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  1. Sentience is an illusion.
  2. Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding. It is the bitter potion by which the physician within you uses to heal your sick self. Therefore, trust the physician and drink his remedy in silence and tranquility. ~ Khalil Gibran
  3. There are degrees to the extent to which you understand something, that's for sure. But there are no degrees to being happy. I'm not sure how to explain this, yet. But definitely, either you're happy or you're not. This is definitely my position which you so strongly contradict (I'm okay with that, btw). The reason why I say that either you're happy or you're not is because, in truth, things don't make you happy. Happiness comes from within, just as hatred comes from within. Hatred is the polar opposite of happiness, btw. And it is also a form of resistance. Yes, this is true. What I'm saying does not suggest anything otherwise from what you say here. Is it broad? All that I'm saying is that all of this suffering, whether conscious or unconscious, is caused by one's own resistance of consciousness itself. This resistance can be in the form of a suppressed memory in which it is still you who is suppressing the memory. It could be in the form of a projection, the form of a defence mechanism, the form of a bad habit like smoking or doing drugs. Really there are many forms of resistance. However, one truth remains. It is you, no one else and nothing external to you or out of your control, who are doing the resisting. Even if your trauma is straight up from your birth, which is highly unlike because you're not yet developed cognitively yet at that stage, but even if that happens to be the case. Should there be resistance from such a trauma, that resistance would still come from you. And, it would still (equally) be the resistance of consciousness. Hence, the struggle is with consciousness. Perhaps not bliss, but definitely happiness. Once something is understood, perhaps something like a wild animal or a criminal or some sort of demonic entity (absolutely whatever) even pain, once it is understood due to awareness, it is impossible to hate it. Why? The mere act of understanding something is connecting to that something in a way that is both transpersonal and impersonal. It has nothing to do with you as an individual, but has everything to do with consciousness. You will be happy even with your scar because you understand that the attack, the violation, or mistreatment you encountered was not personal, not at all. It is exactly enough. Exactly. And if your basic needs are being met, such as the nutrition, the shelter, just the basic stuff, then your struggle with consciousness comes from your own inner resistance. There is a matter that you are resisting. By the way, in case I've still not made it clear. In life, as we call it, there is no choice but consciousness. Consciousness is direct experience. Whatever it is that you're trying so hard not to experience, you will experience it – one way or the other.
  4. You're rationslising too much. Love is the reason why you get out of bed every morning, why you do things that keep you alive. Love is the reason why there is any kind of movement. Because, really there is no reason for any activity. All that we do we do out of love. Even though we might imagine some sort of cause, there is none, nor is there any purpose for anything in particular. All motion is driven by pure illogical transrational non-mechanical love. It is spirit.
  5. Oh man 😆 u really get me with these comments of yours. Lol, sometimes I can't help but wonder what kind of a father you're going to be. Hopefully, you'll be a little more gentle – just a little 🤏😊
  6. It appears to be describing the general flow of consciousness: the descent into the unknown then the ascension back to the absolute knowing. However, this could also be describing some sort of two-way stream of polarised a reality – a flow of balance, so to speak.
  7. Thank you guys for letting me know. Thank you so much. Yes. Consciousness has taken a creative role with respect to meaning due to the fact that there is none inherently, there is no objective meaning so to speak. And the infinity, or the Absolute as you put it, knows that there is none. But because of love, because of caring so much, or concerning itself with itself, it does wonder: What does it mean to be infinity? Or what does it mean to be absolute? Really, this is the same question we ask when we ask: What is the meaning of life? Of course, deep down, we're not question existence at all. What we are questioning is our awareness of it, the consciousness, the absolute self, so to speak.
  8. @Keryo Koffa With regards to your two positions, reality being dynamic or being coherent, the mind is capable of constructing the appearance of both. However, the video game analogy describes reality better, with the selective rendering and personalised reality function. However, it's in the mind's capacity to also bring about the illusion of a coherent reality. But there are no bubbles, and there is no reality other than the one you know, even if your reality suggests that there is. It's all part of the game, so to speak.
  9. It is solely beautiful.
  10. Alright. There are no actual layers to reality (mind). For instance, if you picture yourself eating an apple, there is no higher you picturing you picturing eating an apple. All levels are one level. So, to speak of "substrates" as if there are realities greater than the one you are experiencing is misleading. There is one reality, and it is great because it does not limit itself to any particular experience. Experience is impermanent.
