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  1. Lol thanks Leo ? I’m aware it’s probably a hill I’m going to die on but at least for my own cause
  2. What do most people value most when shopping? Price and convenience are very large factors, of course. I'm guessing that's why Amazon makes a killing. The value prop of shopping small/local would be not supporting a filthy rich billionaire, less strain on the environment (2-day shipping has its own costs), and taxes can be reinvested in your own community. So, I guess where you choose to buy from depends on your own personal values and priorities. Am I against innovation? No. I would just rather dedicate my resources to things that align with my own values. Not trying to knock anyone, just giving some food for thought.
  3. @PurpleTree I commend you for that! I just had an unsettling thought. The advertising company I work at actually has a large deal with Amazon right now. So in a way my job is sort of supported by Amazon more or less. Oh, the irony.
  4. I have never given the company Amazon much thought until recently. I honestly only bought maybe one thing from Amazon every few months if it was something I couldn't locate in a store near me, until this year. I have been buying things from Amazon more and more frequently over the past 2 or 3 months (mostly art supplies so far) and have noticed the sheer convenience of it is bringing me back for more. As an artist who sometimes makes things to sell, I feel a little guilty every time I proceed to check out. I could be more consciously giving my money away to an individual or a local store or even just a smaller chain store. But damn it is so convenient! I think it might be a good idea for me to boycott Amazon for (at least) the holidays this year. I suppose the message here is to encourage people to spend more consciously as well, not only in what they are buying but from who.
  5. I’ve struggled with these sorts of inconsistencies a lot in the past. I just started reading one of the best books I’ve read in a long time called “Atomic Habits”. I highly recommend checking it out for good advice on how to create new healthy habits that will get you further in life. Lots of actionable advice in the book. If you can’t find the motivation to read, there is an audio version on audible that you can get with a free trial
  6. I’m just curious, do you really enjoy this job that you have? What if you could find work that could uplift you out of depression instead of work you have to run from? Seems like there’s a deeper issue here. Honestly your employer is probably just concerned for when you will be able to come back and work. If you haven’t given them any indication of the amount of time you will need then they will probably be getting antsy with the idea of keeping you around, no matter how much they like you.
  7. I bought a zoodle maker and use that as pasta instead ? definitely not as good as regular pasta but way healthier. Just sauté for 2 minutes with fresh garlic and it’s done! Also a tip, if your parents aren’t making fresh sauce make sure you buy the sugar free jars. Pasta sauce can have a lot of extra weird ingredients so just check that it’s okay before you buy. But if you do want regular pasta, just make sure it’s in moderation (like anything, really). Check the box for the serving size and measure it out so you don’t overeat.
  8. I made it a point this year to work on my career and health, but my boyfriend, the person I spend the most time with, isn’t focused on bettering himself at all. He did have a job in that paid almost 6 figures (though he has no college degree), but he quit because he didn’t like it. He’s been unemployed for several months now and living with his brother who now pays the rent for him. The only thing he wants to do career-wise is start a blog, which may or may not pay off. I also try to get him to eat healthy and exersize with me, but he has absolutely no interest in doing that. It’s been hard lately feeling like I have no support from him. I just want him to want himself to be better. I love him and he’s still my best friend, I’m just not sure what to do about his motivation problem, so I’m just trying to lead by example and hope he gets inspired to do something. Anyone else facing this problem in their relationship? Is it worth trying to stick it out? Let me know your thoughts.
  9. The video explains what I mean. I’d consider myself a bit of both. I’ve slowly worked on mastering graphic design for the past 5 years or so and have made that my career, and even though I love it now I’m not attached to it by thinking it’s my life’s purpose and something I’ll be doing forever. I have many interests and tend to try new things for awhile but I always come back around to design.
  10. I was quite surprised when I found this podcast. I began listening to a whole 10 part series of Oprah and Eckhart Tolle discussing ‘A New Earth’ (which is about presence, consciousness, and awakening). Oprah seems to be taking her spiritual and self-help speakers on the podcast to the next level this year featuring authors like Dr. Brene Brown (who has a brand new Netflix special “Call to Courage” -check it out!), Elizabeth Gilbert (highly recommend listening to her talk on curiousity vs. passion from the podcast), and Deepak Chopra. This is a great podcast to keep yourself motivated. Highly recommend taking a break from Joe Rogan to check it out.
  11. @jivvie this review is great to see, I've been on the fence about purchasing the life purpose course for a long time
  12. If your looking for a trade HVAC technicians, welders, and truck drivers are in high demand.
  13. I have my sun sign in Libra and my moon in is in Aries. These are opposite on the zodiac, meaning I was born under a full moon. I think it makes a lot more sense to me because I never fully resonated with Libra on its own. The scales represent balance, which I like. But it also makes me wonder if my battle with bipolar disorder was written in the sky when I was born.
  14. There’s obviously tons and tons of books on business. Are you looking on starting your own? Books on managing? Is there a specific niche of business you are interested in? My favorite is Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull but it’s more specific to managing creatives, so I’m not sure how much help it would be to you or if it be worth your time. There’s also a book I listened to for free called “Start With Why” that’s not bad.
  15. @Leo Gura Thank you for the solid advice. It’s always a pleasure to read your feedback. To be honest this idea just popped into my head today and I’m still contemplating whether or not it’s a good one. My first thought was to get a quote on how much the development + marketing would cost me first to see if it’s even in my realm of possibility. I work for a marketing company currently and would be interested in consulting with my coworkers on a marketing strategy. Still, I’m going to do some more research on my own and see if it’s something I really want to take on.