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  1. Let's be nice to each other the rest of 2018 at least. I know I have been a dick as well. No more JP is an asshole vs our savior threads. No more 'Leo is actually a manipulative asshole threads' No more Republicans are reptiles threads. No more I am Yellow/Green you are Orange/Blue threads. No more women need the dick threads. No more men are pigs threads. No more don't be such a pussy threads. No more non-duality war threads. Anything mean. Let's just talk about out: Our hobby Pleasant memories about our family members Our pets Funny animals Our dreams Poetry Art Beautiful music Helping others Let's detox from all the negative energy. ☮️
  2. @Marinus Start lifting/and or other physical exercises. Running, push-ups, martial-arts etc. Whatever you like.
  3. Also I am 100% sold on the idea that T is all that bad. It can be enjoyable too. Plus kinda chaotic but also creative.
  4. @Shan What I find also creates a lot of stress and neuroticism and turbulence is being stuck low on Maslows Hierarchy of needs. I used to go broke every month. Bad living situation. Things like that. Now I got that handled it's already a lot better.
  5. Yeah. I am INFP-T. I think that is the part of my personality that makes for moodswings and bi-polar tendencies. I just started to meditate daily since a week. And I think that helps some. It helps in the moment to line up my thoughts and gives leverage to be more productive that day. Diet is important as well. Too much sugar, too much caffeine, cigarettes, and too much processed food for a prolonged time paired with a lot of stress can really set me off. The irony being that when I am stressed and in a hyper state I do crace sugar, caffeine, cigarettes, and hamburgers.
  6. Yeah I have been thinking about that as well. To get a girl who is good at it. And then she can give 1 on 1 workshops and perform on me. While the student girl is watching. And then they can take turns. Ofcourse we would keep the price of these workshops low. Not to be greedy. So these workshops would be accessible to many girls. For the greater good of humanity.
  7. Well anything is possible I guess. I personally don't like getting my dick sucked by most girls. A few were awesome at it. But the majority of the girls I don't think do a great job at it.
  8. I never met a girl that don't like oral. I have met girls that claim beforehand that they don't like it, but that's because they never had a good experience. They might be ticklish but there are many ways to lick it. If they claim to be ticklish I think it's more because they are uncomfortable with the situation. It's actually amazing how many guys aparently have no ideas to please a woman. I have met women like 30 years old who tell me they never had an orgasm with a guy. Or only like once or twice in their lives. On the flip side I also find that there is a correlation between women that play with themselves and their personalities. Women that regularly masturbate they tend to have much nicer and easier going personalities them women that don't.
  9. @Annoynymous you are a teenager? Just start teasing them.
  10. I don't necesairly disagree with anything you wrote other then that it's maybe only 10% of the full picture. Racism is not something that can just be grasped with SD. There are plenty of Stage Blue people who are not racist at all. Even Stage Red people are not necesairly racist. At the same time there are a lot of Stage Green people who have very little hands on experience with interacting with people from other races. Like when it's time to vote they will vote the 'right' thing. And on a forum they will write the 'right' thing. But in real life they steer clear of those people.
  11. I like to throw all the colors in one blender and then stir it with my dick.
  12. @Yarco To become truly anti-racist you will also have to embrace your own background, ethnicity, and even consider the viewpoint of White Supremacists etc. ----- and then transcend all of it. That also includes embrace other cultures, races, and their viewpoints etc. -----and then transcend all of it. Reverse discrimination (The White Male Is Bad) is a symptom of waking up to the racism around you. But it's far from actually transcending racism.