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  1. How much do looks matter
    How much do looks matter
    I think it completely depends on your game, if you're confident, charismatic, funny etc and if you approach enough girls you can get some really hot chicks. my first boyfriend was reallllyyyy overweight, most girls would rate him below a 5 but  this guy got legit the hottest girls ever after me. I'm talking Victoria secret blonde bombshells, the guys at school didn't understand why. but it was because he was extremely funny, extremely charming, intelligent  and sociable and he hit on pretty much every girl he could find. this guy didn't have money or status or anything. so for guys, don't worry too much about your looks 
    I'm wondering how much it matters for girls though. I thought it was pretty much the only thing that mattered after I saw Leo's video on how to get a guy to fall in love with you but the opposite thing happened to me. last year I was super overweight. my waist was 38 inches and I'm 4'11 lol. but last  year this really hot body builder was pining for me so hard I couldn't understand it. I was a 4 compared to his previous girlfriends so idk why he was catching feelings for me so hard. anyways we didn't end up together cause I couldn't;t be naked around a guy with 10% body fat and he already wasted 2 months blowing up my phone. so idk what it was I was doing but maybe the same thing also applies to women?? 

  2. Drinking all night at a club was the most soul-cleansing experience I've ever had
    Drinking all night at a club was the most soul-cleansing experience I've ever had
    No, it's not that simple. It's just one brute force method that tends to work well for clubbing.
    It does not necessarily address the root issue of your anxiety. But you gotta start somewhere. Sometimes problems auto-correct simply through exposure and practice. If you've been living in your mother's basement, going  out to lots of clubs and socializing will auto-correct much of your social awkwardness, since most of it simply comes from inexperience. Practice builds competence and confidence.

  3. Brilliant Bolton Interview
    Brilliant Bolton Interview
    You are demonizing points of view without being openminded or curious enough about really exploring them and seeing the world from different perspectives.
    Your understanding of the motivations and intention of the mainstream media is incorrect -- warped by the biases of your worldview. I suggest you muster the courage to drop your worldview and consider other POV in good faith, rather than judging them. Your judgment clouds your ability to be neutral and open enough to see a new perspective.
    This is not an issue of who's wrong or right, good or bad, left or right. It is a meta-issue of your mind getting paradigm locked. Notice that you have some personal axe to grind against the mainstream media. This is driven by your survival agenda. Which means you are unable to seriously see their POV. Which hinders the development of your consciousness and ability to love. You are shooting yourself in the foot.
    Try not to make this stuff personal.

  4. If everyone here watched this video this sub could be deleted
    If everyone here watched this video this sub could be deleted
    How to get a girlfriend:
    Step 0: Stop fucking whining and making excuses.
    Step 1: GO OUT and talk to girls in real life. And keep fucking doing it regularly.
    Step 2: Snuggle after sex.
    - - - - -
    Also works: become a successful leader who offers massive value to the world, and girls will come to you begging. This is actually the most powerful way. But most guys are too lazy and incompetent to do it.

  5. Are Americans overreacting to Floyd's death?
    Are Americans overreacting to Floyd's death?
    Actually that's your projection and judgment.
    It was not an execution, it was an example of excessive force and carelessness. These are very different things.
    Terrorists are people who terrorize others for a political agenda. The police in Floyd's case are not terrorists unless we find out they are part of the KKK or some ideology like that.
    They were just police doing business as usual in that part of town, dealing with a suspicious guy who was not fully cooperating with them. And they used excessive force.
    I highly doubt their intention was to kill Floyd. If that was their intention they wouldn't have done it out in public like that.
    3rd degree murder seems like the proper charge here.
    People who are calling for a higher charge are not being objective, they are seeking to exact revenge and a political agenda.
    You don't see a reason because you don't want to see one.
    The real political issue here is changing "business as usual", which is an issue of police training and culture.

