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  1. Hi, does anyone here have a recommendation for meditation retreats in Nepal? I’m heading there for 2 months and would like to do a 1 week retreat of some kind. Appreciate any help! Thanks.
  2. It can be made pretty ethical if you’re honest.
  3. If it gets to this point, you really need to examine your priorities in life. You’re sacrificing every grain of integrity just to get laid.
  4. Digital nomad is probably the most accessible way. Get a tech job at a chill startup that’s kinda small, as they don’t have to worry about the tax implications of you being abroad a lot. Or go freelance and get some clients, then you have total flexibility. I’m travelling for 10 months just now, and so far I’ve met a few people trying the travel vlog thing to make money while travelling and its always really cringy. None of them are unique in any way and none of them are making any money. If you’re going to do it, you need to do something different. Focus on some kind of niche type of travel, like minimalism or no-plane travel for example.
  5. Thank you
  6. This kind of thinking is very vulnerable to selection bias, because you only ever notice the bad plastic surgery. You never notice the good plastic surgery.
  7. Fertility rates vary among men and women. In theory it’s possible for some woman to get pregnant from the tiniest amount of semen. And especially if you’re having sex multiple times in a row, that stuff is gonna get everywhere even if you’re using condoms. I don’t think women lie about birth control that much, but they do suck at taking it properly just like most men suck at using condoms properly. As bad as this sounds, most women are pretty irrational when it comes to making decisions about kids. Even if they say they’ll get an abortion beforehand, when it comes down to it, the emotions involved are intense and even if having a kid is the worst possible decision for both of your lives, she may want to keep it because of motherly instincts which make no sense to us as guys.
  8. You must give off very different vibes in real life from on this forum lol Honestly it’s not a huge deal. Nothing is more of a turn off to women than guys obsessing over being perceived as a stereotypical bad boy when they aren’t. Just playfully respond to the comment and move on with your life FWIW I get that comment a fair bit from older, cougar type ladies. I think it is a pretty good way for them to identify guys who would be down for that kind of age gap setup.
  9. I want to start by saying that I wouldn’t say I’m a pickup artist, I don’t think it’s a great term. I like going out and partying to have fun, and I like chatting to girls and seeing where it goes. This is also a bit of a ramble formed from some recent experiences, so sorry in advance, but maybe someone has some insight! Anyway, here goes. I’ve done pretty well with women, for the most part. I know how to flirt, escalate and also notice when women are not interested and leave them alone. But this has all mostly been with girls who are attractive but not ‘hot’, if that makes sense. I’ve noticed a really consistent pattern with really attractive women in that I feel I’m able to be extremely flirty and sometimes they will often be flirty back, giving signs of interest, even making out at times, but never do they wanna do anything more than that. It sounds really bad to say this, but it’s starting to drive me crazy. It’s like being teased over and over, because I feel like I’m almost there but something is just off. Plenty of guys I’ve met while travelling don’t seem to have this issue. It seems so effortless for them to get with really attractive women. If it was a few instances I’d understand that it’s just bad luck, but this is a really consistent pattern, so it’s making me think there’s something about me that is the problem. My instinct for the root cause of this is that I’ve never been in the popular group socially. I’ve always gravitated towards the groups of introverts, people who didn’t quite fit in, if that makes sense. I enjoy that vibe so much more than being in groups of masculine extroverted guys, even though I feel like I can hold my own in those groups now that I’m older and more sociable. Part of me feels like the hot women (who would always have been extremely sociable and popular) see straight through me and realise that I’m still that shy and insecure nerd I’ve been for most of my life, even though I wouldn’t describe myself that way anymore. Does that make sense? As I said, this is mostly just a rant to get stuff off my chest, but maybe someone has some insight. Thanks
  10. If you’re asking these things you probably don’t have any experience with real women, and are modelling their behaviour based on what people in certain spheres online (who want you to feel insecure, because it benefits them) are telling you.
  11. “send me photos of your house” is not escalation of intimacy. What are you smoking??
  12. This is not a healthy dynamic. You have a large age gap, and a power imbalance at play. Not to mention the teacher’s entire career is at stake as most colleges forbid student teacher relations. Nothing good will come of this. It is not love, it is infatuation.
