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  1. This kind of low-quality and reactive threads should not be allowed. This shit throws off the entire forum its productivity, harmony, and purpose. Most people here are nice, civil, and constructive while some ruin it. The moderators and users here like to be spiritual and "Turn the other cheek" too much. Turns this place into a place for petty sandbox fights.
  2. May 22 Scientist studying brains of fighter pilots encountering UFOs issues warning Many people believe it's reasonable for our advanced civilization to search for primitive lifeforms in space like bacteria. However, when it's suggested that humans might be the primitive ones compared to other beings, people often react strongly because it's threatening—a double standard. Relative to the vast age and size of the universe our small part of it, as well as our limited knowledge, it would be stupid to assume that humans are the most evolved.
  3. Where can I find more content like this? This reminds me of Leos videos like: How to fall in love with life What is Wisdom/ Integrity Holism & Holistic Thinking. And Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. If I could find some books with this Wholesome and sober vibe I would be so happy. Maybe I should look into the ancient Greeks and stoics more. ----- Also, make sure to check out his entire blog and booklist. Here Is a great blog post on life purpose
  4. Noself is like when the mind is so sharp you can see that you are an illusion. Depersonalization is like being so mentally numb and disconnected that you feel like you are an illusion. It is a change in perception but it is not awakening or anything like that.
  5. I guess stealing things in the name of personal development is counterproductive. I feel that when I act with low integrity that my mind gets noisy and full of bullshit. But if some struggling minimum wage worker steals some digital information product that will help them, maybe that would actually be better for everyone in the end.
  6. I am a man of simple pleasures
  7. I'm careful sharing insights irl because if people can't connect with it, it will most likely cause gaslighting, drama, and dislike. Sometimes it's better to lead and inspire people to their own insights instead of imposing your own. How many times have you stated an insight to someone like "do this, because so and so" and actually seen a change in their life? People change when something resonates with them and interconnects in their minds, and that's something that people have to work for and is unique for everyone. When you see other people's perspectives more you will not have to split your mind, you will just act accordingly.
  8. Where in Europe? There is a lot of zen buddhist/ Buddhist/ Vedanta/ ACIM etc, groups and centers all over Europe. It will take some googling but I bet you can find several of these places near you if you live in a decent city. You will mostly encounter stage green maybe blue spirituality people but you can find some advanced ones too. You have to go dig to find these people.
  9. I want to read the Conference of the Birds. It's a Sufi poem about the spiritual journey. Seems like a nice read.
  10. This^ Also, remember to think broadly about your struggle. Do as much research as you can, meet other dentists, and look into holistic medicine. Your solution to these problems does not have to be an external one, even in the worst-case scenario you will always have: Spirituality/ Psychological growth/ Living a meaningful life. To build yourself and your life upon.
  11. hmm, I would like to try this myself. How did it help you in this regard? Did it make it easier to install new habits/ make you more conscious of behavior? How much did you take each day?
  12. If you don't have her consent it's rape. Also even if you have consent I still think it's a stupid thing to do if both of you are not very mature, these things go sideways all the time. Just watch porn. It will be sweeter that way too when you actually meet her.
  13. Having a conversation with Gpt 4 is not contemplation, it's like preparation for contemplation IMO. First, gather information and perspectives then use your mind and synthesize. The ai has more information/ perspectives and is more unbiased than any book, and will supply the relevant information way faster. But you will also get back what you put into it.