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  1. No it is not. Women prefer taller men. But always consider most people have genetalia in proportion to the rest of their body. Could be a good thing to keep in mind.
  2. Most things from Owen. Start with his channel, should keep you busy for a year or two.
  3. @TheBeachBionic -Yes, that is a problem. When I worked as a IT-tech on the phone, we always had to search for failurepoints, like; did you plug the computercord into the socket..did you press the on-button....and so on. So here goes: 1. Do you use soap? 2.Are you a pleasant person? 3.Do you shave? 4.Are "they" aware of you being in heat?
  4. @KenDo Sooo, what you are saying is that you want to make a homerun....but never played the game before or even passed basictraining..... -Ja, this can work. -Go for it! You can do it! You deserve it! (insert any more up-to-date-slogan) My friend, THIS is an excellent experience just for you! ...on so many levels. Best of luck young traveller!
  5. @Stoica Doru No. It is a social and tax-construct no longer necessery.
  6. @Sunil Kumar It is a funny function, especially when it is combined with the "urgently needs to pee" one. God is a bad programmer. ...or God is possible evil. Ever thought of that? hah! Like a drugdealer giving you a sleeping pill and then a strong laxative. Is God a really wierd dude with a mean sense of humor?
  7. @Emne First... Can you do it? I mean mechanicly. If so, the "capture a female phase" and the "presentation phase" needs refining. If not possible, pick left or right hand, alternetivly rent somebody.
  8. @Viking It depends on how you do it and who you choose. Method&choice. ...and if you do it in Sweden, you might be insane.
  9. @OhCaleo Depends. Do you want tall girls? I honestly never understood this thing about hight. There are pros and cons with both. And how difficult is it really to find a girl in matching hight? There are litterly hundreds of millions of them, how many do you really need???? What kind of person ensist of NOT going after the matching ones and instead goes for the NON-matching ones? It is my belief that each person creates their own hell and stand in there with the locked door, whyning, with key in hand. Since I fail to see why this is a problem......please anybody enlighten me.
  10. @F A B You look fit. The outside is ok. Maybe the inside needs some work? Also, consider that we go for what we want and need. She went for that variation of company. What does that tell you? As a sidenote, women are not that visiual, as men are, they are emotional, as men aren´t. ...To point out the extremes. So there is a differens in value estimation. It all boils down to making a good match. The lists of attributes must be compatible as can be. There is no "better than", only matching to one.
  11. @8Ball Good work Mr. 8 Ball! I don´t believe that she has a boyfriend_and_take a number. The "bf" is a way-out, if the contact turns out wierd. could that....well how do I say this? hmm....they might be looking for a 3-som. I see that you havent written in a while, .....did you end up in the middle (litterly)? ...and that adventure might require a lot of meditation. I have just returned after some travelling and would like to know how my favorite topic thread turns out. Are you still interested in the RSD-life or did you go for the youtuber sandman instead?
  12. In a way, I think if I would have/make the perfect one...she would be something like a Frankenstein, each part would be the best in category....but put together..."it" might be an eyesore. Maybe one should settle for one or a couple of supreme parts and find the beuty in the rest? bOObs means armpit hair...and so on .
  13. @Steph30 I got that too. Figure out what food you can´t handle (takes loots of time). Figure out a friendly foodbase. Figure out how much liquid you really need to _not_ "overdose". Avoid sugar, coffein, lemon and mints! Put a mint in a pepsi and...observe. Investigate gluten and lactosintollerance. Test may differ from reality. In case of emergency Imodiumplus and Dimorplus. ...also...stress will mess you up......avoid it.
  14. @okulele 4 times a day. One big meal, 2 medium and one snack. Hunger is a signal. First a descreet one then a painful one. It usually goes away after 2-3 days without food. But then one have to deal with the effects of no food...
  15. @Epiphany_Inspired The monogamous-cult are the socially accepted one and usually shames everybody that do not subscibe to it´s values. Also it got the state involved to legislate a bunch of rules to "guide" vulnerable individuals towards the lifestyle through "education", even coercion. ....anyway, many monogamous people seem to want all polyamorous people to join this lifestyle, and insist this is the only natural practice for all humans... I´ve found that most men wants the mono-way and most girls do the poly-way. It is a kind of "are we binobos or chimps" discussion?