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  1. Link to take the test: https://s.surveyanyplace.com/s/saafe




    Among the many mentors I'm subscribed to on youtube (Leo Gura included) one of them recently released a Self-Awareness test after having gone quiet on youtube for several months, apparently with Spiral Dynamics integrated into the the test. Seemed interesting so I tried it out.

    I found it was well made enough that it's worth sharing here to see what you guys think.

    My experience with the test and the manual:

    The test took me around 50 minutes to answer.At the beginning of the test it said it was deliberately designed for your interpretation so I kept that in mind, so as not to answer questions too literally. At some point during the test there was a slider you have to move across the screen that I did not know was even there so, make sure you don't get stuck on that.

    You can take the test anonymously. You have to fill out a form, but it lets you leave most of it blank. The questions were pretty clear and easy to answer, I was pleasantly surprised of the lack of overly esoteric questions. The most impressive thing however is the manual at the end.

    At the end of the test, I got my own "personalized" PDF document manual, explaining what each component and sub component of each spiral dynamics level meant in relation to the scores I got in each spiral dynamic level. The entire thing is basically a 52 page self-awareness manual telling you EXACTLY where in your life you are lacking.

    This is the table of contents.



    This is an example of what your overall score in Stage beige (I just changed the numbers in photo-shop for my own privacy's sake)




    This is an example of the different sub component scores that make up the overall scores for beige.




    This is the page explaining which each one means.




    I have not studied the original Spiral Dynamics works but from reading through the entire manual myself, this seems to be about the most comprehensive and clear spiral dynamics test I have took so far, with all the spiral dynamic stages, including coral. This is pretty brilliant.

    OVERALL Pro's and Con's:



    -You can it anonymously

    -Clear questions

    -Comprehensive Manual

    -Quick to take


    -Seems to have integrated elements from many different sources, including Jordan Peterson, Ken Wilber, Claire Graves and Don Beck etc


    -Possible lack of questions determining certain metrics.

    -Results can be skewed depending on what mood your in when taking the test?


    I'd really like to see more test's like these. Tell me what you guys think, of if you can recommend other tests, I'd love to try them out. I feel like someone could make a test based off Leo's new video on the point of life, I don't know, tell me what you think.





  2. 3 hours ago, ZZZZ said:

    Just wanted to chime in and point out that 10 miles @ 50 mph is roughly a 20 minute drive, which is inconvenient, but fairly reasonable. Sticking to a full body routine would mean you only need to be in the gym a few times a week. Compound exercises such as bench press, overhead press, squat, and dead lift should be your priorities to build a base of strength, and then you can worry about size. The only way you will gain any weight is if you eat a lot of food.  

    Thank you. 

  3. 21 hours ago, Ingit said:

    Hi everyone.  I been meditating for quite a while more than 6 months. My everyday turns out to be so anxious so so so anxious continually worried about my eye conditions(have Keratoconus and experience floaters in my eye too), Bein telling myself that it is, i have it, I feel like I don’t accept what I have... and that what makes me so uncomfortable throughout day,, I study, I want to study with full knterest and hardwork but there is still internal burden of non acceptance and non forgiveness going on inside me and complaining of what I have... Been telling myself that it is what I have conditioned myself... I feel powerless and hopeless...also thinking about how other people have such a perfect life...

    Get in contact with TJ Reeves, ask for his foundations course.

    Apply it,

  4. 17 hours ago, kieranperez said:

    I don't have a problem with TJ. I reached out to him one time on Instagram and he went out of his way to give a lot of advice which I appreciated a lot. I made a critique on his take on Spiral Dynamics on the forum here and how I don't agree that much with it then he went off on me on Instagram and I think he blocked me or something and after that he started doing all the trash talking he does of Ralston, Leo, so on and so on and how he's mastered all this stuff before the age of 25 which, no matter how you slice it, is boloney. I'm sure he's a cool guy and everything, but that whole 20 year old arrogance (and I'm 23 keep in mind) is something I don't buy. In fact, arrogance regardless of the age. I don't know if what he's doing is really legitimate or honest though (that's just my skepticism but hey, hopefully I'm wrong and maybe he does radically change the world for the better. If he does, glad I'm wrong). What you see on camera and all that talk doesn't mean that person is actually implementing in their own life or even has implemented in their own life. Don't talk a good game. Show me your game. I have yet to see his game (as an athlete, consciousness, etc.). 