  6. The Future Trends Of Psychedelics & Self-Development
    The Future Trends Of Psychedelics & Self-Development
    @Ar_Senses That's some very good brainstorming.
    Just be careful from the legal perspective. It's one thing to consume psychedelics personally, it's a whole nother ballgame to create a business out of it. Make sure you're not putting yourself into legal jeopardy.
    Psychedelics will be a legal quagmire for decades to come, so be careful.
    You're brainstorming the very cutting edge. The problem is that it might take several decades before some of that stuff become viable. Seizing on trends is tricky business because you don't want to be too late, but you also don't want to be too early. You need to time it just right.
    If you could predict what will happen next, you could become a millionaire or a billionaire. But if your predictions are wrong, you could end up broke or in jail.
    The future for psychedelics is enormous. But just how long it will take for that flower to bloom, I don't know. It might take awhile. Maybe late in our lifetime it will happen.

  7. How to stay positive when son likely has COVID
    How to stay positive when son likely has COVID
    Surrender and forgiveness

  8. 6 years of self-actualization was a waste of time
    6 years of self-actualization was a waste of time
    Firstly, it wasn't a waste of time. The lessons you learned will serve you for the rest of your life. It will keep paying dividends.
    Secondly, it's important to do this work without making it a chore. It has to align with your passions. Don't do it if you aren't passionate about.
    It sounds like this work is too advanced for you. You probably have lower stages of the Spiral to work on, which means Tier 1 teachings like basic self-help, biz, relationships, etc.
    You won't be able to go for advanced spiritual work unless you take care of your more basic desires and burn through some karma.
    The stuff I teach nowadays is extremely advanced and not suitable for many people who struggle with meeting basic needs.
    Thirdly, there are much worse ways you could have used your time.
    Fourthly, don't underestimate how much you grew in those 6 years. It's easy to forget how ignorant, selfish, and foolish you were back them. Growth happens and is then taken for granted.
    Fifthly, you are allowed to have friends and relationships.

  9. Methods for becoming a millionaire
    Methods for becoming a millionaire
    No, not necessarily.
    It's possible for you to generate a lot of value for the world using your labor and creativity.
    Wealth is not a zero-sum game. Society is constantly getting wealthier as a whole.
    You can invent a new product or start a new business which adds genuine value to mankind, thus generating wealth. This doesn't just benefit you, it can benefit mankind and your employees.
    For example, if I didn't create Actualized.org, then it would not exist and people would not get the educational value they get from it. I would be much less wealthy and you guys would also be worse off. The wealth it generates for me is a fraction of the value is adds to mankind.

  10. Are girls less horny than men?
    Are girls less horny than men?
    I've experimented with sexual hypnosis. I made my ex-girlfriend have a minute-long orgasm via skype just by talking to her, no touching.
    I can make a girl have a deeper orgasm via text message than she's ever had with a guy in real life.
    Amazing things are possible if you take your sex seriously.

  11. Methods for becoming a millionaire
    Methods for becoming a millionaire
    The point of being rich is having it be a reflection of how much value and love you provide the world.
    Being rich comes naturally once you turn yourself into a massive value provider. Then your riches are not about taking from others but giving to others.
    Give so much of yourself that you never have to worry about money again. That is my attitude.

  12. Methods for becoming a millionaire
    Methods for becoming a millionaire
    But be careful that in making your million you don't sell your soul to the devil.
    It's relatively easy to make a million.
    It's much harder to do it without resorting to devilry.
    Most millionaires are devils.

  13. How Are You Communicating On This Forum??? (Mind Blowing Model) (Intention Of Commu..
    How Are You Communicating On This Forum??? (Mind Blowing Model) (Intention Of Commu..
    @Cykaaaa@The observer
    Materialist = Spiral Dynamics stage ORANGE person.
    Example: An imaginary dialogue between Leo Gura and a materialist. 
    Leo Gura: On psychedelics, you can begin to see that everything is conscious and that you are connected to everything.
    Materialist: *intention to better understand* But Leo couldn't that just be the effect of your brain experiencing the psychedelic compound as the neurotransmitter oxytocin. It is known that oxytocin is the bonding chemical, so couldn't your perception of "everything is connected" be explained by that perceived increase in oxytocin? 
    Materialist: *intention to bond with Leo + to better understand* What you're saying is truly magical! I agree with you, that is what appears to be the case, however I have a question, couldn't your perception of "everything is connected" be explained by the psychedelic compound mimicking the neurotransmitter oxytocin? I'm not saying you're wrong I just want to see what you think. Anyways thanks for even sharing these wonderful insights! You're the best ❤️
    Materialist: *intention to prove Leo wrong* Leo, you're blind to the reality that this experience of connection is simply because the psychedelic compound mimics the neurotransmitter oxytocin. This means that when you experience everything as bonded and connected its because your neurotransmitters make you feel that way.
    Materialist: *Intention to conform + to better understand* Yes, on psychedelics everything seems connected I agree with you, however maybe this connectedness could be a result of the psychedelics mimicking oxytocin...I'm not sure though.
    Materialist: *intention to dominate Leo* What are you a fucking idiot? Woo-woo piece of shit. You just want to believe that because you're an emotional little snowflake. The reality is that psychedelic compounds mimic the neurotransmitter oxytocin and that tricks you into thinking everything is connected. Pathetic girly snowflake.
    Same idea, different intention. Same world view, different intention. 
    Fundamentally the "OTHER" (opposite of "SELF") oriented intentions of communication (SECOND and FOURTH) seek to agree so they will not be manifest in a form of confrontation. FOURTH seeks to agree and connect/bond and SECOND seeks to agree and conform. 

