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  1. a baby because she call me by my brothers one and only way to call me. Teached by the mother.
  2. My dream these days are just , too bad I hate "my" consciousness. There is, no "longer" I. That is completely of my own it was just a bunch of others.
  3. Do something tht do justice to those thoughts .
  4. My brother had forgotten me. Not the brother who are well/grown up now. But his spirit that was left on somebody's within the neighborhood. (Hood?) Idk. But it appeared to me. As it usually is. And call me by a different name/reference. Not as we usually are. And talking bad about someone. /suspicious. About one neighbour. And there are more talk. Idk what these all are about but it sure do are foreign to me. How easily they forget their memories/transitions into a backward/a really country like folk. It changes. They forget their memories easily. I am always remain constant but they forget. Changing their pronouns. It's no longer mf. Anyway I hv decided to leave them anyway. It is no longer my fam. And no I'm not gonna hold it back. These are the things that are happening . What else . There was a talk about something someone tries to get into my room and hold me and I keep pushing it a way. Suddenly a person becomes a FOLK once they gv birth/going through childbirth. Everything are just unpleasant and I find her body disgusting and can't touch me. Idont even know what everything was up to. Wtf is my state (word) but that's happening. Why are they , becoming , .. more village like? Regression?. It wasn't the ones/the people tht I've know. "No you can't touch me" and I fight her off. As if we do irl back then. Even more now. Basically everyone becoming more country like.
  5. Reminds me of childhood when we would watch movies.
  6. The enlightened had the biggest perspective (Omnicient) the insane didn't. (Had spread all over/being fragmented).
  7. Its easy .Give 3% of everything that you have to everyone and you wont ever be in a not shared reality or simply do not encounter those people who are not you/yours. The smaller you circles the better. Even if they force you you should have the people around you as a barrier or filter. But this didnt happen to me because I didnt tell everyone around me the 3% so you should be able to. Keep your reality. In fact , it would be better if you tell everything rather than having your r destroyed. This is what ive known. I should tell evvvvvvveerything that I learn to my mom (wtf?) In order for it to be valid .this is the standard. (Wtf?) But thats what ive known. Because apparently my sc/wti sent something to them or all the inspo /wtvr to them and not me. So we are disconnected. I didnt know that I had to share everything to x&z thats a new thing/(a stupid thing) .
  8. That other courses may not need a computer / as much? They could have, the handwritings etc. The real personalized writings of each own. Instead of a typed essays and writings. This could have been a thing. But all are digitalized. I thought only me needed it. But if I were to be in other course I would use hamdwriting a lot. That would slowed the process. Or give more individuality. But thats not possible. In my course. Now I only hv interest in my camera. So I need a bigger prro and storage. Even back then I should hv separate the two. But all those had went to waste. There are people who follow me and take my energy. So it sucked me up. I dont understand it. Was it politic? Was it a standard? A something that they have to do? But theres a bunch of people following me. Im not a god or a religious person. Im just a person who are from another country. (So im not totally local either. So it is understandable that I dont understand their politic or what theyre doing. Why theyre following me. ) I dont grow up in this area while they have been here throughout their life . So to see from a locals perspective, I think I can grasp it a little..
  9. No you don't know any better. What do you think about those who envy another? That too is innocent?
  10. Wherever they are naturally from. Exposing children to the world : Showing your child to the world Showing the world to your child Either way