    As far as the solo retreat, I do want to do that. I honestly just want to camp somewhere in isolation for a week (and I work at REI so I could get stuff cheap) or so but the problem is that I no longer have a car. I certainly can't at home because I don't live on my own. I live with my dad and brother who never leave home. 

    I think it's worth a shot.

    I know it's hard, but I would not take him blocking you to personally. 

    I think you would get a lot out of his Foundations course. If you want , I could try talk to him and get you unblocked and access to the course for free to help with your struggle and get your shit together. No promises though, I'll have to see what he says.

    I would not get stuck in the skeptic mindset. Do I know his true intentions? No. But it's worth a shot, and it does not cost me much. Overanalysing will not. Investigation through experience WILL HELP, I highly recommend you do this with TJ's foundations course, which is basically about getting your shit together and it would suit you PERFECTLY. I believe it is free.

    It can be difficult to fall into the trap of assuming something is to good to be true. Be careful. I'm not saying I know TJ is 100% legit, but what he has to say is worth investigating. Who cares that your theory of spiral dynamics clashed with his? It does not matter, it does not help. It's no ones fault.

    You have to ground yourself in the practice,

    Mind, Body, Relationships, Business.

    Are you attending to any of these 4 pillars properly? If your not, of course your suffering.

    If you want to voice chat we can talk on discord or snapchat.

    You should be skeptical of your own skepticism. The best course of action is to investigate with direct experience thoroughly to find what true.

    If you take TJ Reeves foundations course , and LITERALLY apply what he says, you will get your shit sorted, and your life will improve. I have not taken action on it yet, but it is CLEAR to me, to what I must do. AND if I do these things, my life will improve. 100% guaranteed

    That being said. I'm 17. I am lazy, and I need to get my shit together. It saddens me to hear of the abuse you have had to endure. I have great hope for you. I'd give you a big hug if you were here right now. I hope you find peace on your journey. Feel free to contact me, if you ever fall into serious financial difficulties, I'll spare what I can. ( I don't have much)

    I believe and you.

    And please, if your angry at TJ , forgive him. I want you to succeed, he wants you to succeed. So what if he seems arrogant. He's offering a helping hand, like Leo, to ME , and to YOU. Take it. Please. I beg of you. 



  5. 17 hours ago, ULFBERHT said:


    When I graduated high school, I was about your size. 135lbs pounds with no muscle mass and a small appetite. Then, I started power lifting. Within a few months, I put on nearly forty pounds. I didn't get fat, either. Now mind you, I wasn't shredded, but I put on quality mass in a very short amount of time and got significantly stronger. That's how newbie gains work.

    Here's what you do:

    Keep riding your bike to the gym, but ride as fast as you can. High intensity cardio is more anabolic than low intensity cardio, so make the most of it by hauling ass back and forth.

    Once you get to the gym, do exercises that focus on the barbell lifts - squats, dead lifts, bench presses, over head presses, and barbell rows. Do calisthenics if you want as accessory work, but calisthenics are difficult to push volume on after a while. It's easier to achieve progressive overload with barbells because adding weight is easy.

    Start with those workouts 3-4 times a week.

    Now, your nutrition: for 3-4 meals a day, whether you're hungry or not, here's what you eat :

    1. Meat or eggs, with a glass of whole milk

    2. A healthy carb like brown rice

    3. A vegetable and a fruit

    4. Finish the meal with a protein shake

    DO NOT WORRY ABOUT GETTING FAT AT THIS POINT. JUST LIFT AND EAT. Someone may see this post and say this isn't necessarily healthy. That person is a pussy who has never lifted a barbell. You can worry about your abs later after you get some muscle and strength under your belt.

    I did a routine like this for many years. As I mentioned, I put on size quickly, and a few years after that, I was over two hundred pounds and dead lifting 500 pounds like it was fucking nothing.

    It can be done.

    Thank you for this.

    Do you have any tips on how to not have to constantly go for a shit due to the increased food? At what times should I eat such that I'm not going to have to go for a shit in a field mid cycle. How much water did you drink and how often did you not to go for a shit a day?

    Go faster? Really? Would it not me drain me more for my workout?

  6. 11 hours ago, Eric Tarpall said:

    I know you probably think that I'm too negative. And if I keep developing myself there will eventually be a girl who will like me. I buy into that. But I've decided that I don't want to change my personality to get a girl. My personality is very anti social. And I like being that way.

