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  1. @sgn haha sweet, yeah he's trying to start a network, Love his content.
  2. I watch Phillip Defranco, that's the only news I watch, 10-15 minute video just to see what's up, but I see for you there's a fear there.
  3. The distinction is what is literally there vs what you think is there. If you go back to flattening the illusion in Leo's Illusory nature of thought video this can help you with separatting truth from appearances as close as you can, but eventually you're gonna have to go beyond that because some things literally can't be described, you'll end up just turning it into something it's not.
  4. Haha I was talking about the meditation hours
  5. @egoless The problem is your projections and conclusions, not the scenarios.
  6. @mathieu if people are rejecting you and hating you or even threatening you there's something DEEP you don't understand about how you come off towards others. NO ONE wants to be told that they're wrong, or that they're ignorant, or anything such as this, and if you come off that way it's clear why people are acting this way. It doesn't even matter if you haven't explicitly told them they are wrong in some way, they can see it in how you act, how you react, how you talk to others, your attitude. On this forum people are more conscious of it, but 99% of other people haven't even thought about these topics, until they do they will live in the default state which is in the reactive state. Look at how you come off. I guarantee you're coming off as dogmatic in SOME way if this is happening to you. It's really a lack of understanding social skills and social interactions.
  7. @Serotoninluv No it's not a waste of time, you can start making greater distinctions within awareness, even help communicate this idea with others, but just always recognize that it's not it, its always a concept used to point at the truth. Clarity is here right now, but are you aware of it? All distinctions collapse into unity or into a paradox, or being, or nothing, because this emptiness is always being occupied by the begging question of "what and why is that?" and then you're stuck in that, and it's infinite.
  8. @Serotoninluv This is good, you’re starting to see what you ACTUALLY FACTUALLY are. But there needs to be an important distinction made, thoughts, ideas, me, you, observer, person, movie, these are all CONCEPTS. These all occupy the space from which you are not. You’re like an open space that notices something within your awareness (feelings, sensations, emotions, colors, visuals) each and every time you posit a concept or idea of what or how you are, you’ve failed. No matter how accurate it is, it will ALWAYS, EVERYTIME, NEVER be the truth. It’s confusing the map for the territory, and when the map get’s so good that you start to confuse it for the territory, you’re lost even deeper. Awareness hasn’t changed since you last saw it, only your perception and positing of it has, and you’re trying to use more words and definitions to describe something that is ultimately, literally not describable, cannot be made “clear” and cannot be “understood”, because anything you or I say it is, it is not. You can’t use words to see yourself, you have to be yourself to see yourself, It’s actually BEING the truth, instead of having an idea of the truth.
  9. Lol a Harley that's an interesting image
  10. @Amit if it's a part of reality, I consider it God. Just the fact I'm conscious of my own existence blows my fkn mind.