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  1. Mushrooms mirror
    How to get a girlfriend ?
    Mushrooms are really good for seeing your own inner beauty. Try taking mushrooms while looking in a mirror. They can show you how to love yourself regardless of how you look. They can also show you have to be more authentic, more charismatic, and more masculine.
    Girls love psychedelics too. They're great for bonding.

  2. Some insights about last night`s self-inquiry - what does it mean?
    Some insights about last night`s self-inquiry - what does it mean?
    @fewrocker If we're talking about communicating the power and value of spiritual work, then the best vehicle is psychedelics. One trip will be worth 100 hours of my videos. Of course, it's precisely because this vehicle is so effective that most people do not want to use it. Because it was never their desire to wake up. The biggest bottleneck in this work is desire. People just don't desire to understand reality deeply. And so they never do.
    You tend to get from life exactly what you desire. Weak desire, wrong desire results in a weak life, wrong life.

  3. Kriya Yoga Routine
    Kriya Yoga Mega-Thread
    For those of you into Kriya, I would highly recommend that in addition to reading the original Kriya book I suggested, you also read the books of Santata Gamana. I now prefer his more simplified techniques. It's a much more streamlined version of Kriya which I think will be even more effective. I found too much needless complexity and variety in the other way.
    Right now my technique stack is very simple:
    Mahamudra x3 Kriya Pranayama x24 Kriya Supreme Fire x3 One-pointed Concentration for 5 mins Eventually, with lots of practice, you should aim for something like the following stack:
    Mahamudra x3 Kriya Pranayama x36-x72 Kriya Supreme Fire for 10-20 mins One-pointed Concentration for 10-20 mins (Bonus: Yoni Mudra x3) (Bonus: Kechari mudra) EDIT: ideally, do this stack twice per day. But if you don't have that much time, at least once per day.
    Don't attempt to do this second stack right off the bat. It will not be sustainable. You need to gradually build up to it, like with heavy weightlifting.
    I think the original book I recommended is still very good as an introduction and foundation because Gamana's books are so short and thin that they do not provide enough information about Kriya to a total newbie. They are aimed at people who have already been initiated in one school or another.
    If you are strictly following the original book, that is okay. You can keep doing that if you want. Or you could switch to this more streamlined version like I decided to do. I don't like learning too many complicated techniques. But that's just me. Both ways should work in the end. It's mostly a matter of style. Although I actually think the streamlined version will end up to be more effective because it concentrates your limited time on the most powerful techniques, and less time is wasted on learning new complex techniques.

  4. how to do amazing science
    How should scientists approach their research while being truth oriented
    @Staples Here are a few practical applications of epistemology to scienctific research:
    Question all your assumptions Don't confuse your models for the territory Be much more openminded Learn to admit "I don't know" when that is the case Study epistemology Study paradigms Study the history of epistemic blunders within science Be more holistic and synthetic vs analytical Learn to tap into your intuition vs overthinking your problems Take psychedelics and contemplate your research from that state of infinite mind Etc.

  5. Tripping
    LSD Report.
    @John Good. So you've taken your first step. But that's just the beginning. One trip won't radically change you. It takes many trips and combining it with contemplation and meditation and self-inquiry and read books and building good habits to start to make lasting changes. And even then, the changes are gradual. You cannot change the shape of your teeth overnight. You have to wear braces for years to gradually correct them. Same thing with your mind and this work.
    I like to trip every 2 weeks, consistently. I have found this to be the perfect schedule. Unless I have a really deep trip that requires more time to integrate.
    I have gotten to the point where any trip on any substance, even small doses, takes me to straight to Absolute Infinity, and I can largely control the trip without any fear. I can use the trip to heal myself physically and psychologically and introspect about many things. I have access to infinite wisdom.
    But that's taken about a year and a half of tripping to achieve. Not to mention the thousands of hours of meditation, contemplation, research, study, and self-inquiry which I've done. It all adds up.
    5-MeO-DMT is really helpful for taking your tripping to a whole new level. Although I haven't even done 5-MeO in over a year. Half a tab of LSD will send me to infinity the likes of which most people have never experienced.
    For me, visuals on 1 tab of LSD (125ug) are mild. But my consciousness goes to total infinity. At this level of consciousness, there is zero difference between life and death, all living beings are one, all of nature is understood, and the love is heartbreaking.

  6. Energy work
    Chakras: Legit or BS?
    It's a rather loose term. But as you hit higher states of consciousness, you'll start to notice energy flowing through your body in weird ways. That's usually called Kundalini energy or Qi.
    Body energy work is an entire sub-domain of self-improvement. There's Reiki masters you can go to, energy healers, etc. They can actually manipulating the energy around in your body. It sounds New-Agey, but it's pretty cool when to actually experience them working on you. Stuff shifts for you.
    Energetic blockages are common causes of ailments like chronic fatigue, back pain, anger, etc. The body and mind are a highly interconnected system. Stop thinking of them as separate things. Most of your emotions transpire in your body, not your head.