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  1. Hold on: "When he is ready he will as you out?" That sounds like bullshit.
  2. Pretty much
  3. Like the other guys said. If you don't want to litteraly make the first move, you got to put it on very thickly, VERY thickly, make it very easy for him, with lots of phychical contact, sitting very close to him, etc.
  4. This is approached too black and white. Like you are either good looking like a model or ugly. My grandpa actually told me when I was a kid, it's rare for people too really be beautiful, it's also rare for people to be really ugly. Most people are just about normal looking. So for most people looks really isn't the end all be all it's made out to be.
  5. Go bang some new girls man. You are using a victim mentality. All those symptoms of yours are the symptoms of a break up like many people experience during a heart break. You are not the first or only one to experience that feeling. Most relationships are not going to work out statistically. So keep going until you find one that sticks.
  6. If you both have a crush why not ask him out? What is there to lose?
  7. @egoless you also need some music to motivate you:
  8. Just a thought I had. I think it pays off to look up those old-school pick-up artists like Mystery Method and David DeAngelo and Doc Love. Those guys were raw and pure. The stuff they talk about, it's not as polished, but it's no bullshit. Those guys were not looking to invent something out of thin air. RSD is very good. And they leave no stone unturned. At the same time it starting to look like over-analizing the thing now, their new content that is. Social game, 9s and 10s game etc. etc. And it's like yeah maybe some truth to it but don't be splitting hairs. Ironically one thing you don't want to do in the Dating Game with women is overanalyze the situation.
  9. Not all of them, but a lot of them. On top of that I think a lot of them intellectually had this ideal of this great utopian community. All very stage green on the Spiral Dynamics scale. But in practice they did not embody it. Therefore over time the ideal turned out to be a fantasy. * As far as the Rolls Royces go. I think Osho was really fucking with people. I mean he bought a ranch, had a whole fleet of airplanes, was feeding all these people, but look at the Rolls Royces they sure must have cost a lot of money......... Just because the average person can dream up owning a Rolls Royce.
  10. I keep saying it: attracts a lot of nutcases as well. Its is easy to talk bad on Osho and his cult right now. But what would happen if we put all the followers of on a remote Island with just enough resources for everyone to survive if everyone worked perfectly together? Total mayhem I predict. I think when one watches the documentary it's a good moment to look in the mirror and reflect on oneself and ones surroundings.
  11. like one of those guys from Antelope said: People were educated beyond their intelligence.
  12. Well this is his more nuanced opinion:
  13. Blue VS misguided green yeah. It's seems to start out as Blue vs Green. Later on the Cult seems to spiral down towards Orange, and then Red. There was a lot of dickery going on from the Cult towards the local community. I think from a stage Green standpoint the Cult could have tried to come more from a give value then take value standpoint.
  14. Google search: Cocky Funny Cocky Comedy
  15. You don't need a community. There is so much info across the internet from different sources. Pick what you like, and most importantly what works for you. Doing a google search using the right key words gives you years of information to digest. I made a thread about that I will bump for you. If you want a very balanced "healthy" source I would recommend Correy Wayne's Videos. He also has a book you can order online or listen to in audio format called "The 3% man".