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  1. Why do you justify and defend nihilism so much? What has it ever done for you?
  2. Do you know what consistency is? habits? How to build momentum? Do you feel like nothing is possible for you like you won't be able to achieve it? Would you consider yourself as someone who takes 100% responsibility for your life and how it unfolds or do you just blame others? Do you use nihilism as an excuse to not take 100% responsibility? Do you even know what 100% responsibility is and what it entails? Why are you living someone else life and not your own? Do you understand that this is a sign of not taking 100% responsibility?
  3. tell us about your personal life, what do you like? what do you do for fun? Do you have friends? a girlfriend? family? How old are you? Do you work? Where are you from? I'm actually genuinely curious how someone could put themselves in such a mentally stuck situation and so I could avoid how your whole mentality happened in the first place.
  4. Mods can we close this thread? Thanatos is either the biggest troll or has an extreme case of victim mentality that NO ONE will ever be able to help him. I'll let the mods be the judge of that, go look at all his other threads, it's this SAME shit.
  5. You can't help him. Thanatos has created threads like these before to distract himself from doing any real inner work.
  6. ...Then you're gonna stay paralyzed.. There's nothing more to say.
  7. Who said nihilism is true? Do you even contemplate or question anything about your own thought stories? Or are they just absolutely true? Sounds like seriously toxic degrees of stage Blue thinking that you need to start to question.
  8. Other than the internal benefits of curing my neurosis (which you should know about considering your post), I'm less prone to being triggered, manipulated, taken advantage of, duped, pranked or tricked. I'm more internally grounded, confident and more aligned with Truth and who I am. As Leo says in those deception videos --> "You don't need to worry about other deceptions or other people deceiving you, the only way they can trick you is you first need to trick yourself." That's been a huge insight for me.
  9. And I'm sure she got away with it just fine. And this forum can't be a place to be a source that using Duck Duck Go and Tor is how? Where's the line Leo, WHERE'S THE LINE?
  10. You should put out an ad. "only looking to get my D wet, I don't want to hear you talk cause I don't care, so hit me up ladiez " 60% of the time it works every time.
  11. You remind me of Jeffrey Donovan in hitch
  12. You probably have Show Me Your Gentitals Syndrome. This video goes in depth --> Specially the part about them talking.
  13. Reminds me of Anna Breytenbach
  14. For me it was relationship balancing for sure, specifically with longevity/long term stuff.