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  1. Since branding is 80% percent of any business, I've been wondering what your thoughts are on branding yourself as a person (lifecoach or w/e else) versus branding yourself as a business ( Usually people do a mix of that such as - Leo for but other people are quite successful such as Teal Swan, Rupert Spira, Calvin Newport, Thomas Frank, etc. What are some great elements to consider when doing that ? Yourself seems more personal while the business allows more liberty later on with products and other elements : Rupert Spira's self-improvement forum is not gonna fly for instance.
  2. @Matt8800 I would greatly appreciate if you gave me some pointers on those : 1) What happens exactly when you take a psychedelic ? Are you possessed by the spirit of the plant ? If the substance is synthetic (such as LSD), are you possessed by the spirit molecule ? 2) What do you think about Teal Swan's frequency painting and how would you use them ? thanks !
  3. That's actually genius - imagine there was a very small gun possession tax. You'd have to register with the IRS to actually pay it. Unless you're feeling very courageous you're not gonna fuck with the IRS and the registration issue will be solved nationwide
  4. I actually could be interested if it's not too time consuming. I'm always triggered when I see improperly named topics or inconsistent information formating I used to post a lot of non sense back in the days but got very careful about my contributions as I've matured lately.
  5. It's just a fantasm. Ffs, you guys lack any basic understanding of psychology. It cannot be delusionnal as it is imaginary to begin with. You would be delusional to consider this to be real in the common sense of the world. It's like a mushroom showing you a dream you must interpret - it has everything to do with your psychologic and nothing to do with hers.
  6. 1) Start with low doses. That's a no brainer. 2) Unless you're doing something very wrong, like suddently taking 10g of shrooms on your first trip, the "complicatedness" in the experience is always due to your own psyche, aka the substance pulls out all the dark shit in your subconscious. This is also highly dependent on your current setting. Set is slightly different because yes you wanna feel good but feeling good with several pandora's boxes in your backyard is not gonna do much overall Chip at it slowly and learn bit by bit. Someone mentionned on shroomery that the idea of using something to run away was actually in itself something that one had to learn to face within himself. That might be a great lesson to just sit down and take it because it's you realizning what's happening inside yourself.
  7. This is getting a bit muddy. Image your spirituality inborn skill level (think of dragon ball xD) is 30. When you're stuck it's 30 and when you're not stuck you can achieve something like 400. Maybe thirthy would be gifted compared to someone who started with then and whose experience of being stuck would be longer or more painful/grindy. You have no way to know how good your baseline is. That's the point here. Nonetheless I tend to think that discussions about talent are usually not helpful as it's often used overall as an excuse in one way or another. You could've been bad at math simply because you misunderstood some basic math down the line and since math is extremely linear and builds up like a pyramid, it's easy to see how you would have failed Thinking that you're failing because you're special or different is exactly what we need to avoid in our thinking.
  8. You wouldn't know what spiritually gifted is unless you had a ground for comparison. Maybe you're actually quite gifted to begin with and someone else wouldn't have had your spiritual experiences if he were under the exact same conditions. For instance I've always assumed that anyone is able to change as much as a do or take personnal development as seriously as I do, and actually get what they want - but the more I talk to people the more I feel gifted because they seem to be stuck for no particular reason. It just doesn't click. I've had a personality type extremely oriented towards accomplishement and also a strong belief in anything being possible which already was the case even when I had zero personnal development work.
  9. You clearly have never dealt with SQL on such a large scale. Oh how naive of you.
  10. But what would happen if he used psychedelics ? Or do you think that psychedelics also only help you with achieving your potential and do not expand it beyond what would be possible "naturaly" without them ? Meaning then that people having amazing psychedelic experiences are quite gifted to begin with, giving a whole new meaning to the famous quote of "psychedelics don't work on stupid people".
  11. A) Find a tripsitter for higher doses just to feel safer. Just having him/her in the environment is gonna give off positive vibes. Shrooms are very impact by the set/setting for me and a tripsitter can make me feel very safe. If you've done 5g of mushrooms for instance you'll feel quite at ease doing 2g alone. B) Realize most of the time it's temporary - aka will wear off once the trip is over. If it's not it can be avoided with careful preparation, such as meditation, yoga, and shadow work. The more you work on yourself the cleaner your trips will be. Also chip at it with lower doses so you grow in a sustained maner
  12. So the benefits of a specific retreat set & setting such as healing adventure with a great environment, nature, plenty time to integrate/reflect do not outweight the potential dangers in your opinion ?
  13. Ease yourself into it then. Do some dating, have some sex, get some more experience. Have some meditation but don't focus on spirituality that much. Live out your life purpose first. Read and learn about relationships a bit, and practice going out a lot. Move to a bigger city if needed. Action will solve all of your issues.
