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  1. @UnlovingGod This is a brilliant Answer . thank you .
  2. @Leo Gura It's a hypothetical question to bring forward which Spiral dynamic you are going to use ? -- Would you mind just try answering othrs
  3. @Leo Gura I hope I am not annoying you
  4. Hello Leo gura . I hope you are doing well . I have specific questions that I believe they are interesting . I hope you take some time to answer them . Since your deep work , as a leader , which stage of spiral dynamic you are going to use to accelerate change to transform a third world country ? -- This means we go to know which stages you not only embody but going to use to make changes . I think different videos you have shape different stages of spiral dynamic , would you mind telling us the videos that integrate Yellow and turquoise . Like If I want some radical change which videos I need to integrate to be more turquoise or yellow . Like it's not necessary to be one . I know it's a long journey but just have access to their super power . I have designed a mental model called Frame where I broke it down into three pillars , emotional , intellectual , and physical Pillar and last Pillar is vision . I borrowed it from an article that I forget . Part of working on this is using OODA Loop to navigate and change my life using mental models from your videos but I have no idea how to do it .I will leave it like this . What do you think ?- It feels like the concept of frame is yellow value system since it's about integration of pillars - Physical - Intellectual - Emotional - and vision .
  5. @Nivsch I would have to look at why they take them as hostage . Last time we checked , Jewish zionist terror group supported by the west occupied their territory and commited a full scale human sacrfice . This what zionist survival strategy , slaughter and occupy and if you have response play a victim . It's a laughable by the way that you call yourself a yellew thinker . An Israeli and Yellow stage values . Funny .
  6. Would you explain what you mean by this ? - Is I should not focus on achieving things untill my basic needs are being met , then I should persue higher goals ? -- The thing is I have worked hard and hard in my Life and sacrificed a lot for just education to graduate and get a job and then work on my Passion , I live in a small town . My father worked hard in his life and nothing he got in return and neither did I . The system is rigged in a way where It wouldn't allow me even a chance or a bit luck . I can't find a job and my physique is deteriating , so of course , the energy and the outlook I have toward life has become too depressing and soulless because nothing I get from working hard .
  7. @Princess Arabia Can I ask which culture you and how old are ?
  8. @Abe27 Explain to us what basic needs have you fullfilled . like do you have a job , have your finances well and a house of your own and feel safe and secure as an experience . I just feel this is the question to explore more with you .
  9. Low Quality response . The Idea that you believe Zionism can take many forms and some form can be moderate and peaceful is laughable in a cheerleading way . If it happens , first , it is motivated using the more extreme hate toward Palestinians and Arabs and then as the full scale human sacrifice resumes and finishes as it has been done to former Palestinians who had the same experiences , Israel would call itself democratic just because they wiped out half populations across all timeline . Their survival strategies of existence entails annihilation of another race.
  10. As a member of the forum and community, I'm curious about your personal experiences with phenomena that are largely influenced by fulfilling basic needs and being needs . Have you encountered any significant changes or insights in your life after satisfying your needs? Additionally, I'm interested in hearing about any mystical experiences you may have had, considering Abraham Maslow's suggestion that such experiences can emerge after self-actualization. Have you personally experienced any mystical or transcendent moments that you attribute to fulfilling your needs and progressing towards self-actualization? I would greatly appreciate hearing about your firsthand experiences and insights on these matters. Thank you for sharing.
  11. @Leo Gura lol fair . thank you . that was cool . It's true my thinking is definetly killing me .
  12. They literally do . How is that something that seems to be when there is statistics behind it and women writing about the bad boy they still miss from their former years ? . You spoke about this in your videos two , How what you discovered in the field is that players get the girl , nice guys behaviors don't .
  13. Good video . One thing clarified about nice guys .
  14. @Leo Gura What do you think of the dark triad ? Are their traits really dark ? Women seem to respond and crave such men if we judge what they do rather than what they say , this men have strong frame and some charismatic . I mean I get the psychopathy , narcissism , and psychopathy is truely toxic but if we consider them spectrums and going too far using them is bad so is their opposite ? --
  15. @Leo Gura Thank you very much . much appreciation for what you do .