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  1. @Arcangelo how do you rate a 5.9 from a 6 and a 6 from a 6.1? That seems way complicated. I just use wholes and halfs. Like 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5 etc. Or maybe -7, 7, 7+ that's more of a gut feeling thing though.
  2. It's indeed a lot better to be sitting on the couch with a bucket of Icecream.
  3. @Alex14 thats personally just what I would text her in your situation. I worked not see the need to overcomplicate it. You can also over-game a girl. In this situation she has already agreed to go out with you. You just needed to confirm a place and time. If you try too hard to game her trough text you risk the possibility of actually messing things up. While the date is already secured. So I would just set a date/activity/time trough text. Then when you are actually on the date, game her on the date.
  4. What's up? Do you want to go to the movies next Wednesday at 8.20PM at the Sawgrass Mall?
  5. What's really the hate here on the guy? All I see is a teacher teaching some basic technique to probably an beginner/intermediate class. What's wrong with that? Is it that his form of martial arts is considered not effective? Or is it that the fact that he practices a martial art is considered egoic and therefore non-spiritual. Either of these statements I think are very shortsighted.
  6. I don't think you totally can. But you can choose to focus on your purpose/goals/passions. When you have a hobby/career that you are very passionate about putting work into that can be just as satisfactory as sex. Sometimes maybe even more. Let's say you win a martial arts tournament. No way that sex is more satisfactory then that. Then sacrificing sex for what you need to do to win that tournament is something you will be happy to do. You can swap out martial arts for any passion that personally fits you.
  7. These videos are maybe the best I have seen. And I have watched a lot of videos on dating and women. I have also been around the block several times. And I still think these two videos are the best I have seen. Leo really nailed it on those two. Notice that look are by far not the most important thing when it comes to attraction. For us guys a girls looks are very important. But women are very different from men.
  8. That's an interesting statement coming from a woman. *Your YouTube channel is not bad actually.
  9. @flowboy if you want to go out every day of the he week I would stick with the 11.00 -19.00 schedule and meditate after work then go out.
  10. Technically I have never been a PUA because I never bothered with cold approach. I have had a lot of success from dating apps though. It is much more time efficient then cold approach and going out. And it really is the exact same thing once you get past the initial 'approach' getting the phone number phase.
  11. Sure work on your game. But are you working on your value as well? Also known as SMV or Sexual Market Value.
  12. @Highest You don't know her. You basically don't know anything about the other person for the first 3 months. It takes about 6 months before you even build a real bond with another person. You probably hit it off right with her and sparked a nice connection. Which is good of course. I would not be bothered too much by asking "the right" questions. It's more about what you demonstrate not what you communicate. It's your vibe that gets you places with girls, not the actual words coming out of your mouth. Keeping things light, flirty, and fun is what girls generally like on dates. So avoid topics like death, abortion, having children, marriage, politics, etc. If you are going to be asking any questions, ask her if she got brothers and sisters. Or if she got pets. Girls love people. So they love to talk about the people they care for. Also try to do atleast some minor physical escalation. Touching/pulling hair. Touching her legs/knees. Touching her arms/shoulders. Her neck. If you can make out with her or have sex even better. But some minor physical escalation is a must.
  13. Honestly when I read this I am did this guy suddenly appear out of thin air that she is trying to make you jealous with? Girls always got other options. Plans B's, orbiters, guys in the friendzone, prospects etc. He probably was around already.