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  1. There is no transcending this, for consciousness and unconsciousness is a matter of will. If you want you could simply stop caring about anything (including your physical survival) and just descend into the unconscious. Or you could remain conscious and continue to work to become more conscious. So what are you willing to do?
  2. Yes. Mind exists. That within the Mind is not separate from the Mind, it is one with the Mind. So the pink unicorn exists because it is the activity, it is Mind, not outside the mind. This is where the concept of God should rightly come in. Take the traditional meaning of the word God as That Which Rules. Then we can ask, “Is the creation random? Or is the creation a response to an order, that is to say is it orderly?” Otherwise, why should there be a purpose? And if there is truly no purpose for anything, then why do we care to be conscious of things - why does the infinity Mind? I'll leave this to you to consider.
  3. You don't just dream shit up as randomly as you make it sound. Your dreams are your Mind's response to the subconscious concerns you have. Every dream ties to a concern you have, something that you care about, something that has gotten hold of your attention but haven't yet realised it. If you had no subconscious concerns, you would have dreamless peaceful nights.
  4. @Someone here I'd like to be of assistance, here. But in my responses, bear in mind that I've only realised that (awakened to) Reality is Mind, and haven't yet tapped into that Godhead which is.. what is referred here as Universal Mind. Okay The mechanism of creation is simple, it is self-evident and unveiled. The problem, here, is the common mistake of thinking about the Mind as a faculty/facility, instead of the One Activity of infinity (existence) Think of the Mind as a verb, not a noun. In this way, the mechanism which you seek is the very Mind in question. Look up the verbal definition of the word, it is along the lines of.. care to be conscious of something (anything).. this is the mechanism. Hence sayings like: “Don't mind that.”; “Never mind.”: “Do you mind?”. It's because Mind is an activity, the only activity, it's what the infinity does - to mind or not to mind - that is the question. And this truth can be verified just about anyone, all that is needed is for you to pay enough attention. Just look.. if you don't care about something, will you be conscious of it? There are a lot of things that aren't in your awareness right now, and so often the reason isn't the lack of intelligence, it is simply the lack of concern. The moment you care about a situation is the instant you become conscious of that situation, like, “OMG, I haven't fed my fish, today.” or, “I haven't done my homework.” and typically, “I did not realize my mistake.” But, as I've said, the mechanism of creation is a self-evident truth. Another problem which hinders you from perceiving it is the assumption of an external world - a world outside your Mind (direct experience/reality). Because of this assumption/belief, there is no way that Mind is an absolute because there is that activity which is outside of it, though, there is in fact none. If you can just pay enough attention to your direct POV in this instant, there is no way you could not realise that this is what Mind (verb) looks like. It is precisely this! Lastly, before you can realise Mind, you would have to realise Infinity, otherwise your experience of separation will forever be dominant and continue to hinder your ability to realise Mind, fully.
  5. Then this is a sign. Sex is no longer that fulfilling/pleasing as it had been initially. It's clear that you're now just doing it out of compulsion rather than exploration. So I'd say this is a sign for you to invest that energy in something a little more worthwhile, a little more explorative. Of course, this is not to say abandon sex entirely. Just don't let it be the focus of your energy and the pinnacle/climax of your day-to-day life. Do you hear me, friend?
  6. It is no duality at all. Mind is the absolute thing in existence. What you call “non-experience” , e.g. dreamless sleep, is only one state of Mind as opposed to “lack of conscious experience”.
  7. @Aakash Vijayan the thought of you needing therapy for this comes across ridiculous to me. I'm with @Blackhawk on this one. Clearly being with her is not making you happy. Break up with her. Find someone who will care about your feelings instead of treating this relationship like some sort of corporate contract. She needs to care about you as much as you care about her. Plus, trust your intuition, bro. If you find her behaviour unsettling than chances are it's really not just in your head.
  8. @Vlad_ I have a question for you. Do you still find sex as pleasant as initially? Or has it become more of a compulsion than a simple enjoyment, which drains or is a strain to your overall energy?
  9. I'd say this is an ideal, with the retrospect that all of life is for the desire/love for truth of self. And that it's the strength of this desire which is a variant, or the level of the love (the spirit for the ‘game’) which varies. It is also truth that there is no other path out there, considering the destination of life is one and the same. I mean .. maybe from an external pov. But I don't see how one could lose their mind in a practice which only ever demands more (and more) mindfulness in order for there to be progress. Sounds a bit contradictory to me. Well sure, but this goes with anything. I mean fear is the general obstacle to doing anything new. And fear can only result from attachment to “self”. So I wouldn't designate this to the domain of learnt spirituality seeing how it defines life quite generally. Who would be the judge, though? You could still lose everything even if you're on a non-mystical path. It's just the reality of life trying to communicate an undetected truth that you're not understanding willingly. Life is just communicate like that, it's either we learn the easy way or hard way. That's literally what karma is - built up lessons needed to be learned.
  10. God is considering all of those ideas, including the ones that you haven't mentioned. God is constantly wandering, thus s/he is constantly thinking, therefore God is constantly creating. Hence, reality is imagination, and it's energy is thought.
  11. I wouldn't recommend going further without the proper groundwork. This path is for those who have found instability in the outside world, due to their evolving consciousness, and stability in the inner world - the real world. Although, this almost certainly depends on the guidance of your intuition. What exactly does your intuition tell you? Are you ready? Should you take things a bit slower? Or leave this path entirely? I only recommend that if you do proceed, you do so with the, shall we say, proper footing.
  12. Kundalini is a great symbol of the spiritual ascension. The science of kundalini is what's even more impressive.
  13. Okay.. that's cool, man. Of course, it is your responsibility to keep track of your definitions and see if they actually do apply in the grand scheme of things. If they prove themselves useful and actually serve then they aren't bullcrap. If not, then you'll have to reconsider their meaning.