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  1. If a rock song, boxing trainers, and a spiritual Guru all basically say the same there is probably some truth to it.
  2. I think you should go for a girl who is more on the hippie side of things. Strategically speaking that's the closest thing to what you have in mind.
  3. First of all you should ask yourself if you embody Stage Yellow. Second of all you are 15. That means you are in the market for girls 13-16 years old. They are just learning to apply make-up. Some of them have not even had their period yet. Think about how many people on the whole population embody Stage Yellow. And then how much that is true for 13-16 year olds. You are creating problems for yourself before they have even started.
  4. I think this conversation has reached a dead end.
  5. My point is I have experienced first hand a relationship between Orange and Green. You want to frame your point of view as post-rationalist, but what is more rational then using a theoretical model like SD to base your bias on? If anything Stage Yellow is where the lower stages like Blue, Orange, and Green get integrated together. So at Stage Yellow; Orange and Green elements should be integrated within a relationship. Rather then having a segregation between the Orange and Green stage.
  6. Yeah well tell yourself whatever you want to tell yourself but I think there is a lot of self-deception going on there.
  7. That's your Beta-male rationalisation. It's something you would like to believe. Just because women tell you one thing doesn't make it truth. Women are the masters of backwards rationalization. I was in a relationship with a so called Green woman for 10 years. When my life consisted of basically living in the gym and being ripped.
  8. @bejapuskas your ego needs to make something special out of this. Now you can't just bang bitches. You have to bang bitches the yellow way. It's just banging bitches. Go do what you got to do. You don't need any ones approval.
  9. @Shroomdoctor my don't give a shit level always has been very high. I don't think it has ever been a problem because I have never cared much about what others did think of me. I can't remember any period in my life that I could give a fuck less actually. Even when I was a toddler. Also if that is the state at which you always have been operating, or for a long time at least, then it becomes normal. You are probably too old to start wearing nail polish and eyeliner to shock yourself into a don't give a fuck attitude. If your surroundings judge you double down on creating situations where you will get judged. You should go date Black and Arab women. That Black booty jiggling down the street in a sundress, I will take that view over the most beautiful sunset you can imagine anytime. 🌞😎 Uncle Adolf is going to be severly disappointed with you though 😉