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  1. I like Disney movies, high quality non-toxic shit right there 😊 Oh yeah and the Over The Garden Wall mini series is beautiful. That one planted a seed for me. Children's shows, in my opinion, have the least amount of "impurities". But if you are interested, the show Game of Thrones has an interesting message if you look carefully. Specifically analyzing the character of the three eyed raven. It will also make you question your own views on morality (if you are not too passive in watching it).
  2. Emotional healing/Self Reflection Your deepest innermost desire/secret: you want to place all of the love you should have for yourself in someone or something else The truth you would rather not face: it's all okay, all of it, yep 👍🏼 even the misplacement of your love ❤️ Admit defeat over your desires and you'll know true peace, keep having them and your life will make certain situations seem catastrophic when they are actually not (at all!) You fear what you desire most because you've totally forgotten what it felt like to be like a child, and now you think your innermost desires must somehow be evil. The good news, they are, in fact, not! Only suppressing your desire to truly love yourself creates 'evil'. It's not as serious as you think.
  3. @K VIL It comes down to the decision to keep having faith in the work your doing. You intuitively know it is helping you, yet here you are doubting yourself. Try to directly apply what he's saying to your life as you are listening to him speak, this strategy helped me.
  4. Many points of view on this, I see. Personally, I wouldn't recommend taking them until you are quite secure in your enlightenment process, because you might see something you are not quite ready to handle and be scared away from the enlightened path all together. Of course, this is not an absolute certainty if you were to try it, just a small possibility that it could happen.
  5. You are in the process of facing your greatest fear. Don't be scared away by thinking you may go insane. Be grateful for this experience, I think you are doing wonderful 👍🏼
  6. I always liked to listen to the podcasts while at work. A Leo video a day keeps the ego defense mechanisms away!
  7. @Leo Gura when the student is ready, the master will appear thank you Leo.
  8. Dagnabbit @Leo Gura you are at it again! that new video is exactly what I needed right now
  9. @Extreme Z7 thank you, I feel like I looked evil in the face and the evil was me. I'm still learning to let go of fear and accept that it's not that scary. I'm not that scary, just misunderstood. I feel like I have a better understanding of that now and it's helping me cope with the onslaught of emotions.
  10. In the end, you will figure out you are your own teacher. The master of your reality, for better or worse. I wouldn't say anyone else is directly responsible for waking someone else up. It is a combination of life experiences that will wake someone up. Everyone is on their own time to do so. That's why you keep it a secret, keep trying to plant seeds, and simply keep living your own reality. They will get there when they are ready and only then, and it won't be the direct cause of any teacher.
  11. Interesting, if you feel positively attached to your identity, I imagine that letting go of it would be a more somber experience. I was elated upon 'ego death', but I also identified as hating most parts of myself for a very long time. You are letting go of both your likes and dislikes that made up your identity if you surrender it. "Be careful what you wish for" right? Either way, avoid labeling the experience as good or bad or whatever. I am curious, were you positively attached to your identity before the experience? Were there many things you enjoyed about being an identity?
  12. God is a word. All words are made up by people to reference to certain things. Words actually mean nothing, but we try to assign them some very limited reference or meaning in order to communicate effectively with others. Words are far from anything that is concrete. Question your attachment or resentment to certain words. Knowing this will get you closer to the truth (or God or insert whatever word you want here). It is a wordless something that can't be described, that is why I think it is so often misinterpreted and confused.
  13. "I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it's not the answer." - Jim Carrey Quite a popular quote, surprised it hasn't been mentioned yet. He's out here spreading some truth.