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  1. If you're unironically calling women 'fems' you have bigger problems than being too skinny lol I am also really skinny and quite insecure about it, but I don't know how much it matters. My arms look like toothpicks, especially my wrists. I've done some weightlifting mainly focusing on arms to build up at least some bicep/tricep and forearm muscles and I've seen reasonable results The reason I say I'm not sure if it matters though is that I actually can't think of a single time a girl has called me skinny, but for my height I'm considered underweight I think it's probably not a bad thing to use it as a motivation to keep active. I would like to put on some serious muscle at some point just to see what I look like and learn what my body is capable of. You may as well commit to it and see where the journey takes you I hope you gain some value from this thread before you inevitably delete it later on
  2. It brings forward the dopamine rush you get from achieving your goal by giving you some of the social recognition now Part of what appeals to you about your goals is being seen a certain way, a successful businessperson, a skilled craftsman and so on If you tell others about your plans a lot, they start to see you as whatever you're aiming for without you having to actually achieve it and that's very appealing to your ego What can happen is you essentially become all talk, because you can satisfy some of your desire for the goal by just telling people about it, which then leads to inaction
  3. I'd recommend jiu-jitsu. It's all grappling, no striking What that means is you can actually go almost full out against an opponent frequently and not permanently injure them. With a striking martial art like boxing if you go full out all of the time you're going to seriously injure someone or get seriously injured This fact makes it great for letting loose It's also quite intellectual. It's kinda like a game of chess with you and your opponents body, except checkmate is squeezing their neck til they see stars or threatening to break their arm til they tap Winning is immensely satisfying and would satisfy your urge for domination/power without becoming a human meat shield
  4. You certainly implied it. If you had framed the question as 'hey, no new video for a while, is everything alright?' then fair dos. But it was this part: You sound like someone's boss telling them to get back to work and that you expect better from them lol My point was quite aggressively framed, so sorry. But was just trying to say that you aren't owed anything as it's totally free content
  5. Are you honestly that addicted... Jesus christ, get a hobby or something It's not disrespectful to anyone, you're not owned anything. It's free content
  6. You can also walk down the street without worrying about getting raped and murdered Yes girls get a better deal on dating apps but that's a very narrow slice of life
  7. Out of curiosity (and feel free not to share if this is too personal!) were you bullied when you were younger? Or how was your social life in school is perhaps a more accurate question? I'm asking because a few of the attractive dudes I know who had confidence issues were bullied quite a bit and under socialised in school
  8. The grass is always greener on the other side It always looks like things are better for others than they are for you
  9. It doesn't really need explanation. If you could sign up to an app and have 5 hot girls a day wanting your attention you would do it
  10. I didn't say only low value girls use tinder. I said that as an average to even above average guy on tinder you are only going to be able to consistently match with low to medium value girls
  11. It doesn't even look like there's that much correlation. Stuff just looks kinda randomly arranged. The only strong pattern I see is that a lot of the super dark shit is authoritarian right
  12. Well at least show me someone who you think deserved a ban but wasn't banned, if it's a big issue there should be plenty of examples I know. But unfortunately you can't ban people for that
  13. I mean, there are more male internet users, more male users on the forum, and it's usually men who struggle with dating more than women. I would say those are the main reasons that the dating section is mainly male posts Can you show an example of someone not being banned after being sexist and misogynistic? I'm fairly active in this section and I can't really think of many, maybe 1 or 2. But I do know that examples of it are not going to be as apparent to me as they would be to you, so I know I could easily have missed them