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  1. Hi! So on the topic of Chapters and phases, I would say I'm at the end of the "limbo phase". I don't know what action steps I should take. I feel like I have the energy to take a lot of action but I don't have a long term plan/vision for the next 5-10 years. I have work to get done but I procrastinate on it because I'm not at the "start" yet... I want to be positively motivated instead of negatively motivated and also stop waisting time. Should I hire a life coach? I'm 24 and I probably need more life experience. On the life purpose course I'm at the values assesment and I have high consciousness values but I don't have the clairity/ability to focus and go within to know what my top values are.. So should I start my new chapter before having created a life purpose? I fear that I will waste the next 5-10 years on a "weak" chapter. I just want to be productive and do the right thing (obviously). I tend to feel pretty restless. (College education is free where I live) Thankful for any advice