    I like shy girls but I'm not compatable with them because they want me to do the approaching. So the only way for me to get a girl is if she approaches me and flirts with me. And then I will feel comfortable reciprocating. But that's never going to happen. It might happen but hoping and waiting creates a lot of suffering. 

    So my question is how do I accept that I'm never going to have a girlfriend?


    I want you to get into contact with TJ Reeves on Instagram. He perhaps can provide you with some help.


     Take this assessment (he made it with his team)


    Once you have done it, message him and tell him you have taken the test and would like to do a C.O.D.E briefing session with him.

    He will schedule a time for you to have the session via some video call service. If you don't have a webcam use your phone.

    With the the help of the assessment you took he will be able to help you get your shit together and start living the good life.

    If you watch Leo's weekly uploads, you should watch his channels uploads too.

    I WANT you to do this. THIS WILL CHANGE YOU.

    No. I don't have a girlfriend. I have not tried hard enough. I have not push outside of comfort zone enough.

    Do not wait for something to happen. It's up to you. 


    You need to stop being the biggest bully to yourself.

    "I'm never going to have a girlfriend?" 

    Lies. I believe in you. I don't know much. Message me and I'll do the best I can to help you out. The main thing is to get in contact with TJ and have a code briefing session. It will change your life if you are willing






  7. 6 hours ago, Matt8800 said:

    Im almost 50 now. When I was in my 20s, I took testosterone for 60 days and put on a lot of muscle mass. I kept about 75% of it after I stopped taking it (I kept working out about 30 min 4x week). One of the best health decisions Ive made.

    If you do something like this, DO NOT abuse it and keep doing it. Educate yourself. It should only be done for health reasons, not vanity.

    Did you how Low T?

    From skimming around youtube and the internet,from what I gathered from skimming around was that steroids cause permanent long-term damage and decrease longevity. Which puts me off doing them entirely. Stuff life it perma damaging your kidney.

    I did not do too much research. Is this true or does it depend? Whats your experience.

  8. I am 17 and 125lbs. I have a small appetite. I live in a rural area. My nearest gym is 10 miles away. It's not a nice flat urban 10 miles, lots of up elevation changes, going up hills, and down hills, varying in steepness.It's cold, it's wet, the roads are shit, the drivers can be careless. 

    I want to gain weight and muscle mass (hypertrophy).

    I said I was going to go to the gym this summer, after 4 days, I gave up, my body ached. The journey sucked. I gave up

    Cycling for me takes 50 minutes to get there. (So it takes 50 minutes of cycling each way) .Walking takes 2 hours (each way). I hate the cycling , not sure if it was just my untrained body, but it was tough on my quads, and they felt weaker everyday I did it, during that summer I did cycle down to my local town (20 minutes cycle away) quite frequently and it sucked.

    I'm considering making a home gym for this reason.

    Or, should I just tough it out?

    As it is my appetite is small, It is hard for to eat a lot, further more the cycling burns a minimum of 500 calories.

    There is no excuses, I know if I had to, I could cook up a big batch of rice and carry it with me alongside water and some olive oil in a rucksack. Run the 10 miles there. Do my workout for an 1 hour. Run 10 miles back. 5 days a week. (Or cycle, but with the elevation changes and bendy, shitty roads, it sucks equally, just takes less time)

    Is there any benefit of me making that commute just to get to the gym in order to gain muscle mass? I'm not anti-cardio, but fuck me, seems like it would be considerably easier to get a home gym.

    I'm not sure what to do. I think the most efficient option would to get some dumbbells and a bench instead of having to haul ass 20 miles to gym, 10 miles each way.

    I live in Ireland? If anyone has any good links to weight sets I could buy from amazon (amazon.co.uk that is) is some other UK/Eurpeon website feel free. I feel like my progress with Calisthenics is to slow.

    Has anyone have any experience in gaining weight and muscle mass. I'm a skinny guy and weak. This needs to be fixed. What is the best equipment I could get without having to spend a shit-ton?







  9. Ground Looser my brother. Put this thread in the Self-Actualized subsection instead of this one, a lot more people will see it there.

    @Leo Gura @Emerald @Joseph Maynor @Shin @Shiva @K VIL @Truth Help a brother out.

    In standing up to my parents. I found it useful to all the way when standing up to them. For example, if they ask for your phone, refuse to give them your phone. In your case, refuse to give her the keys, see if she calls the cops. Don't be afraid of that, let her do that.

    The key is FIGHT not flight.

