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  1. Fair enough!
  2. @Leo Gura - your answer sounds reactive. Please try not to project fame or celebrity onto what I'm asking here. Act like I'm asking you who your favourite Renaissance painter is. Do you have a favourite actor without the baggage of fame etc? Or maybe you could answer with a favourite acting performance that you've seen that particularly impressed you with its exhibition of excellence?
  3. Truth is truth. My truth is my truth, yours is yours. Alan's is Alan's and Leo's is Leo's. Don't ask any authority to validate your truth. I suspect many teachers are going to lie to you just to see if you are naive enough to submit beliefs based on what they have told you merely on credit. Even Leo, when he says he spills the beans and doesn't withhold information, could be BSing you til you realise that there is no authority on YOUR truth.
  4. @Leo Gura does your gf have a self-actualisation themed YT channel?
  5. My subtle addiction is my smart phone. When I am watching a film I am thinking about what is going on with my phone. I am thinking about Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp. I like the feeling when I get a 'Like' on something, I get a little hit of serotonin. I am on my phone too much, I can replace the time with more mindfulness. How can I break out of the chains of my subtle addiction?
  6. Only talking about self actualisation is not honesty. Honesty is giving your honest opinion when the opportunity presents itself.
  7. Very useful for contemplation and deep meditation
  8. I feel very mindful when I am very tired. Does anybody else get this or know why it would be the case?
  9. Imagine you are going on a long journey. Only in this journey you are refusing to use any maps, any gps, any signposts. You are going to have an absolute mess of a journey, and will go back on yourself endlessly. Now imagine the same journey. This time you won't take your eyes off your gps and maps. What was the point? Even if you get to your destination, you have missed all the beauty of the journey, you failed to be mindful and you missed the brushing of the wind on your face, the glow of the sun. You might as well not have even began your journey. The journey is self actualisation. Balance my friend.
  10. I don't think it's healthy. I think it's healthy to realise that all concepts are pointing to something less abstract.
  11. Can you list the benefits and how much your happiness/peace/fufillment has increased since taking spirituality seriously (self inquiry/contemplation/using psychedelics)?
  12. @K VIL Thanks man. Hey, I'm not even sure I have the balls ;-). I watched a very good performance the other day and stayed after so I could speak to the actors. I told one actress about my self-doubt and she said 'Hey. We all have it'. X x x
  13. Hi all. I'm an actor and have been working on a theatre production for three months. We are almost there and ready to take it in front of an audience after this week which is final dress and technical rehearsals. My issue is that I feel very tired (probably due to stress), I am having nightmares, I am overthinking all that can mess up during the show, and I am getting resistance to the last minute work. Any advice? Thanks