  14. Passion- What are your passions in life? (Life is AMAZING!)
    Passion- What are your passions in life? (Life is AMAZING!)
    Hey everyone, 
    The last few days on here haven't been exactly all about loving life and embracing life post-awakening, I saw a recent post by Leo about falling in love with life and finding passions outside of Spirituality/ Consciousness Work/ Reality etc
    When seeking it's easy to drop ALL hobbies and outside interests, sometimes even necessary for a while. Just like when starting a new business or relationship that tends to take centre stage for a while, however, I feel Passion is such a valuable thing to develop in life, learning to love life and cultivating your passion for interests and hobbies and even your career is like having the key to a never-ending road to bliss, happiness, and joy!
    So, this is all about discussing our passions with each other, and potentially helping others find their own passion and love for LIFE! 
    Life is so fucking beautiful and amazing and everyone deserves to experience an amazing and passion-filled life!
    And, before we start I'm of course not saying don't have a passion for Awakening/Spirituality etc, however, your seeking journey will come to an end eventually (hopefully) of course integration and living the understanding goes on forever, but I know many of us don't want to just become monks or stare at a wall forever, and many of us are already in love with life, so this is all about sharing and cultivating that love for life! In my experience, awakening has only deepened my love for life and my own passions.
    One last thing- Of course a passion for truth and awakening is fucking amazing, it allows us to find out the truth of our own being, and discover the absolute happiness and peace  inherent in this and WAYY more, so just want to make it clear I'm not for one second saying stop spirituality or anything like that!
    Anyways these are some of my passions- 
    Sport- Ever since I was young I LOVED sport, I remember day after day just going out and playing football for hours and hours on end, it was my first love! (Outside of junk food, I still managed to be a fat kid lol) I still love football more than ever to do this day and watch every Liverpool game every weekend, although now I play a lot more cricket, every Saturday and Sunday in summer for 4 months, it's amazing! It's also incredibly social after the games which is an added bonus, and it's a great community to be a part of. Also, when I do play PS4 it tends to only be Fifa or sports games lol, I guess I'm pretty weird like that.
    Business/ Sales- I've always wanted to run my own business, however when I got interested in spirituality I thought they were mutually exclusive. How wrong I was! Simply it meant evolving my business to come from a place of love and focus firstly on serving the customer and making them happy, not solely on money. Fusing spirituality with business has been one of my greatest joys and I wake up and get excited to work every single day right now, it's so fun! Most people find it weird that I actually like writing copy and running ads, but we're all different I guess. 
    Health/ Fitness (Feeling AMAZING) - Acne was what got me truly into health and fitness, my spots were terrible. It led me to going Vegan and in the last year my research and knowledge has deepened so much, and there is still endless amounts to learn in this domain of life. I LOVE learning new things that improve my health and naturally make me feel amazing, it is just such a great interest of mine, and I will forever be a student of health! I guess personal development falls under this category as well which I love! 
    I also LOVE helping people in any way I can, so if they are unhealthy help them sort their diet out, or if they want to play sport help them get started, or if their business is struggling help them there etc, it gives a feeling like no other  
    I'd say these are my main 3. I love to do other things such as hang out with GF/ Friends/ Family, Listen to music, go partying/ raving occasionally, watch incredible TV shows/ Movies etc, but I'm not sure it's fair to call things like that a passion, more just enjoyable things I like to do from time to time. 
    So what are all your guys passions in life, and if you don't have any explain why and I'm sure we can help cultivate that love for life that is longing to be expressed!

