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  1. @Striving for more Comepletely agree with you, but as you said if you can do like meditation in the evening that might help you. But I have been doing the golden milk peanutspathtotruth reccomended and now after like 2 months I go to sleep really easily. So if you can find things like that you won´t need to sacrifice your health, because realistically I can´t keep that up either without compromissing the rest of my life.
  2. Don´t think sadhguru claims he has paranormal abilities. "It´s not about becoming superhuman, it´s about realizing being human is super" is a quote I remember from him from somewhere.
  3. Do you guys think this may have to do with this? So I guess coming up with values and then doing something from that point?
  4. And what is the correct way to view passion? I don´t think my view of passion is extreme, I think today´s society is just so fucking unpassionate that that is the new normal. Why should I write a list of things I appreciate? sadly enough I have only ever been passionate about games and not even that for long. I get bored of games too. But what am I going to do of that? I want to have something to do during my days! Now I spend most of my days staring into the distance, I don´t know how to extract a passion from this depressed state. I don´t know about this one... I have studied math for thousands of hours and I want to disappear during math. I also played soccer A LOT but never really felt any passion for it. There has to be some initial interest in it or passion won´t come, feel free to dismantle that if you want but I don´t see how just choosing something and doing it obsessiely will make me passionate about it. I have tried in the past. what´s about da vinci? Well, I long for something to work with all day everyday. I have a lot of passions... porn, junk food, yelling at people that don´t deserve it etc. But I want something to devote most of my time to do. Well my job is to go to school, and after every school day I feel empty and sad and I am kind of stuck in that. I am trying to make new friends and change my environment already but thanks. Maybe I am looking at this from the wrong perspective. Maybe I shouldn´t look out for what makes passion but eliminate that which undermines any kind of sense of meaning. I guess depression plays a big role in preventing me from seeing any possibilities?
  5. maybe, maybe a bit too expensive right now. Is it good for someone like me who has no idea at all?
  6. Okay, I think I am a bit anxious to read a lot and "learn" a lot. Which is why I just read without really practicing. How is it that so many people talk about how they have read hundreds of books? Like that would be totally impossible, maybe if you do it consistently until you´re like 90 but I guess this is where I got it from. So read, when I read something I feel is valuable I contemplate it a bit (not too fancy) and then I apply it into my life and see what comes out of that and learn further when I apply.
  7. @Sucuk Ekmekdon´t even know what curiosity is at this point. My main motivation for reading is to learn stuff so I can live my life without falling for all of the stupid mental traps. @zurew Yes, this might just be one big thing about the solution. But how do I drag myself to do that? I am going to try and read one quite short book and apply what you just said and see what happens. I feel myself resisting it a hell of a lot though.
  8. I have never been really inspired by anything in life. I have just done things kind of because I have had to do them. I don´t even know what passion is, but it sounds like the way to go if I want to do something with my life. Perhaps there are some paradoxes that I haven´t considered regarding passion, but anyways any guidance on this and I would deeply appreciate it.
  9. As the title says, how do I do that? I haven´t been able to get any value out of books, and I see a lot of you guys have in contrast to me. So what do you guys do?
  10. is it worth it to go through them? What did they give you? @Dryas
  11. @Dryas do you have any recommendation on source for spiral dynamics?
  12. Going to not do shadow work or anything like that here anymore, feels like I am having a bullshit journal here. I won´t write big passages about things anymore, I am just going to write about whatever is going on in my life, and I am going to try to write more carefully and sincere and not just pour out as many words as I can as fast as I can. I want some more structure on this, and I want to do this journal because it kind of motivates me. Short, concise and dense is what I want here for myself. Anyone who wants is welcome to post anything here.
  13. @Jordanwhich sessions do you particularly like?
  14. same. I´m grateful for what he has done for me. I don´t know how to explain it in words, but I feel a greater sense of direction after talking to him.