  11. The way in which reality is created is non-mechanical. By this I mean that there is no process to it, none so ever. What there is is truth. But I'll explain. Imagine that there is a singular and yet universal current (a current like that of streaming water). However this current is so singular that even its flow is completely in unison, thus rendering it formless due to the lack of any finite features which would be present if this current had some sort of conflicting opposing current. But there isn't, because this current is universal. Alright, now, what I'm talking about here isn't really imaginary, in fact, it's not imaginary at all because I'm talking about consciousness in its purest state. It is the eternal motion of knowing that there is that which knows and it knows itself. A closed loop as you can assess for yourself. Ok, with that being said, what is reality and where does it come from? Reality is an activity performed by consciousness purely out of love. This activity is mind. Think about the verbal form of the word, contemplate it and attemt to broaden its meaning. Reality is the mind of this eternal motion or current called consciousness. With this capability, you can imagine both the possibility of a mindful (active) movement or a mind-less (passive/rest) movement. However, it is still consciousness no matter the movement. It is still one eternal motion. There is still no mechanics to it, nor is there a rhyme or a reason behind this. It is irrational. It is out of love. Love is what drives, so to speak, the motion.
  12. Basically, you're struggling with existence. But to say "existence" does not address the heart of the matter which is that there, here, is consciousness. It is not going anywere, and all experiences are due to it, including your mom getting shot or yourself. Someone else you love might get shot. You might get shot again, and again, and again, and again. All of this is possible because all of this is still consciousness. But either you don't know what consciousness is and you keep asking why this stuff happens, or you do know what consciousness is but are still resisting the fact that you are it, you are that experience of getting shot and possibly dying, you are that experience of death as well as birth. But instead of being aware of this, you have rather fabricated an identity against consciousness and have called it your life instead of just life. Now everything that happens will be about you instead of being just about life. And when life moves on, you remain behind. You remain at that traumatic moment which has long passed. Rather than experiencing the pain and allowing to flow through, you are blocking it with your fear of possibly experiencing it again which might or might not be the case. This is why people suffer. No, you can't. If this happens then you have not understood consciousness, let alone be aware of it. Your reaction is not an involunteery spasm as you make it sound, it comes from your own concerns about life. It is rooted in your own unwillingness to accept and befriend death as part of life as part of consciousness. It is resistance at its best.
  13. I'll only touch on this because it is the only part here related to a question you asked. 👇 Everything else in your text appears to be your own contemplation, which I won't interfere without the invitation of a question. Alright, since you have defined solipsism for me as the idea that the current experience as it is, is the only one in existence, then I'll have to disagree with solipsism. Reason being: All experience is impermanent. This is due to the fact that consciousness is a motion – the only motion outside the physical illusion. So, how can my experience of having a cheese burger for breakfast be the only experience in existence when I'll have a different meal for breakfast anytime soon? This idea is not accurate. The word existence encompasses a lot for just the current experience. Experience is an impermanent thing. It can be one thing, then in a blink of an eye, it is another thing entirely. However, within the impermanence of experience, is the permanence of consciousness. This consciousness (or eternal motion) is the only one in existence.
  14. @Clarence When something traumatic is taking place then exactly in that moment, all you know is the pain that is unfolding for you. Yes, this too is consciousness, a very focussed or distilled form of consciousness, but conscioisness nonetheless. Now, the moment has long passed, but somehow, you are still living in that moment which has passed, and the present moment alludes you because you have not let go of that painful experience. You keep wondering "Why me?" or "Why does this happen?", and now you live in anxiety that it might happen again. This, precisely this, is suffering. And there is clearly no deep awareness because you keeping asking "why". "Why" marks the absence of awareness, the lack of understanding. The moment you are living in pain, even though the painful moment has passed, then you are struggling with consciousness. You are not aware that it is consciousness, hence you ask "why". The worst case scenario is that you are not aware of consciousness at all, never have been. Except trauma doesn't cause suffering. Suffering is caused by resisting the fact that it happened. The question of "Why me?" or anything along those lines is a form of resistance. We tend to resist what we don't understand. But then how can we understand it without the needed awareness?