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  1. Yes you can. Prettier doesnt necessarily mean sexier though. It also doesn't necessarily mean she will be more of a freak.
  2. You might be picky, but so are the girls that are not interested in you. It's a lot easier to get with girls that are interested in you from the get go and are showing choosing signals. It's all about Sexual Market Value. Watch the video below for better understanding on Sexual Market Value. Better hobbies or whatever is needed to raise your SMV.
  3. Pause for a moment and look around which girls are interested in you. Are there girls you know that are into you? Any girls. If there are no girls at all that are interested in you then you got to build yourself up to be higher value. Pick up some hobbys etc.
  4. What if she does? You are not that interested in her right? So if she rejects you then what is the problem really? I would just not ask, because she seems to want it anyways from what I got from the background story. Asking is not very sexy. It's not seductive. You making your moves is. It's more erotic.
  5. Don't tell her. Just get her to your place and make your moves.
  6. My insight lately is that the stuff that pisses me off in other people is my own bullshit. In other words their bullshit is the exact same bullshit I pull.
  7. Wait 6 or 8 days. Over time let her bring up the idea of a more serious thing. She will if that's where her mind is at, and when her mind has come to that conclusion.
  8. Let's be nice to each other the rest of 2018 at least. I know I have been a dick as well. No more JP is an asshole vs our savior threads. No more 'Leo is actually a manipulative asshole threads' No more Republicans are reptiles threads. No more I am Yellow/Green you are Orange/Blue threads. No more women need the dick threads. No more men are pigs threads. No more don't be such a pussy threads. No more non-duality war threads. Anything mean. Let's just talk about out: Our hobby Pleasant memories about our family members Our pets Funny animals Our dreams Poetry Art Beautiful music Helping others Let's detox from all the negative energy. ☮️
  9. @Marinus Start lifting/and or other physical exercises. Running, push-ups, martial-arts etc. Whatever you like.
  10. Also I am 100% sold on the idea that T is all that bad. It can be enjoyable too. Plus kinda chaotic but also creative.
  11. @Shan What I find also creates a lot of stress and neuroticism and turbulence is being stuck low on Maslows Hierarchy of needs. I used to go broke every month. Bad living situation. Things like that. Now I got that handled it's already a lot better.
  12. Yeah. I am INFP-T. I think that is the part of my personality that makes for moodswings and bi-polar tendencies. I just started to meditate daily since a week. And I think that helps some. It helps in the moment to line up my thoughts and gives leverage to be more productive that day. Diet is important as well. Too much sugar, too much caffeine, cigarettes, and too much processed food for a prolonged time paired with a lot of stress can really set me off. The irony being that when I am stressed and in a hyper state I do crace sugar, caffeine, cigarettes, and hamburgers.