  15. Is having a relationship someting that should be avoided long term?
    Is having a relationship someting that should be avoided long term?
    If anything, deepen your relationships and bond more.
    But also do consciousness work, and fold it into your relationship.
    Spirituality deepens relationships.

  16. Spiritual Channeling: How do I become a Medium?
    Spiritual Channeling: How do I become a Medium?
    Psychics and mediums are usually born that way. They have special brains/minds that allow them to do it. Of course you can try to train it up somewhat, but usually you need that psychic foundation already in place.
    I have discover psychedelics which allow me to channel Infinite Intelligence using English. It's basically like the voice of God.
    I've met quite a few psychics and healers. Almost all of them were born with such abilities or it was turned on in them at some point in their life without them asking for it. It is a talent/gift. Most of them had it since they were children. So I'm not sure how far you can get through training alone. But I also know that training can be important for activating the full potential of such abilities. Sometime these abilities lie dormant until activated.

  17. David Goggins
    David Goggins
    Guys, don't feel bad for studying Blue/Orange material if that's what stage you're at. I did a lot of that for years.
    I got nothing against you studying that stuff. Just don't expect me to dive in with you. I have other priorities.
    You also don't need my opinion on things. Follow your heart.

  18. Going Undercover On Dating App As A Girl (How The Dating Scene Effects Women)
    Going Undercover On Dating App As A Girl (How The Dating Scene Effects Women)
    It's a two-way street.
    Hot girls are confident and cocky because guys have been drooling over them for years, and they know it. So of course that gives them confidence. They can afford to take the buyer frame because they have leverage (their hot looks). They use it like currency.
    Then again, lots of hot girls also have low self esteem. It's twisted. A lot of that confidence is fake and skin deep.

  19. Going Undercover On Dating App As A Girl (How The Dating Scene Effects Women)
    Going Undercover On Dating App As A Girl (How The Dating Scene Effects Women)
    Guys who buy into Red Pill have been hurt and wounded. What they lack is love. So they lash out and create ideologies to armor their wounds.

  20. Going Undercover On Dating App As A Girl (How The Dating Scene Effects Women)
    Going Undercover On Dating App As A Girl (How The Dating Scene Effects Women)
    See this was a valid, interesting experiment. A lot of people who completely buy into The Red Pill content, take what you just said as an ideology of how evil women supposedly are. 

  21. Its all pointless.
    Its all pointless.
    Good, although still a bit vague. Drill down into it.
    What's the most meaningful way to entertain and grow people?
    What's the connection between entertainment and growth?

  22. LSD Breakthrough (3 Tabs) - 3 Hours of Full Non-Duality. Best Exp of Entire Life
    LSD Breakthrough (3 Tabs) - 3 Hours of Full Non-Duality. Best Exp of Entire Life
    @electroBeam If you do meditation properly it will definitely rewire your brain. There's no maybe about it. The maybe is in your technique and rigor of practice. If your rigor is crap then your results will be iffy.
    The brain can be trained just like a muscle. But you have to flex it.

  23. Its all pointless.
    Its all pointless.
    But if you only have 1 passion in life, to me that means something is wrong. Out of all this stuff you can do in life, you're only passionate about 1 thing??? This is so limited. You should have more passions than you have time in the day to follow up on them.
    Imagine if someone only had 1 favorite video game and refused to play any others. We'd think this is so limited and sad. That's my reaction when someone says they only have 1 passion.

  24. Its all pointless.
    Its all pointless.
    Now you're talking about mastery. Mastery requires focus, yes. But even so, you can master a few things in life.

  25. Its all pointless.
    Its all pointless.
    Without passions, what will you do once you awaken?
    You see, after awakening life still continues. Chop wood, carry water, follow your passions.
    There's really no good alternative to following your passions. The alternative is a dull life.
    Do not make the mistake of thinking that passion and awakening are somehow mutually exclusive. Just the opposite! The greatest spiritual masters are passionate people! And their passion is not limited to teaching or talking about reality.
    This is why my LP Course is still valid, even if you pursue enlightenment.