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  1. Yeah it is a blessing but also I'm talking about vividly remembering peak experiences very vividly that are deep and profound and really something to remember, life changing you know? I get what your sayin', I just dont want to forget the most important things but I realize you just gotta make conscious effort to remember those things. I'm starting to realize this, I realize that I just don't want to miss an ultimately temporary peak experience, I want full conscious awareness of it so I can remember it vividly and feel good about it, help it inspire me etc. thanks for all your answers
  2. Yeah but I'm talking about the things that you forget. Is it possible to never forget anything? and see every waking moment as though you never went to sleep. Like, a dream at night that you don't remember or is very vague, I'm talking about that always being clear instead of vague or foggy or clueless.
  3. I have a good question for you guys to answer that would really help me out. Is it possible for you to remember everything vividly? is that what full consciousness is?
  4. Insecure people by definition are not secure in themselves. to achieve any real success you need integrity and a level of groundedness. Insecure people have baggage that needs to be let go in order to create real serious, focused success.
  5. Let people say they're enlightened, don't be so uptight, do what makes you happy.
  6. You do realize that wasn't her opinion.. it was YOUR opinion and what YOU were reading from her. Look at all the projection you put onto her --> " I constantly felt like she didn't like me. Escalation by touch became impossible. I saw (or thought of seeing) every little detail that showed how she didn't like me and thought I was a looser." and notice how you created your own negative emotion in your self. This is why meditation is so huge, when you see your mind going there you can just TURN IT OFF. Interpretation is everything. If she's out with you, It's safe to assume she's at the very least curious about you. If she continues to go out with you on hang outs or dates within 2-5 dates its safe to say she likes you and it's your job to test how close you can get to her and KNOW that she's comfortable with it and that's something you gotta learn through trial and error. In the beginning you should definitely be focused on having fun and nothing else, anything else is a distraction from fun. keep your focus on fun.
  7. I don't understand why people make these types of posts.. Are they just trying to fulfill their prophecies? Halp? Leo literally just made a video on this.
  8. @Shin I found this meme it reminded me of your post.
  9. @Roman Edouard Well the good news is nihilism is pointless. The bad news is you have an egoic reaction to it. Nihilism is synonymous with Freedom so start to connect the dots and start to see the bigger picture.
  10. Typical noob response.
  11. Maybe you should watch Leos video on skepticism, don't dismiss a worldview just cause you saw 1 little video, Leo has over 150+ hours of content, he covers a lot, not including his course, why don't you watch a couple more and make a post that's actually valuable in some form.
  12. So I just got on the forum and I don't know the guy but what I did notice was a pointless post.