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  1. From what I have read Psychopaths are born that way and can not change. Sociopaths are developed that way and show the same behaviours as Psychopaths. But it is life experiences that makes them act that way. It's learned behaviour. And can be unlearned. I think some degree Psychopathy and Sociopathy is beneficial for reaching great success in society. But eventually at some stage of personal development it will need to be dropped to develop any further. (Very high levels of development). Basically I think it has been evolutionary beneficial to be emotionally detached to some degree. Like when you had to kill your opponent who tries to steal your stuff.
  2. @Synchronicity @Serotoninluv I believe Ken Wilber said something along the lines that Democrats/Liberals attract the very best (most successful/developed) and the worst of what society got to offer. Republicans/Conservatives as a group tend to be in the middle. Well functioning but not very exceptional.
  3. Well donkey rhymes with monkey. Once upon a time long long ago we were all little monkeys on this forum. This has been done away with and has been widely forgotten. But I found it to be very truth.
  4. @Wisebaxter from my experience when a woman talks/mentions about her ex within the first 3 dates in any way shape or form that is a Red Flag. I hate the term Red Flag. But it really is.
  5. Mmm that seems a bit extra. For a couple only together a short time I can understand such flare ups. But if you are together for a long time you would expect things to be more mellow.
  6. How long have you been seeing each other?
  7. @assx95 it just ain't going to happen dude.
  8. Any big endeavor is like shoot for the moon if you miss you will still reach the stars. Leo is putting a lot of effort into all of this. And he is sharing it all shamelessly (in a non negative meaning). It's too easy to knock his work. Be happy you get all this presented to you for free....the bed made for on a silver platter. Me growing up we got smacked over the head if we didn't eat what was put up for dinner.
  9. That's just how growth goes. Grow grow grow.....plateau....grow grow grow....plateau...grow grow grow....etc.. It's normal.
  10. From what I get your parents (dad) are real racists. But are you sure they are real racists or just Bigots? A Bigot is a person who will just say all sorts of ignorant racist things but at heart they are not racist. Their actions are not racist. I used to have this neighbour who would always fix my car. He drove a pick-up truck with a big American flag with the eagle on the he back. He would always say all sorts of racist things about Black people and Latinos and Obama. Then his favourite nephew would come over and they would fix cars together and grill steals and stuff, and this kid was half Latino and looked very much Latino. He would help Black people fix their car and stuff too. In my family we say all sorts of racist stuff and make racist jokes and my girl is Black and my daughter is mixed and they are totally loved and accepted. She and her family joke about White people too. If you never introduced your girlfriend to your parents maybe you should do it. They can get to know her for who she really is. Maybe at heart they really are not that racist. Maybe your dad just thinks it's funny to talk shit.
  11. You should not start talking about all sorts of heavy deep troublesome problems with a girl you are dating/trying to date until you have well established a relationship with her. Like 3 to 6 months in. And even then it can not be the main focus. You got to keep it light and fun. People got enough troubles already.
  12. Trump becoming president will make him and his clan a lot of money, now and in the long run. Also in this world money and power/status can pretty much be traded in one on one for each other. Especially when a person reaches the age of around 30s.
  13. What do you consider the perfect age to have children? What age do you consider too old? What age do you consider too young?