  13. They aren’t at odds with each other at all. The scale of the city makes a huge difference. In a large city with 8mil people the former is true. In a 100k city the later is true. Also the scale of your social fuck ups makes a difference too. The more people in a city the weirder you have to be to build up a reputation, so if you are seriously under-socialised then moving to a bigger city gives you much more breathing room to fuck things up while you are learning how not to be a weirdo.
  14. The short answer is “don’t” Not to say you can’t talk to women and build up a social circle there, you absolutely should do that. But the traditional pickup framework of “cold approaching” lots of girls in a small town is likely to build you a bad reputation very quickly.
  15. This was done to preserve battery on older devices because modern iOS versions naturally used more CPU, and were burning through the smaller older batteries super quick. Better to have a slower device with passable battery than a faster device which runs out in an hour or two. I think the feature is also toggleable now too. As for not supporting stuff, yea, that’s very annoying. It’s designed to keep you in their ecosystem and use their products, which is ethically bad. But as long as you stay in the Apple ecosystem one of their top priorities is to give you as smooth and high quality an experience as possible.
  16. Ethically a terrible company yea, but their products are not bad. Quality wise they are pretty top notch. There are iPhone 5’s or older out in the world which still work reasonably well. Any Android phone from that long ago would be broken or unusable. And I like, maybe even prefer, Android, it’s not like I’m a fanboy or anything.
  17. I met a guy in an hostel recently, we chatted a bit, and then we met a group of three girls there too. The guy was like a stereotypical alpha, always tryna be the center of attention, making decisions, funny, confident. I was being much more chill, and talking here or there, making occasional jokes, not high energy at all cos I was jet lagged as fuck. Typical dating advice would tell you that what he was doing would be considered far more attractive, but once he left the amount of shit the girls talked about him was insane. They were not into him at all and said they found him very annoying. Turns out they were all in relationships anyway so maybe that had an impact, but it changed my perspective a lot.
  18. I don't think that saying attractive people have easier lives is sexist at all really.
  19. If you want an unhealthy relationship where a guy spends lots of money on you, you could probably find that quite easily. But you need to ask if that would actually make you truly satisfied. if you want a healthy and rewarding relationship where a guy spends lots of money on you, the only way for that to work is if you offer lots of value to a man yourself in return. Most likely that will be through looks and a feminine personality.
  20. In theory if you put a person in an entirely isolated box for the rest of their life with access to food and water, but without any social interaction at all, they will survive. But the stress of that situation will cause your body to have all sorts of ailments you wouldn’t otherwise have, and you may die 20 years earlier than you should. Stress is a deadly killer. Not being loved will create enormous stress in your life and cause you all sorts of indirect problems.
  21. You just know this dude has zero social life at uni. If you can’t find socially acceptable ways to approach girls at uni and resort to bitterly spam approaching on campus streets, you’re doing several things wrong. If he looks half decent and got a couple of friends to go to some parties or clubs with he’d be totally fine, but instead he’s choosing possibly the most difficult way possible to get laid at uni and then complaining that it doesn’t work.
  22. I would argue it is a need. At least, love and belonging are a need. It's certainly very hard to live a remotely enjoyable life without any kind of intimacy for most people.
  23. Did you not say somewhere you’ve only made 3k? My main point was just that the energy you give off here is very similar to the energy I’ve seen from gamblers and people in doomed-to-fail get rich quick schemes
  24. You give off the same over-confident vibes as a blackjack player who won £250 on his first night and now is telling everyone it’s an extremely lucrative career option. Yea maybe you can in theory make money day trading, just like you could counting cards, but the majority of amateurs who get into either of these things lose money. It seems like you’re very over excited for a beginner who in almost all likelihood won money because of luck and not because of any chart analysis. If making gains was as easy as analysing a chart, you could train a predictive AI model to beat the stock market instantly, but you can’t. Every attempt at that fails. Any ‘easy’ analysis you do on the stock market fails in the long run. This is because EVERYONE can do it, and if everyone can do it then it stops working, because it’s essentially a zero sum game.