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  1. Porn is an issue when it pops into your head during actual sex. Thinking sex is going to be like porn is thinking like life is going to be like FRIENDS (TV sitcom). It just doesn't translate over well, but you could be doing this unconsciously. Apart from that, I see little issues, apart from the fact that it can be quite disgusting. Even so, they are making some more tasteful porn now, such as LUST Cinema. The director of that was invited to do a TED talk even.
  2. @Leo Gura Imagine a six year old on your YouTube channel though. 'Mummy, can you please buy me 10 grams of psilocybin mushrooms please?!'.
  3. Thanks a lot for the video. To be honest I don't understand everything he is saying, but I like the bit about the movie not affecting the screen as a metaphor for our lives not affecting pure awareness. Can you tell me how I can stay mindful and not go unconscious in my hectic job?
  4. 4-7 hours? Jeeez, I wish I had that much time spare. Good job man!
  5. He seems to be acting a little elitist. Probably hasn't been happy with his wife and is using spirituality as an excuse to distance himself from her. It's a little sad.
  6. I'm so jealous of you guys who meditate outdoors. How do you do it? Do you just sit flat on the earth, or do you sit on something? I always have to prop my ass up with a cushion or something otherwise it's super uncomfortable.
  7. I'm all done people. I hope you all got the love I sent to you. I certainly felt yours! It was a great meditation, I actually used a guided one by Mooji. Sort of a mix between meditation and self-inquiry. Couldn't stop smiling and laughing all through! Lovely.
  8. @Dodoster dowwwn!
  9. But the petals even fanned out..
  10. How is this done? Is it a gimmick or for real? Did I see a Resurrection here? It looks like a dead flower is re-blooming by not even a touch.
  11. @Prabhaker Are you enlightened?
  12. @Michael569 I personally go in cycles, between low interest in sex, to high. Surprisingly, I quite often get an erection during meditation, yet, I think this is due to the frustration of sitting still for extended periods manifesting itself.
  13. @Loreena thank you, thank you! @AlwaysBeNice I have always been drawn to creative pursuits. Singing just seems to be a great way to express oneself. I am barely into to be honest. I love willow smith, not common for a 23 year old man, but I want to do her kind of music!
  14. @Leo Gura Thank you.