  14. @Shaun Good heavens. (Almost ) No one does. Not women nor men - none of these are usually interested in spirituality and mindfulness/meditation. Altough it's getting more and more popular no one does serious spirituality nowadays, only the mentaly masturbator version - aka thinking and absorbing ideas about endlessly thinking they understand the thing in actuality while they don't because they don't have the reference experience. So drop that expectation entirely. The higher your level of consciousness is the easier it will be to have a nice relationship but they require a completely different set of skills so it's overall not that relevant. Also most likely you due to survival issues you don't value "interest in spirituality" more highly than "relative hotness". Most likely it's just a bypassing strategy aimed at getting girls by sharing commonalities. Unfortunately it won't work as commonalities aren't relevant to attraction. Don't worry about them so much - find someone you like and actually feel good with. That's a nice start. And if you wanna up your spiritual skills well it's solo work mostly so get to it and don't project it onto others.
  15. Oh my greatest healing experience happened on psychedelics but they also bring up too much stuff I'm trying to solve in a different way. Psychedelics are number 1 without any question - it's like dynamite
  16. I've recently read the healing codes by Alex Lloyd and it triggered several red flags despite me trying to be open-minded about the whole thing. Basically, biblical references, half of the book being reviews about how amazing the method is, the fact that nothing else worked to solve his wife problems, the endless pitching, and the method itself being only some hand poses over several points in the body which supposedly heal anything. I very much liked the last point that you could do one specific healing method which would heal anything and everything - without having to zone in specifically on the issue. Also, the fact that it seemed more energy based than everything I tried before (such as yoga etc.). Psychedelics are out as I'm trying to learn more slow and tedius ( thus more consistent) healing work. Any tips appreciated.
  17. I'll try qigong and taichi and I'm sceptical of reiki because I need some sort of solid feedback, such as heat sensations or energy color to actually understand what I'm doing and obviously I don't have those. Wim Hoff is just a version of shamanic breathing which I've tried many times but it doesn't come even close to psychedelics for me. Also I can't quite understand what It does. Thank I'll check the book out. I prefer something where there is a clear feedback system or clear tangible steps. That's why I'm usually quite lost with system where I don't fully understand what I'm actually doing.
  18. Okay now you just need to find someone who has time to write a python script to morph this into full text which is actually readable. Like phrase ending with comma's and actual paragraphs. Leo's not gonna be happy Anyway, genius problem solving.
  19. We had that at some point. Then we had a huge debate on why we should stop having reputation points. Then we stopped having reputation points and everything got relatively better.
  20. Sorry but how the hell are you integrating them so fast ?
  21. @Armand You'de better run, run run. Only you're not the devil here. Still very honest advice : run. Then work on yourself and find someone better not to repeat this hellish cycle.
  22. The trip itself I took 225 ug. of LSD (approx.) in the safety of my home. The issue was I made a very rookie mistake which is tripping while my mother was home, and hesitating before hand because it wasn't in the best set of conditions. Yeah I'm ashamed of making such a rookie mistake and feel tons of regret about it. That's a interesting lesson in itself I will need to dig. Despite my previous very first amazing trip I had shittons of anxiety after it for reasons I have to yet understand : but it has often been the case that I thought some authority figure (the psychedelic) would punish me for not obeying the rules or doing something bad. I decided to trip despite the anxiety I felt because I thought there would be no perfect conditions anyway and life is too short to wait and I mean I wanted to do it altough I hesitated. Well it was shitty. Very intense anxiety for several hours during which I tripped. I tried to surrender and it didn't work : the anxiety was way too intense and I basically spent like 2 hours in a intense state of distress trying to escape from it. It wouldn't go away no matter how much I accepted it - I mean I couldn't bring up any acceptance to accept it I just wanted it to go away - I mean I just couldn't hold enough space for it. At some point I got sick of it and decided to deal with the root cause of what I felt was the issue : the rebellion against authority and the psychelic being the "god" here upon which I felt like I projected some sort of devine punishement. So I said no sorry I don't deserve this and when into the root of my fear retionalizing it was a treshold guardian and that I needed to face it. So in a intuitive maner I imagined my father running after me with scissors to cut of my dick to punish me (OKAY this is far fetched but since the fear of castration was mentionned in therapy I decided to try and adress it) and either the scissors would break against my golden dick or I would push him back and put him back in his place. I noticed I was terribly afraid of facing the real world myself and not having an authority figure which would tell me how to do things "right" => like if you don't do psychedelics properly well you're gonna get punished ! And I was very sick of being afraid and having a shitty experience because I couldn' t understand why it was happening and what I was afraid of exactly ? And I considered myself perfectly RIGHT by my own standards to do and experiment with psychedelics and choose my own life choices. But I