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  1. I think you are 99.9% accurate in your analyses.
  2. This version of me just started meditating again after years, where I almost lost the concept if it existing at some point in my life. So in a away it's new to me. I have only started daily meditation this week. I had to do a lot of other self-development before I legitimately got to the point where I feel like I want to meditate. I really do put time aside now. I like to do it in silence. Also I like to do it in front of the fireplace. The smell/sound/sight/feeling of the fire has a calming effect on me. I use meditation to relax my body, make it stop from moving, and stop my mind from racing. I go in and out of meditative state sometimes for longer or shorter times. In between I do do self-inquiry and contemplation about the things that come up in me. And also just sitting, working in my posture. The insights that come to me I write down on a piece of paper.
  3. Come on. Are we still going at this? This thread has become a distraction of its own.
  4. Good timing. I literally just bought one 10 minutes ago.
  5. Altough it's true I meant it as a joke. Still though if you want to really learn a language you should go live there. I live in America. I could speak English already when I got here. But it still got a lot better over the years. The accent won't go away though even after 8 years.
  6. They usually speak English very well also. As far as the language goes, idk I don't speak it. But I have seen Danish and Swedes talk in the same language with each other. They told me they speak the same language just different dialects. I am not completely sure but I believe in those Scandinavian countries Denmark, Sweden, Norway's, and Iceland they all speak the same language but different dialects. Which is pretty cool actually. There are still a lot of Scandinavian influences in the dialect of Northern England like around New Castle as well. Because that's where the Vikings invaded England. It's interesting how language got around troughout time and left it's influences. Especially in the local dialects.
  7. Haha...well don't move to the Netherlands to learn Dutch though. 95% of the population speaks English well and they won't let you speak Dutch. They will want to show you how well they speak English 😉 I know, I am Dutch myself. Seriously though, the best way to learn a language is to move there. It's not an easy language to learn. There are a lot of "exceptions" in the grammar. So you would need to live there to develop an intuitive feeling for it.
  8. Should we clone back extinct animals? With today's cloning techniques we might be able to bring back the recently extinct species. Furthermore, with the environment already so screwed up and getting worse, should we aim to set up a new Ecosystem and bring back pre-historic animals?
  9. That being said though, maybe she would take measures to take care if the environment. I am not convinced though. I don't want to listen to the endless women's issues.
  10. No please no, and I am not concerned it will happen either. I have always thought that the show is about highlighting her first, and helping others second, or third, or somewhere way down the list.
  11. Idk. This is cool though.
  12. Yes when you stop being concerned with the future and forget about the past then you can get in a state of being.