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  1. So, it's not so much that you see relationships and humans as worthless, it's more that people took advantage of you. You gotta open your heart back up to having real love for yourself and others again. Matt Khan can help show you how to love yourself, what actual love is and how to create it. Also Leo has a video about tapping into unconditional love. If you're feeling any resistance going in this direction, then that's EXACTLY what you need. I'll also add doing some shamanic breath work.
  2. Well there's your problem. did you try to kiss her on the first or second date? if you didn't then you probably fell into the friendzone.
  3. I'm sorry you feel you'd be an inconvenience in someone else's life and they'd be an inconvenience in yours.
  4. There's nothing wrong with getting something out of someone. It only becomes a problem when you neurotically try to control them or over step their bounds.
  5. Then generally no, it depends on the person/situation. If you go out and take action and constantly test those situations and people you'll figure out your answers. You won't find them here on the forum.
  6. Do you feel uncomfortable talking to people?
  7. It's not rude. Not everyone is gonna be jazzed up to talk to you, that's just the reality.
  8. You really don't gotta defend Julien. You can have good intentions and it can still leave collateral damage as what lead to that interview. my fundamental teaching here is that yeah, express yourself. But watch for your potential collateral damage.
  9. If you're seriously considering going that extreme with pickup, find a new hobby. This is what happens when you think success=happiness. In this video he's just deepening his fetish. He starts with just liking tits and ass and eventually leads himself getting into hardcore leather and latex bondage with strap ons and convinces everyone else that this is what it's REALLY about. @Freakrik I think you should re-check your priorities in life and I'm saying this out of honest compassion for you.
  10. Lol the guy literally tells you that you're not gonna be satisfied with his style and drama game and you still want to know if it's good or bad? Is it effective? Well that's for you to try for yourself. Just be mindful of the woman and give a shit.
  11. "So, he's essentially teaching people to play off of those old wounds for their own personal gratification." See, that's what I'm pointing out when I say he neglects teaching the caring side and compassionate side for the woman. "there are just better ways to increase confidence that aren't exploitative of weaknesses and vulnerabilities. " Again, that's exactly what I'm pointing out when I say being non exploitative will just get in the way of them not getting what they want, whether that be the woman or confidence. But that's your typical ruthless stage Orange thinking right there. Not realizing that all these exploitation's of woman will actually not make them happy. and this is what Julien realized after that interview. In this video he sums up that he still wasn't happy even after all his success. He mentions that interview in 2014 and is now finally turning inward, teaching others about turning inward and is now moving into stage Green. So, I'd say definitely focus on his newer stuff @Freakrik
  12. He was called out for this a long time ago. As unethical as he may seem he knows what works. The problem with him is that he neglects the caring side and the compassionate side for other woman because he knows that will just get in the way of one building their confidence, which is REALLY what they need. It's really hard to go to a job and kill chickens when you're also protesting for PETA and he recognizes that, so he gets demonized by all the other stages (as it should be). But I agree that he should incorporate a polyamory mentality in his teachings.
  13. No problem, glad I could help. I just want to add 2 more ways you can really help others that I just discovered and thought I would add. - Match their emotional/passive state and act exactly like them. Not in a mocking way, but in a playful/exaggerated way. so for example with what she said to you. you could say "Yeah fuck those periods, I hate that shit. Happens to me all the time. I mean, I'm a guy, but sometimes I feel like I'm on my period too if you know what I'm sayin'." and if you're in person you can either smile if she smiles, but if she doesn't smile then just continue to play it off, and try to kind of get her to smile with your body language. Do the best you can. - Match their strong/stoic state and act exactly like them. The mentality here is that they are very grounded. Extremely grounded. Everything is very real for them, they are highly conscious of what is most important and they're not going to budge on that. Just be careful with this cause you could come off as competitive to them then they'll try to beat you in some way. Just stay above the game and just treat them like a valuable person or a good friend no matter how much they call you out (messing up), try to mess you up, try to throw you off. Just realize they are there to help you like a good friend would, even if your friend is a bit of a dick lol. Also you can poke and prod at them too if you feel like it just for fun. Hopefully these aren't too abstract but this should help you really give value to everyone you come across even the extreme edge cases (highly emotional/passive people and the overly confident/alpha people)
  14. Stage Orange is ultimately more selfish in it's extremes, stage Green is ultimately more Selfless in it's extremes, that's what they're talking about, and that's a pretty clear distinction to make when it comes to creating a Green type of relationship. Why? Cause one might consider masculine energy to be more egoic and selfish, on the other hand feminine is definitely more selfless. There are important masculine and feminine polarization's at play that people don’t add into the equation. Which is what you were trying to point out here right?--> "How do you know hippies are not actually still orange? Or even blue? With a value system that simply has different content, but the same structure?" And I have to agree 100% with you about what you said with alpha/beta distinction, it is absolutely sensible. They sit on the extremes/polarization's of the masculinity spectrum (alpha/beta) and the extremes/polarization's of the femininity spectrum (submissive/unyielding). To Green they call it bullshit so they can throw out all distinctions in order to get to know everyone on the spiral indiscriminately. But when you do that you don't see your gender role/extreme/masculinity/femininity/polarization's within spiral dynamics and you don't see their polarization's and instead project out creating stereotypes/generalizations that fit within spiral dynamics to justify and dismiss deeper complexities within everyone's genetics/epigenetics. And this leads to interactions turning into a projection game and neither of you are seeing each other's point of view. Which is what looks like is happening here.