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  1. Gym and supplementation.
  2. @CreamCat perhaps cats have an ego? Lol!!
  3. I ordered soap from here yesterday: It claims it does not have all the chemicals usually found in deodorant and shower gel. So it should not negatively effect your testosterone. I will let you know how it goes. I came across the product when I was watching the YouTube channel Entrepreneurs in cars. From a guy called Richard Cooper, who is one of those Red Pill guys. I had been thinking about this for a while as well, how chemicals negatively effect us, so I thought I would give it a try.
  4. @ExodiaGearCEO How physical is your game? For example touching. Do you do that? Do you sexually escalate?
  5. Well yeah that's the honeymoon phase of a sexual relationship. But you can also love your dog, your cat, and your children. Likewise you can love any other person like that as well.
  6. Well a good healthy relationship doesn't involve a lot of struggle. Maybe if you have never experienced that then relationships seem difficult. But a good relationship is rather easy to maintain.
  7. Well shit I am 34 now. I didn't like it at first that I got some wrinkles but it is what it is. I got peace with it now. I will just let then go my way. I still get labeled as mid twenties all the time so I guess I am ok.
  8. You and this girl were going to break up already right? I am just thinking if you feel the need to keep making negative posts about your significant other then maybe it's just better to end it. I wouldn't want anyone I am with to start discussing all the ups and downs and juicy details of the relationship on a public forum.
  9. Complete a very easy task first. Then another easy task. Then a moderate task. Then a harder task, etc. Building up momentum trough the day.
  10. Third time is a charm.
  11. There is a lot to learn from those videos and they address her situation. If your mind is too black and white and you can't see the nuances then so be it. Then throw away the baby with the bathwater. First of all I don't like to take Leo's name in my mouth because he can talk for himself. Second I think you have to put the rant against pick-up in the complete context of the journey Leo took. Who Leo is today is the complete journey he went trough, that includes all his videos imo. Thirdly don't be such a nuthugger. I think Leo's work is great like pretty much everyone on this forum, but think for yourself.
  12. I had the same train of thought last night. Not really relating to humor, but still. Pertaining to emotions. Like there are two sort of emotions. Emotions from the heart 'real emetions'. And then there are emotions that are rational contractions. Like emotions that you are 'meant' to feel. Then when you drop those 'rational emotions' just completely drop them there is nothing left to replace that emotion. Like some void. And then there is just boredom. Seemed like those 'rational emetions' are just there for addiction and entertainment.
  13. Mine definitely are: 1. Phychical touch 2. Quality time Those ate by far the most important 3. Words of affirmation 4. Gift giving 5. Acts of service I think the 5 Love languages is a good book. I browsed trough it in the bookstore. Reading chapters. I think it's on to something.
  14. I think for me self-love I know associate with being by myself. Going more of a loner route. I really need to stay by myself and take responsibility for all the drama I let on/generate in my life. That shit takes up a lot of headspace. Now I am more on my own it opens up headspace to focus and contemplate other avenues. I can't say that I necesairly have anything I don't like about myself or some physical feature that bugs me, that I am aware of, but maybe that will be unraveled in time.
  15. So in the Bible they day God created the world in 6 days and on the 7th day he rested. When I look at my own life it goes roughly in 6 year cycles as well. 11 - 17 I was this Alternative kid listening to music and making sense of the world. 17 - 23 I was all about boxing and working out. Running and weights. 23 - 28/29 it was all about education, achievements, and starting a career. 28 - 34 was all about chasing women. Now at 34 I feel deep down a new chapter is starting but I have not really figured out what it is yet. Anyone else detects a cycle like that in themselfs. I think it's kind of coincidental.