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  1. I agree with you. I think it is a difficult issue. There is a grey area between spammy low quality approaches that annoy and creep girls out and decent ones. But for me, it's just not worth the effort to go out and do daygame when I find I get decent results in nightgame. I've never had any girl be rude or particularly awkward around me at night as far as I can remember. I've definitely had girls give super closed off awkward vibes during the day and a few rude as well. Overall it just feels inauthentic and shameful to me when I do it. No, absolutely improve your skills with girls. I just do that at places that are more conducive to socialising than a high street. The logic is not the same. Tinder is mostly very low effort, low investment if you already have a good life and are at least moderately good looking. Day game is high investment very high effort. As a general rule, low investment is usually much less creepy than high investment.
  2. Because a high value, attractive guy should not need to go out and do spammy daygame. Their lifestyle would bring them in contact with women far more naturally and in a way that is much less forced. So if you need to go and approach 20 girls on your local high street to try and get laid, it's an indicator to women that there's something weird about you. Even if there isn't, that's the impression given off; creepy and strange.
  3. Only a specific kind of daygame. Occasionally talking to girls you see during the day isn't bad. That's good. I do that. That's still daygame I guess. It's just the type where you leave your house specifically to talk to lots of girls that I think is often very creepy. Guys do make it not creepy and get laid from it, but they almost always learn to convince the girl that she was not a spam approach but a one-off, because very few girls would hear that you are approaching 20 girls in a day on the street and not be turned off by it. IMO this is predatory. Especially if you're involving a bike to chase girls down, like the post I was replying to originally. That is moving into super sketchy territory. Creeping out 50% (often more for many guys) of girls you talk to when doing daygame to get a few dates or to get laid is not really OK. At the very least it's a highly selfish mindset. In a bar or a club you can literally tell a girl you're just out trying to get laid and she'll laugh if you have good energy. There's much less BS or lying involved. I like that a lot more.
  4. That's why I think day approaching where you are so predatory, specifically leaving your house to go hunting for tons of girls to approach is kinda dumb. It's always pretty creepy. Most girls if they saw you saying you were riding around town on your bike hunting for girls to chase down like a tiger, would be pretty repulsed. The problem is that an attractive high value guy with a decent social circle should not need to do that to meet girls. Or just go out to places that are more conducive to meeting/talking/socialising with new people than a high street. It's better for everyone involved.
  5. The term has got a bad reputation because 90% of the content in the self-help world and 90% of the influencers in the self-help world are full of shit. It's a very scummy industry because if you are confident enough you can peddle almost any snake oil as self-help, even if you have zero real world experience, and people will believe it.
  6. I don't know if you realise how creepy this sounds
  7. One of my mum’s friends did this. She cheated on her husband because of basically the reasons you’re talking about, now they are getting divorced but he has to keep paying her and her new partner money to “maintain the lavish lifestyle” she lived before.
  8. I think the reason people spend so much money on self-help is that it's potentially easier to spend 50k than it is to actually do the hard work of facing your fears and insecurities head on which is what really grows you. "If I spend 50k, it must mean I don't have to do anything else hard, or face my fears, I just get what I want handed to me on a platter, right?" But something like getting better at dating especially can't really be bought like that, which is a large part of why these courses are BS.
  9. That’s just a belief. There’s no proof for that
  10. You may be right that some AI people are delusionally optimistic about this but you should be open to the idea that you may be delusionally pessimistic. You’re very arrogant and it makes me instinctively disregard a lot of what you’re saying All of this paragraph is either meaningless or baseless. Using lots of fancy words doesn’t make you right. I perhaps agree with the last sentence but not for the same reasons you seem to based on the rest of the paragraph.
  11. The thing is, this kind of spirituality needs to be introduced quite delicately. Jumping straight to God/Love stuff is pretty severe. Most people start out with ideas like no-self, enlightenment and other forms of spiritual immaterialism. Once you have some idea about these and have some experiences, you can start to intuit a bit more about ideas like god realisation perhaps. Also, there's a good chance if you talk about this stuff arrogantly, pretending you have all the answers, people will completely dismiss it as religious/culty preaching. A better strategy might be to ask 'what if', 'how come' style questions that get people thinking and questioning, rather than trying to preach the answers.
