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  1. Is it a deception? Or is it true? This is the game of gaining wisdom.
  2. "It's all illusion" #problemsolved
  3. So are you saying there could be an Illusion within illusion?
  4. Lol I love Joseph, he knows I'm having fun.
  5. Yes, that very well might happen if you let procrastination and stagnation get the best of you. You're entering a new state of being, not masquerading as a new state of being.
  6. Yes, that very much can happen if you're not truly overcoming your insecurities. That's what being confident entails, having less insecurities tomorrow than you do today.
  7. we have a place for this
  8. He says the same things Leo talks about just in different language and mannerisms. Lol I think you guys are being seduced.