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  1. @Someone here @Razard86 @Leo Gura Hi everyone. I'm fairly new to meditation and this forum. I had a good routine going a few years ago but I fell off. I was going to start a new topic on this but I figured I should just ask someone. I hope that's ok. Is it necessary for me to sit in a certain pose during meditation? Or can I just sit in a chair? What about mudras? Are they necessary? Thank you so much. I know these are very noob questions. Much love.
  2. Beautifully written. The emotions that come with nostalgia are unbeatable (in my experience). My favorite memories are of when I was in my twenties living in Las Vegas. Me, my best friend and my dog would take road trips to Southern California while listening to R.E.M. We would smoke pot and talk about how beautiful the sky was on the way there. My dog would poke his head between us from the back seat. We were all so happy. I could nestle myself in those memories/emotions forever. I want to cry now. Thank you nostalgia.
  3. Men who go bald look really good bald (relatively speaking). Its very masculine.
  4. Oatmeal has got to be one of my all time favorite foods.
  5. You can just chew it up and swallow if you want. You can also make a meal out of it (I like making a pizza). Or you can make a tea with it. Making a meal out of it might be a little risky because of the nausea that shrooms generally come with, but I've never had a problem with it personally.
  6. @Kalki Avatar Your insights are fascinating. Thank you for sharing!
  7. Do you exercise? Physical exercise can do wonders for emotional problems, as well as making your body more physically tired so it's way easier to sleep.
  8. Thinking about friends that I have lost over the years. Blaming myself as always, but I remind myself that they never looked for me either. Still, blaming myself feels right. Accurate. Instinctual. It's too late to reach out. No need to hold on anymore. Now move on.
  9. Meditation is now a foreign practice to me. I haven't done any meditating, chanting, or self inquiry, breathwork for well over a year now. I used to enjoy listening to mantras, binaural beats, guided meditations, but I have been reluctant to do any of this. The scary thing is, I can feel the difference in a weird way. I feel distant, like I am not as in tuned with myself. It feels like autopilot now. Oddly, during this time of 'non-practice', there was one night that I experienced what I think is a 'glimpse of awakening'. I was getting ready for bed, then as I stood in the middle of my room I suddenly felt like I did not recognize anything in front of me, but felt a strange 'closeness' to myself. I was staring at my desk, my wall, my computer, my calendar, but I did not recognize any of it nor could I define any of it. There were no thoughts or words, but I felt so much familiarity in myself. This only lasted for about 9-12 seconds. It was very strange, and it happened out of nowhere. I want to start meditating and chanting again, but my instinct is to stop doing it as soon as I begin to. It doesn't feel right...but it doesn't feel wrong either. Maybe its the physical exercise that I have been increasing. I have lost nearly 18lbs over the past few months. That's something to be proud of I guess. I'm hungry. Time to eat.
  10. Yes, I have experienced many synchronicities. They usually involved numbers, and these numbers always seem to show up during moments of significance in my life. However, it is not the numbers that made those moments significant. I see the numbers after I have had said moments where a lesson was needed for me to learn, or if I made a decision that I wasn't happy with (guilt). It is always the same numbers. I don't look into it too much, it's just something I notice. I have heard about 'angel numbers', but I don't know much about them (I don't want to know, honestly). I would say it is all confirmation bias, or coincidence, but sometimes it is just way too weird for me to even call it that. Maybe it's all bullshit. I don't know.
  11. yes, sounds like acid reflux.