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  1. @jivvie this review is great to see, I've been on the fence about purchasing the life purpose course for a long time
  2. If your looking for a trade HVAC technicians, welders, and truck drivers are in high demand.
  3. I have my sun sign in Libra and my moon in is in Aries. These are opposite on the zodiac, meaning I was born under a full moon. I think it makes a lot more sense to me because I never fully resonated with Libra on its own. The scales represent balance, which I like. But it also makes me wonder if my battle with bipolar disorder was written in the sky when I was born.
  4. There’s obviously tons and tons of books on business. Are you looking on starting your own? Books on managing? Is there a specific niche of business you are interested in? My favorite is Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull but it’s more specific to managing creatives, so I’m not sure how much help it would be to you or if it be worth your time. There’s also a book I listened to for free called “Start With Why” that’s not bad.
  5. @Leo Gura Thank you for the solid advice. It’s always a pleasure to read your feedback. To be honest this idea just popped into my head today and I’m still contemplating whether or not it’s a good one. My first thought was to get a quote on how much the development + marketing would cost me first to see if it’s even in my realm of possibility. I work for a marketing company currently and would be interested in consulting with my coworkers on a marketing strategy. Still, I’m going to do some more research on my own and see if it’s something I really want to take on.
  6. Hey everyone, 👋🏼 I have an idea for a self-actualizer type journaling app. I’m a graphic designer and plan on doing all of the UX/UI work myself. However, I’m not sure how to go about finding a developer. I would only be able to invest about $10,000 to start. Does anyone on here have experience developing their own app by chance? Or perhaps have researched the topic before?
  7. Do you have in interest/passion in psychology? Do you have an end-goal for what you want to do with your degree? If you have a strong enough vision of what you will be able to do with your degree, it should be able to help carry you through when times get rough. I would suggest journaling and asking yourself what your five year plan is and what your ideal life would look like in 5 years. I stayed in college for nearly 7 years until I finally dropped out. I already have a job I really like that I don’t need a degree for, and I was not at all interested in what I was studying at university. My motivation became so bad I was failing classes when I was previously a 4.0 student. It was a tough decision to quit but I realize that I can always take it slow and finish my degree later in life if I so choose. To be clear I’m not suggesting you give up already and just drop out, you are only a freshman and that can be a tough year of transition. Maybe it’s the wrong major for you, or maybe you just had a small hiccup and you’ll get back on track if you just give yourself some time. Try not to beat yourself up about it too much, because that won’t really help. I have faith that you can turn it around.
  8. Work is easy for me once I get into the “flow state” (there are many articles and videos on how to do this, I’d suggest looking it up). I also aligned myself with a job where I get to be creative, and that’s something I love to do so even when I’m staying late and drowning in tasks it still doesn’t exactly feel like “hard work” to me because I’m in the flow. It’s also important to watch your thoughts. If you truly believe doing work like writing a book is difficult and miserable, it probably will feel difficult and miserable when you do it. If you believe “writing books is challenging but fun” the process will probably feel much lighter and simpler even though it’s still time consuming work.
  9. Update I temporarily decided not to start Zumba with my roommate due to the expense. I already paid for PIIT so I think I'll just stick to that program and maybe see if she wants to do it with me. Room has been kept decently clean. I threw some clothes in the hamper once I got home today Still need to make time for contemplation and journaling, will probably do that tomorrow when my roommate is gone so I have some alone time with my thoughts Cut back on smoking a bit Still need to enroll in Community College and School of motion, missed my personal deadline but for a good reason at least. I will probably end up doing CC next Monday. Exciting news! My work will probably end up paying for my School of Motion course! It's almost $900 so I was scared about asking for it but my boss said it was reasonable. They also want to get me the Cintiq drawing tablet which I have been wanting but it's $800 so I was reluctant to spend the money on myself. So work is going to save me about $1700 total for my creative endeavors in the new year. Good deal! Keep the good vibes flowing, universe
  10. @Arthur gave some good advice. Your lifestyle may have to change temporarily, but it’s not the end of days. With time, you can come back from this stronger than ever and then I imagine you having one hell of a story to tell. Are you currently employed? Full time?
  11. @martins name thank you my friend 🙏🏼
  12. @XYZ This is good advice. I've probably been too complacent for too long in this area of my life. I think it's finally time for me to get a little uncomfortable with where I'm at currently and start pushing for more.
  13. Major Changes and Finding Happiness
  14. This book is a great starter for getting acquainted with the many facets of self-helpery with a spiritual aura. I'd like to stress that this is more of a beginners guide through self-help (it is a #1 New York Times bestseller, after all), so if you've been doing self-help for a few years like I have, these concepts probably won't be anything new to you. Nevertheless, it was a great refresher and I was able to learn about manifesting money, which is a topic I normally ignore (she has another book about money which I will probably read). This would be a great gift book for someone who is a newbie to self-help that you think would benefit from the topics listed below. It's an easy, entertaining read. Some of the topics: Forgiveness Faith in a Higher Source Meditation for beginners The stories we tell about ourselves/the ego, which she calls "the big snooze" Giving and Recieving Gratitude Fear Projection Money Surrender Here are some quotes I highlighted "Forgiveness means giving up all hope for a better past" "If you're serious about changing your life, you'll find a way, not an excuse" "The more you have, the more you have to share" (in regards to finance)
  15. @Manjushri I'm not sure exactly what wage slavery means. I know Leo has an episode about it though, so I'll give it a watch.