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  1. https://projects.propublica.org/docdollars/ Very shocking but also not surprising
  2. Does anyone have experience with this? I read the book that Leo recommended, which was helpful but didn't have anything practical. Can someone point me to a resource?
  3. Like if you go for travelling do you just not do you habits or do you do a minimum? What about 10-30 day meditation retreats? Do you keep them going there? I'm afraid of losing my habits
  4. Thought this was beautiful because on the internet I saw lots of videos about how to profit from coronavirus This one was instead using corona virus to practice kindness and community I thought this was green because of his passion to include and understand all races with a lack of understanding of how people could be "racist"
  5. to me it sounds like this chapter has come to its close and its no longer fulfilling like it used to be. check out leo's 4 phases of life video
  6. if warren dropped out bernie would have won
  7. ignore the title, but this is sort of what you're experiencing right now you deserve kindness and love in this moment. that will heal you i went to noah elkrief's self worth workshop on sunday. it was so counterintuitive. basically, not fighting yourself and allowing yourself to be actually allows for change. when you're hating on yourself you create all this tension and negative energy and it makes it so much harder to grow. giving yourself love and kindness removes a lot of the negative energy and you are much freer to create in that space
  8. Check out her instagram: Her quotes are more or less my direct experience and worth exploring as a perspective https://instagram.com/tealswanofficial?igshid=1vefr5794taa1
  9. Or did shampoo companies sell us that it was a bad thing to sell us products? Does anyone have any insight on this
  10. Upwork (freelancing), fiverr(freelancing), online arbitrage, garage sale reselling are some easyish options Imo with fulltime work, anyone can do 6 figures in a year if they have the proper vision
  11. I am very interested in politics and also very interested in helping bernie sanders get elected (I think I will have a legitimate impact because he has won an election before by just 10 votes, so the election can be very close) I am also very clueless on many issues with very little understanding Where can I start and how can I start to educate myself? Currently I'm interested in a non biased, truthful approach
  12. Leo's supplement video Works just as Leo described it Where you are, it provides a nice cognitive boost. It's subtle, it took me many many tries to finally become conscious of the effects But i've so far experienced: Good productivity -> Amazing productivity Bad productivity -> Good productivity (many times) A boost in mood, clarity of thought, and consciousness Feels non-addictive and non-dependent like 8.5/10. TRY IT
  13. How is it possible to give someone advice when you dont know what you dont know? Theres just too much to know in this world and always more to know so by giving advice, if that person takes it as absolute truth without any testing, they're gonna shoot themselves in the foot. Do I just give the advice?? Something is better than nothing I guess cuz otherwise they're stuck with the same issue? For ex, Leo's earlier videos were all about success. So many who watches that get sucked into that paradigm without being able to see other paradigms
  14. Some people have a lot of pent up feelings in them which causes suffering A safe space allows people to bring up these bottled up feelings and experience relief from this pain of not feeling understood, alone, or rejected. It's like therapy, and mutual support. Like helping each other up. The need to be comforted, loved, understood can be extremely healing. It's actually incredibly powerful but a trap is that you find comfort with other people and never get to the root cause
  15. @bejapuskas im like incredibly shocked that twitch is resonating with this guy... he had 20k viewers with lilypichu yesterday and twitch is pretty hard orange!! but i think it has to do with people being depressed and being open to any sort of help. he is 100% helping the twitch community into higher consciousness. makes me incredibly happy
  16. "does expressing things with compassion make people re-evaluate their position on a topic?" A resounding Yes.
  17. phenomenal post
  18. If you go with university, do survey this field well and see if the university includes what you desire, and give you what you need/want for the future There are many effective, if not more effective options than going to university Where I grew up there was and still is a massive dogma around getting a degree being the only/best way to succeed in life. So if you avoid those traps that will be good That being said, right now is a great time to become an entrepreneur as resources (information and aid) are abundant, as well the as ease of creating one (cheap and quick to test). That's an option if you're interested I have a gut feeling that university won't fulfill your desires Some career options are: Life coach, a healing teacher, yoga teacher, chiropractor, or virtually any type of service field. These is always abundant opportunity in these areas You can also find communities that better suit your interests
  19. When I started to see people as just human, and just like me, relating to people became much easier. How to make this a permanent state is something I'm working out now
  20. Whatre your thoughts on reverse racism? My sister, cousin and their friends perceive every negative action done by a white person to them as racism (they are minorities) and then they call the white person bad, racist people which ironically that assumption itself which is racist... because sometimes there arent any factors that automatically signal that it was racism
  21. Do not neglect your life
  22. @Leo Gura how would you define a really good one?
  23. solid stuff. but i fell into the trap of just writing this stuff down and making dream board instead of truly committing with my being. like writing stuff down and making dream boards was enough. but these dream boards and words, are only tools to help you get you to where you want to go. just a caution