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  1. Everyone gets rejected. If they claim they don't they are fake. Leonardo DiCaprio gets rejected. Trust me. If a guy acts like he never gets rejected it's a scam. And you probably shouldn't trust that source.
  2. I am just thinking. What you can do is tell her you want to go to Iceland later this year. They often got these cheap flights over there now. And it's an awesome experience. It's a very unique environment over there. The nature and all. It will be snowing there all romantic and shit. And you can visit the blue lagoon and all. And let's say you do that for a week. Then she gets to do awesome shit with you too. And you get to do more awesome shit this year as well.
  3. Maybe tell her you want to go on another trip with just her? Plan the trip not too far out. Preferably still this year 2018. Otherwise you come across like as far as you are concerned you can really take it or leave it and you don't really care. Another trip/vacation wouldn't be bad. You still get everything you want, and you get to do another fun trip with your girlfriend.
  4. I was asking because attraction got an exparation date. When you get to know a new girl you need to move things fast. Because there is that initial window of opportunity where is still making up her mind about you. She will think is this guy going to be a friend, a boyfriend, or a guy I just have sex with? And if you hang out with her in a friendly way without sex she will decide you are a friend. So to answer your question. I think you are in the friendzone. Because you have known this girl for over a year already and nothing happened. That doesn't mean you can't get her anymore. But it would have been much easier if you had sexually escalated early on. You need to sexually escalate with her. You need to text her some dirty stuff. Or make some sexual comments that can't be taken for a joke. Or touch her in a sexual way, in a way that is definetly not just friendly. Sure there is the chance she will get pissed off. There is also the change she will sleep with you. You have to face the possibility of rejection. But at least then you know.
  5. Sure a guy like Julien was pushing the envelope. And I have seen some PUA guys do some nasty stuff as well. Stuff that was just not very nice. That being said though. Aparently in that reasoning for a PUA it is possible to be stage Red. Although PUA is really an stage Orange thing. But a Feminist can never be stage Red? No matter what they do? They will always be stage Green? Because to me that is measuring with different tools, or double standards so to say. I don't think you have much direct experience with Family Law, but trust me there is some institutionalized criminal stuff going on a lot of times. I wouldn't call that stage Green. In no way shape or form. I had to deal with it, but honestly I am good now, I got my life worked out that situation with the mother of my daughter. And your videos helped a lot to strategize all that. So thank you for that. But there is a reason why the Red Pill and MGTOW are so popular. They really do make some valid points. Although I don't like to buy into that collective victim mindset.
  6. Ok but what about the most hardcore form of PUA then. Let's say the guy that uses every trick in the book, and lies about anything, just tells the girl what she wants to hear? Is that extreme unhealthy Orange or Red? Because to say the bad behaviour of certain feminists is still stage Green, they are just misunderstood. That leans to the popular opinion of these times. The whole "Me too" movement and all. I mean sure I get it the stages are not to be used as this stage is better then that stage. But people still do. It still will be looked at as this stage is more advanced then that stage. I can follow along how you categorize each stage, and that they can be either healthy or unhealthy. I don't disagree with that. I would argue there is a lot of positive to be found in Stage Blue for example. Let's say the church in Medieval times did control the people a lot. But it also took care of the homeless and the sick.
  7. I don't totally agree with that. Feminism at its best most positive form is Green yeah I would agree. A lot of the modern day feminism in a practical sense today, the "you go girl" attitude is more stage Orange I would think. It feeds a lot in consumerism and the I have to achieve this, this, and this attitude. Feminism is the Family Law court rooms can be down right stage Red at times.
  8. What are you asking then? How can I make sure I will never get rejected? That's doesn't exist. Even the best PUA or most famous celebrity still has to deal with rejection from time to time. That's just part of the game.
  9. @F A B how long have you known this girl? Is she a friend? A girl you only met a few times? Or a girl you just met?
  10. @Santiago just go she will live. *Don't let people poison drip on your relationship. I do think she does love you. But you got to do your own shit man.
  11. I agree that stage Green is difficult territory to navigate when you are a guy who is deep stage Orange with a lot of Alpha traits. That being said I do believe it's better to be a strong Ego then a weak Ego. Or being strong stage Orange rather then weak stage Orange. Spiral Dynamics is a great model. I believe in it. But it has its own traps and I think a lot of people use it as a defense mechanism. There are so many people that claim to be stage Green, or even stage Yellow or Turquoise for that matter. And the way I look at it is no you are really not. Just because you can't ace it in your career or can't get laid and you decide to do mushrooms now and then and be opposed to Trump doesn't make you Turquoise or even Green for that matter. Also it's all cool to say you don't need money and success. But then the day comes your kids need to college and you can't support them that well. Or how are you going to adopt that poor kid from Africa? Or how are you going to visit the monks in Tibet. Or how are you how are you going to pay for those meditation retreats? Shit doesn't happen just because by itself. Then those people that have been playing the stage Green role all their life all of a sudden get real frustrated with their lack of money and success. I have seen it happen. Then it makes it a lot easier to full fill a purpose and transition to stage Green with the leverage you build in stage Orange. Just like Genghis Khan had to play by his times rules to build a civilization, people these days have to operate within stage Orange society. I mean sure if you are having that deep spiritual connection with a partner and are making good money the stage Green way then more power to you. But I don't get the sense that that's what a lot of 'stage Green' people on here or in general are doing.
  12. To get back to this video: To attract women you need to have the deal breakers handled. If you have those you are very attractive to women: Confidence Humor Detachment Edgyness Intimate and Dirty Sex And then there are the deal breakers which are nice bonuses to women but you can still get women without them: Looks Security/money Social status Loyalty
  13. Yeah just don't use the word 'space' because that's codeword for: "I am going to break up with you".