guess I was very scared of taking responsibility for my life and not following the "status quo" options which have a LOT of comfort tied to them. So I decided to face all those fears and decided I had the right to be a grown man and not a kid hiding behind it's father shadow and deciding for myself how to live my life and cutting away mentally my parents which was so fucking scary like you're can't imagine. And I saw literaly the path my parents wanted for me and then me going on my own direction like fuck you guys I'm completely free. I thought about it in terms of a coming to age ritual like I'm a fucking adult now and I need to get my shit together even more. Still, anxiety persisted after that (but it was WAY less intense) and I was stuck making salad with my mom while on LSD (not fun guys - learn from my mistakes). On another note, I don't feel like I was in ego-death teritory either. Either way the questions I have : 1) How do you handle things you cannot surrender to ? That are so overwhelming you just want them to stop ? 2) How do I know the difference between me disrespecting the substance vs. me dealing with my own projections ? I thought the psychedelic is quote on quote "neutral" and just shines the light on stuff I need to process insight myself. 3) Should I had surrendered more or was I "right" to go deeper into it and "fight" it ? 4) I fear like I've maybe done more damage than good by facing this in this manner - altought I'm not sure. I feel like I wanna take a psychedelics again to make it right but also feel like I should abstain for more than 1 month, at least 4 or 5 until I've integrated everything and handled my basics regarding to fear and anxiety and diverse things such as living situation. Any tips and recommendations would be highly appreciated <3
  23. Thanks a lot ! I have an issue with understanding this. I feel like it comes down to " believe it's true and it's gonna be true" => but I cannot force myself to believe it's true if It never happened before. Like in the god paradox : You need to truly believe in god so he does a miracle, but you need a miracle to truly believe in god without any doubts. But I don't have the true faith that I deserve the very best and positive things and that only good things are gonna happen to me only, etc. I can't hold positives as true for whatever goddamn reason but negatives - I sure as hell can and it's extremely frustrating. Thanks for you help again, I'll learn carefuly from this.
  24. @Pilgrim I feel (which is my subjective opinion) that you have some judgements on sex and you're trying to make it more "holy" to some extent Just enjoy your sexuality and do your hardcore spiritual practices on the side. It's completely fine to fuck like a wild animal. You don't have to morph that in a spiritual experience.
  25. Are you a therapist ? Why are you diagnosis the shit out of this guy ? He doesn't wanna be with me (assumption) so also it means that *long series of assumptions* such as he's been hurt before, etc. (+1 for @Lister) First of all you need to keep all of your assumptions/overlays in check and talk this trough with him, because you have no idea what's happening in reality. You cannot just assume things and act as if it were reality. Also, here is what is wrong with him + how do I fix him ? is not a great start for a relationship. Why would you wanna be with someone who doesn't wanna be with you ? Now that's a great question ! But before that why are you assuming he doesn't wanna be with you ? And even before that why are you so eager to get into a relationship ? I love how everyone (including @Emerald) is quoting commitment issues but how the hell are you gonna know if you wanna commit to something in only 3 months ? There is so much to discover about a person and whether you are truly compatible or not that there can be quite a lengthy time requirement before comitting to someone. Because a relationship requires a lot of work high quality people will not settle easily. Also, on a higher level of development you should be able to communicate extremely well and get to know each other quite fast. So this can obviously cut a lot of time but I digress. Obsiously on a more pragmatic stage orange level there isn't enough value for him to commiting to this relationship if he doesn't do it. But that's also an assumption which might as well be completely false. You need to talk this trough with him. Like in a very brutal/honest way of " look if we were in a relationship and I wouldn't give you enough value I wouldn't want to be with you anyway,etc. " The issue though is that you would want to be with him anyway because of your history with neediness etc. The way it works is that you need to be completely OKAY with never ever having a boyfriend on a emotional level. You need to solve the deeper underlying issue. Long digression : There is a great check for this, but I'm gonna be a bit biased because I'm male. One of the worst things you could do is use sex as a form of manipulation - aka if you make the decision to sleep with a guy based on the possibility of a relationship. If a girl does this it indicates several things : 1) She doesn't enjoy the experience with me for the sake of it but has an agenda 2) She is desperate enough to manipulate someone to be in a relationship with her => why would you want to be in a relationship with someone who doesn't want it ? 3) If she's so desperate to get into a relationship why is that ? You start thinking, why does she have so little options ? Is there something wrong with her ? Why is she not able to find a partner ? Then obviously you're not even sure if she wants to be with your for the experience of you or because she has no other options and lots of wounds/neediness. Yep, dating is a bit fucked. Honestly @Pilgrim amazing girls are so rare. Don't settle for less than you deserve. Become amazing and you're never ever gonna lack options. If you develop charm, charisma and deep feminine energy you're golden. Best wishes.