. God doesn't have the need to fake anything. Illusion and Reality are the same. It can create all things, and experience all things. There is no need to fake anything. This is why the concept of Illusion can be damaging. What you imagine to be Illusion is not what Illusion is. Illusion is precisely all of this, that you have right here. It is not something that constrasts "Reality". You are still creating stories here, you are just changing them. Forget about all of the story. Forget about both the story of the dinosaurs and the "instant" creation. Look at what is left. If you want to recognize what stories are, then you must clearly see them, with a distance. This means, look at the story, see what it truly is. Then, any story will be insufficient, because story is merely one fascet of Isness. Redness is not Story. And no story could possibly capture Redness, let alone anything else but stories. You are attempting to paint every color using one color. That is what you do, when you make up these story, when you seek explanation. Open your eyes to all colors, and stop obsessing over one in particular.
  12. Science is the manifestation of the very infinite Intelligence you seem to thank. The Truth is, nobody can deny Reality, nobody can Deny infinite Intelligence. What you can deny, is not Infininte Intelligence. Anyone who denies Mystery, does not know mystery, and therefore his denial is simply of concept, not of Mystery. Mystery is Existence, it is that which the substance of Denial is made of. Any object of Denial could not possibly be Mystery. This means that if you want to protect Mystery, or fight for Truth, it is impossible. Because Truth is not touchable in that manner, as it is the Source of Touch itself, it is the Substance of Touch. Nobody in the Universe ever denied Reality, Mystery or Infinite Intelligence. What they deny are words and concept. And words and concepts is not that which Infinite Intelligence is. Science, as every other area in life, is the discovery of Infinite, the manifestation and exploration of Mystery. The scientist will be doing Divine work whether he is aware of it or not, as much as the ant is, and the bird and the sun. Science is unaware, like the ant. It does not see. But everything that any scientist has ever seen and described was Infinite Intelligence, they simply call it by a different name. Infinite Intelligence permeates all things so fully, that even what you call the ignorance of the scientists, is part of that Intelligence. Your complaining is like someone complaining about genetic mutations, because it gave them cancer. WIthout genetic mutation, you would not be here to complain about it. Surrender to the Wisdom of the Divine, as all things are part of. Recognize that your own ignorance is part of this Surrender, a part of this wisdom. And then you will recognize the purpose and importance of the ignorance of the other.
  13. This is essential: You will frame everything as being Love, as if Love was the most essential Essence, and everything else was an inferior kind of Substance that is granted to by Love. No, Redness is not just created or made of Love. Redness is Love, and Love is Redness. It is the same thing, there is no difference. The presence and essence of Redness is that which is Love. So you never discovered "Love" as an essence. Everything that ever was, was always purely that which it is. And that is what Love is. It is Being, it is Mystery. Redness is not created by anything more essential than Redness itself. Redness itself is the Creative Force, that is what Divinity is. That is what Nothingness is. Then, you realized that the entire framework of enlightenment, of spiritual seeking, it is all just one more form, one more Creation. One particulate that you seek to put above all else, One particulate you seek to ground yourself in. But this Ground is Groundless. Redness is Groundless. Your desire to Ground is survival, even your desire to ground yourself in what you deem to be most essential or Truthful. This is why when you let go of it, you will let go of "Love" and "Truth", as you realize that to deny anything whatsoever will always be Truth itself. You already did this, otherwise you would not be here, being an ant, being a chimp, being a grain of sand. Your Ignorance is your Divinity.
  14. Forget Love. What is this. Look closely, until there is no question left.