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  1. Llions' mane seems to be depicted as safer than it might be. Some people report severe and long-lasting side effects from it even from just taking one pill. It is unclear what causes this, it might be the dose, genetics, quality of the supplements, interactions, etc. I personally have not really noticed any major effects at all from supplementing it. But I recommend that those who want to try it start very small. Here is a subreddit dedicated to it:
  2. My interest in alcohol completely faded when I was in a meditative state and drank some alcohol, it's the complete opposite of spiritual depth to me. I just felt like I lost connection, felt dumb and it was gross on many levels. I have not been drunk in over a year now. Even if you want to use it as a social lubricant it is still dumb, it is way too powerful and a poison. You are more likely to look like an idiot than "social". If you really need something like that finding a natural supplement or nootropic is better.
  3. Interesting, can you elaborate more on this?
  4. Try to distinguish between: Healthy detachment from socializing from doing spirituality and personal development. VS Unhealthy repression of socializing caused by anxiety and the lack of ability to connect to others, etc. You probably have a mix of both of these. Even tho you generally can be happy with little social interaction. It is still important to have the ability to socialize effectively and enjoy it since it's a part of life and you can't avoid it. Transcend and include.
  5. @Jannes Maybe, if advanced AI got combined with VR you might be able to create any type of world or experience by demand, like an infinite dream machine. AI 3D model generators already exist I think passively watching pickup videos in VR will have a similar effect as just watching them on a flat screen. There is no real experience of pickup gained that way, and a huge part of good VR is to relate or interact with it in some way to create immersion. Search for "VRChat club" on youtube, it's kinda legit. If you want to try VRchat I recommend going to the PC-only worlds if you can, there are fewer annoying children there. Also, some guys use software to pitch up their voices to sound like girls
  6. @Jannes yeah, totally new spiritual practices might be invited especially when VR becomes photorealistic. Imagine nondudlity pointers in VR. There are a lot of VR meditation apps but the ones i have tried were lame and gimmicky. You can learn pickup/socialization skills in VR, just hop into a VR social game for adults like a bar in VRChat and go for it. But from what I have heard people relate differently to these interactions where some don't get much out of it as a tool for becoming more social, different personalities I guess. You also miss some subtle social cues too in VR. For me personally, it feels quite real to me when I talk to other people on there.
  7. I might start a career in VR development. I am curious if we can use VR for something like self-inquiry and spirituality in general. Here is a thoughtful VR YT channel/ Blog/ Podcast
  8. For those who want dark mode, get this chrome extension.
  9. This is like a very "normal" sounding song for drain gang standards tho, check them out if you want a challenge lol. Conveying spiritual concepts is a delicate thing, it got to be really hard to turn them into a flowing rap song. You can't get everything I guess
  10. Saying things, and using labels such as "I'm tired" or "I don't know" is like planting seeds of victimhood.
  11. Maybe you can earn money by tutoring system engineering online/ finding low-skilled remote jobs like a call center rep/ or just a random local job. Putting up fundraising might be a good idea, but it should not be that hard to do on your own. Also, try to lower your living expenses, maybe you can go live at a hostel while you get better. As for your spiritual and emotional problems, I don't know what is right for you. Maybe you are going through something the dark night of the soul, which is something that's necessary to go through. Or maybe you should try to forget about spirituality for a while, and focus on just getting by. Spirituality itself is a dangerous thing, no one person deserves the blame.
  12. I love this song^ makes me want to take a bath and chill. Anyway, here is what my funeral will sound like.