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  1. It’s not just different, it’s incomparable Good sex isn’t really transactional, it’s unifying
  2. It helps you develop exceptional social skills, charisma, and confidence which are applicable in almost anything worth pursuing in life. It also can help you to get over a lot of insecurities that you may have. It’s not even about sleeping with women so much as it is about developing the above qualities in their own right which happen to make you more attractive to women. I’m not sure I believe you, but fair enough I suppose. For example most guys will say that they would not enjoy sex with a hooker as much as a girl who chose to have sex with them of her own will.
  3. This is not really a good thing. The pain/difficulty of relationships is the way it is because it produces higher quality humans over long periods of time. One of Leo’s quotes from recently: instead of wishing for the world to be easier, wish for yourself to be stronger Rather than trying to go and fuck a robot, build yourself into an attractive dude wi the options, even if it causes more pain in the short term. Fucking a robot, as long as you know it’s a robot programmed to like you no matter what, will never, ever be as rewarding as having sex with a woman who you know wants to have sex with you because of who you are.
  4. It's a common pattern where a woman shows tons of interest towards a guy on a night out, may even want to go home with him but can't because of logistics, and then seemingly never wants to see them again after that night. I'm not saying it's impossible to see a girl you met on a night out again if you don't sleep with her or anything, just that it's a notably unlikely. When you meet someone out a night the passion usually burns quick and fast, which means it also dies fast.
  5. In my experience, women you meet on nights out at a club are really unlikely to want to meet up again if you don't pull on the same night. It might not be anything you did wrong, it's just how it is.
  6. Because there are some things that cause enough suffering to others to not really require justification for being unethical from a human POV; cold-blooded murder, cheating in clearly monogamous relationships/marriage, and molestation of kids are all examples of things in that category among plenty of others. In regards to cheating specifically: you are breaking a solidly defined agreement of trust, which has the potential to emotionally destroy another person and cause extreme suffering. You are putting your own selfish needs in front of a shared responsibility that you agreed to. Most people agree that this is unethical and at the very least an indication of poor character. The fact you need to keep it a secret from your wife actually explains it very succinctly. If it was a harmless act then you could just tell your wife that you came inside another women's vagina. But you know that it would likely emotionally destroy her so you have to keep it secret in order for it to be acceptable in your mind. Which again brings you back to having to justify the statement "it's not unethical to molest a child if no one finds out" if you want to make that particular argument.
  7. I don't know or care, I'm not coming at this from an absolute perspective or from any kind of religious perspective, I'm thinking about it in terms of the concrete harm it potentially causes to you, and those around you. Hiding behind an absolute POV when it comes to ethical questions is somewhat lazy because everything is OK from an absolute perspective. That's nothing new.
  8. This logic is comparable to saying it's OK to molest a baby as long as no one ever finds out.
  9. I don’t even know what you are trying to say here.
  10. This is a really great explanation and I’m probably going to steal it from you at least the part about attraction/maintaining I think that’s a really good way of putting it
  11. That’s like going to your local basketball team and telling them how to play basketball because you read 5 books about it. You have no idea if it’s quality advice or not if you have no experience. It’s especially bad if you talk quite arrogantly about it, which I sometimes see you do. That’s why I felt it was necessary to comment. I am really sorry if this comes across as aggressive, I just think that you should not give advice without some solid experience.
  12. This is more of that "I've read a lot of theory about game but don't have a lot of practice" talk. I really don't mean it in a bad way, it's just the impression that I get from you and I feel I should be honest about it.
  13. I read what you said, I just don't agree with it. To me personally, it reads like someone who's learnt a bunch of theory about game but not actually done that much practice. That might not be true, but that was the impression I got, sorry.
  14. Nothing you say here suggests that "how's it going", "how are you", "how's your night going" are bad openers. These are still starting a conversation with a woman, which is moving things forward. Yea, you should move past small talk quickly, but almost all conversations start with at least 1 or 2 small talk questions.
  15. What openers do you usually use then?