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  1. @Samuel Garcia For people not saying anything --> Fear, confrontation, dogma, not caring enough, someones inability to listen, they themselves don't know or have never even been exposed, they themselves are depressed etc. Not everyone is selfless, most people are stuck in their own egoic deficiencies, you're basically asking what drives someone to move and what stops them from moving, and that's a deep list.
  2. Definitely, but also recognize if it's legitimately best for you to just not be around people, people can waste your time, make sure that this dissatisfaction is really an issue for you, I'll say that building your socail skills will be a very important skill to master in your life.
  3. @sleeperstakes Too much introversion, not enough extroversion. Meaning --> Less self-conscious, more spontaneous, less filters over everything you're thinking or want to say, recognizing the value in being with others (an opportunity to build social skills and learning to be happy no matter who you're with or what you're doing)
  4. I've been using Google Docs for over a year, its been perfect, definitely an underrated app, watching Leo's video though I can see it's limited compared to OneNote but it's been doing it's job very well for all my stuff.
  5. @Spiral I've had a friend do the same thing, I called him out on it in a light hearted way, and then said "it's a lot easier to criticize others than to look at ourselves." He was like, "yeah shit, you're right." It's not bad, its just a lack of turning inward.
  6. @Serotoninluv the conversation becomes more about "you" and reality and not about her or you both, not much of a surprise you're getting that reaction.
  7. @Ariel the skill your developing when going through this process is separating the gold from the gotten. In the beginning there's gonna be a lot of gold and your gonna have to spend a lot of time sorting through that. Its basically a process of 3 steps back, 3 steps forward and developing a taste for that, that is what the understanding process is, and as soon as you start getting on board with the repeating and repeating and repeating, going back, going back and going back, the more you'll surrender to it, the easier it will become.
  8. @hinawashi You can really come at this from multiple perspectives, some are -- Confabulation, not knowing, egoistical agendas and biases. Confabulation is the theory to explain the unknown variables, throw in some egotistical agenda and some self serving biases and you're left with an illusion of clarity. Notice it starts with a confabulation. Already we've made it into something it is not, through this we explain the unknown variables (this infinite spectrum of possibilities), and in order to gauge this massive spectrum of possibilities we posit the most fundamental things we understand as human beings..Evil. Deep down we know that evil is very sneaky, very cunning, destructive and deceptive, we recognize it's really antithetical to truth. We use evil to help grasp the truth because the two are like matter and antimatter, they are very, very distinct when they come into contact with each other. We recognize that Evil directly equates to Truth, this is where conspiracies come from. What else does conspiracy mean other than selfish, evil, egoic agendas? People hold these crazy stories and theories because they understand that Evil is one of the most fundamental things keeping us from Truth, so in order to combat that we have to be open to Radically new possibilities that we never possibility could imagine, as long as it serves the self we recognize that it could possibly be true. But the Truth is NOT KNOWING and people would rather side with "knowing" and this leads to crazy beliefs and ideas that people have and helps create this illusion of clarity. a lack of critical thinking and independent thinking are definitely components, but it's also a lack of consciousness of their own self deception mechanisms and their own evils because that's how evil and the self operate. Leo's video on Mechanics of Evil is really good to check out for more details on this.
  9. Yes from that perspective All is a house of labels.
  10. @Joseph Maynor you really need to buy Leo's book list and go to town, you post way too many of these.
  11. @DEV You can have an amazing and profound insight and not take the lesson, that change you're looking for is done through consistent, persistent habits, both the doing and undoing of your habitual nature.
  12. I think you just saved a lot of people from a panic attack.
  13. In your case fear is used as a technique for consciousness. The cultural assumption around fear is "it's bad", "it's negative", and even the new assumptions that it's a limited, negative, motivator. He's referring to negative motivation but that doesn't apply here considering it's the end of your life you're looking at, as though fear can't make you conscious to "play the game of love". The paradigm of fear he's referring to is the selfishness and ego. The paradigm of fear I'm referring to is a tool for consciousness, and help you wake the fuck up to what's ACTUALLY important in your life to things like love and selflessness.