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  1. "Is good for society" if society dont think poor people having kids is good then dont fund them. The kids will die eventually .
  2. @itachi uchiha I can't remember that thing.
  3. God go through every electrical devices, every lightning, (I am in no position to say this now because of my condition) but God go through every inanimate product. Idk whenever my devices are broken , it simply had exhaust the limit of the creator. I kinda hate it. Someone's life hinge on it. I never feel like I have to be conscious about what I wear or the colours that I'm wearing, but the people/creatures spirit wtv have been propagandize to be conscious of it. So I really hate it. I can't wear something as I wishes /intuitively. (But now I think not anymore) Back then it was very sentive. They had instilled a meaning on everything. What I eat. Or it is just me who realized it late(r) Anyway, even the light bulb that I'm using. It was by some and some spirit. So I had to be mindful of the brand that I'm using depending on whom I wouldn't mind being my creator (?) Heh. I mean whom I let into the room. The light that I'm using. This was back then. The product that I'm using. Sometimes I feel like I don't want an y of those un my room since they could see me. But now I'm just done. There was a time when "God?) Are really mad (things are dangerous that all my devices just stop workin, and the light turned off, it was both dangerous for me and the people involved (together we are god)to the point of death. Like almost dying. I never know they would have such a god above them. (That he are clearly afraid of) I never got such punishment. Between me and the greater God is him ,he act like a buffer but I know how dangerous it was. And we are far apart. There was also a misunderstanding. They would deem something is good but actually no it was bad
  4. Try to teach this to a follower /a believer, then you'll create a disaster.
  5. What would u do when your fate had been swapped and rumbled?
  6. What is a government? I was quite surprised to know(as of last year) that to many , my country doesn't have a government. And they are "creating a government" .
  7. What I remember about NATO was, it would allow, I'd rather not say it.
  8. I have stop my practice now & I'm so anxious.
  9. I have felt the death of the mind, the death of the heart. It's hard to maintain an I.
  10. Death is painful. // if I were to die, it would be because of the food that I eat, or poisoned by others, killed by God (re:humans), or killed by the spreading of is lam . just like those before me because they made up me so i'll be next. // spreading something incompatible. between the states.
  11. for me it already happened. not as I want it. /expected it.
  12. @Prakhar he looks like my , so I can't take him seriously "you don't own anything" , and..yea I am very possessive of 'my things'