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  1. What was the first thing you heard or stuck that brought you to this topic of nonduality? Mine: After 12 years of analytically studying everything I could to get some sort of evidence that would lead me to know the bible is true without a doubt, I couldn't find any. In fact, it lead me away from it. I then did my own study of comparative religion and realized that they all seemed to have the same origin in one way or another. I then stumbled on this Youtube video (forgot the channel) that gave me the "aha" moment I needed to know their was a god, and it was something like this: If no thing in reality existed, the truth would be that no thing in reality existed. Therefore, the truth would always exist. The eternal, impermanent, inescapable Truth. Truth surrounds reality. I didn't quite understand (and still don't) but also knew at this moment that Truth was inescapable, meaning whatever "God" was it was Truth. About a month later I found nondualism and while getting an understanding of that I found Leo's very helpful channel. Though on this path for roughly two years, I've no awakening or direct realization and everything is still on an intellectual level. I do know that the ever changing Truth can never not exist, which I thought at the time was close to my life goal...nope, now the goal is to awaken from this ego and directly experience it. Anyways, what was your "aha" moment that made you realize life isn't just a body followed by cessation.
  2. Thank you all for your feedback. I'll keep studying myself.
  3. Experiencer I am the Experiencer of all things. Not the ego self. The Experiencer also experiences the ego. I am the Experiencer of all that is experienced. Before the ego identifies and calls an experience good or bad, it is already effortlessly accepted with no choice by the ego. When a headache is experienced it is already accepted before being identified as "I have a headache". It is just an Experiencer experiencing every experience and accepting it without effort oe judgement. It happens spontaneously without any choice by the ego. And every experience is a finite example of infinite Love. The ego has no control over experience and the Experiencer could care less about control. It is accepted by the Experiencer before the ego even has a chance to identify with the experience. The Experiencer that I am is so subtle that when caught up in ego, it isn't even noticed and therefore the ego thinks it experiences. But how can it when there is already experience experienced and accepted beforehand? This was noticed by this body/mind about a month ago while walking in a park. Been following threads here for a while and decided to post some insight.