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  1. I know of my sins eating is my sins
  2. Having the highest Omniscient. (I can say this because I've just lost it) My day goes by , day by day getting worser.
  3. For me when I started my life purpose is a given
  4. There is only an authentic self
  5. Of (everything) how it happened.
  6. The people of the past. The previous me is more superior than I am now.
  7. It is good to divide yourself based on race and skin colours / regions. 11/1/22
  8. Where you will go to after you die will be ascary place I think. I have a bad experience with someone who had Hindus roots. Totally fucked up. Yes. I remember having a lot of dreams. India is the scariest. When you wanna get inside a home, wash your feet (my mom was dropping me here) and I see a lot of visuals/rituals that are unlike what im used to. So it was a scary experience.
  9. This. And my fam. I don't know how dangerous it could be, I can only see.
  10. Yes. I purposefully did not watch horror movies or the news (high school & below) no blood or car accident that I witnessed. But in the end I think you'd have to face it too I guess.
  11. Getting into the third page, "Who's father figure?" , which mother figure? I could barely answer some questions as it is something that I never think about. But mine was dismissive/avoidant I had a few stages growin up that it wasn't all just one phase. I could barely remember by now...
  12. Stuck with my fam's idiocy/city fight and now I end up having a bad sight.
  13. Not an obligation but a responsbility. For something previously unknown to you.
  14. Back then, my neighbours are two guys in a gym room lifting weight. Now it was an orphanage. There had been some burning happening, demolishing house and a renovated house. .... I don't wanna bring my experience from another place here... The vast things that have happened..
  15. Mother, father, and a good night sleep