  12. Practicing using your imagination in general is pretty healthy. It certainly has less potential for addiction than porn use. But personally, like I said, I don't think either are unhealthy unless you're doing it so excessively that it interferes with your life.
  13. I mean there's nothing conclusive that says either is dangerous. But logically under no-fap ideology if you're going to subscribe to it, probably porn. At least you're using your imagination for the second one which is healthy. Personally I don't think there's anything wrong with either if they're not so excessive that they're interfering with your life.
  14. Ah, sorry, I misread your original post. In that case yea, something is up. Companies will pull shit like this and then tell you you're not allowed to discuss salary for this exact reason. You should ask for more money.
  15. But they are held accountable legally just by being a parent as far as I know. At least where I live, marriage is more about your shared assets than children.
  16. I mean, that's somewhat of a red flag to begin with. I don't discuss wages with my co-workers, but there is no rule saying we can't. I mean depending on the actual pay difference, a 6 month experience gap could definitely account for it. But if you want to fix this, your only option is to directly ask for a raise and say you feel you are not being payed as much as you should. Maybe do some research on the best ways to ask for a pay raise.
  17. Marriage is likely a dying concept in Western countries anyway. If you think about it, it's kind of a silly concept: "I love you so much I need the government to force us to stay together" Just find someone you like and settle down with them, maybe have some kind of party. But there's no need to actually legally get married. And the idea of girls who want to wait til marriage is also kinda off-putting for many guys. You would need to find a very very needy, or very very religious, man who was willing to wait that long before having sex. Because many men (and woman for that matter) want to know that you are both sexually compatible before you're legally locked in for life.
  18. Just do it. Or send nothing. Both are pretty good options. In your head you need the frame of "it's over with this girl and I don't care, if she makes reasonable effort maybe I'll give her another shot"
  19. The reason is likely that she isn't interested anymore but doesn't want to tell you that directly for whatever reason. Instead of telling you directly that they are not interested a woman may often be somewhat flaky like this. There are good reasons women do this but from a man's POV it's incredibly frustrating. What you do is just end communication politely and finally and move on with your life. There's a small chance that will inspire her to actually put in effort, but realistically you should not care and just move on.
  20. Is it your own fault if you get molested as a kid? I get your point that taking responsibility for your life is a good thing, but it can be a dangerous mindset when taken to extremes. There are plenty of things about your life that are out of your control and are not your fault.
  21. It's really not that surprising at all that people keep making videos like this. There are two reasons: Channels like this (which are really only one step above reaction channels in terms of the value they provide) need to keep making content or their channel will die very quickly. From first impression does actually look like a cult. Especially to the major demographics on the internet who have all largely been brought up atheist + anti-religion and have an aneurysm whenever they hear the word God, or anything remotely immaterial. I actually think Leo has created a cult somewhat unintentionally to be honest. It seems a lot of people do take his statements as gospel rather than actually understanding the core message, which is to investigate the nature of truth and reality for yourself. Maybe it would be a good idea to create a video at the top of the YT channel that explains what's said in 'The Metamorphosis Of My Work' blog post and title it something along the lines of 'watch this first'. Because a lot of what's explained in that blog post adds valuable context to the other spiritual content that, when heard in isolation, can sound very culty.
  22. What if you want to meet new girls? Or what if you are just friends with the girls you already know and don't want anything romantic with them? I agree. However it's possible to do all of these things while talking to new girls you don't already know too.
  23. I'm pretty sure that's the RSD tactic. Make you feel really insecure and bad about yourself and then present their course as the solution. Tyler does this same thing on his YT channel. You don't need these people to get better at dating.
  24. I watched his most popular videos on YouTube and he uses a really scummy sales tactic of making you feel awful about yourself and then aggressively presenting his courses as the solution. Honestly, that alone was enough to turn me off his content. I felt like shit after watching his videos. Compare that to someone like Leo or Charisma on Command where you typically feel motivated/energised after watching their content instead of drained.
  25. Yes he was joking