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  1. I congratulate you on looking in the mirror.
  2. Nah I got a lot of time to explore, my life is pretty cool. I travel a lot making good money doing it. I am from Europe living in the USA. My girlfriend is from Africa. My daughter is mixed. If anything I should be traveling less. I would love to talk about steady relationships and children and stuff. But who here on the forum does that? No one. Please someone? So I rather be the guy helping some young guys out then the guy telling them they should not be playing victim, but hey!! don't be doing any pick up either.
  3. I need to travel the world? 😂 NOW THATS AN ASSUMPTION!! Lol.
  4. When the Sun rises in the West beer will taste like Coca-Cola and squirrels will go hunting for meat. Let me add that a Ford Mustang will make a great electric car and Chinese people love to wear their traditional attire from their home country in Africa.
  5. People can get stuck playing video games, they can get stuck smoking weed, they can get stuck watching sports, they can get stuck doing pick-up. Of course you should not do that. But at a certain time pickup can be the right tool for the job at hand. Most people/guys have been there. You want to improve with the opposite sex. Starting from scratch. Once you get that momentum going you got to shift gears and move on to bigger better things. My problem is with people who start shitting on guys who are trying to build themselves up. The guys starting out. We all got to start somewhere. Shoe some support. Build them up. You did pick-up yourself right? Still on the path to improve with girls. Where would you have been if you had not started your pick up journey? Probably still at square one. I don't really agree with this notion that once a guy has left pick up behind now he needs to 'repent his sins' and condemn pick up. That he has seem the light now and found God or something. It kind of goes with these New Age circles. It's kind of like a leftish religion. With a lot of dogma on what to do and not to do when it comes to dating. It's basically the foundation from which spirituality grew into religions like Christianity and Islam with their dogma on sex and relationships. Same thing just a bit of a different vibe.
  6. Some people age better then others. Just because a guy does pickup now does not mean he will never settle down. What's so hard to understand about that?
  7. That's a well written story. Definitely a upward going growth line there.
  8. Yeah you collected four clips that say all the same. I can collect ten clips that will all say the same thing, but the exact opposite, so that then automatically makes it the truth? Or more truth, because I got ten clips right? On the point of "how things actually work". Well that's the matter of perspective. You like to talk about how things actually work when you are in a very long term relationship, married etc. But that's not the same thing as a young person, or a young guy exploring his possibilities with women. You are talking like this old grandma completely disconnected from the realities of a young guy entering the dating scene. Your advice might be great for a 40 year old woman. Not for a guy in his twenties.
  9. Yeah it's not either this or that though. It's not black or white. The idea that a guy who picks up a girl wears a mask all the time is just a storyline invented to downplay a PUA. PUA like all people can adapt and chance. The first 3-5 dates the dynamic is very different then the relationship will be at the 3 months mark, or the 6 months mark, or the one year mark, or 3 or 10 year mark. It's not a static environment. Sure we all want that deep emotional connection with somebody. But to pretend that you got to have that deep connection when you just meet the girl is just very shallow to me. So don't even pretend. That stuff takes time and work and shared experiences.
  10. Most Players, the sensitive people that we are, understand this at least at an intuitive level. That's why we refer to ourselves as "Daddy". I think we deserve more credit.
  11. Girls they don't even like it when the guy can't pull the trigger. Like when some guy is trying to impress the girl with his analysis of peace in the Middle East. The girl is just sitting there wondering if he is actually planning on launching his cruise missile. If Mr. President doesn't have access to the launch codes then he isn't really Mr. President is he? Then how is he going to protect her from the mean mean world? Getting the girl and the way you do get the girl actually shows her a lot about how you will assert yourself into the world.
  12. That's complete bullshit. What's more likely is that at some point he will meet a girl that he really likes and then he will adjust his behaviour accordingly. There are different phases to dating and relationships, marriage etc. The end game for most PUA guys is to get that one girlfriend they really like.
  13. @Chumbimba yeah in all honesty I got to admit that by doing that you tend to walk with open eyes into the next dysfunctional relationship. At least thats how it often turned out for me. It does help with getting over breakups though. The dating scene is pretty harsh anyways, and that goes both ways, coming from men and women. So I am not to hung up on morals. But some girls really don't deserve it. Doing things 'the right way' is not the easiest but it usually pays off better in the end.
  14. Now I am thinking, in Saudi Arabia they don't have those issues you are describing. They might have some expat jobs there for you.
  15. Well you can teach all men all that but then you solved only 50% of 'the problem'. 😂 Same thing if the girl is in the club just dancing and Beyonce goes "All the single ladies, all the single ladies". Fucking confusing....