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  1. Lol this ENTIRE POST just shows how little consciousness work you do. I'm not dismissing your points! you don't have to repeat them! At this point I'm just distracting you from turning inward to realize what I'm trying to point you to so I'm just gonna stop. Good luck Source_Mystic Here's a good video to help you see what I'm pointing at if you're curious.
  2. I do my usual daily hour meditation, and to be honest I'm not 100% focused on self inquiry, I'm still honing in on my top 10 values, following my purpose and building skills, everything has it's place in due time I'm happy with what I'm doing for sure but I always know there's more improvement to be made feels like this lol
  3. Yeah, it just feels like it's all preaching to the choir at this point, beating a dead horse. I still do my daily meditation and contemplation/self inquiry, I'd just really like to get a hold of some psychedelics, which I'm working on.
  4. LOL please tell me more about what Leo has the right to do, I needed to be made very, very, very clear of the rules there. you're not asking for honesty, you're asking Leo to conform to your own PERSONAL rules and values upon reality. These aren't FACTS, they're only FACTS for YOU! And you're pushing this on Leo! You've already made the community aware and yet you see that Leo isn't conforming and it's perturbing you. What does "lack of oxygen is the mechanism that is causing the effects" have to do with growth? NADA. What does it have to do with Truth? only your scientific dogmas apparently.
  5. That's true. Still love that quote though "thought is always saying that thought didn't do it."
  6. I don't know if I just need to empty my cup but at this point in my development this stuff feels like a record player on repeat, especially over the last year.
  7. @batfly Also the guy in the video sounds exactly like palpatine LOL
  8. I feel like this is from a real post lol @blazed LOL laughed my ass of at that one
  9. meanwhile @Source_Mystic: "Leo should correct his errors, Leo should tell his community, Leo should make choices based on truth, Leo is a hypocrite, Leo shouldn't avoid this. " I bet you couldn't watch this whole thing without feeling disgusted inside. @Nahm you're welcome again lol
  10. it's his own personal projections. He's not self reflecting. It's not about us or Leo at all.
  11. So, I have yet to post my experience, I guess you could say I had some really important shifts, although, I never got like amazing, psychedelic shifts but still really important things from this. some insights --> - my first time doing it was pretty stark, I put on my playlist that I use to help me think and get me in touch with my emotions. --> I did end up crying, a lot actually. This was the first time, after it was over my body felt complete utter peace, like I could just sit in the lotus position all day until I fell asleep. that was great. but I want to talk about my experience when I decided to drink and try this, and I know, not exactly the best idea but I was curious and my intuition was telling me to try it out because I didn't think a lot of people would try it while being drunk and to me that was worth writing here about. My intent with the alcohol was purely for spiritual growth. Nothing else. So here's what I did, over the hour I was making mixed drinks until I started to feel like "Okay, this is the state of being drunk I'm looking for." just a little bit more than tipsy, I made in total 3 cocktails over the hour of 2oz of gin for each drink. so I got drunk and it was time to sit down and do the technique. I got comfortable, put on my music and started it. within about 5 minutes I was already tapping into my emotions, I wanted to go as deep as I could, I started to dig into my past of how I've ended up where I am today and how if I could of have had a little more confidence, strength and perseverance how different my life would be. This time I'd cried harder than I have ever before. almost made it difficult to continue the technique, but I kept going, this was at the 20 minute mark. after all the crying, and the thinking of all this, taking all the lessons, there was a huge sigh of relief to just be made aware of this lesson. it showed me the power of courage, strength and the ability to take action, being vulnerable and being uncertain, taking chances. after it was over and the timer was up I just laid there, and eventually passed out. This shamanic/holotropic breathing technique for me has --> - helped me get in touch with my emotions on a very, very deep level. - it's made me more conscious to what my body is doing during sleep. - it's made me more conscious to the power of focusing on your breath to calm yourself down. - it's made me fully realize this principle --> "when you can't control your mind, control your body" and vice versa, getting a direct experience of what that really means. - it's made me more conscious of how my body works and how it copes and deals with things. and I'm looking forward to learning a lot more, glad I learned about this technique.