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  1. a weak ego is almost directly focused on it's exterior. a stronger ego is a lot less focused on it's exterior and more open. but again it's still ego, and it's still focused on it's exterior.
  2. Consciousness. Especially in the moment when someone or something triggers you or effects you. Notice the thoughts and interpretations going on in your mind and you'll see it for yourself.
  3. @Visitor Haha well you can't really argue with that, you weren't actually there and never experienced it, but you can read about it or hear about it in detailed accounts.
  4. I agree with @ajasatya if you want more concepts and labels keep doing what you’re doing. If you want truth and to truly grasp the significance, grounding it in direct experience it will reveal everything you want to know and without it you'll just be lost in concepts. And that's really the strategy for understanding anything. Especially deep concepts. We’re just pointing at truth with concepts for you to directly experience it.
  5. Yep. This is why we're doing thousands of hours of deep contemplation and self inquiry work. To find out who and what we are existentially. Leo has a good video on the true self that I think could clear a lot of things up for you. The Enlightened (or authentic) Self - A Description of Your Existential Nature
  6. The Authentic Self isn't referring to your self image or self concept it's your true nature --> awareness, consciousness, it's beyond YOU. meaning it's beyond your logical, rational, sound thinking, if you still believe you are your thoughts you're gonna run into some problems with this one. Living authentically means living from your true nature. Not your thoughts.
  7. @Vladimir I didnt intend for it to come off as harsh, I'm just saying its easy to create an amazing 20-30-40 year vision and talk and be self righteous towards anyone who disagrees with it or even has something to say about it. Its another thing to be doing the things necisary and facing the harsh realities to actually manifest it. I want that vision too. But the reality is there's a lot of inner work I gotta do to manifest something like that, and that alone will probably take me 10-15 years. If you just expect people to be on board you're in for a very rude awakening to the complex systems at work that will prevent you from getting there. A systems thinker would recognize that aserting your vision to everyone and telling them to get on board is just not gonna work.
  8. From the Latin word illuminatus, meaning enlightened or illuminated. I'm all for your post but to me its all talk. Your either already working towards it or your just talking a bunch of shit. Also this is a direct quote from the Illuminati website --> "The Illuminati is an elite organization of world leaders, business authorities, innovators, artists, and other influential members of this planet. Our coalition unites influencers of all political, religious, and geographical backgrounds to further the prosperity of the human species as a whole." Sound familiar?
  9. Salt Lake City, UT
  10. Im kinda with @guest on this one, I take notes on every video, but its purely focused on things I dont understand on top of journaling to understand it, so it wouldn't include everything he says.
  11. I consider ego to be the antithesis of love, compassion and understanding. Which is why even with all it's back lashing and destructive ways, there's more than enough room for me to impart compassion, humility and autonomy to all it's intrusive qualities.
  12. It looks as though you've missed the shadow work aspect of this process. Are you questioning that feeling? Where its coming from? What you think it could be? Journaling about it? Coming up with some explanations? Then finding solutions and understandings? To weed it out this is necessary. An amazing resource from here on the forum about shadow work
  13. @Nahm yep :), when talking on here I feel like nothing more than a mirror to others and myself. People would find their answers if they just asked themselves self honestly and left their ego at the door. Not discounting tons of perspectives of course, which is one of the reasons that this forum can be valuable.