    If they shout at you, roar back as loud and as intimidatingly as you can (put on you f*cking war voice) in order to get them to leave you alone.  Do not start arguments, with every new interaction with them, always be calm, but if they "start" on you, by being negative, kick in your war voice. "ARE YOU F*CKING STARTING ON ME?" 

    Take my advice with a pinch of salt, I'll go into detail later, cant right now.

    I hope you find peace on your journey.

    If you need someone to talk to, add me on snapchat: lorcandbanter

    or even message me on this forum.

  10. 14 hours ago, ajasatya said:

    @Max_V well, i haven't watched a single video from leo in more than 1 year i think.

    seek your happiness. this is the ultimate goal... never forget about it.

    you don't need to fit any external standard. you're completely free every second. can you realize that?


    14 hours ago, Leo Gura said:

    That is a bannable offense.




  11. What TJ Reeves says about integrating stage red.


    Red is NOT an unhealthy stage. NO stages are inherently unhealthy. YOU choose whether or not to integrate a stage in a Healthy or unhealthy manor.

    Red is about power. Red is about not being a coward. What makes a coward is making the wrong choice in the face of fear, and fear is falsehood. Falsehood must be OBLITERATED. Red HAS A CLEAR purpose with his life. Red is not afraid to be gritty and aggressive in the face of fear. Red gets out there and gets after it, his goal, which SHOULD involve being more loving.

    A Red exercises willpower to be excellent in order to dominate in order to win. This is an ACTIVE thing, NOT a passive thing.

    Red is about picking something and sticking with it. Red is about fighting. NOT constantly surrendering and being passive. 


    Take this with a pinch of salt. I do not really know. Nor do I embody it. (Which I should embody it, it's fucking hard.)

  12. 15 hours ago, brugluiz said:

    Interesting. I need this Red fuel again. I had it a lot when I was a teen, but lost it with Blue, Orange and even Green teachings. I think a lot of problems that Green people have is that they don't want to embody Red, Blue and Orange lessons.

    Take what I said lightly. I am not sure of it , and I do not embody it. Not yet. It takes work which I have not put in.

  13. The sort of attitude here, if you can feel it,

    I have a bare bones understanding of Spiral Dynamics, only drawing from Leo's videos and TJ Reeves video regarding it.


    "Red can just be anyone who feels little empathy and will actively hurt others on an impulse to get what they want as morally repugnant as that sounds, there are still qualities about red (and purple mentioned previously) to be integrated."

    It is not necessarily morally repugnant, it depends on what one wants. 

    The lesson to be learned is to be Aggressive, not passive. By being to passive, you let all kind of evil to run rampant in this reality, and I suppose being to Aggressive is what creates all sorts of evil in the first place. Power comes from a place of dominance which is attained through being Aggressive, not by being passive. Passivity has it's own place. 

    Red needs to be fully integrated. Red is the fuel of Hero's. People think Aggressiveness is bad, I would say it depends where that aggressiveness is directed and to what extent. If it is directed to the right fight you have a powerful force.


  14. Something I discovered while I was feeling really stressed is intense heavy deliberate breathing while doing a full back bridge stretch. Also affirming I am god and that "All the worlds strength and power rests inside me" affirmation nahm told me to to do a couple of years ago. It works, also affirm "Nothing is impossible to him who will try" , get yourself in that hype mood.

    Also, breathing in out in such a way that you are attempting to make your nose clear, helps if you head is tilted slightly up while doing it, put you hand over one nostril such you are only blowing out of one nostril and blow as hard as you can. The goal is the clear as much mucus as possible, if any matter at all comes out it's working, get it the point where the air comes in out so easily as if it were a clear pipe.

    Do this in the cold for extra energy, I remember doing various bio-energetic stretch exercises out in the cold , and it works.


  15. 1 hour ago, Hellspeed said:

    Red is the way to fly oh yes.

    I appreciate the sarcasm, perhaps you misunderstand what I mean.

    I have said I do not advocate the shadow red, I advocate red in order to raise consciousness. Un-healthy or shadow red can spoil everything else no?

    Same with beige, if your eating a bunch of junk, but your a master in stage yellow, you'll get fucked up at some point due to your bad health. (Which beige is responsible for no?)

  16. 3 hours ago, Shin said:

    There is nothing more to understand than what you said.

    You just don't accept it.

    More videos won't change that ?

    I will accept it.

    What do you mean there is nothing more to understand? How can god make thing happen simultaneously, yet at the same time, what Leo said about all experience ending is not true???

    More videos will change that.